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Lost soul

Found her purpose

By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Lost soul
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I was making my way across the bad lands when off in the distant I saw a vision of glory. It was a young woman. Her skin was bleached from the sun and the radiation of the area. She was lucky to be alive. I am called Zero. Because I am a big zero, I have not seen another living soul since the bombs dropped.

I pull up close to the woman and stop. I go over to the doors of my transport that I modified to withstand the bad lands. I open them up to see a woman who seemed to be in her early twenties. She had long dirty blonde hair. Her breasts were naked and still quite perky. Her very shapely body looked like a goddess if she was not suffering from radiation poisoning.

She was wearing a Heart shaped locket around her neck. That was the only thing she had to her name. I helped her into my transport.

I sealed the entry back and took my guest by hand and led her to the shower room. I cleansed her body from the sand and radiation. She was lucky. She only received a small dose being naked and roaming the bad lands.

I set her down at my table wrapped in a couple towels and a warm blanket. I fixed her some rations and grabbed her some water. I let her eat before I gave her the anti-radiation medicine. It usually upsets your stomach if you have not eaten.

I went back to the cab and got back under way. I still had about a hundred miles before I reached my home base. It is a good three-hour drive on a clear day.

She started feeling better and came up to the cab. She sat down beside me in the other seat and was watching the sand blow by us.

She finally broke the silence and said, " Thank you for picking me up our vehicle stopped working last night and one of the compartments was leaking radiation bad. I was lucky I was up front keeping watch for any signs of life. My parents left me this heart shaped locket and a note. I had to leave everything behind including my clothes because the radiation meter on them was maxed out and starting to leech into me. My name is Kara, and I am 21, I think. These last few years since the attack has been hard to keep track of the days. "

I replied with, " Nice to meet you, Kara. My name is Zero. I cannot remember my real name. It has been so long since I have seen another person alive out here in the bad lands. I have us on auto drive and we should be to my shelter in a few hours. We can find you some clothes there and maybe a new radiation suit to. I do not wear them much now that my transport and home have been shielded and reinforced from the average radiation storms. "

Kara stands up and drops all of towels and blankets. She says, " I only have my body to offer you for saving me. You are welcome to anything you desire. You may need to instruct me how to do it though as I have never been with a man. I heard mom and dad from the other rooms but with the war we isolated in the hills when I was fourteen. We were safe until we lost this year’s crop and the river dried up. "

I said, " That is such a sweet offer Kara. I am happy with just the knowledge of saving you and talking with you now. Go ahead and cover back up for now. You are very beautiful, and you do not owe me anything. If as time goes by and we hit it off, then that is another story."

Kara wraps back up in a towel wrapped around her waist only. She walks the others back to the back cabin and puts them up to dry. She then comes back up and sits on my lap as we traveled along. Her breasts bouncing after every dune we crossed.

My manhood was straining to break free. I know she feels it growing ever so hard under her hot bottom. She had her arm around me and was sitting sideways. I am glad we are close to home.

I pull into my shelter and close the doors. I get everything pressurized and safe from radiation before we leave the transport. I take Kara into my little shelter. It is only two rooms. I have a nice bed in the back room along with a wonderful bathroom. It still has a big shower that works. Indoor plumbing and a wash basin. The bed is big enough for two luckily enough. My living room has an old sofa from before the wars with a bed in it that folds out. My kitchen was on the side of the living room and had cold storage with a way to heat our ration pouches. There was a small sink to wash dishes and make drinks too. The water was all safe because I set up a filtration system of my own so the water would be clear of toxins and radiation.

It was an old trading outpost on the border before the final war happened. The Eastern Empire just launched every nuclear device they owned as they were launching the last ships to Mars. They decided if they could not have Earth that no one would. So many lives were lost in the American Alliance. The Australians were able to launch two shuttles with about a thousand people total. Other than that, no one left Earth. It was a total nuclear wasteland. The oceans were near gone. The moon had been strip mined till it was not even there by the Republic of China.

