Love Beyond Lust

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Love Beyond Lust

Keelyn Nelson

He touches her thighs as candlelight flickers around the restaurant. In the background, music by Kem plays gently. She looks shyly around as her eyes make quick contact with his. He grins lightly. Staring into her eyes he starts to move his hand slowly up her thick, warm thigh. Instantly she becomes moist, her breath trembled. Her body slightly jumps, her eyes widen, pupils dilate. Her brain has millions of electrical sparks floating around sporadically.

“Damn, I shouldn’t have eaten the cake with him,” she thinks as she softly chuckles.

Her mind and body start to peak. So relaxed from head to toe. Every inch of her thick frame feels so intensified. Chills overcome her and her nipples harden. He catches them hard as ice cubes, poking through her blush colored silk blouse.

“Baby,” Keelyn whispers.

“Yes, my love,” he answers, his voice so firm in tone, so strong in-depth, and so manly.

Her knees feel weak, even though she is sitting. This man has gotten a hold of her entire sexual being. Her mind begins to play them making love over and over again.

Then out of nowhere, she awakens from the blaring sound of her alarm clock.

The clock reads 5:30 AM.

Angry and sexually frustrated, she rolled herself out of bed. In the shower, her mind drifts to his face. His perfect smile, chocolate complexion looking like some freshly made chocolate icing. She rolls her eyes in the back of her head as the water caresses her skin. Her damn second alarm went off, almost making her slip but she caught herself just in time.

“This has got to stop,” she thought to herself.

Dreaming of this man has been going on for the past six months, and she hasn’t even spoken a word to him. It has been a whole week since she laid eyes on her man crush. She couldn’t wait to see him even, if it was going to be from a distance. Going into her room, she stared at her naked body in the mirror. She didn’t like the way her stomach looked after losing that stress weight. She thought about a tummy tuck but money was tight, so squats and crunches it was, even if it hurt like hell. She grabbed her phone and put on her favorite pump up song, "T-Shirt" by Migos.

Nothing about her was remotely hood, but listening to that song made her believe she was—but only in the comfort of her home, as her friends make jokes about her. Rushing outside, the clock in her car read 7:45 AM as she listened to the radio talk about the newest trends sweeping the internet. Stuck in traffic on a Friday morning in the middle of June is the worst thing ever—good thing she recently got her A/C fixed. The air was on blast, and thoughts were running thousands and thousands of miles a minute in her head. She contemplated if she was finally going to talk to Marcus. He made her nervous, even though he never really said anything to her. She always wanted to talk to him but never knew what to talk about. She felt like he was way out of her league. To herself, she looked like a nerd. She didn’t think she was beautiful, let alone sexy. Her skin is a caramel tone, her body size thick, with long red dreads to the middle of her back, a perfect smile and eyes shaped like almonds. Lips so plum they look soft, and an ass so juicy, but still medium-sized, round and cuffed. Her midsection was a little plump, but nothing he would not love if he got the chance. As Marcus pulled into the parking lot, Keelyn immediately spotted him. She sat in her car for a few minutes after he got out his car. As she walked up to the door headed towards the elevator he notices Keelyn at the security desk trying to talk her way upstairs. She saw Marcus out of the corner of her eye, hoping he didn’t come to help her. She heard a voice.

“Excuse me, Ms. Nelson. Do you need help?” Marcus asked.

Her heart-felt like it stopped and jumped on the floor as his deep tone hit her eardrums. Her mouth became dry and her eyes longed to look at him. Slowly she turned around to see smiling at her.

“Damn, why is he smiling at me like that, is there something on my face? Is my hair out-of-place?” She questioned in her mind.

“Hello Mr. Harvey, Good Morning, yes I left my work badge home and I don’t know what to do. This is my first time being this unprepared. I apologize.” She said softly.

Marcus looked at the security guard and told him that she was okay to enter. She looked at him daydreaming about them passionately kissing. He tapped her shoulder, startled she snapped back into reality. His touch sent a pulse throughout her body just like she dreamt.

“Mr. Harvey, thanks again for helping me with security. I’m not sure what is going on with me this morning.” Keelyn expressed.

He just smiled and led her to the elevator. In the elevator, the ride seemed to go on forever. She tried to stay calm but being so close to him and smelling his body essence was driving her body wild.

He cleared his throat and asked her,” So how long have you been working here at Black and Jones?”

She was lost in her thoughts of him, he had to ask her twice.

Coming back to reality she softly answered, “Three years.”

He was shocked that he never seen her around, granted that the office is not that big. She was going to make it her business to get to know him, even though he was her boss. The ding of the elevator made both snaps back to reality, the elevator opened and they stepped out at the same time.

