Locked in the Library II

by Lady Domitille 12 months ago in lgbtq

Part 2, bdsm, lesfic, sapphic, wlw

Locked in the Library II

After a few last-minute jitters, she knocked to find Samantha’s brilliant smile on the other side of the door. The jitters immediately disappeared.

“I’m so glad you came,” Samantha breathed a sigh of relief.

“I said I would, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” Samantha began slowly, “but I wondered if maybe you had reconsidered or decided this isn’t what you want.”

Nicole thought for a moment. She had been too wrapped up in her own nerves that she hadn’t considered that Samantha might be disappointed if she’d ran. She’d hyped her up for so long. In her head, Samantha was an untouchable goddess who could have anyone she wanted. It was then, she realized she never stood a chance. It was always going to be yes.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say no to you,” Nicole confessed, barely able to make eye contact with the woman in front of her. When she finally did, it was worth it. Samantha was blushing and playing nervously with her hands.

“I’m sure we’ll find something,” Samantha replied ominously, stepping closer to her. Her confidence suddenly back into play. Nicole gulped, feeling her hands starting to sweat, but her feet didn’t move an inch, “I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do to you, and it’s a long list.”

Nicole felt herself melt from just those words alone. Her throat went dry. She wanted to reach out and wrap her arms around Samantha’s waist, but there was a little voice in the back of her head telling her she wasn’t allowed to touch—not yet.

“Come inside,” Samantha said, holding her hand out. Nicole took it, stepping over the threshold of the house. When the door shut, everything became much more real. Samantha led her inside. Nicole let herself be pulled into the kitchen.

“Would you like some tea?”

Nicole nodded. Samantha went around, busying herself with operating the kettle and preparing a teabag. Nicole watched her intently. Her movement around the room was calm. Every movement seemed calculated. She looked over at her guest a few times, checking in on her. Nicole refused to move. She wasn’t sure how comfortable she could make herself.

“Nicole, you can sit down,” Samantha told her gently. She indicated towards the bar stools. Nicole felt herself float over to them as if in a trance.

The waitress finally let herself look over Samantha as she busied herself. The librarian wore her hair up in a tight ponytail. Nicole felt her fingers itching to reach out and undo it. She wanted to run her fingers through the silky brunette hair. Her light purple silk blouse was spilling out of her dark, tight-fitting pencil skirt. There were a few buttons undone, allowing some of her cleavage to show.

The nervous tension of the room died as Nicole finally cleared her throat, “I can’t believe I’m here right now.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Samantha asked, shooting her a confident smile.

“Definitely a good thing,” Nicole assured, smiling from her seat, “Last week I was fantasizing about asking you on a date, and here I am now, sitting in your kitchen, wondering how you are going to control me.”

Samantha’s infectious laughter bounced off the walls. With the kettle boiling on the stove and mugs at the ready, she sauntered over to the island. Nicole watched as she leaned on her elbows, head resting in the palms of her hands. Her fearless seductive eyes pulled Nicole in.

“Are you nervous?”


“Are you excited?”


“Good,” Samantha exhaled as the sound of the kettle interrupted them, “That’s my favorite combination.”

Nicole felt a heavy blush cover her face when Samantha leaned across the counter, placing a quick kiss on her cheek. They stared at each other for a moment before Samantha looked down.

“Can I ask why you want to do this?” Samantha asked, “I know I suggested it, but… why did you say yes?”

Nicole could think of a thousand different reasons to answer the question, but her mind landed on, “I think I could use a break from my brain.”

Samantha caught her eyes again as she played with her tea, “Care to explain?”

“I had thought a little bit about it from you know—research, previous partners hinting at it—but I wasn’t ever sure on it until you asked me. It just felt right.”

“Do you have any specific boundaries?” Samantha asked casually, pouring a cup of tea for both of them. Nicole wanted to laugh at the absurdity of discussing carnal, intimate details in broad daylight before their first date.

