Majik (Pt. 2)

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The magical adventures of a futanari.

Majik (Pt. 2)

I managed to pack everything that was important into the pouch. One of the best things I have ever bought—a magical pouch that can hold any amount of things inside of it. It can be pretty risky using it though; if you forget the location of something inside the pouch, it may as well be considered lost. Which is why I always put things close by. I wore a green dress with an exposed back, that ran till my knees, and a jacket over it. On the table, the last of my toys to put away is a magical cock ring.

It has several uses. It is enchanted, and so the person wearing it is not able to orgasm unless it has been removed. It can only be removed by the person that puts it on someone. I have met people that had cock rings put on them, only for their partners to pass away, or separate from each other and leaving it on out of spite. Those are rare cases granted, however the president is there. While a part of me is scared to give anyone that amount of control over me, I must say it is incredibly arousing. Still the reason I am going to use it now is because I do not need my penis to be getting hard in public, and so I am going to use its third function.

I put the cock ring on myself, and slide it along my length till it is at my base. Then twisting the ring in half, a portal is created on the, now separated, rings. Pulling one ring away, the other stays in place. On the ring that I pulled away is my penis, rock hard. It is an odd sensation to look down at your crotch, and not see it there, only to look up and see it resting on your hand. Either way, I bring the tip to my lips, and gently kiss the tip of my penis, before placing it in the pouch. Now I was ready to leave.

I take a look around the bare cabin one last time, smile, and head out along the path. The nearest town to me is a two day walk, and the nearest city is at least seven days away. It was morning when I left, and I maintained a decent speed all the way till noon. As the land was fertile, there was a lot of food around. I have supplies in the bag, and so thought it might be best to eat the food here, rather than dig into the supplies. This is how I carried on for the day, taking breaks along the way so that I am well rested and fed.

It was only at sunset I managed to reach the tree line. As it was nearly night, I was less worried about getting hard and being caught, and fished my penis from the pouch, returning it to where it belongs.

I exit the forest for the first time, and I am immediately on a road. I look to either side of me, and I spotted a fire to the left. Much like a moth, I headed towards the light. As I got closer, I found that is was a traveler resting for the night. He had a wagon that was parked, with two horses tied to trees close to the fire, and a tent that was up.

He noticed me and smiled, 'Hello traveler.'

'Hello.' I smiled.

'What's a lady doing walking at this hour?'

'I was trying to cover as much distance as I could to lavaridge.'

'Where are you walking from?'

I pointed, 'My cabin is about a day's hike into the woods.'

'Oh? A forest folk.'

'Is that what people call us?' The label made me smile.

He chuckled, 'Overall yes. Would you like to join me? I'm travelling through Lavaridge myself so I could drop you off tomorrow. Save you a walk.'

I sit next to the fire facing him, 'That would be nice, thank you.'

'What're you going to Lavaridge for?'

'Stopping off to meet a friend, then I'm heading towards Marrga.'

'Marrga is very different from the woods, and not everyone is nice.'

'I have heard.'

'So why go?'

'I want to experience something new.'

'Fair enough. My name is Trevor by the way.'

'I am Nala.'

He smiled, 'You're free to take the tent, I'll sleep in the wagon.'

'Are you certain? I don't mind sharing a bed.'

'I can't share a bed with a woman that I am not to marry.'

'You're getting married?'

'No, it is just that I prefer to share a bed with a woman when we are. That's all.'

'Alright, I understand. In that case I'll take the wagon. I'm used to the forest after all.'

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