He said to her “It was nice to meet you Keelyn, maybe we will see each other around.”

Shocked she got off the elevator and rushed to her desk. Wrecking her brain trying to figure out if he meant at work or personal. “No, he meant work otherwise he would have said personally if that was the case.” She thought to herself. The rest of her work day went by smooth. Then out of nowhere, she looked up and Marcus was walking towards her smiling.

“Hey Keelyn, Can I ask you a personal question?” Marcus hesitantly asked.

Nervously she answered, "Yes, sir."

“How old are you? If you don’t mind telling me?” he asked curiously.

Instantly her mind went to a Dominant/Submissive relationship. Lost in her own thoughts she drifted to what he would do to her.

First, she thought about was how he would have her come over to the edge of the bed and kneel between his legs. She happily opened her mouth to accept all of him! As he slowly thrust in and out of her mouth it becomes more and wet with his juices and her saliva. She moans and he moans grabbing the back of her head. She pushes away from him as his dick reaches the back of her throat. Gagging and deepthroating all of his dick was intense.

“Damn I really love doing this, my pussy is becoming soaking wet the deeper he goes.” Keelyn thought to herself.

Just as she was really getting into the rhythm he yanked his dick out of her mouth, throwing her on the bed. He used his lips to kiss on her body. He started at her neck, using his tongue and gently biting her neck with little nibbles. She gasps, He grunts. Instantly she went into the next world. Her body lets loose. Gush. She gasped, gush she came over and over. He felt so good inside her pussy she began to bite his shoulder. He opened her mind and her passage to her soul.

“OH NOT MY SOUL MARCUS!” She screamed.

Gushing all over his hard dick. His curve hit places she never knew she had. He gripped something inside her pussy, she exploded with every stroke.

“Damn you got some good ass pussy!” she heard him say as he thrust in and out.

The sound their bodies made, created an energy that had the music skipping out. The candlelight reflected the image of their bodies on the wall and ceiling. Moments drift away, time standstills. Caught up in the look of her eyes, Marcus says “Keelyn, I love you. I want you as mine.”

Confused and turned on she screams “I am yours. I love you too.” As the words left her lips she felt her heart drop. Her legs opened wider, deeper he went. Nail prints his back she pulled him closer. Kissing her lips made her gush more and more. The passion of their kiss had both of them spinning out of this world. The bedroom around them became engulfed in splashes of colors burst and flashing lights. As he stroked faster and deeper she rolls her eyes in the back of her head moaning louder and louder. He biting his bottom lip and grunting hard in her ear. They start to shake and convulse as they release every last ounce of juice. They cum hard together and that’s when they became one.

Damn, she snapped back to reality to notice him still standing at her desk, she looked up at him.

“Mr. Harvey, Was there something else you need?” Keelyn asked. Suddenly he looked at her lost for words.

He finally muttered, “Would you like to get a drink with me later this evening?”

He waited for her reply with an anxious and confused look on his face.

“Sorry I cannot go out for a drink Marcus,” She said sadly.

Frowning and with a head nod, he walked away. Keelyn grabbed her bag and searched for her cell phone. She had to tell Mya what just happened, she still couldn’t believe this day was really happening. She was still in disbelief that her crush liked her the way she liked him, but he was still her boss at the end of the day. She figured she had to play hard to get, at least for a while. As she was looking for Myas’ number, her computer dinged with a new email from him saying:

“Hey, I am a little upset I won’t be able to see you tonight. I hope we can get to know each other better soon in the future. I would really love to get to know you on a personal level.—Marcus”

She replied to the email saying:

“Sorry Mr.Harvey, going out for a drink or two would look bad because you’re my boss. I hope you can understand.”

The end of the work day arrived and Keelyn forgot that she promised Mya that they would go out. She got in her car, ready to pull off, she spotted Marcus in his car. She sat there watching him as he started to undress. He took off his suit jacket and his shirt. He wore a wife beater that fit on his body like someone drew it there.

“Gosh, that man is so damn gorgeous. I wonder if he tastes like chocolate.” She thought to herself.

She started her engine as he got into his car. Forgetting that she had her air on high it started to blast thru the vents. She became chilly but there was no way she was going to turn the air off. Melting to her seat was not in the plans. Summer was just beginning and it was in 100s already. She rushed home to get dressed. Not knowing what she was going to wear, trying to focus she couldn’t get Marcus off her mind. She called Mya to vent about the day.

“Mya girl I don’t know what I was thinking turning Marcus down for that drink. Are you almost ready for happy hour?” Keelyn said.

“Girl yes, hurry up so we can get a seat at the bar, I hate sitting in the back. We won’t be able to see all the fine men come in.” Mya jokingly stated.