“Uh,” Nicole stuttered, her mind going blank, “I’m not, uh, sure?”

Samantha’s smile did little to calm her nerves. Everything Nicole was about to say would give Samantha hints on exactly how to torture her.

“Well, let’s start with some basics—I already know a little bit of what you like,” Samantha smiled warmly, placing a hand over Nicole’s. She sat down next to her. Nicole felt her nerves relax as Samantha continued on, “How do you feel about PDA when we’re out in public?”

“Good, I mean, within reason,” Nicole tried to stammer out how she felt, “Kissing and hugging and stuff, yes, but like… I don’t want to, uh…”

Samantha fought back the urge to giggle. How could Nicole be so incredibly adorable? She wanted to reassure her with kisses peppered all over her face.

Instead, she tried to break the tension, “No having sex in front of strangers?”

Nicole blushed, again, “Yes. I mean, I’ve had sex in public before—just—hidden.”

Nodding, Samantha replied, “It’s the thrill of being caught, but you don’t want the attention on purpose.”

The waitress nodded, glad that Samantha was listening, and understood her without having to go into too many details. She wanted to show the librarian off and be shown off, but she didn’t wish to the extent of their relationship being blasted over the radio.

Nicole gulped, and there was that word, relationship. She was already considering them together.

“Well, I would love to let others know you belong to me, but we can do that without broadcasting every detail. If you are okay with it, I would like to introduce you as my girlfriend,” Samantha asked.

Grinning like an idiot, Nicole murmured, “I would like that very much.”

“I do have friends who partake in this lifestyle. They will probably assume as much about our relationship, but we are very serious in maintaining secrecy amongst our group. I would like to introduce you to them, but we can do that slowly—or not at all.”

Nicole considered that for a moment. If she wanted this to work, she would eventually need to get to know her girlfriend’s friends. Everything was still so fresh and so new, “Maybe slowly—as I get used to everything.”

Samantha nodded her head in understanding. She placed a hand over Nicole’s, “Our speed will be up to you.”

“I thought this was all about you making the decisions,” Nicole blurted. Samantha’s head immediately began to shake.

“This is all about you,” Samantha countered, reaching out and cupping the back of her neck. Pleasant nerves shot down Nicole’s spine, not realizing she was leaning into the touch. Samantha spoke clearly and decisively, drawing attention to her point, “This is about building trust. I may order you to do something, but you are trusting me with your consent to take care of you. I don’t take that lightly.”

Nicole felt herself being pulled in. The possessive, but gentle grasp on the back of her neck weighing her down comfortably. The ease at which Samantha could read her surprised Nicole. She felt like she was floating inside her own body.

“How do you feel about being tied up?” Samantha asked.

“Good, yes.”




“I think so?”

Samantha made a mental note to hold onto the hesitancy in which Nicole answered.

“Demeaning name-calling?”


“Slut, bitch, whore, pet to name a few.”

“Oh, absolutely.”

Samantha grinned as she began running her fingers through brunette hair. Nicole felt her muscles relax. The rhythmic motions of nails lightly scraping her scalp soothing the nerves.

“Does that feel good?” Samantha purred as she began to trace patterns against her skull.

Nicole could only hum in approval. With each twist and turn of her fingers, Nicole felt another muscle relax. Thoughts of what other activities Samantha could do with her fingers crept up into the back of her mind as they traveled down to the hairs on the back of her neck. Nicole gasped and rolled her head to the side, goosebumps appearing up and down her bare arms. Fuck, how could she think about anything right now? Months of working at the bar had taken a toll on Nicole, cramping her muscles up from running, squatting, carrying trays, little to no breaks…

“You need to relax,” a soothing voice crept into her ear.

Nicole barely registered it, already nodding in agreement.

“Place your hands on the counter.”

Without thinking, Nicole did precisely that. She raised her hands, placing them gently onto the counter, and let out a gasp at the direct, cold contact on her skin. Her arms tensed up for a moment, only a moment before they relaxed back down. A cold shot of ice shooting throughout her entire body.

