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Men In Tights

by R. L. LASTER about a year ago in fashion
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What's the BIG Deal?

Casual "Yogi" Wear Is Crossing Over.

"There were plenty of days I (literally) wished I could get a woman to glance at me SUGGESTIVELY. I was shy and at times suffered from low self-esteem. I needed something, but I had no idea what would be my saving grace. I found myself being jealous of the women who were constantly being looked at and desired. What was she doing that I could do? How can I turn the tides around? I wanted to be noticed and approached. Who wouldn't benefit from a day of ego-boosting compliments and lady-gazes? Awe! I'm going to get my body tight and wear spandex. Who says I can't? Sure- I might be the only guy on Las Vegas Blvd wearing yoga pants, but who cares? This is my mid-sex crisis, but it's not even about sex. When I wear tight spandex (stepping out of my house with my 'surfer`s bulge'), some women snicker at my audacity. I consider those compliments. Other women look twice and forget to make contact with my eyes. Is this how women feel? I don't mind it at all. One thing is for sure. After a day wearing a tight speedo around town, I head for home knowing I gave my confidence something to work with. Thank you 'surfer`s bulge'. Thank you SPEEDO. Thank you yoga pants."


The Reality of a Consensus

"If you see NBA stars and cool celebrities wearing yoga pants, you become inclined to try them. The style looks cool on them, so it might be cool for me too. Let us stop you right there. Not everything other people wear would also look good on you."

Obviously; I disagree with the consensus above. The heart of why I'm scripting this article is to ask all of you one question. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING PEOPLE (A CONSENSUS) TO DEFINE WHAT WE DO?

Do you know what tight yoga pants are? Unless you're living under a rock, you're aware of how popular yoga-wear is with women. Women (who don't even practice yoga) are walking down streets in their skin-clad yoga pants — daring guys (and all of our hormones) to look below their waist-lines. Most of us fail and are immediately given a 'YOU WISH' response from the lady's eyes. I'm thinking: Tight yoga pants work for getting them noticed and openly admired, why not adopt the style? I'm going to wear the tightest yoga pants (spandex) I can find and enjoy the perks of being openly admired. Some women might say that they don't enjoy the attention that comes with wearing yoga pants. To those lucky lady's, I say: 'you're full of sh!t. LOL. You may not like it, but believe me appreciate the complement. You gain a granule of confidence every time you catch a man sneaking a peak towards your pelvic bulge. You'll never admit it, but it's a complement to your sub-conscience. You're the confident woman you are right now because of those yoga pants you own. Out of everything you have hanging in your closet, your spandex make you feel the sexiest.

Fellas, it`s our time for us to get gawked at, feel sexy, and (my personal favorite) roll our eyes at people who look at us 'suggestively'. And all this is possible by letting your little surfer bulge. Try it one day. Order some speedos online and wear them to a supermarket. Pretend you're confident in your skin. Act like you're comfortable with the stares you're collecting. It's a trip. You don't even have to be the 'I like attention type'. It's not about liking attention. It's about gaining confidence and experiencing what it's like to catch women-kind peaking at your surfer`s bulge. Don't be offended by it. Love it.

In 2021, it’s hard to believe that only a matter of years ago the spiritually tinged pursuit of yoga was considered a sport for women (so much so that any participation from men was confined to that most cringe-inducing subset of “BROGA”). Like everything in fashion, there were some unwritten rules that we followed: Tight yoga pants are not for men.


Turns out, yoga pants are good for men. Let's take the sex appeal out of the picture for a moment. The taboo practice was because of how Yoga pants stress parts that men should not be highlighting. ...Really? We shouldn't be confident enough to showcase our 'sexy'? Why not? (Regardless of their functionality) Don't women's yoga pants "emphasize" their 'sexy' parts?

[For the sake of avoiding argument, we're going to dismiss what defines sexy.]

If you’re a male ballerina, wearing spandex is considered normal. But if you’re going to the supermarket to purchase some groceries, then ALL-OF-A-SUDDEN it's not a good idea?

The unwritten rule states: "There are yoga pants that are 'suitable' for guys, but tight yoga pants are not one of them". The whole point of this article is to rebut this thought and ask the question WHY NOT?

Everyone should want to experience the benefits of yoga pants. They make exercising easy and comfortable. They give you better circulation than jeans. They're versatile and cheap. I can go on and on. Should we exempt men from experiencing these benefits — just because we have the bulge?

Yoga is an exercise/practice that does not categorize between male and female. If it’s open for all, so should the garments that are best suited for it be. Society is opening up to seeing men wearing yoga pants. No one would dare to suggest they're less of a man if they’re wearing a pair of yoga tights. If you’re a guy and you’re hesitant about trying yoga pants, I encourage you to give them a try. I'm talking about the ones that perpetuate the man-bulge. The tighter-the better. Take it a step further. (Just like the ladies) Don't just wear them to yoga session, wear them casually.

