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Love and Trust

by BobBam 2 months ago in fiction
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Love and trust are the rarest of precious metals in the world. It is the lack of love and trust that is the real epidemic that has spread throughout the world. Infecting the soul of every person of any background. The most important thing you need in life is not money. Money is a good thing that can buy happiness but not love and trust. When you have all the money in the world but no love, you're just living in an empty shell made of gold - maybe, but it's still empty.

Love is the place we call home. Where love is, home is, and after a long storm, that's where we want to return. This home need not be where your family lives, for many families have only disputes, not love or trust. You can be rich and strong and still feel like the poorest of the poor because you have no one to love you and you don't love anyone.

I think I found love in this girl. Lizzy lay with me, holding her tightly in my arms in the spoon position, smelling the scent of her hair, straight blonde hair. We both felt exhausted after sex and lay down together, my fingers moving from her chest to her stomach, a sensation she was still relishing.

After she had been with a young boy of her generation for a while, Liz came back to me. I was a generation older than she was, like her father's age. But now she came back to me and told me that she never liked the younger guy, that she never liked having sex with him, that they barely had any sex, and that she always loved me, and that's why she came back.

And I believed her. Because if you don't love an older man, you don't give up a better younger man to go back to an older one. It's like an old chair, it may have emotional value to you and be special to you, but it's also just a piece of junk to everyone else. I may be trash to a lot of beautiful young blondes, but I'm the guy Liz wants to marry, and that's what she says.

Why does she love me? She says I'm the only person she wants to have sex with. She says I have a good heart. She says she likes my maturity and how safe I make her feel. And so on. I believed her because she really enjoyed our sex, she kept kissing me, and she loved lying in my arms, quietly, just to enjoy the warmth and peace that seemed to stop time too.

Liz is in her first year of graduate school. She also has a part-time job to supplement her income. She is also a good cook. She likes to read a lot of cookbooks, watch the Food Network, and then practice her cooking skills based on recipes from cookbooks. She brings me food she makes: avocados, fresh salmon, crushed oranges, peas, cucumbers covered in rice of many things. It looked like an art, not food. I took pictures, but didn't dare spoil this work of art.

Liz blinked her blue eyes and said seriously that she would consider marrying me if I was faithful to her in our relationship. She was also greedy enough to say she wanted five children. What I didn't tell her was that I was a married man, but there was no love in my family. Should I tell her and let her down? Should I confess my dirty laundry to her? I love Liz too. I don't want to lose her. Would one true love be enough to make me lie to her? I'm confused. The feeling of being an honest and responsible man is fighting against my selfishness, but sometimes it fails to love. What should I do? I think I'll tell Liz the whole truth tomorrow. But tonight, this is a moment of love that belongs to us, undisturbed, untainted by any outside world, attentively cared for, without the various headaches of the world. Let this love be perfect, even if it may be so short and fragile. I can say that I have seriously loved and seriously been loved.


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