Mario Kart

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“Mamma Mia!”

Mario Kart

It was raining hard. Toad warned them that the track was too slippery and warned them not to continue, but Mario was persistent. Nevertheless, they continued. The race went fine—a little hydroplaning, but nothing serious. Before they knew it, the last lap had started, Luigi only a few meters behind him. It stayed that way for almost the whole lap. Luigi was able to grab a mystery box. The entire race hinged on the item he would receive. It was a green shell he had to make it work. The last turn of the circuit eight track, Mario took the turn a little too wide, setting up the perfect opportunity for the green shell. He launched it without thinking twice. It hit him on the side. With the combination of the low traction on the track and the green shell, Mario soon found his cart flipping. The cart flipped multiple times, barely losing speed and hit the wall headfirst. Luigi crossed first. When he looked behind him, he saw his brother's cart smoking and his brother lying unconscious. For a second, Luigi was happy. He hoped that he had died. He quickly caught this thought and immediately felt guilty for it. He slowly walked over to his brother, careful to avoid the other carts that were now crossing the finish line. Mario was unresponsive after Luigi tried to wake him up. Peach soon came rushing over in a frantic crying.

The hospital lights were bright and blinding. Luigi hated hospitals. He hated how they smelled so sterile, so unnatural and artificial. Peach and Luigi asked the receptionist where they could find Mario and she directed them to the third floor. They walked down the hallway; their knees were shaking. They finally arrived at his room and pulled back the curtain. Mario's face was pale. His iconic overalls and red shirt had been removed and he was wearing a hospital gown.

“I can’t believe it!” cried Peach. “This can’t be happening! He can’t be dead.”

“Mamma Mia!” said Luigi in his high scraggly voice.

Peach, without hesitation, took refuge in his arms. He was warm unlike the hospital room. Luigi always liked the way she smelt.

“Tell me it's gonna be okay, Luigi.”

“It’s... it’s…”

The doctor came into the room: His face looked tired, his mustache unshaved, and his hair uncombed. The double shift he was working that day was 45 minutes away from being over. He spoke gently.

“I… I’m sorry... I don't know how to say this... we don’t know if he’ll wake up ever again. His brain shows low activity, but he’s still hanging on. He'd taken some serious damage to the head. If he does wake up, we don't know if he’ll be the same.”

Luigi felt guilty. This was his fault after all. Although he always resented his brother, he never wanted him dead.

“Please just give me a moment doctor,” whimpered Peach in a quiet vulnerable voice.

“As you wish.”

The doctor left the room.

“Luigi, please look away.”

Peach then pulled down the rough hospital blanket and pulled the gown up to his stomach. She saw his flaccid, hairy penis lying upwards towards his stomach and she put her lips gently up to his penis. Her pink lipstick stuck to Mario's penis. She loved the taste of Mario's cock in her mouth. She started working her way farther and farther, gurgling until she was down the the base of his cock. Peach, after minutes of sucking, found that Mario had not gotten any harder since when she started. She weeped.

“I just can’t. Luigi, what's wrong with me, why can't I bring him back?”

She continued to cry on her knees as Mario's penis still lay exposed.

Luigi noted how much bigger he was than his brother.

“Nothing is wrong, Peach, you can’t bring him back—no matter how much you suck him off with your beautiful succulent lips.”

Peach again took refuge in Luigi's arm. Daisy then burst through the doors and caught them hugging.

“Luigi... what’s going on?” she whispered.

Luigi, ignoring the obvious sexual tension between Peach and himself, replied with, “Mario… there’s been an accident.”

“Oh… how unfortunate,” she replied.

She slowly walked towards him, getting slower as she walked closer.

“Is... he gonna be... okay?”

“We... don’t know... yet,” replied Peach in a low sultry voice.

“I see,” replied Daisy. “Luigi, you ready to leave?”

Daisy and Luigi had a reservation that night for a fancy restaurant for their anniversary.

“Yeah, just give me a few more minutes.”

Daisy left the room in a slow walk. Luigi loved the way her ass moved under that dress, the little movements of Daisy’s butt indicated that she had a well-toned ass and worked out daily. He had often watched her do squats and other workouts, but was too shy to approach her despite being a regular sexual partner with her. Luigi finally had the room alone with Peach. His forbidden love that he was never able to admit.