I take Kara into the bathroom and we both strip down and climb into the shower. We make sure to decontaminate first. Then we took a wonderful shower cleaning one another's bodies.

Kara took her time washing up my member. For her never to have been with a man she was on her way to having a face full of my juicy juices. She lathered him up the most and was using both hands to uh clean him up. It only took a couple minutes and I exploded all over her chest. She stood up and we finished washing off. We got out of the shower and toweled dry.

I found Kara a shirt to wear for now. I simply threw on an old pair of shorts. I went into the other room while Kara was brushing her hair out.

I made us dinner and set the little bar with our plates. I called Kara in, and we ate our dinner. We had some small talk as we ate.

I went over and set on the sofa and put on the video screen and selected a movie from my hard drive. I had a huge selection of movies that I converted to my hard drive. I found an old vending machine with the discs still in it. Kara came over after she finished dinner and sat next to me.

She started talking, " Did you get clean enough in the shower? My mother was from an island state they called Japan. It was how her mother taught her to wash a man. I used to help mom after I turned eighteen. She showed me how to clean it up. She said I was lucky living here in the American Alliance. I guess she had a lot more chores and they were never able to bathe alone. "

I giggled and said, " I wondered what you were doing. "

Kara started back, " Your stick is much bigger than any I have washed before though. "

I said, " Thank you Kara. "

We were watching Forrest Hump and Kara curled right up on my lap and started watching it. Her eyes never left the screen. It was a skin movie of another I had. It was Forrest Gump. They both are funny as can be.

As we lay there, I guess we both fell asleep. Next thing I knew it was morning. The light was breaking through the blinds. I noticed my shorts were no longer on me though. Kara was nestled up right beside my member. Her hot breath was causing me to rise. I felt her head move some and her eyes met mine.

She said, " Good you are up now. I have been wanting to use this thing. Not to thank you but to truly have a life with you. It could be worse. My mom told me that a good man will treat you right if you treat him right. "

No sooner than she finished talking she had her head laid back on my lap. She grabbed my shaft and pulled it down and started licking my tip. She moved her tongue all around it. Licking with all her might. She would take the head in and flick my tip with tongue. Then she would pull off and run her tongue up and down my underside. Pausing to suck in one or both of my balls real gently. Then she started sucking on my tip only while she massaged my staff with her hands. I was in heaven. Whenever she felt me throb, she would work that much more. It had only been about five minutes and I was exploding my juices into her mouth. She quickly pulled off and jerked my rod as I finished. Her face was covered in my white cream.

She jumped up and went and got a washcloth and cleaned us both up. She was smiling ear to ear. Just giggling like a schoolgirl. She may be new at it, but she was learning quickly.

I scooped her off her feet and hauled her to the bedroom. I tore off her shirt and laid her on her back in the middle of the bed. I dove in between her legs and started licking that very tight little love button that was standing on end. My tongue darted in and around it. Rubbing my tongue every which a way. She was moaning from lick one. I sucked her nubbin between my lips and started flicking it hard with my tongue. About a minute in and she was bucking my face like a wild woman. She was screaming and her tight folds were exploding with her sweet juices. My face was covered. I grabbed hold of her legs and started back at it, and she yelled for me to stop.

I stopped. She grabbed a towel from the nightstand and wiped off my face and gave me a long hard kiss. She pulled me up beside her and we laid that way till we drifted off to sleep.

Later that day after our nap she showed me her heart shaped locket. She opened it up and inside of it was a picture of her mom and dad when they were young and in love. They were kissing in the picture. The other picture was Kara in a cute bikini on a boat. The back had an inscription. It read, Love is all you need.

It has been near five years now and Kara has gave me two wonderful girls and one wild boy. We have expanded our little home with parts we found to have a bedroom for all the kids and a big greenhouse. We have been wonderful for one another.

Like her heart shaped locket says, Love is all you need.


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