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Lock-down Lust

Three Roommates, a Lock-down, and Lots of Free Time

By Vicki CPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Cindy had just moved into the three-bedroom apartment with two new roommates just a week before most stores were closed due to the pandemic. She knew the lock-down could happen, and prepared ahead setting up a home office in her corner of the room where she lived. Cindy was tall, standing 5’10" and slender, but curvy with generous hips and heart-shaped face. Her hair was shiny and black, long ringlets that draped around her shoulders, with green eyes and a heart-shaped face. There was a strength and sexiness in her presence, and her two new roommates, Yan and Thomas felt the excitement, arousal, as she would enter a room. They often admired her, and secretly enjoyed watching her every move, and she knew it.

“I see you watching me!” she smirked, catching Yan red-handed one evening, as he pretended to study for a college exam on the living room sofa. He blushed, shaking his head as if to deny it, but Cindy knew better. Yan was a full-time student from Japan working on his bachelor’s degree in economics. Thomas was also a student, majoring in culinary arts, and worked at a nearby coffee house. Cindy was a part-time student studying film, but wanted to get more involved in the industry. Secretly, she wanted to create and star in her own adult films, but this would not go over well with her family or circle of friends. The entertainment industry would be a tough ride, she thought, and making some sexy films would be fun, but risky. Since the lock-down began, all three roommates were busy diving into their own work, studying and projects, with little else to do, until Cindy produced a bottle of wine and decided to order some spicy chicken for dinner on a Friday evening. She wanted to test the waters with her two new friends, and since they were all stuck in the same limited living space together, this would be a prime opportunity.

Thomas and Yan were studying, as usual, at the dining room table, while they listened to music and considered indulging in something to eat. Yan was the first to notice how seductively Cindy was dressed. She wore a pair of high cut-off shorts and a strapless tank top. When the food delivery arrived, Cindy slowly, deliberately slid the boxes of food onto the table, leaning deeply over the varnish finish, allowing her nipples, poking through the cotton fabric of her top, to brush against its smoothness. Thomas turned swiftly to notice her exaggerated movements, and eagerly offered to uncork the wine.

“You read my mind,” Cindy smiled, handing the bottle of red wine to Thomas.

“I’ll pour you a glass.” Feeling excited about the evening, Cindy savored the first sip of wine, painting her lush lips with its redness, then licked the rim of the glass while surveying Yan’s response. She noticed a slight awkwardness in his reaction, as if he was bashful to be aroused, while Thomas offered her a morsel of spicy chicken breast, bringing it close to her mouth to taste.

“Hmmmmm, I’m hungry,” she exclaimed, in a sultry tone. “I like you feeding me.” Opening her mouth wide, Thomas dipped the meat in between her lips. Slowly, she grabbed hold of the chicken with her teeth, and just as she was about to pull it in completely to chew, she pulled Thomas’ head to hers, offering to share the piece of food, pressing her lips against his as they devoured the spicy meat together. Yan dropped his book, and grew an erection immediately. He stood up then to approach the couple, offering another piece of lightly breaded chicken dipped in sauciness. Thomas turned to him then, snapping the chicken from his hand unexpectedly, as Cindy grasped his belt and pulled him into their circle of growing arousal. Yan pulled her to him then, leaving Thomas on the other side of them, eager to continue their food play. He undid his zipper, pulling off his pants and shirt, as Yan pushed Cindy’s short jean cut-offs down to reveal her juicy wet mound, ready for him. Turning around, Cindy leaned over the table, as Yan pulled her hips towards his hard, throbbing cock, slipping effortlessly inside of her, pumping slowly, then working up speed. Thomas pushed some of the food and plates to one side of the table to crawl towards Cindy as Yan thrusted more and harder. He enjoyed her moaning, and watching her eyes close halfway, he positioned his lips on hers to kiss and pull her tongue with his teeth, as Yan was ready to ejaculate. Pulling out and on top of her, Yan released his creamy load, coating Cindy’s back and some of her hair, making it sticky.

Swiftly, Cindy turned around to face Yan, smirking at him as she did, noticing how his face revealed the enjoyment of his release. She hopped up on the table, lying down on her back, as Thomas crawled over her then, his head approaching her wet and dripping pussy, longing to cum. He smiled at Yan then, as if to show him how he was going to take care of her. Descending in between Cindy’s legs, as she spread wide, wrapping them around his torso, he penetrated his tongue around her labia, poking inside her pussy, and teasing her clitoris as she swelled, circling his tongue and stroking her generously, until her body began to quake and shiver. Creamy, juicy wetness squirted suddenly, coating Thomas’ face as he straddled her face and she took his cock in her mouth. She began by licking his shaft in long, strong strokes, like an ice cream cone, then dipped him into her mouth, taking him all the way down her throat. Thomas could feel the ridges of her mouth grace the tip of his cock, bringing him to ecstasy and orgasm, close in timing to her own explosion of sticky cream.

The threesome made a mess of the table, but they had all gotten off before finishing their first glass of wine. This made the occasion more exciting, as they enjoyed the rest of their evening without thinking about work, school, or the pandemic. Cindy secretly fantasized about taking video of their next encounter, though knew that opportunity would need a bit of persuasion, or maybe Yan and Thomas would be more willing than anticipated. After all, life during lock-down was full of surprises.


About the Creator

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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