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By MR.XPublished 13 days ago 9 min read

After Liam and boys leave amy closes the door and calls rossy and says to get ready soon for college admission. Amy also decides to change her outfit.

Amy selects a shirt short skirt outfit and goes downstairs. Rossy looks at her and says mom you look amazing in this outfit. Amy confident boost and she gives her daughter a compliment . But Rossy always thinks her mother looks younger than her and in her old school She is a cheer girl for there school team . Many of her male friends likes her and show attention towards amy.

Both the girls leave the house and goes to college . While travelling both discuss about the college and new city.

Once the reach college both get off the vehicle and looks at college campus its big and awesome. Both the girls were new to city and doesn't know where to go and find principal office. A cars comes faster and cross rossy. Just for a second rossy got shocked. As soon as the car parks and a handsome boy comes out of the car and comes near amy and rossy says i am really sorry. Rosyy without listening to him yelled at him cant you see road what if you have hit us ?.

A boy apologizes for driving fast on campus, but Rossy leaves him. Amy intervenes and asks why he drove so fast, mentioning a dog in the middle road. The boy expresses his sincere apologies, expressing his concern for others' safety.

Hi there, I'm Ameer. Are you here for the admission interview? Amy's heart skipped a beat as she took in Ameer's confident demeanor and friendly gaze. Yes, we are. I'm Amy, and this is my daughter, Rossy.

Ohhh are you are rossy mom really i cant belive it said by ameer.Amy blushes and smile at him. Amy ask him to say way to principal office. Ameer say amy follow him he will lead to principal office.

As they walked across the campus, Ameer struck up a conversation with Amy, complimenting her on her outfit and her radiant smile. Amy found herself blushing at his words, feeling a rush of excitement at the unexpected attention.

So, Amy, do you have any other children besides Rossy? Ameer asked, his tone smooth and engaging.

No, it's just Rossy and me, Amy replied, trying to keep her composure despite the flutter in her stomach.

As they approached the principal's office, Ameer leaned in closer to Amy, his voice dropping to a soft whisper. You know, Amy, I couldn't help but notice how stunning you are. I hope this isn't too forward, but would you like to grab a coffee with me sometime?

Amy's heart raced as she processed Ameer's bold invitation. She was flattered by his attention but felt a pang of guilt at the thought of entertaining the idea of going out with him, especially with her husband at home.

Before she could respond, they reached the principal's office, and Amy quickly composed herself, putting aside her fleeting moment of excitement. As Rossy went in for her interview, Amy exchanged polite goodbyes with Ameer, feeling a mixture of confusion and curiosity swirling inside her.

Inside the principal's office, Amy found herself face to face with a distinguished-looking elderly man named Antony. His kind eyes and warm smile put her at ease as she explained the reason for their visit.

Ah, Rossy's admission interview, Principal Antony said with a nod. Well, it's lovely to have you both here. I must say, I quite admire your outfit, Amy. That shirt and short skirt combination is quite striking.

Amy couldn't help but blush at the compliment, feeling a sense of flattery at the principal's observation. Thank you, Principal Antony. It's very kind of you to say.

As Rossy went out to get her registration done, Principal Antony turned his attention back to Amy, leaning back in his chair as he continued the conversation. So, Amy, tell me about your family. Do you have any other children besides Rossy?

Amy felt a sense of comfort in Principal Antony's friendly demeanor as she shared a bit about her family. No, it's just Rossy and me. My husband, Leon, is at work today."

I see. Well, you must be very proud of Rossy, Principal Antony remarked, his eyes twinkling with admiration.

As the conversation shifted towards Amy's own background and qualifications, Principal Antony delved into old records to gather information about her educational history and interests. Amy was taken aback by his thoroughness and genuine interest in her past experiences.

After discussing her qualifications and past employment, Principal Antony surprised Amy by suggesting a job opportunity in school that is been under the same founder of this college. Amy, based on your qualifications and experience, I believe there may be a position for you here as a biology lecturer. Your skills would be a valuable addition to our faculty.

Amy's heart leaped with excitement at the unexpected offer. She couldn't believe her luck as Principal Antony encouraged her to go to school the next day to finalize the details and receive her job offer letter.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Amy rose from her seat, feeling a sense of elation wash over her. Principal Antony stood up as well, and before Amy knew it, he pulled her into a warm embrace. The hug lingered for a moment longer than expected, but Amy found herself appreciating the gesture, feeling a sense of genuine connection with the kind-hearted principal.

