I met him on the underground to Hammersmith. There he was, tall, pale, blue eyes and slim. He stood in front of me and if his destination was the same as mine, we had eleven stops to Hammersmith.

It was after 5pm and the trains were packed with people trying to get home. Normally, I would have been frustrated with people surrounding me and trying to step on my feet as if was a game. He got on at Holborn and somehow managed to get pushed right in front of me.

At first, I continued listening to The Cranberries on my phone and reading Pride and Prejudice. Until, his feet touched mine and I shot my face up to give whoever it was, an angry look. "Sorry," he said. His voice was like the sunshine on a cold morning. His lips were red by nature and popped against his fair skin. Immediately, my mind was imagining my tongue licking his lips. Sucking on them, nibbling on them and kissing them.

When he apologised, I was already too far gone to respond to him. I am not sure what was in his head when he looked at my tan face with big brown eyes. Maybe he liked my curly long blonde hair and was mentally undressing me just as I was him. Suddenly, it was just him and me. The train was empty and we were the only two people there. I stood up to him and grabbed his head full of dark hair. His eyes widened in pleasure as I licked his ear and nibbled on it. My right hand found its way down to his dark blue suit trousers and opened his zipper. Holding his now hard manhood in my hand, I slid my tongue into his mouth as if were an almost empty tub of chocolate ice cream.

He moaned, as I caressed his member. I pushed him on the seat opposite me and took off my pink blouse. I'm not one for bras, so my hard nipples were begging for his touch. I pulled him closer by the collar and placed my wetness on him. He fearfully grabbed my full breasts in his hands and I tilted my head back in pleasure. His hands were warm, soft and long fingers fondled with my hard nipples. This time, he wanted to be in charge. He picked me up with my legs around his waist and reached one hand for the bars to steady himself. The other was on my back moving up to my neck. I let him enjoy a couple of minutes of control.

Now I was on my feet, taking his jacket off. Opening his white shirt with care to see what lay underneath. His skin was just as soft and pure as his face. I bit his biceps and then his nipple. I could tell he enjoyed it as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. My tongue was dying to lick his chest and make my way down to see the goods. Without thinking twice, I pulled down his trousers and pulled him out. A good seven or eight inches. Enough to ram me from every angle, I thought. He held his hands and place them on the handlebars as if surrendering himself. First, I held his hard cock in my hands and touched it with my lips. The tip of my tongue was already making it's way to the tip of the pleasure machine in my hands.

Slowly, I slid him into my mouth and let it go deep into my throat. I could feel his legs tremble with pleasure, he lost balance and fell back into the seat. I kneeled forward and closer to him. This time, I started with a gentle kiss on the cheeks and then on those soft thin lips. My fingernails scratched his chest enough to leave a red trail of dominance.

I took my underwear off and made him smell it. I forced him to open his mouth and stuffed them in there. With my left hand on his mouth full of my wet panties, I covered his member with mine. There was no mercy this time. I was rough, choking myself on his meat. Sucking and licking, he was getting ready to burst as I kept going faster and faster. In an instant, I stopped. Pulled my underwear out of his mouth and sat opposite him with legs apart. My short flare skirt made it easy for me to show him my dripping wet pussy.

For good measure, I tasted myself first. This drove him wild and I could see he wanted some of it for himself. I stopped him with my legs and he fell to his knees. He put his hands on my strong legs trying to push them apart. All I needed to do was relax my thighs and stop before he got too far past my knees, locking his head between my thighs. For the first time, I saw the pure hunger in his eyes as he pulled me closer with both hands and kissed me.

I pushed him on the floor and proceeded to sit on him. Rubbing against his crotch as the train moved. I was in control, this was my moment. I grabbed his member and pushed it into my warm pussy. His face, flushed with pleasure. He tried to push me up and down, and I resisted. I pushed him down and held him down with all my force.

I pulled myself up and down at the speed of my choice. I made sure I was slow, enough to make him beg me to go faster. But no, that wasn't what I had in mind. I toyed with him, pushing myself up and down but not all the way. Halfway down and all the way up. "Please, let me feel you more."

"NO!" I replied sternly.

To be honest, I was dying to feel him deep inside him. At the same time, I was enjoying the torment I caused his rocky body.

I could tell he was losing patience. With great force, he turned me over and had me on all fours. Thrusting hard and deep, making my legs tremble as I felt myself come. He was moving fast, within seconds, he was in my mouth, pulling my hair back throat fucking me.

Tears of pleasure rolled down my face as I felt the warm sensation of his juices inside me.

'Next stop, Hammersmith' I heard over the speaker. I realised, I was once again in the world of dreams and had just woken up to see his crotch in my face. I found it hard to get off the seat, worrying I may have wet through my underwear.

I hurried off the train.

"Excuse me, I think you left this behind," I heard someone say over my shoulder. There he was, standing with my Victoria's Secret lingerie bag. Blushing, I replied. "Oh yes, sorry. I mean, thank you!"

"Whatever is in there, am sure will look good on you!" That was a ballsy thing to say to a stranger. However, having exchanged looks of desire, I forgave him.

"Maybe you could follow me home and see for yourself?"

And that's how I met Jeremy. The daydream wasn't a dream anymore.

Bonita Fernandes-Bennett
Bonita Fernandes-Bennett
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