“There you go,” Samantha’s voice whispered in her ear again. “Do you feel better?

“How did you do that?” Nicole asked, finally opening her eyes.

“You were anxious. You were all tense. I know this is scary at first, but I want it to be relaxing for you as well,” Samantha explained. Nicole couldn’t help but be thankful for how accommodating Samantha was.

Suddenly the hands in her hair gripped stronger, nails scratched a bit rougher. Nicole resisted the urge to moan from the sudden change in tempo. Goosebumps spread across her arms and up the back of her neck. She placed her hands on the cold surface of the counter, trying to steady herself. Fingers came around the back of her neck to pull her in close.

In her ear, Samantha whispered, “Sit on my lap.”

Barely thinking, Nicole stood immediately as she began shifting her legs up and over to straddle Samantha.

Samantha immediately wrapped her strong arms around Nicole’s waist. She was determined to pull her in as close as possible. She began rubbing circles on the small of her back, playing with the soft and delicate skin there. She heard a soft moan escape the lips of the woman above her.

“Are you hungry?”

The question came out soft and gentle. Nicole knew if she answered in the positive, Samantha would finish off the dinner so she could eat. There was only one thing on her mind though. It was clouding her judgment. It felt like it was eating at her from the inside out, crawling at the surface of her skin, and ready to jump out and consume her.

“No,” she admitted.

Samantha watched as Nicole’s chest rose up and down. The swell of her breasts revealing just a hint of lace underneath her tank top. Her hands itched to peel away every inch of clothing. Her new pet, her new toy just itching to be unwrapped. She had already claimed her. The faintest hint of a mark left over from their first encounter.

Nicole had caught her staring at her neck. She had covered the hickey with the faintest of makeup over the week. It had mostly faded, and Nicole had found that she missed it. She wanted the reminder of their tryst in the library. Every time she looked at it, she remembered the way Samantha kissed her, the way she touched her, the way she owned her.

“You can claim me again,” Nicole whispered.

Samantha almost missed it. The small… confession? The acceptance? The submission. She looked up into the waitress’ eyes. A devilish smile appearing across her face as she pulled her hair to the side and leaned in.

Nicole gasped as the librarian’s ruby red lips touched her skin. The head massage had gently worked her up, but now she could feel the arousal evident in her underwear. She felt her muscles relax as strong hands held her close.

Samantha moaned the second she tasted the taste of her skin. She ran her teeth along the apex of her neck before biting down. She felt Nicole’s thighs clamp around the outside of her own as she pulled her close. She sucked hard. The gasps and moans coming from above spurring her on. She moved her hands up, gently grazing the underside of Nicole’s breasts.

“I’m going to take care of you.”


“And I’m going to fuck you.”


Nicole almost felt humiliated by the almost whine she felt catapulting out of her mouth before she could stop it. It only took one word to show how truly desperate she was.

“You are mine, darling,” Samantha breathed out before digging her teeth back down in the same spot. She relished in the harsh breath that accompanied it. She slowly released the heavily bruised skin. Both women were breathing hard as Samantha ran a finger across her mark. “Someday, I would love to wrap a collar around this pretty neck of yours.”

“When would that be?” Nicole asked, her cheeks burning.

Samantha caught her gaze. Nicole wasn’t ready, not yet, but her response indicated that it was open for conversation.

“When we’re both ready for it,” Samantha finally answered cryptically, playing with her hair once more.

Nicole shifted uncomfortably in her lap. She was extremely wet, and she was dying for Samantha to touch her. She stopped when she felt hands on her hips. She looked directly into her girlfriend’s eyes. She had an understanding, but stern look on her face—as if she was going to casually lift an eyebrow, because she knew exactly how uncomfortable Nicole really was.

Instead, she heard a soft tsk tsk.

“Stay still, we still have some rules to go over.”

