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Lust At First Sight

Love story?

By E. E. LewisPublished 6 months ago 8 min read
Lust At First Sight
Photo by Mia Harvey on Unsplash

just a story…

I melted when we first made eye contact in the lobby. She had long eye lashes, beautiful brown eyes, plump lips, and long blonde hair that almost looked white against her tan skin. Easily the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and it wasn’t even close. So naturally what do I do? I continued on my path to the elevator, knowing that 1. she was probably out of my league and 2. I would never see her again anyway. Then, I hear my name called from behind me. My friend has stopped to talk to her and has said, “my boy over there thinks you’re attractive but he was just too shy, I’ll call him over.” So I walk over and he introduces us. “Hey, I’m Luke, what’s your name?” She offers her hand for me to shake. “It’s Ashley. I’m glad your friend made you come back. I was hoping you’d come talk to me when we made eye contact.” Ugh, she noticed that? At least that means she’s a little interested right? She has an accent, I think Spanish was her first language. “I was actually planning on coming back. I was gonna go upstairs so that I could reach in my bag and find something cool to say to you to use for when I got back,” I joke. She chuckles a little and doesn’t break eye contact. She’s stunning. “You can let me hand go, Luke.” So embarrassing that I was still holding it. It felt safe though, like something I was supposed to be doing. It felt right to be holding her hand and I think she felt the same way. “Let go? I was planning on taking you out, so I kinda have to hold your hand right?” She smiles and I can feel myself blushing. I do not believe in love at first sight, but this one is making me think about it…

“So what’re you about to do?” She asks.

“Well we just got back from downtown so we were about to go back up and just hang out and listen to music. You and your friends are more than welcome to come.”

“I think that’s a good idea, let’s go.”

I’m still holding her hand and walk her to the elevator. We exchange small talk, but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. I tell her about my career and how much I love to travel and she tells me about her family and her dreams. We enter the room and everyone is sitting around drinking and listening to music. The night is going great. Ashley and I are sitting on the couch. Her legs are draped over mine and I’m playing with the many rings on her fingers. Her perfume is strong and it’s drawing me in like everything else about her. She asks, “do you have a balcony in your room? I’d love to see the view.” My heart skips a beat. She bites her lip when finishes talking and I get the hint. We sneak away from the group and enter my room. I lock the door behind me.

It’s quiet in the room except for the voices outside and the gentle thumps of the speaker. I open the balcony door and lead her out. She walks up to the railing to look at the view. The lights from the skyline are making the water glisten below. There’s a slight breeze and it’s warm. The sky is clear and the stars are dancing. It’s a perfect night. I walk behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. She looks back at me and then down at my lips. I move her hair away from her face and we kiss. My entire body tingles as her tongue makes its way into my mouth. The world goes silent around me. All I can hear are her gentle moans as I run my hands all over her body. I turn her around and she puts her arms around my shoulders. I pull her into me. She can feel my dick already hard through my pants and starts to run her hand down the shaft. I pick her up and pin her against the glass door of the balcony. I stop kissing her lips and move to her neck. She’s moaning louder now and I whisper “sshhh” in her ear. Her breathing is getting louder. I take my hands and go up her shorts. Her ass is so soft. I move from there to her pussy. It’s already wet and I slide my finger in once before I start rubbing her clit.

“Take me to the bed,” she demands.

I lay her on the bed and go back to shut the balcony door. She gets off the bed and tells me to sit down. As I’m sitting on the edge of the bed. She stands with her back to me. She bends over and pulls down her shorts slowly. The only light in the room is from the moon and the skyline. Her silhouette is intoxicating. She spreads her lips apart and starts to play with her pussy while I watch, mesmerized. Her fingers come out wet and she turns around to put them in my mouth. Her cum tastes sweet. She kisses me. “It’s all yours, papi.” She takes her shirt and bra off. I take my shirt off and while I’m doing that, she pulls down my shorts. She kisses me on my chest and moves down to my stomach. My dick is rock hard in her hand. She licks from the bottom of it and slowly makes her way to the top. Her tongue feels so good on it. She starts to stroke it and puts it all the way in her mouth. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I’m trying to be quiet since people are outside the door, but she’s making it difficult. She looks up and we make eye contact and she goes faster. I tell her to get up and I throw her onto the bed and spread her legs. She asks me to turn music on. The first song that plays is “Show Me Love” by Alicia Keys.

I kiss her inner thighs and massage her clit. She’s so wet. I start to use my tongue in a circular motion around it while I take my fingers and put them in her pussy. I can hear her breathing getting faster. “Si papi, si papi” she whispers. *I always get wrapped up in you baby I’m in love* Her hips start to raise off the mattress. I cannot wait to make her cum. She takes one hand and grabs the sheets tightly and the other keeps my head down so that I’m forced to continue eating her out. She cums and I can taste it all. I love it. I wipe my beard dry and she turns over. *treat it like we freakin on the weekend, show me love*.

She arches her back. Her pussy is dripping wet. I slide in slowly and hear her gasp. “Fuck, you’re so big,” she tells me. I grab her hips and fuck her slow and deep at first before I speed up and give it to her hard like she likes it. She whips her hair back and I put one hand on her throat and choke her gently from behind. I spank her perfect ass and she moans my name. *this is not the season for nobody else but us* I was getting close to finishing. I pull out and sit down on the edge of the bed. She climbs on top of me and slides me back in. I love how close we feel. Her tits are pressed against my body and my hands are on her ass controlling how fast she rides me. We kiss again and she rides me harder. I can feel it and she can too. “Damelo papi, damelo papi.” I tell her I’m about to cum. “Don’t pull out baby, I want to feel it all in me.” I finish inside her and she doesn’t stop riding until every drop is out. She gets off of me and goes to get knees. She sucks my dick again and licks both of our juices off clean. She kisses me again. *go head show me love like we never done it*. We lay on the bed for a second, exhausted. She helps me find my clothes after she gets dressed. She kisses me again and grabs my hand on the way out the door. The music is still loud and our friends are still hanging out. My friend gives me a head nod. I sit on the couch and she sits in my lap and wraps her arms around me and we talk for the rest of the night. We make plans to see each other again before we both go home. I’ve had one night stands before, but this one was different. I think I love this girl.


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