Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 1

by Sharlene Alba 2 years ago in fiction

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Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 1


Santana Davis, or currently known as Mrs. Santana Martinez, twisted the ends of her curls as she stared at her new husband who was too engrossed in reading the newspaper to notice. The bright rays coming from the sun were beaming through their opened windows, bringing life into their quiet room. She'd never been married before, but she couldn't imagine it was supposed to be this boring. They were on their honeymoon and they were supposed to be getting complaints from the other guests over how loud their sex noises were, not basking in the silence that was slowly killing her.

She sighed impatiently, waiting for Jonas to break out of his newspaper trance to give her some attention, but to no avail. He simply cleared his throat and patted her calves which were resting on his lap at the moment, and returned his attention to the paper once again.

He'd been different since the day before they said their I do's at the wedding. Santana had heard it in his voice, something had been bothering him then but she ignored it, and went along with everyone else's excitement. She, Santana Martinez, soon-to-be the youngest female immigration lawyer in the history of law officials, had finally found a man who wasn't turned off by her potent personality and her ability to over-analyze everything. After all, it had kept her a virgin all the way up to now. Twenty-seven long years of only having your fingers and your vibrator making you feel good instead of the warmth and satisfaction of a sexy man pounding into you until you passed out from pleasure.

Santana grew wet at the thought, wondering if Jonas would finally be comfortable enough to indulge her wildest fantasies. Honeymoons were specially the perfect time to explore your significant other's sexuality, to learn what made their bodies jump or deflate in the face of sensuality. It was the part of marriage she was the most excited for. But Jonas? Not so much. He constantly repeated sex wasn't the most important thing in the world. Santana would've agreed with him if she hadn't been over-exposed to the adult film industry as a child. Her parents, Marisol and Steven Davis, had been porn stars back in their day. Which was definitely one of the reasons she had shied away from sex as a teenager. She'd been ridiculed enough for her parents alternative lifestyle during her childhood, she didn't want to fail at sex and be condemned for not living up to the reputation her parents had. They quit once they found out they were going to have her and used their porn money to invest into some technology companies. No one wanted the negative attention having them as their business partners would bring them but her mother, Marisol, was the persistent one of the pair. She changed their strategies and decided to go into the Asian market instead. They made millions in sales in less than a year and their success caught the attention of the same American shitheads who had turned them down. But her parents represented loyalty right down to the core of it, and they stuck with their Asian investors, sticking it to those who doubted them in their own country.

Their embroidered determination to make it in this world was what drove her to drag herself through all those sleepless night in college, slaving herself during several unpaid law internships and refusing to have a social life while still attending law school. All to end up here, with a husband she adored, who also refused to touch her. Her virginity was still in tact even after they had arrived here, at Loner's Retreat for their honeymoon. It was supposed to be a romantic gesture on Jonas' part, to start their married lived in the place where they locked eyes for the first time. Santana just wished she could understand where that version of Jonas had disappeared to.

But she wasn't giving up just yet.

She decided to use a trick she'd seen in a rated-R movie once, where she'd use her feet to massage a man's cock, and bring it to life. And hopefully into other places. Santana dipped her feet in between his legs and licked her lips once she felt the rigidness of his shaft spring into an erection. So he was still turned on by her. That was a good sign. Now if she could only get him to use that thing on her...

"Santana, what are you doing?" Jonas asked in a husky tone, but kept his eyes on the paper in front of him.

"Is that thing working or what?"

"Of course it's working."

"Then why aren't you fucking me right now?" Santana complained, in the most adult voice she could use. Jonas' soft chuckle made her frown. Maybe it was her. Maybe she just wasn't sexy enough to make a man howl into the night, like she was supposed to. According to her mother anyway.

"You want me to make you feel good, is that it?" Jonas teased, as he finally placed the newspaper on the side table and give her his attention, but she didn't find any humor in depriving her of good sex. Not that she would know what good sex was to begin with. Jonas refused to show her.

"We've been here for almost three weeks. Our honeymoon is almost over and we still haven't... consummated our marriage." Santana explained, while she kept her toes pressed against his cock, sliding them up and down for encouragement. God, she hoped this worked.

"Is that all that matters to you?" Jonas asked sincerely, making her feel awful for being so horny.