Laughing at how man-crazy her friend was her mind reverted back to Marcus. She sat on her bed thinking of all that made him sexy. From his dark chocolate complexion to his smooth bald head that she couldn’t wait to rub. He had these perfect shaped lips with a set of straight teeth that shined every time he smiled. His hands looked like they were strong and firm to the touch. He was about 5’11 with the built of a Nubian god. Shoulders that were bold and sat high. Back that was wide but looked strong enough to hold up all her goodness if he pleased. She couldn't stop thinking about the moments they would have if only she gave him a chance. Phone ringing she snapped back into reality. She answered then jumped up to get in the shower. Mya was calling and calling to rushing to get dressed. Looking at the clock on her bedroom wall, “5:35 PM.” Rushing and throwing clothes all around she finally figured out her outfit.

They arrive at Stoney Ridge for happy hour. Little did Keelyn know that Marcus was already there in the back. Mya knew he would be there. Last week while there for happy hour Mya spotted Marcus and went to him.

She introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Mya. I think you work with my best friend Keelyn at Black and Jones, right?”

Shocked and surprised she knew who he was he replied, “Yes my name is Marcus and I think I do work with someone named Keelyn.”

She laughed and asked if he comes here often. He shook his head yes and told her every Friday. Saying goodbye Mya thought of how much Keelyn talked about him and knew she would never approach him on her own. She decided that she was going to get Keelyn out of the house and to that bar so she could get her man. Excited to be out on the town, Keelyn started to relax. She ordered a drink and sat at the bar. To her surprise, there were a nice amount of people in the bar. Mya was always trying to drag her out on the town but they were ghetto places. The drink she had was way too strong for her to throw back, so she sipped on her drink as she let her mind drift from the scent of his cologne in the air.

They walked into the bedroom. He showed her to the bathroom so she could take a shower, but not before he grabbed her chin leading her lips to his. Deep passionate kiss both moaning at every swirl of their tongues dancing back and forth with each other. In the shower she touches herself, rubbing her clit. It instantly gets hard as a rock... she kneels down in the shower so that the splash from the shower hits her pussy as she rubs faster and faster. She took her index finger from other hand and went to finger her pussy but winched at the pain. She was so tight but so wet. Exploding with cum she gets up and begins to wash her body. She let the water wet every inch of her body. Suds of soap ran down her body. She gets out the shower, slowly drying the water off every inch. As she puts lotion on her smooth skin, her silky lingerie falls on the floor. She picks it up and quickly puts it on.

Opening the door leading back into the suite, Marcus is making them a drink. He doesn’t turn around at first then he feels her lips kissing on his shoulders. He turns to her and his mouth just drops open. She wore some sheer black thigh high stockings, a lacey black Basque Bodice that complimented her shape. A pair of lace boyshorts panties that cuffed just above the bottom of her ass. A pair of red stilettos with an ankle strap. A gold body chain around her neck, breast, and back. She wore the scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom.

“Damn, you look gorgeous Keelyn.” He stutters looking at her full body in the outfit.

She takes the drink from him and walks over to the bed. She sits at the edge, he walks behind her then he gently pushes her back on the bed. His mouth finds its way down to her moist clit. Taking her entire pussy into his mouth she begins to moan with pleasure. As she starts to get into the grind with him he stops. She opens her eyes and looks at him confused,” Why did you stop?” She asked. He stood up smiling and shook his head as he walked to the bathroom. She sat upright on the bed looking for her drink. One sip and she started coughing. He peeked his head out of the bathroom door and laughed.” Is it too strong for you love?” He teased.

Coughing as she sipped her drink, she heard the shower turn on. She rushed over to her bag to pull out the video camera. Shy and quiet was her persona but tonight she planned on being exotic and bold. Setting up the camera right in front of the bed she used her cell to make sure the angle and height were just right. So focused on getting everything set up, she didn’t hear Marcus return to the bedroom.

“Damn Keelyn baby you really surprised me tonight! I love it, there is more to you than I imagined.” Marcus teased as he approached her from behind.

From the moment Marcus approaches her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist slowly moving their bodies to the waves of the music. They began to create their own melody gently swaying back and forth. He begins to kiss the center of her neck working his way to each side. Four pecks from his soft juicy lips then a quick and wet lick from the miraculous tongue of his. He softly kisses behind her ear then nibbles on it. He knows shit that drives her mind wild. He aggressively kisses his way back to the right side of her neck then he passionately sucks her neck as if he needs to for dear life. Just then her knees knocked and her legs gave out on me. She falls helplessly in his arms as the beat of the melody increases around them. Colors of blue, yellow, orange, pink green and purple flashes of light fill the room. He hears her body scream out for him. He spins me around so they are face to face as they kiss. It's as if it's the first time their lips have ever touched. Spark after spark shocks goes throughout their bodies. They kiss again passionately creating more sparks. Their bodies tingle leading down into their toes. Their fingertips touch sending sparks. So much energy floating and bouncing from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Kissing on her neck he picks up his phone to cut the music on.

