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Love Takes Flight in a Lakeside Encounter

Lake Side Bird Watching, Turns Into A Tale of Romance

By Nathalie NortanPublished 3 months ago 17 min read
A Lake Side Encounter

Today was her "day off". That's a funny thing to say for a retired wife on manning the home fort. It seemed to be the truth. Even though she was no longer in the working world, every day was full of house chores and family obligations.

It was 7am. Her husband had gone to work, a real, not work from home job.

Today was a day for her to meet an old friend who would soon be traveling south for the winter. They planned a short hike around Lake Haydon.

She had her usual breakfast and was headed to the shower. Her shower was nothing out of the ordinary. Wash her hair, shave her legs and general grooming. It was nothing unusual for spending another day with a long time female friend.

As she dried herself, she double checked the weather. It was going to be beautiful early Fall Thursday; high in the mid-70s with very little chance of rain. She found a matching black bra and panties. Over them a pair of tan shorts and a red checkered blouse. It was short sleeve and buttoned up the front. It was kind of a plain Jane look, nothing risqué.

She took her string backpack and packed her water bottle, a snack and cheese and crackers for lunch. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen rounded out her kit. She checked her watch; right on time. She hopped in her car and started her 1/2 hour ride to the lake. As she arrived to meet her friend, her cell phone rang. It was her friend. Something came up and she had to meet her husband. Something important that had to be done before they left for Florida the next morning.

"That sucks!" She thought to herself. "Well, I'm here. No sense in wasting the day and driving back home immediately. I'll take the hike myself." She parked by the only other car in the lot. She grabbed her pack, adjusted her hiking shoes and started down the trail.

It was a great day for a walk. Not too hot, the sun was peaking from behind some clouds. She travelled about 1/2 way around the lake when she saw someone else. A guy was looking through binoculars at some birds circling overhead. She continued to walk down the trail towards him. As she got closer, she tried to see what he was looking at. It was flying very high, but she could see it was a large bird. As she got close to the birdwatcher, she asked "What type of bird is it?"

The man was startled. He hadn't seen her approach. "Ah, oh hi. It's a male heron. Probably preparing for migration south"

"Thank you," she replied. "I thought they would have all left here by now."

"Ah, so you know your birds. Here have a look through my binoculars."

"Thank you, that's very nice" she said as she took the binoculars from him. She made a minor adjustment. "Beautiful bird" she added.

"Yes it is. My name's Jim."

"Hi Jim, mine is Judy. It was getting lonely hiking alone. Finding another bird enthusiast is a pleasant surprise."

For the next 10 or 15 minutes they traded looks through the binoculars and exchanged bird talk. Judy noted the gentleman was fairly tall and attractive, in his 50s with a graying hair and mustache. He seemed to be in good shape, no beer belly. They were both enjoying each other's company and didn't notice the clouds thickening. The first few drops startled them both.

"Hope it just a sprinkle "They both said in unison.

"There's a little lean-to just ahead. It's closer than the parking lot." Jim said.

They began to walk down the trail in the lean-to's direction. The sprinkle picked up into a full shower. They jogged the last few yards and entered the lean-to. They stopped to catch their breath. The rain kept falling. "So much for the forecast." Jim said. Judy nodded in agreement.

Judy's shirt was soaked. She began to shiver.

"Here, come closer. The only way to get warm is to share body heat." Jim said.

Judy was apprehensive. Here she was, alone with a stranger, cold, wet and shivering. She rarely was alone with a male other than her husband, never in a situation like this. What should she do? She needed to get warm, but this was uncomfortable, maybe more than uncomfortable and a little risqué.

Jim was sitting on the picnic bench. He reached out for her. She cautiously approached him. She turned and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her. One arm was across her chest, the other around her waist. His arms were warm. He gently pulled her to his chest. Although he too was wet, she felt warmth being against him. She felt her hard nipples against his arm. She didn't mind, it was warming. Judy's legs were on top of his. His were warm and it felt good.

