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MAGUN: The Deadly Cure to Sexual Infidelity

"Magun" a.k.a. "Don't Climb" a.k.a. "Thunderbolt"...

By Jide OkonjoPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Welcome back reader.

Today I want to tell you a story. A story of what some call a "curse," others "protection," and some unbelievers, a "myth."

This is the story of MAGUN. And you may want to get comfortable, cuz this is a good one.

What is Magun?

MAGUN is a charm that originates from the Yoruba land of Nigeria. In Yoruba, it means "thunderbolt"; the literal English meaning is "Do Not Climb." It has been used for years to catch promiscuous people in extra-marital affairs and is still in use today. It traces its history back to Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning.

Magun is a killer charm that is placed on a woman by her lover, husband, family member, or in-law. In fact, some parents put this charm on their daughters to either prevent them from sexual promiscuity or to punish anyone who rapes them. It is also used in marriages or relationships that lack trust as either a means of catching the cheating lover, or as punishment for the lover's promiscuity.

The effects of Magun are deadly and we will discuss how soon, but right now aren't you curious how Magun is administered to these women? I mean, who would want to carry a charm like this?

Well, this is where I think things get a bit... iffy.

Magun is not given by consent. In fact, women who carry Magun a lot of times do not know that they carry this charm until they find themselves in compromising positions. The two popular ways the charm is put are:

  1. By laying a charmed broom stick down and having the woman cross over it.
  2. By charming a long thread and laying it on the ground for the woman to cross over it.

This is why people especially women are advised to not cross over brooms or threads laying on the ground.

The Effects of Magun

A couple stuck by MAGUN

There are different kinds of Magun put on women, with different results. Let's talk about the three most famous ones.

  1. The woman and her lover are stuck together like glue. The man wouldn't be able to detach himself from the woman. This is the most common form of Magun because it not only shows who the woman is being unfailthful with, it can also result in huge embarrassment. I mean, can you imagine?
  2. When a man sleeps with a woman who has Magun on her, he starts to crow like a rooster. It is said that the man would crow three times and by the third time, end up dead.
  3. When a man sleeps with a woman who has Magun on her, he somersaults three times and dies on the third somersault.

Deadly. Consequences.

Magun Today

2001 Movie: "Thunderbolt: MAGUN"

Although people think Magun is a myth, there have been a number of cases and mainstream representation of the charm.

Mainstream Media:

In 2001, Nigerian filmmaker Tunde Kelani made a movie called Thunderbolt: MAGUN that dwells on the mystery of this charm.

In 2018, Nigerian artiste, Niniola released a song and music video to her song called "MAGUN" that again discusses the effects of the charm.

Magun is still alive and well, although some people still don't believe in the existence of the charm. Regardless of whether this is fact or fiction, it's one hell of a myth and I hope you've enjoyed reading about it.

Please if you can, leave a tip if you like what you read. I'm a writer who lives in Nigeria. You don't know how hard it is to make a living as a writer here. So please, if you can leave anything, anything at all, it will really go a very long way for me.

Thank you and have an amazing day!

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