"Of course not. But—"

"You have needs. I understand." her unusually calm husband finished for her, giving her hope she just might have an orgasm by lunch time. Santana could feel just how thick he was and her mouth watered, wondering if he'd let her have her first oral sex experience. He wasn't a virgin, as far as she knew. He told her about how he'd lost his virginity at fourteen, with his next door neighbor's daughter on a hot summer evening in Alcapulco. They had stayed together until their freshman year of college when the long distance started to wear down their relationship and they decided to go their separate ways. Santana was starting to wonder if that girl had taken Jonas' sex drive with her.

"So does that mean you're going to..." Santana trailed off and waited for his response. Jonas smirked and reached for something inside the night table. When she saw him bring out her vibrator and a can of whipped cream, Santana rolled her eyes at his mockery and removed her legs off his lap and stood up from the bed.

"Oh, come on. It was a joke. You keep saying I have no sense of humor."

"You're the least funny person I know and I'm going for breakfast. You want anything?" Santana offered the evil man as she slipped her feet into her flip-flops and headed for the door.

"I do, actually." Jonas answered and Santana turned to find him heading in her direction. There it was, the same look he'd given her the night they met. It was a mixture of longing and lust, and it had been a compliment really. Not many guys had thought of her as someone they could have fun with in between the sheets. She was always in the friend-zone with them and once she met Jonas, she was free of the loneliness, and the constant belittling the devil on her shoulder drilled into her decaying self-esteem.

"Fruits? Butter on toast?" Santana offered a few suggestions at the hungry man wrapping his arms around her, and pulling her to him.

"Hmm, not quite. I have a better idea," Jonas mentioned as he leaned into her neck and started to place small kisses against her skin. Santana tried not to jump in excitement but she couldn't help it. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Jonas continued his kissing journey down to her breasts when he untied her pink silk robe and threw it onto the floor. She has been blessed with decent sized tits, which Jonas seemed to appreciate as he took a nipple into his mouth and made her knees grow weak. Her husband took notice of her trembling body and lifted her legs up and over his waist, to carry her over to the bed. Once her back was on the comforter, Jonas bowed before her, opening her legs for his viewing pleasure. He looked uncertain for a moment, as if he were contemplating something but quickly shook it off and proceeded to lean into her freshly shaved opening. The feeling of his tongue pressing against her clitoris was almost enough to make her come. When it began to move and dip inside of her, Santana lost her mind. This was way better than a vibrator, and felt better too. Her hands dipped into his wavy dark hair as he licked at her, making her hips roll and jump with every stroke of his tongue.

Santana had no idea why her mind drifted off to her childhood best friend, Daniel Rivera at that moment, but there he was, imprinted into her mind like a pair of sweaty hands pressing into cement. She hadn't seen him since he got deported back here to Mexico when they were five. She had cried for days after that, until missing him became like a second skin to her. He might not have been there with her, but his influence was still ingrained in everything she did to help people.

"Am I doing something wrong?" Jonas asked when he lifted his lips away from her aching folds and stared at her. Santana felt the slight sting of guilt prick at her heart but she managed to shake her head in response.

"No. You're doing great. Keep up the good work." Santana teased which made him smirk before diving right into her again with his tongue. This time, Santana focused on the pleasure Jonas was giving her, drowning in the beginnings of a long-awaited orgasm.

Her moans grew every time his lips brushed up against her clit and her legs tightened around his head. Jonas kept his hands at her bottom, squeezing when he felt her body writhing against his mouth. Her hands gripped the sheets underneath her and her eyes closed when he vibrated his tongue over her sensitive nub and she gasped, holding her breath as the climax consumed her body. Her mind went straight to the clouds as she smiled in satisfaction and opened her eyes to see her husband hovering over her, awestruck as he stared into her eyes.

"Have you always been this beautiful, Santana?" Jonas asked her, and while she had limited experience in the romance department, she appreciated the compliment and held him closer to her.

"I'm not sure. My parents seem to think so." Santana joked but Jonas wasn't laughing. He was back to his somber exterior, which only put a damper on her current happy mood.

"I just want you to be happy." his words seemed to have a double meaning but he didn't give her time to ask him about it. Jonas was back to his normal solemn-self when he lifted himself away from her and returned to his newspaper.

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