Samantha nearly laughed when she heard Nicole groan.

“You’re being impatient,” Samantha growled out, hooking her fingers through the belt loops in Nicole’s jeans.

“You would be too if someone as hot as you... promised all sorts of dirty things to you,” Nicole whined. Almost immediately, she felt a hand grip the hair on the back of her head, holding her in place.

“Listen, you belong to me now. I make the rules. I decide when you get to be fucked. I don’t care how impatient you are,” Samantha ground out, her voice dropping an octave below its usual level. Nicole shuddered but stayed silent. “I want to discuss rules. So, we will discuss the rules. Do you understand me?”

Nicole took a deep breath before uttering the words she didn’t expect to say, “Yes, miss.”

Usually, a sub offering her a title wouldn’t be a surprise to her. She would expect and demand it. Nicole was a different story. She was learning. She wasn’t expecting her to fall so into the role so naturally. She leaned in to kiss her cheek before muttering, “Good girl.”

The two words inflamed the urges already cascading inside Nicole’s veins. She was almost ashamed such praise would turn her on so much… almost.

“Safe words,” Samantha began, “Do you know what those are?”

“Words that I can say if I want you to stop?”

“Very good. Sometimes it’s a word, a phrase, stoplight phrases for stages,” Samantha explained, letting her fingers trace the skin of Nicole’s thighs. She wanted to relax her for this part of the conversation in case she had any questions. She didn’t want the girl too distracted by touch, but gentle caresses seem to calm her down when she was feeling anxious.

“Stoplight phrases?”

“Red for stop, orange for slow down or take a break, green meaning ‘good to go’,” Samantha answered. Nicole nodded in understanding.

“What would you feel most comfortable with?”

“I get to decide?”

Samantha smiled, nodding. “You remember when I talked about trust?”

Another nod.

“Whatever your safe word or phrase is. I’m trusting you to use it when you need it. Everything we do is about consent and safety. If you are feeling off or not into what I’m asking you to do, then I need you to let me know. It either needs to be something you would normally never say in bed, so I know to stop.”

“I think I would like the stoplight one,” Nicole finally answered, “At least for now. I think it will be easier for me to remember in the moment than a random word.”

Pleased with her answer, Samantha leaned in and kissed her gently.

“Repeat them,” Samantha commanded, “So I know you understand them.”

Nicole took a deep breath, suddenly feeling as though she was being quizzed, “Red means stop. Orange means slow down. Green means I’m good.”

Samantha placed another kiss on her lips, “Just a few more things, and then I promise we can have some fun.”

“Okay,” Nicole giggled, trying not to squirm in anticipation.

“When I become your domme, I expect absolute respect. If I tell you to do something and you don’t do it, I will punish you. I won’t hesitate to keep spanking you if you’re crying. I won’t put up with whining behavior when you don’t get what you want. I’ll always check in with you, but you won’t get away with being bratty.”

Nicole nodded, “I understand. I’m not really the mouth-off type, but I’ve never been in this situation before, so I’m not sure how I will respond to it.”

“Last thing… I need you to be completely honest with me at all times. If you need to stop, you need to use your safe words. If I ask you a question, even if it’s embarrassing, I need you to answer it. I won’t dig past what you are comfortable sharing.”

“That’s what safe words are for?”

Samantha smiled and kissed her again, “Exactly. Any more questions?”

“Should I call you something? Like Madam?”

“You called me ‘Miss’ before. How did that feel?”

Nicole considered. She hadn’t meant to say it, but it didn’t feel unnatural. It had just sort of rolled off her tongue in the most delicious of ways, “I liked it.”

“Then let’s start with that.”

“Okay, Miss.”

They stared at each other for a moment, enjoying the silence of being together. Samantha leaned forward and kissed the other woman, her sub, her girlfriend. She moved her hands to grasp her ass, letting Nicole relax more onto her lap.