As she warmed, she started to feel something else. She felt butterflies in her stomach and a strange tingle throughout her body. She realized she hadn't felt like this in years. Like, like the feeling on a first date. This can't be, I've been married for too many years and never strayed. This can't be.

But it was. She stopped shivering from the cold but still had goosebumps, this time from the excitement? She could feel her nipples were still hard against Jim's arm. This time they weren't hard from being cold, it was something else. Something she hadn't felt in years. The tingling and butterflies spread lower, to her vagina. Startled, excited, concerned, embarrassed and a few other emotions hit her at once.

"Look." Jim said as he pointed to a tree across the path. "He landed. I think it's the heron we were watching."

"I see him." She blurted out.

As he wrapped his arm back across her chest, his palm and fingers brushed across both nipples.

"I'm sure he felt how hard they are." She thought to herself. She was a little self-conscious; but enjoyed the feeling and attention. She glanced down. She noticed the top buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned and the blouse pulled slightly down exposing the black lace of her bra and a little more cleavage than she was used to showing, especially for a stranger. Judy felt Jim's warm breath against her ear and neck. "God this feels good." She thought to herself.

Jim nuzzled closer. His lips brushed against her fine, blond-brunette hair. It was soft with gentle curls. Judy pushed back against Jim, turning her head slightly to accept Jim's advances. For several minutes they snuggled. The cold and shivering were replaced by excitement and sexual heat. Judy turned slightly more so she sat on Jim's lap at 90 degrees.

She turned her head, closed her eyes and leaned in till her lips brushed his. What first was a brushing peck, soon turned into a tight, kissing embrace. Judy felt Jim's tongue against her lips. Soon she felt his tongue probing; she parted her lips and accepted her first French Kiss from someone other than her husband, in nearly 40 years.

It felt strange, naughty, immoral, and, more excitement than she'd had in years. She enjoyed it. She felt like a sexy school girl on a first date. Like a starving animal she not only returned his kisses, but unleashed her tongue to taste him. They kissed for what seemed like hours as the rain continued to fall.

Judy was in ecstasy, she barely noticed Jim's fingers unbuttoning her blouse. In truth, she didn't care, she felt free. Jim's other hand deftly unsnapped the clasp of her bra. She felt the bra fall free exposing her B-cup breasts. Her nipples were hard from excitement and craved attention. Jim did not disappoint.

He slid his fingers down between her breasts pulling shirt open and her bra to her waist. Judy moved her arms to help remove the constraints of the bra. He lifted one breast and slowly rolled her engorged nipple between his fingers. Jolts of electrical excitement flushed through her body.

Like a schoolgirl in heat, she groped Jim, pulling him into her body, as if to become one. She continued to kiss him deeply. Soon she closed her eyes and lifted her head and gasped. The feelings were wonderful. Jim had released years of pent up sexual energy.

Jim nibbled her neck and massaged her tits. Judy felt a growing energy and warmth between her legs. Her pussy was filling with excitement and sexual juices. She knew her panties were moist. Judy ripped at Jim's shirt. She unbuttoned the top two buttons, but ripped the third off his shirt. She helped him peal it over his head.

Judy ran her fingers over Jim's toned body. The tactile sensation added a new dimension to her pleasure. She stood up and turned towards Jim. She straddled his legs facing him and lowered herself onto his lap.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a tight embrace kissing him deeply. She felt her pussy grind into him. Her clit responded as another wave of excitement bolted from her pussy to her tongue.

Jim also pulled her closer. He could feel her nipples, thick and hard grind into his chest. His cock was straining to escape his shorts only to be pressed into his stomach by Judy's hips rocking into him.

Judy wanted more. She lifted her left leg and placed it under the bench, her right leg followed. Now all of her weight pressed her cunt into him. She felt the moisture in her panties become a pool of excitement.

She could feel his erection beneath his clothes. It wasn't enough. She wanted more. She rocked her hips, slowly at first then building speed as their kisses became a frothy delight of exploration of feelings and tastes.

Judy felt the first wave of orgasm release within her. She shuddered, gasped and rode Jim harder. As the first orgasm subsided, Jim lifted Judy and clawed at her shorts and panties dragging them to her feet.