“What do we do know, Luigi?”

He sat there in silence, and his heart beat faster and faster until he could hardly breathe. He felt cold and shivered as he opened his mouth, but no words came out. He stood there like a fool with his mouth open and nothing to say. He closed his mouth, only to open it again. This time he moved towards Peach. It finally happened. He kissed Peach. It was a moment they both anticipated and they kissed for a while as both their hands wandered around their bodies, Peach's hand slowing getting lower and lower discover Luigi's crotch. She was pleasantly surprised with how erect his penis was just from kissing. Intimidated, Peach started to move her hand up Luigi's overalls, and before she knew it, her hands were above the golden buttons that secured his virginity and his naked exposed cock to the world. She undid the button only to find Luigi's throbbing cock in front of her.

“Luigi… I… I…”

She had never seen a cock so big in front of her face. As if it was instinct Peach brought her face towards it slowly. Her face got closer and closer until her plumb lips found her way around Luigi's girthy cock.

“I had... no idea...”

She paused to say that, only to resume sucking Luigi’s cock next to Mario's comatose body. Slowly, but sensually and without removing her lips from his dick Peach started the remove the shoulders of her dress. Peach stood up. Without her shoulder straps, her dress stayed up momentarily before falling down, exposing her in her underwear. She was not afraid, though, she was confident. Luigi felt his confidence fall.

“Whaaa... what.”

Peach, now wearing nothing but her underwear, returned to her position on her knees and continued sucking. Luigi, not ever feeling a sensation like that, told her to stop as to not finish her mouth. When Peach heard that Luigi had been enjoying himself, she unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. Her naked body laid in front of Luigi, still trying to comprehend all this. She removed his shirt and underwear as well and they were both standing naked in front of each other. Luigi was too scared to make the first move. Peach saw how unconfident Luigi was and walked slowly toward him. She got closer and closer, and no matter how close she got, Luigi never moved. She eventually got so close, Luigi's cock was eventually resting against her vagina. She stopped to catch her breath and she was incredibly nervous, as no one in the Mushroom Kingdom had offered her a dick that was throbbing as much as this one. She stood there for awhile, Luigi's cock resting on the entry of her wet hot pussy. She finally dug up the nerve to take one step further making Luigi enter his warm throbbing cock into her warm moist vagina, she gasped not expecting the package she received, Luigi backed up a second only to continue the next. When he entered deeper in her pussy, she clenched onto ass shoulders her fingernails dug into his skin.

“Mamma Mia!” he repeated.

The moistness of her vagina surprised him. He had never once entered a vagina that welcomed him so warmly. He finally spoke up.

“What if Mario finds out?”

She gasped again because Luigi's dick had gone deeper that it had before.

“Fuck Luigi,” she sad, “I only want you.”

Luigi, now completely in her pussy, began thrusting. He knew immediately he wouldn’t last long, so he began to think of whatever he could so he would not spread his warm cum in Peach's warm pussy. The tactic worked and Luigi no longer felt the need to cum. He eventually bent her over Mario’s bed. She moaned loudly, and Luigi worried the doctor might re-enter the room. That thought left his mind when Peach loudly declared that she was close to finishing. Luigi was able to get the thoughts from coming out of his head, and he now thought of nothing besides releasing the warm cum out of his throbbing penis and into Peach's wet vagina.

“Fuck! Fuck… I’m close,” she said.

Luigi against his will released his warm load into her. His throbbing dick quickly turned into a soft hot dick.

“I'm... so… sorry…” he said with his voice shaking.

“Don’t be,” she said. Her fingers entered her vagina then exited with nothing, but sexual residue. She licked her finger, cleaning them of any unwanted fluids.

“I enjoyed myself,” she continued. “How about you?”

Luigi was unable to breathe because Peach had successfully taken every bit of life from him.

“C’mon, let's get out of here,” she said.

Luigi temporarily forgot about his now nearly braindead brother and he left with Peach. Without Daisy knowing.

Daisy tapped her foot, impatiently waiting for Luigi to get home. The time was 12:01 AM and he was usually home by now. She normally wouldn’t think much of it, until she thought of the way Luigi and Peach were oogle-ing together in the hospital.

‘“That dirty bastard,” Daisy thought to herself. “I bet he’s with that dumb slut Peach.”