Nicole smiled into the kiss. It was gentle and warm. It was soft and tender. It was promising. She knew the rougher stuff was still to come, but she let herself sink into Samantha. She was trusting her completely. Somehow their encounters over several months had let Samantha in on the things she needed.

To be controlled.

To be dominated.

To let loose.

To not have to make decisions.

Nicole let out a breathy sigh as Samantha bit at her bottom lip. It was gentle at first. The second nip more eager. A silent order. Without thinking, Nicole opened her mouth and let Samantha completely dominate it. Her tongue thoroughly exploring every inch. Nicole resisted the urge to squirm again, but she found it difficult. Samantha’s hands were moving now. They were running along the curves of her chest.

Suddenly everything stopped. Samantha’s hands pushed gently, but firmly, at her shoulders. Pushed and taken aback, Nicole shot a confused look at her.

“Up,” Samantha commanded, “now.”

Nicole shimmed off her lap, her feet landing rather ungracefully onto the tile. She resisted the urge to shove her hands in her pockets, a habit she usually adopted when she was nervous.

“Stop fidgeting.”

Hands at her sides, Nicole fought to remain still. What should have been an easy task proved extremely difficult as Samantha stood up and directly in front of her.

“What’s the matter, dear?”

Nicole looked up and into her eyes, finding herself unable to speak.

“Remember the rules?” Samantha shot her a pointed look.

Nicole steeled herself and let her confession fall, “I want to touch you, Miss.”

“And why haven’t you?”

“I’m not sure I’m allowed to.”

Samantha ran a finger along her arm. Her eyelids fell heavy as a sensual smirk flashed across her face, “Why not?”

“You told me to stop fidgeting, I thought you wanted me to keep still.”

Nicole wasn’t sure she was right, but the satisfied look on Samantha’s face told her she wasn’t wrong either.

“Follow me.”

The waitress found herself complying automatically as Samantha led them out of the kitchen and down the hall. She was only a half a second behind the older woman. She wasn’t sure what to expect. Was she leading her to a sex dungeon? A basement? She carefully observed as Samantha opened up the door to reveal…

A library.

A home library with every wall lined with books.

Nicole almost breathed a sigh of relief. A library she could handle. It was familiar.

“Expecting something else?”

Nicole blushed. She should have known that Samantha would see right through her nerves.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect,” she answered honestly.

Samantha smiled, holding out her hand and leading her further inside. Once inside the room, Samantha let Nicole adjust to her surroundings. This was her home office space. Each wall lined with books on various topics of interest. On one side was her desk, the other had a rather large couch. It was a couch she had fallen asleep on many nights with a book.

“We can move to my bedroom later,” Samantha explained, “I thought you might be comfortable starting in here.”

Her answer came in the form of a small smile from Nicole. A reassured look slowly dawning on her features.

“Are you ready to begin?”

“Have we not already started?” Nicole asked, a gentle laugh bubbling up through her voice.

Samantha moved fast, backing the younger woman up until her knees hit the couch and she fell backward, “Oh, you have no idea, my dear.”

The captivating and stern look on Samantha’s face, the authority in her voice, the commanding presence overtook Nicole for a moment as she whispered, “Fuck.”

“I do believe you owe me a punishment,” Samantha drawled, “You disobeyed me last time.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Your apologies mean nothing to me. I want something more from you,” she whispered harshly. Quickly, she stood up. She backed away from the woman on the couch as she sat on her desk.

“What do you want, Miss?”

She was almost afraid to ask, to know the punishment, but not knowing also thrilled her.

Crossing her legs, Samantha answered, “Strip.”

Slowly, Nicole removed each article of clothing. Her shoes came off first, followed by her socks. She had to look away from Samantha’s piercing eyes as she unbuttoned her jeans and shimmed them down her legs. She re-caught her gaze after stepping out of them and dropping them on the floor.

Samantha watched as her top went next. With each article of clothing removed, she displayed beautiful skin.


