Lynette (Part Three)

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The Embrace

Lynette (Part Three)

"I wanna suck your cock and I want it clean!"

Those words resounded in Davids imagination as he left the room. The moral ambiguity of the situation was not lost him: a girl more at home in his daughter's age group than his. Plus there was those frightened eyes. Something was going on that was forbidden to his inquiries. "Best sort some food out," he thought and took a pizza out of the freezer and switched the oven on, then pondered, "I did not come on to her. She came on to me. She asked to come here and I've not even touched her yet." He collected his robe and a clean towel from the bedroom and hit the shower.

The solitude of the shower was a welcome respite, a de facto decision as he applied more than the usual gel to his cock, pulling back the foreskin and carefully rinsing away any possible residue. That said, he lingered longer than normally. It was procrastination more than diligent cleanliness.

In she came, still naked, pouting, staring and leaning on the tiles. "Mmm. Nice bod you have for an old guy."

"Cheeky bitch."

"No, I mean it. Some guys just let themselves go. Beer bellies and bald. Ugh. Good size dick, too."

David blushed a little and she bit her lip and stepped into the shower with him. Water hit both their heads as they embraced. Her lips on his, tongue exploring, her body pressed hard to his and then he cradled her bum, pulling her even closer. He grew as she pushed her pelvis into his groin, wriggling a little to to accelerate its progress to readiness.

"That's better. I was beginning to think you didn't fancy me." Saying this, she ran her hands down his chest and cupped his balls."Mmm, let's take a closer look." Her fingernail ran up his now fully erect member towards the head as she knelt down on her knees.

"Oh god she's good." David leaned back and let the water cascade over his face as she worked on him. Alternating between hard sucks and slow teasing, hand clasped tightly on his shaft and her mouth on the head, she began pumping, slowly at first, then faster and more furious. He gave himself over to the pure pleasure of it as his body shook, legs went weak, and he convulsed in orgasm, shooting out all over her face and breasts. It was more of a kiss than a suck when her lips enclosed upon what was left on his head and shaft. Cum still surrounded her lips when she stood and kissed him once more. He could taste the saltiness in her mouth still fresh on her tongue. His heart was still pounding, chest still heaving.

"Move over a bit," she asked then pushed him back a little. The shower poured over that young face, taking with it all the evidence of sex, save for his still semi-erect penis and the sight of her nakedness so close to his. He could have stayed there forever, feeling those erect nipples, smooth skin, and hot water on his body but again she took charge. "Let's dry off."

Doing so, she switched off the shower and picked up the towel. "Come here and let me dry you." With an odd mixture of matronly care and wanton exploration, she dried his chest, bum, legs, and pelvis, kneeling before him like a subordinate slave.

"My turn." Taking hold of the towel, he began with her hair, working steadily down though her neck, back, arms and breasts, pausing briefly to place a gentle kiss upon each nipple, then on to her shaved pussy!

"Careful I'm a bit sore." The tone of the voice gave a hint to forbidden subjects.

"I'll be gentle." She sat down on the toilet lid and put her foot, complete with delicate painted toes, on his shoulder. This gave David the view of her quim, wet and glistening as her leg, which he dried. Towel in one hand and thigh in the other, he started to dry her off. Taking in both the wonderful young womanhood of her pussy and also the expression on her face, the occasional wince along with obvious pleasure emboldened him to lean forward and kiss it. "I'm not comfortable with this."

David immediately pulled away in shock. This was the first time she had been in the least bit coy, apart from his promise. "No, not that, you dick head. This toilet seats killing my bum. Let's go to bed, babe."

David quickly dried off the other leg and offered her his hand. She took it, smiled, and did a little curtsy as he led her away. The hot summer evening lent enjoyment to undried areas of their flesh as they entered the bedroom. "So this is where it all happens, hey."

"I wish... You'll have to forgive the state of it. I wasn't expecting company."

"Careful what you wish for, darling," she replied, flouncing down on top of the duvet. (By an almost meteoric coincidence of fate he had changed the sheets that very morning). Laying beside her, the sweet breeze though the window, the smell of each other and freshly laundered sheets was intoxicating. He tentatively ran his finger around her breast, making small circles on the areola and the very faintest of touches on her erect nipple.

"Mmmm." She sighed "carry on."

He did so but this time with the end of his tongue, his hand softly caressing her under belly and fold of her thighs. A finger expeditionary explored the wet valley. She silently raised a knee to one side, exposing more to explore. It did, parting her lips at the bass and slowly up the vulva. A slight twitch on her closed eyed face told him not to dwell too much on her vagina but move on to her clit when it had collected its nectar. Two flanking fingers opened up her lips as the middle finger delicately and repeatedly touched the tip of her clit.

She started to breath more heavily.

His mouth began to enclose and suck her nipple as his finger became more ardent, rounding her clit in ever more faster circles.

She started to moan.

"I want to taste you." He climbed between her thighs, burying his face into her like a dessert traveler who has just reached an oasis, licking and sucking. Her breaths and moans became bigger and more loud, building higher and higher 'til his finger repeated the light touch of her nipple that he had started with. The shudder and tsunami that convulsed her was enormous. Aftershocks continued long after the initial quakes. Her chest heaved, fighting for breath. He took one long last lick and came forward to kiss her. Still struggling for air but too exhausted to resist, he kissed her mouth. Now it was her turn to taste the residues of passion, on his tongue...

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