She kicked them off and pulled at his buckle and zipper. She pulled his shorts and underwear to his knees, releasing his cock as it sprung forth.

Jim lifted Judy and placed her ass on the edge of the table. Judy leaned back, resting on her elbows. Jim got his first good look at Judy's naked body. Her tits were milky white against her tan chest.

Her nipples were pink and hard, her areoles brown, the size of half dollars. Her pubic bush was untrimmed and full, old school. The pubic curls were soft and brunette, like her hair.

His cock throbbed, precum leaked from the tip. Judy reached up and pulled him closer. She kissed him, rekindling the excitement of her orgasm. She wanted more. She admired his circumcised cock. It was long and thick. It was the first erect, strange cock she saw in many years. She wrapped her fingers around it. It was hard and she craved it.

She positioned the tip against her wet cunt lips. His precum made it even more slippery. She rubbed the tip of his cock against her cunt lips from the bottom to her clit, and back. She rocked her hips toward Jim and pulled him closer. She felt the head of his cock part her wet pussy lips. She gasped.

Jim, feeling the warmth, pressed closer. His cock was slowly penetrating her love canal. Slowly he slipped all 8" of his cock into her. She held her breath as it stretched her. She felt like a virgin; being taken.

He pulled back until only the head of his cock was within her. She felt the emptiness within. Then he thrust himself fully into her. He could feel her juices leak from her, dripping onto his balls. Again she gasped, but pulled herself to him, impaling herself on his rod. Their excitement was building.

"Fuck me Jim. Give it to me. Faster! Faster!" She moaned. He did not disappoint. He could feel his orgasm building. His cum was waiting to erupt. Faster her thrust into her and Judy met every thrust with her own. Something within her was released. It was a sexual feeling that was missing for many years.

They matched stroke for stroke, plunge for plunge. Judy felt her juices splash against her new found lover. She felt wild. Their orgasms were building at a rapid pace. Neither knew who come first, but together they bucked and kissed as they came; neither slowed. Jim felt spurt after spurt of him cum splash within Judy's cunt. She felt the heat of each spurt fill her and the heat flashed through out her body.

As if by design, they slowed their pace, enjoying each wave of orgasm. They both gasped for breath as drops of perspiration covered their faces. Jim leaned in and kissed Judy. Together they enjoyed the post coitus bliss. Judy felt Jim's cock soften and slide from her.

She felt an emptiness within her. As Jim's cock slid out of her, he continued to kiss her, and then moved his kisses to her neck and shoulders. He massaged her nipples with his fingers.

Judy felt something begin to reignite within her. She had already cum twice, an unusual occurrence. Now she felt the excitement build again. Jim continued kissing Judy, working his way down, past her bellybutton until he reached the top of her pubic bush. Her soft, thin brown pubic curls were like the hair on her head except were soaked in their combined juices.

Judy watched him as he planted kisses and licked at the juices. She could smell the results of their fucking; the scent of the ocean filled her nostrils. Her excitement continued to grow. Jim's tongue licked the hood of her clit. She felt a spark, no one had ever eaten her creampie before, and she let out a gasp. Jim's tongue flicked the hooded clit as he spread her cunt lips with his finger. He ran his tongue side to side as her probed the inner recesses of her pussy.

"You taste wonderful." He said as he continued. His tongue returned to her clit. He pulled the hood back exposing it fully. He closed his mouth over her clit and sucked. Another wave of excitement rolled over Judy. Another orgasm was growing within her. Jim licked their juices and sucked her clit. He felt her orgasm growing. He too was returning to an orgasmic state. His cock grew hard again.

"Fuck it feels good." Escaped from her lips between moans. "Fuck me Jim; fuck me with your cock. Fill me again, Ohhhh."

Jim stood. He leaned in and kissed Judy, thrusting his cum soaked tongue into her waiting mouth. Their tongues danced, fueled by the taste of their cum and of his hard cock pressing against her. She felt her cunt open to accept his engorged member.