Nicole had been halfway to removing her bra when the command was uttered. She dropped her hands to her side. Samantha took in the beauty standing before her.

“Your lingerie,” she began, leaving her spot on the desk to move closer to her girl, “what is it for?”

“It’s for you, Miss,” Nicole breathed out. After their first time, Nicole had run out to the closest store and splurged all of her tip money on a new set. She had spotted it the second she walked in. Black lace cupped her breasts, pushing them up and together, prominently displaying cleavage she usually never had during her waitress shifts. There was a matching set of underwear, lace in the front of a multi-strap thong.

“For me?” Samantha stood in front of her now. She ran a fingertip over the underside of the bra. The lace felt good on her fingers.

“I wanted to look good for you,” Nicole admitted.

“While I appreciate the effort… and believe me, I do appreciate the beauty,” she replied. Samantha roughly pulled her in for a kiss, her hand cupping her by the chin, stealing the breath out of Nicole’s lungs, “I will enjoy ripping it off you and throwing it on the floor.”

Nicole felt arousal seeping through the lace underwear onto the insides of her thighs. Samantha’s voice, her strong stance, her words, all consumed her. She was barely touching her, and Nicole already wanted to beg and plead to be taken. Taken and controlled.

“But first,” Samantha continued, “your punishment.”

Nicole nodded, bracing herself for whatever punishment awaited her.

“Turn around, knees on the couch, hands on the back.”

Samantha beamed with pride as Nicole immediately followed her instructions. For a moment, she just stared at the incredible physical form awaiting her on the couch. Her delectable skin on display. She could hear the small breaths of excitement. Her muscles clenching just enough to be excited.

“Why are you being punished?”

“Because I disobeyed you.”

“More specific, dear.”

“I dropped my hands when you told me not to.”

“Very good.”

Nicole shuddered as she tried to listen for the footsteps behind her. Samantha hadn’t told her to turn around, so she didn’t. Instead, she tried listening for the small sounds of movement and strained her ears to tell where in the room her voice was coming from. The room was quiet for a moment before she felt a soft caress under her butt cheeks.

She hadn’t meant to jump, but she did.

Firm hands moved from the underside of her ass to her hips, holding her in place, “Don’t move.”

“I’m sorry, Miss.”

“Less ‘I’m sorry,’ more listening, or is there no brain in that pretty little head of yours?”

Nicole wasn’t sure what to say to that. Her cheeks burned. It was humiliating, but she felt the low heat in her core beginning to build again.


Nicole let out a yelp of surprise, jumping.

“I said stay still!”

This time Nicole didn’t move when she felt a palm slap across her ass again. She felt another rush of arousal seep through her. She knew she was already drenched.

Another slap, this time harder.

Nicole fought back the urge to moan. Instead, she lifted her hips higher into the air, allowing more access to her backside. Samantha ran her hands softly as a reward. It was a momentary relief before another slap landed.

“Spread your legs.”

Another command followed. Nicole felt fingers trail from her ass to her core.

“My, my, my,” Samantha’s lips pressed against her ear, “What do we have here? Is my little pet enjoying this?”

Nicole wasn’t sure how to respond. She knew it was supposed to be a punishment, but she couldn’t help enjoying it. The painful sting of each slap cutting through her nerves of disobeying again. She knew she shouldn’t enjoy it, but that only seemed to make the stings worth it.

“Tell me, are you enjoying this, pet?”

“Yes,” Nicole admitted.

Another slap, this one was much harder. Nicole tried to conceal a scream of pain.

“Don’t muffle yourself, dear. I want to hear your screams.”

Another slap, and this time Nicole didn’t censor her reaction. Samantha followed each blow with nasty things to say to her that kept her arousal flowing before slapping her ass again.

“What kind of dirty slut likes this?” Slap.

“You’re going to be my dirty little whore.” Slap.

“This is nothing compared to what I will do if you disobey me again.” Slap.

“When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to sit for a week.” Slap.