Amy comes out of the room and she goes towards rossy and says everything that happened after she left. Rossy was happy to hear it and congratulate her mom. Receptionist comes to Rossy and says her go to her respective class.

Amy leaves the college and goes to boutique because cherry and amy are going to family party.

Amy and Cherry stepped into the boutique, greeted by the sight of a handsome man behind the counter. Farook, the shopkeeper, exuded confidence and charm as he approached them with a warm smile.

Welcome, ladies. Can I help you find something special today? Farook asked, his eyes lingering on Amy's graceful demeanor and Cherry's playful aura.

Cherry wasted no time in responding, her flirtatious nature shining through. Oh, we definitely need your assistance, darling. Do you think you can handle us? she teased, her voice dripping with suggestive undertones.

Amy couldn't help but chuckle at Cherry's boldness, her own demeanor more reserved in comparison. Yes, please. We're looking for some party dresses, she added politely, her eyes meeting Farook's with a hint of curiosity.

Farook's gaze lingered on Amy, captivated by her elegance and grace. Of course, I'd be delighted to assist you, he replied, his voice smooth as he recommended a selection of dresses.

As Farook helped them browse through the racks, his attention remained fixated on Amy. He couldn't help but admire her beauty, feeling a magnetic pull towards her. I think I have just the dress for you, He said, selecting a stunning gown that accentuated Amy's figure perfectly.

Amy blushed at Farook's compliment, feeling a flutter of excitement at the attention he bestowed upon her. When he offered to take her measurements for a precise fit, she hesitated momentarily before agreeing, feeling a thrill at the prospect of his touch.

Farook's skilled hands moved deftly over Amy's body as he took her measurements, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. She couldn't deny the arousal that stirred within her, the forbidden thrill of flirtation igniting between them.

Once the measurements were taken, Farook handed Amy the dress with a charming smile. I have a feeling you'll look absolutely stunning in this, he said, his eyes twinkling with admiration.

As Cherry stepped forward to receive Farook's assistance, But as they left the boutique, both Amy and Cherry couldn't deny the excitement that lingered in the air, their encounter with Farook leaving them both feeling a tantalizing sense of anticipation.

After fittings, the man presented the couple with their dresses, confident they would impress at the event. As they left the boutique, Amy felt a sense of warmth, while Cherry, always optimistic, planned their next adventure. They would always remember the charming shopkeeper who made their shopping experience memorable. Shopkeeper has shared his contact information with Amy to ensure they can access new collections for any dress they need in the future.

Amy and Cherry are seated in a cozy coffee shop when they are greeted by Canis, a neighborhood boy who frequently frequents their area. Canis is their neighbor and they share their discovery with Cherry. Canis, who has known Leon for years, shares his passion for cooking and dreams of opening his own restaurant. The coffee shop is owned by his aunt and friend, and Canis has decided to lend a hand and discover his passion for cooking. Amy and Cherry are impressed by Canis's determination and passion, and Cherry agrees to be one of his first customers when he opens the restaurant. Canis expresses gratitude for their support and acknowledges the importance of their support. Cherry admires Canis's ambition and determination, despite his father's business background. Canis explains that he wants to stand on his own two feet and not rely on his father or connections. His aunt, a well-trained chef, and he are scouting for a new place to start their own business. Cherry offers to help find a suitable place for Canis, as her husband is a land dealer. Canis expresses gratitude and expresses excitement at the prospect of helping him achieve his dreams. When Canis compliments her, she feels warm and eager to see where their newfound connection will lead them. They exchange contact information, and Canis expresses his gratitude and excitement for their newfound connection. Canis expresses gratitude to Amy and Cherry for their offer to help him with his future endeavors. They prepare to close the shop and ask Amy to give him a ride home. Amy agrees, and they drop Cherry off first. Canis maintains a polite distance, maintaining a light and friendly conversation.


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I write story for short films and want to become director. In this page write various story where every story and every character are fictional. No community or people are harmed. Only enjoy my story and if any quires pls do comment.

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  • Naveed 10 days ago

    Incredible work. Very well-written!

  • Awesome story! Well done!

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