“What song would you like to be your soundtrack baby?” Marcus asked.

Taking a moment to think Keelyn replied: “Whatever song you feel fits this moment."

Chuckling he replies, “How about a song by Jodeci because baby you are looking delicious in your skin and beautiful in your outfit, I can’t wait to taste you all over again.”

Snapping out of the daydream she feels someone tapping her shoulder. To her surprise it was Marcus. Happy to see him she asked, “What are you doing here?”

Chuckling he replied to her, “Umm it’s a free space and happy hour.” Embarrassed she told him she didn’t mean it like that. He pulled up a stool and sat next to her. Leaning on the bar counter, Mya looked at Marcus and nodded approvingly.

Giggling while getting up from her seat she said, “Hey Keelyn, I’m going to mingle while I am still single.”

He finally got her where he wanted her, slightly vulnerable and body energy on blast. He could feel the vibes her body was sending him.

Marcus Harvey

He loved to admire her and all her natural beauty. He sat in the chair facing the bathroom as she came into the room from the shower. Walking towards her with a drink in his hand, he could tell she was becoming a bit nervous.

“Baby there is no need to be nervous. I got you.” He said sweetly.

“I know, it’s just I really like you and I haven’t felt this way about someone before. I understand but can we take it slow tonight?” She nervously replied.

Gently tracing her shoulder and neck with his fingertips. Chills went down her spine. Ready to give in she gasped as his fingers pushed gently into her tight ass. Experiencing this wild and strange sensation, made her body quiver.

Fingering her ass faster and faster made her pussy juice flow. Dripping down her inner thigh, her pussy started to glisten from behind. Licking his lips he bent down so he was face to face with that ass and pussy. She felt his gentle breath on her clit as his warm mouth gripped around. Sucking and pulling on her hard clit, his one finger turned into two. The tension they created as she started to cum from her tight ass.

“What the fuck, are you doing to me Marcus? Ahh oh my god that feels so good.” She screamed in pleasure.

“I’m only doing what your body’s screaming for. It’s speaking to me in volumes.” He replied firmly in her ear as he pushed deeper inside her.

Feeling the thickness of his dick thrust inside her tight walls she gushed cumming all over him with an exhale of pleasure. He was slow and hard pushing in and out of her wet pussy made his dick get hard and start pulsating. Gripping around his dick with each stroke she came over and over again. Smacking her ass left a stinging feeling in an outline of his hand.

Pulling her waist down so he could go deeper made her pussy drip.

“Damn baby this pussy feels so good. If you keep gripping my dick like that I’m going to cum deep inside this pussy. Is that what you want?” Marcus questioned.

Not saying a word she gripping her pussy walls tightly around his dick. Throwing her ass back on him she felt his strokes pick up speed. Faster and deeper he began to move his hips in a circular motion. Grinding deep and pulling slowly into his motion. They began to make music with their bodies. Closing his eyes he began to see sparks and colors. He bit his bottom lip as she gripped tighter and tighter. Dick pulsating he released deep inside her.

“Ahhh, mmmhhh. Damn girl are you trying to do me?” He asked breathing hard.

Giggling she replied, “I’m not doing anything. You were in control. I was just going to your beat.”

Feeling relieved and relaxed he laid down, drifting off he began to hear a strange sound. Blaring louder and louder his alarm clock read "8:30 AM." Late for work he jumped up rushing to the bathroom. In a hot shower his mind played back bits and pieces of his dream. He had to get her out of his system. He had it bad for her. Rushing to get dressed he grabbed his keys and jumped on the highway. Traffic was gridlocked and his attitude started to kick in. He knew he this would be a bad day. Hearing his phone ring as he searched for it. Missing the call he just knew it was his boss calling to see where he was. To his surprise it was an email from Keelyn asking to meet up for lunch. Excited about her making the first move, he finally replied.

“Hey Keelyn, I’ve been busy at work with meetings and I forgot to email you back. Will today at 12:30 PM be good for you?"

Nervous Keelyn tried to focus on work but her every thoughts was about Marcus. She thought about them going into the restaurants bathroom locking the door and fucking like rabbits. She felt her panties become moist for the idea of being his personal slut. A smiler appeared across her face as her nosey co-worker named Calvin Sullivan asked “Why do you have that goofy ass smile your face?” while leaning into her cubicle.

Annoyed she answered, “Don’t worry about it, it’s not for you!”

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