“Every time you do, you will be reminded of this.” Slap.

“I bet you touch yourself at night thinking of this, don’t you?” Slap.

After each slap, Nicole felt herself dripping down her legs. She hoped Samantha wouldn’t notice, but she knew it was a lost cause when she felt a finger trace the inside of her thigh. The evidence coated her fingers.

“Well, well, well,” Samantha drawled out, sticking her finger into her mouth and licking every bit off, “I certainly have a slut on my hands.”

“Please,” Nicole begged, the lace of the underwear was friction against her.

“Please what?”

“Please touch me.”

“I don’t believe you’ve earned that, yet.”

Nicole could have cried, “Please, I’ll do anything.”


“Yes, please, Miss,” Nicole let out short, straggled breath as she begged.

“Lay on your back.”

Nicole scrambled to follow the instructions. She lined herself on the couch, letting her head fall back against the cushions. She watched as Samantha slowly lowered her skirt, allowing her underwear to fall after it. Still, in heels and a silk blouse, she lowered herself down above Nicole’s head.

“You will please me, and you will not even think about getting to cum until I have been satisfied, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss, I do.”

Nicole could smell Samantha’s arousal. It was intoxicating. It made her insides swirl as she reached her head up to taste her. The moment her tongue touched her folds, she let out a soft moan at the taste. She slid her tongue around, sliding up and down the folds, letting it briefly stroke the nub causing Samantha to shiver above her.

Samantha reached down, her fingers tangling into dark locks of hair, guiding the younger woman. The first encounter had been all about Nicole, and Samantha couldn’t help the euphoric sensation of watching the waitress beneath her. Each motion of her tongue driving her higher and higher.

And oh gods, Nicole was in heaven. Her taste was sweet and delectable. Her begging to be touched immediately forgotten. She was content to spend the next several hours buried between these legs. Each gasp and moan urging her to lick just a little bit harder, a little bit faster.

With each second passing, Nicole could feel the hands in her hair tightening as Samantha rocked against her face. Arousal was spilling into her mouth, and Nicole licked up every drop of it. She hummed in happiness. The vibrations sent sparks throughout Samantha’s body and left her toes tingling.

Nicole felt such an overriding need to please the woman above her. The woman who was gasping out her name.

“Fuck, yes. You are such a good girl,” Samantha breathed, running her free hand through her hair. The librarian reached back and grabbed her hands, pulling them around and placing them on her breasts. Nicole felt herself squeeze her walls around air while they lightly bucked, needing some sort of friction. She had been dreaming of this taste for months, and it was better than she could have imagined. The sweet, salty taste smearing over her red lips stirring her insides into explosions.

Samantha thrust harder as Nicole’s tongue danced around inside of her. Her eyes never left the gorgeous woman beneath her, legs clamped down on either side of her head. The moans sent vibrations through her body, through her bloodstream, sending endorphins straight to her skull sending her to her peak faster than planned. She thought about slowing her down, savoring this moment, but they had the whole night ahead of them. She had waited months for these lips between her legs. She couldn’t deny herself now.

A couple thrusts later left her screaming her release. Samantha continued thrusting as she rode out of her high, letting her cum spill and smear across the younger woman’s face. After some time, the thrusts slowed. The harsh and fast breathing became short and passive. The grip in Nicole’s hair loosened.

Nicole’s bright eyes stared up at the woman above her. She greedily kept licking her pussy, savoring each drop that spilled from the goddess’ cunt.

“You’ve been such a good girl it makes me wanna reward you,” Samantha drawled, reaching behind her. Nicole yelped as a single finger swiped through her folds. Samantha lifted the wet finger to her mouth, drinking in her taste, “Especially when you taste this good.”

“Please,” Nicole choked out, no longer worried about appearing desperate or needy. Her pussy was throbbing. Whispers of “good girl” and the slight bruising on her ass had made her desperate and greedy, and she needed her Mistress to fuck her until she couldn’t think anymore.