* Yoga pants are very comfortable. They host a lightweight material that is good for working out.

* Yoga pants do not hinder you while doing exercise. They also give you the flexibility that you need when doing stretches or squats.

* Yoga pants give you the right grip when doing certain poses. Your knees won’t slip off from your elbows when doing the Crow Pose.

* Yoga pants are breathable and moisture-wicking.

* Yoga pants are not only good for yoga, but also biking, running, Cross-Fit, and any types of sports.

* Yoga pants are versatile and you can wear them anywhere — at any time.

Hell, with these benefits, who wouldn't wear the tightest yoga pants they can fit? Who wouldn't walk through the FORUM SHOPS (CEASARS PALACE)? There are some days I could do something that would boost my sexual ego. There were plenty of days I (literally) wish I could get a woman to glance at me 'SUGGESTIVELY'. Who wouldn't benefit from a day of ego-boosting lady-gazes? When I wear tight spandex (looking like an outfitted with my surfer bulge), some women laugh at my audacity. I consider those compliments. Others look twice and forget to smile into my eyes. I don't mind that at all. One thing is for sure. I go home knowing I gave my confidence something to work with. Thank you TIGHT YOGA PANTS.

How do guys wear tights?

For women, wearing tights is 'normal'. They have been wearing them for a long time and styling them is not a problem. It's only recently that men are catching up. With garments like compression pants, and yoga spandex FOR HIM, the tights game in the men’s closet is rolling. So how do we style them?

Fella's! If you're confident about yourself, don't mind ladies (or men) looking down at your JUNK and interested in turning heads, here are my style tips for wearing yoga pants casually.

Style Tip #1: Choose the right pair of tights

Make sure that they're form-fitting and are comfortable to move in. Go for something that has an adjustable waistband so you’re sure that you have the perfect fit. It's also important that it provides support to your lower part. They're cheap enough to experiment with until you zero in on the pair that flatter you the most.

Style Tip #2: Wear shorts over your tights if you're shy

This is optional. Some would prefer to wear tights only. Some tights are thick enough that you can wear as-is. If you’re not ready for tights only outfitting, then you can wear shorts over them.

Style Tip #3: Wear a long shirt as an alternative to shorts

This is something that many women do. If you don’t like to wear shorts, then you can wear a long shirt. This will cover up your lower parts if you're weary of 'it' being too exposed. This is important because of THE MORAL ARGUMENT.

Is it okay for guys to wear leggings?

I'm laughing out loud because I used 'leggings' instead of yoga pants. I crack myself up. But I did that for a reason. The moral argument is that there might be some kid (boy or girl) that will be "offended" by your bulge. Let's address this. In the 14th century, leggings are a unisex garment. In fact, during the Renaissance period, men are the ones who wore leggings the most. It was an undergarment and protective apparel for their military wear and cot hardies.

Today, women are more inclined to wear leggings than men. Is it okay for guys to wear leggings? Yes, guys are welcome to wear leggings and enjoy its amazing feeling. If you’re not comfortable wearing it as it is, you can wear shorts over your leggings. Any idea that a kid will be offended is outrageous because yoga pants are considered clothing. Are young boys offended at the bulge of a woman's breast? No. Everyday people pass by woman of different breasts sizes (apparent by their bulge) and nothing is made of it. It's a part of accepting her for who she is. This should be the forethought for men as well. A bulge is our manifestation of being a man. If a child is offended by it — or somehow brought into an 'sexual awareness' because of a passer-By's bulge, maybe it's the fought of the raging hormones and/or curiosity on the minor's part. That pre-teen will figure out the virtue of suppressing the desire to stare — as men do every day dealing with women's breasts.

Fella's! It’s become socially acceptable for men to wear leggings and it’s considered fashionable. If you're too self-conscious, leggings alone would make you feel like your naked in public. You can always wear something over it. But why feel naked? I wonder if women feel naked when they sport their pelvic bulge to the supermarket? Maybe some do and others don't. The point is, the ones who are comfortable in their skin, have the choice to wear things that let EVERY CURVE sing to onlookers.

With all this said, it's a fact that most men would feel weird wearing leggings. I get it. I just want guys to have the choice to TURN HEADS as hard as leggings (worn casually) turn our heads. Many active-wear brands have begun designing leggings and yoga pants for men. Leggings are very functional. Some of them include compression panels. They maintain the proper circulation of the blood which prevents low blood pressure.

Consider this, guys. Leggings help to keep us warm during the cold season. If you’re going for a run during winter, those shorts might not give you any heat. Leggings can give you an extra layer for warmth.

If any of you have any doubt as to the power of a man wearing tight speedos, check out how many people (probably women) have clicked on this article. ...Yeah.


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At the age of 25, I discovered my love of research and the divinity within us. If knowledge precedes empowerment, knowing thyself should be everyone's first priority. Understanding the nature man, woman & their dynamic is gratifying.

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