His cock was poised against her cunt lips and with one thrust; he buried his cock fully into her waiting pussy. She kissed him harder as he penetrated her and felt his cock slam against her cervix. She rocked her hips and he withdrew his cock only to slam it into her again. Judy gasped.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast!" She gasped. "Oh fuck, fill me, fill me!" Judy moaned as she closed her eyes and gasped for breath. Jim pounded her pussy, feeling an orgasm building within him.

The sex was a blur for both of them. Faster and faster they fucked. Jim's cock plunging deep, then withdrawing, leaving Judy wanting to be filled again. Then Jim thrust his cock fully into her cunt satisfying her desire, only to be emptied again.

They fucked in unison, meeting each thrust then both pulling away and repeating again. The first spurt of Jim's hot cum shot deep in Judy. She felt the heat and first wave of her third orgasm erupt. It rolled over her as she met his every thrust with her own.

He shot load after load of his cum into her and continued without slowing. Judy felt her orgasm subside, but as he pounded her pussy, she felt something unusual, another orgasm build. Before she knew it, she came again, bucking wildly. Jim continued to fuck Judy until both of their orgasms subsided. Spent, Jim collapsed on Judy. She too was exhausted. She smiled to herself at her first multiple orgasm. She savored the feeling as Jim's cock softened within her. She felt wonderfully satisfied.

Her senses were filled with sights and colors and sounds as if something was opened for the first time within her. She loved the feeling. As Jim lifted himself off her, he kissed her deeply. She kissed him back, enjoying herself and the feelings it gave her. She tasted their cum on his lips. It was a new experience.

She normally didn't like the taste, but something was different. Maybe it was because she had this new sexual awakening. Maybe it was because she strayed from her marriage vows for the first time. Maybe something from long ago was rekindled or was newly born within her. She didn't know why. She only knew that she liked it. She didn't want it to stop.

Jim climbed onto the table and lay next to her. He put his arm over her and kissed her cheek. "Thank you." He said. "This was the best bird watching trip I've ever had. In fact, it's one of the best days I've ever had. I don't want it to end."

"I think I know how you feel." Judy replied. "I want it to continue. I don't know if it will, but I really felt something new and I don't want it to end. I have something to confess. I'm married. I enjoyed today immensely and want it to continue, I just don't know if it can."

"Don't think; just go with it. Let's exchange information and see where this goes." He said. "Maybe we can text each other and see if it can continue. Let's see if this is a onetime thing or if it's the beginning of a beautiful adventure. I won't be pushy, but know that I want to continue. Today was fantastic." He kissed her passionately.

"The rain has stopped. Let's get dressed and continue our walk and birdwatching together. Let's enjoy our time together. If it's the last time, I'll cherish it. If it continues, I hope to share our adventures together in many ways."

Jim helped Judy up. She pulled on her panties and pulled her bra to her breasts. Jim fastened her bra behind her and kissed her neck as her hugged her from behind. She felt his warmth against her.

She enjoyed, no savored it, not wanting it to stop. She felt more alive and free than she had in years. She pulled on her shirt, it was still damp. Jim fastened the buttons as he gazed into her eyes. They drank in the moment.

When fully dressed, they decided to continue around the lake. They walked arm in arm and enjoyed the sights. They watched a few birds along the way as they told more about themselves and found more common likes and dislikes. They agreed they wanted this to continue, but Judy wasn't sure if it could or should. She was happily married, but today opened some new dimension that needed exploration. She loved her husband; but this filled a void that she didn't know she had. She wanted both worlds.

They reached the cars. Theirs were still the only two in the lot. They finalized the info exchange. Jim reached to hug Judy. She leaped into his arms and they embraced and kissed like two lovers madly in love and lust for each other. Soon they slowly drew apart.

They continued to glance at each other as they got in their cars and drove away.

Judy could feel the pool of cum leaking into her panties. "What should I do?" She thought. "Can I get home in time to shower and wash the evidence away? Should I surprise my husband with my adventure and see if my creampie excites him? No, I think not; at least not yet. We've fantasized about me with another man; but I don't know if he's ready for the reality of it."

As they made their way to their respective destinations,


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