Lustful Neighbor

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Or Peeping Tom?

Lustful Neighbor

Johnny worked a lot, so he was hardly ever home with his wife. They lived in a nice neighborhood, where trees lined the streets and you could see kids playing in their yards almost every day when they weren’t in school. His wife Miranda was involved with social events and other things while her husband was away working.

They lived next to a single guy named Adam who was in his middle 30s and had never married or had any children to speak of. He was disabled, and lived his life in a wheelchair, having been hurt during Vietnam. He was a pretty peculiar guy who liked to stay in a lot and never really went anywhere except to doctor’s appointments or to get some groceries.

Miranda always noticed him looking at the stars with a telescope on clear nights, and thought that it was just one of his hobbies. Until one night, Adam saw a strange car pull up in Johnny and Miranda’s driveway. It was neither of their cars and it was unfamiliar to Adam. He watched as a strange man climbed out of the car and met Miranda on her front porch.

Adam watched as she met him with a kiss, and it was not a kiss you give to your friends or family. This was a passionate, let’s-have-sex kind of kiss. He watched as they went inside. Knowing that Johnny was away on business made it that much more interesting to Adam.

He had had the hots for Miranda for a long time, and knew that they always kept their bedroom window curtain partially opened, so he turned his telescope to their bedroom window to see if anything was up. He watched as they finally entered the bedroom together with drinks in hand and how they put their drinks down to embrace in a sensual kind of hug.

The hug brought on kissing, with tongues mingling together, and then Adam knew she was cheating on her husband. It began to arouse him sexually to know this. Even though he lived in a wheelchair, he could still get an erection any time he wanted one. He usually got one every time he thought about undressing Miranda and with what was going on next door, he hoped that he could finally see her undressed.

He watched through his telescope as the couple began to get aroused and the strange man began to undress Miranda. There for everyone to see, especially Adam, was a pair of 34Cs with plump, mauve-colored nipples right in his view. His penis began to twitch as he watched more. His hand made its way to his crotch, where he unzipped his pants and pulled out a seven inch penis with a glistening mushroom head from his pre-juice arousal.

Adam watched closely as his hand slowly stroked and masturbated his penis. He, then saw the man lean down to suckle from her perky nipples and it was exciting. Adam almost began stroking faster which would make him finish well before they did, and he didn’t want that. This was the first time that he saw Miranda without clothing.

He watched further as the man started to pull down her little shorts that showed off her cute butt. Adam loved to watch her bend over while gardening, because you could see more than you could imagine. Now she stood there in a pair of pink lacey panties and nothing else, while the man began to unzip his jeans and she pulled off his t-shirt.

They were both finally naked, and again went to an embrace, kissing while their hands read each other’s body. Now Adam had a full view of their bed. He couldn’t take his eyes away, wanting to know what was going to happen next. He watched as the man picked Miranda up, taking her over to the bed and laying her back on it while his face went between her thighs.

He could not see what the man was doing, but saw that whatever he was doing, it drove Miranda crazy as her naked body flexed in different positions as she grabbed handfuls of sheets. Her mouth was opened quite a bit, which meant that she was moaning, and Adam played out his own scenario of what was going on while he became aroused more intensely.

Then the man came up for air, and Adam could see that his facial area was glistening with Miranda’s sweet juice. He climbed up over her and grabbed both of her legs, tossing them over his shoulders and then thrusting inside her. This made Adam stroke a little faster and he felt the tingling of arousal throughout his body.

His telescope was beginning to fog up with his heavy breathing, and he kept having to stop to wipe it clean. Finally, he watched as this man pumped her hard and fast and then stayed deep inside her as if he just ejaculated. Adam became so aroused that he came to an intense climax himself, all over his hand and lap, but the mess was worth every minute of it.

Then, the man got up and went into the bathroom to clean up while Miranda through some clothing back on, but Adam finally got to see those wonderful breasts that he had been imagining about. He watched as the man was escorted outside by Miranda and the long kiss goodnight, before thinking about getting him some of Miranda. But how?

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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