She quickly got dressed and headed towards Peach's house.

“So... here we are…” Peach said, shyly.

Luigi was amazed by the grandiose architecture that was her house.

“So what did you have in mind?”

‘Well...” continued Peach. “I thought I would give you the grand tour.”

Luigi instantly became erect. He liked the idea of seeing everything Peach had to offer.

“Let’s start with the upstairs,” she continued. “I can show you my bedroom.”

Luigi followed eagerly. Peach moved so fast that he soon lost track of her. There were lots of bedrooms upstairs so he checked every room. Eventually, he came across Peach. He found her tied to the bed frame and all of her clothing had been removed.

“Mamma Mia!” he said for the third time.

“Don’t just stand there,” she gasped. “I want you.”

Luigi hurried to the bed. Removing his overalls and shirt, he entered her vagina rather quickly.

“OW!” she yelped. “Slower.”

So Luigi entered slow, eventually increasing his speed slowly, but surely. Peach's vagina was too tight to go any faster. He moved his lips from her mouth slowly down to her vagina. She quivered.


He continued, slowly licking her pussy.

“Luigi. Please…” she quivered more.

He alternated between licking her softly and more aggressively.

“Luigi... I’m close.”

He started going down on her faster and faster until she yelped.


He continued.


Luigi felt a warm liquid on his tongue followed by more liquid.

“I… I…”

But he didn’t let her speak. She was consistently coming into Luigi's mouth. He licked it up like it was Alfredo sauce from pasta. He enjoyed the taste of her. All of a sudden they heard a loud thud and a cold draft entered throughout the castle. It was Daisy. She had knocked down the door.


He stopped in his tracks and he recognized that voice instantly, knowing that voice belonged to Daisy. He looked up in a frightened manner. Daisy was standing over them. She looked taller and more intimidating than she ever had.


Luigi didn’t say anything, and instead, looked up and stared at her beautiful green eyes, there was about 10 seconds of silence before Luigi could begin to speak. It was interrupted by Daisy removing her dress.

“ENOUGH!!” she said. “I want you to do to me, whatever you did to her.”

Her shaved pussy lied right above Luigi's eyes. He gulped, afraid of what would happen next.

“Don’t move,” demanded Peach. “Stay right there.”

She proceeded to sit on his face while Peach sat on his throbbing cock. Luigi had never felt so overwhelmed. Peach started thrusting her wide hips over him. She felt amazing. To avoid cumming, he focused his attention on eating Daisy's pussy. It worked. The urge of cumming slowing faded from him. Luigi for a moment thought he was the one who died and went to heaven. This sexually endeavor lasted for some time.

It was 65 degrees when he woke up. The heat had been turned off in his room. The staff had given up on him. His mustache and his chest were covered in sweat. His brain was incapable of forming complete thoughts. Only one thing crossed his mind, and that was seeing Peach.

Mario disconnected the plastic tubes running into his arms and his nostrils. He slowly rose from his bed. He said nothing and only groaned. He walked slowly out of the hospital as the staff tried to stop him, but he dismissed them. The cold pavement sent shivers to his feet, but he had nowhere else to go. So he continued onward to Peach's house.

Warm fluids were everywhere. Luigi was exhausted, along with Peach and Daisy. Out of breath, Daisy said, “Luigi I had no idea you could do that.”

Peach agreed with a nod, unable to speak due to her tired jaw that was busy sucking the life out of his dick. All their sweat was mixing.

A connection none of them had felt before had been established. They laid there in solidarity.

There was a knock on the door. They all wondered who it was. Luigi wondered if it could be Mario. They all opened the door and there he stood. In all his 4-foot 11-inch glory was Luigi’s brother. He hesitated almost no time.


In self defense, Luigi grabbed the closest object to him as Mario came rushing over. Luigi grabbed the lamp on the bedside table so quickly that it unplugged. Without a second's hesitation, he smashed the lamp over Mario’s head. The force of the lamp was so strong, his head cracked open and blood started slowly dripping out. The three of them stood over his body in shock.

“So it is done,” Luigi said in a panting voice.

Mario’s body laid unconscious on the ground. Luigi was proud of what he had done. He knew he could treat Princess Peach better than Mario could.

“Good riddance,” said Luigi.

All of them stood over his body. Proud of what he had done.

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