Samantha pressed kisses to her face, laying the full length of her body down against Nicole’s. Pressing her fingers against Nicole’s chin, she forced her head to one side, giving her full access to cover her pale neck with red lipstick. Nicole gasped with every bite, every lick, every kiss.

“You know, I like hearing you beg,” Samantha whispered directly into her ear, “One day I would like to tie you to my bed, tease you until you feel like you’re going insane, begging me to do absolutely anything to you.”

A deep whine ripped from Nicole’s throat, her hips already rolling against whatever she could get friction on.

“You seem to like punishment. Maybe I’ll get you off just by spanking you.”

Nicole could almost feel tears brimming around her eyes, gasping out, “Miss, please-“

“What does my filthy little whore want?”

“Please fuck me. Please. I need you.”

Samantha felt her skin go hot and prickly at the admission she’d heard and expected to fall from those gorgeous lips, but it didn’t stop the flush of arousal or excitement that spread through her body. Nothing was better than the magnificent brunette below her, gasping out and pleading for her to give her everything—pain and pleasure.

The older woman took a deep breath in, steadying herself before gliding her fingers down her body. With her other hand, she grasped the back of her neck, holding tight. She wrapped brunette hair so that it weaved through her fingers. She saw Nicole’s eyes roll back for a moment when she tightened her grip as she teased her entrance below.

Nicole felt like a mess. Those fingers that she had been dreaming about since the last time they were shoved inside of her were so close, but yet so far away. “Please, Miss. Please, I’m yours. I will do anything for you-" she tried to grasp at shoulders, hair, nails scratching along her arms pleading.

“Say that again,” Samantha demanded, letting one finger slide around her clit.


“Who do you belong to?”

There was something that made her blood burn at the way Nicole pleadingly gasped out her ownership. She could see the tears beginning to form, her sentences were barely coherent, and her hips were desperately seeking contact with a hand barely applying any pressure.

“You. Fuck, I belong to you. You can bite me, you can pull my hair, you can spank me, you can do whatever you want to me—just make me yours, fuck me,” Nicole rambled, “I belong to you.”

Nicole barely saw the devil of a smirk that shined across Samantha’s face as she entered her with two fingers with no hesitation. A low, desperate, raw moan erupted from the woman beneath her. She was so wet, so warm, so tight around her fingers and she pulled out and slammed back inside her. Nicole, desperate for more, hiked her legs up as much as she could.

“Oh fuck, baby, good girl,” Samantha whispered as she watched Nicole entirely give herself over. She stopped fucking her momentarily to send three direct slaps to the backs of her thighs before sending her fingers straight back home.

Nicole was a withering mess. Every time a coherent thought was able to make it to her brain, a slight tug at her hair erased it. She could feel her arousal dripping around her thighs and onto the couch as Samantha slipped a third finger into her.

“I always knew you would be a slut, so ready for me, it barely took me five minutes to get you begging and pleading for more. You would let me do anything, wouldn’t you?”

The word slut burned her cheeks for embarrassment, but she knew the lies were covering her Miss’ hands. She sobbed out a, “Yes, Miss.”

Samantha rewarded her by corkscrewing her fingers inside, pressing her thumb to her clit, pulling her head backward as she arched, and biting the sweet spot of her neck. Nicole screamed as her orgasm hit her. Samantha continued to suck and kiss and bite at the spot, grinning with glee as a red and purple mark began to form. She continued to work it as Nicole trembled and gasped and pleaded, and came all over her hand. She only stopped when she felt Nicole’s body calm down, slowly easing her from her orgasm.

Nicole’s body was twitching, her eyes slammed shut, as Samantha withdrew her fingers from her pussy and wrapped her arms around the younger woman. She pulled her close, running her fingers through her delicate hair.

“I’ve got you,” she whispered.

“I know,” came the low whisper back.

Samantha smiled, admiring the hickey on display. Hers. Her girl.

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