Life As A Demisexual Adult Content Creator

What is Demisexuality?

Life As A Demisexual Adult Content Creator
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I'm a 36-year-old woman that has had lots and lots of sex with many different people. Though I rarely enjoy sex. Why? I'm demisexual, though I was unaware of this fact about myself until I was 35. Before then, I didn't even know what demisexuality was. So let's jump right into that. What is demisexuality? How did I find out I am demisexual?

First, we will discuss what demisexuality is. Demisexuality is a sexual orientation that isn't well known by most people. When you learn what it is, likely, you won't be able to understand this concept unless you are demisexual. Demisexual people do not experience sexual attraction to other people that we do not also share a close emotional bond with. We can be physically attracted to many different people, though we won't enjoy sex with these people if we are only attracted to them on a physical level. Meaning if our conversation bores me, and I also don't feel close to you on an emotional level, I will never enjoy sex with you. You may enjoy sex with me, though there is nothing you will ever be able to do to satisfy me sexually, unfortunately.

Due to being a demisexual individual, I am now very particular as to whom I share my body with. I've gone almost two years without having sex. It's been two years since I last allowed someone to kiss me due to being demisexual. Casual sex is out for me. I don't enjoy it. Why would I choose to do something that does not please me? That is just detrimental to your mental health.

In my personal life, being demisexual doesn't cause many issues. Though it does make life as an adult content creator incredibly hard. Why? I'm extremely limited in the types of adult content I can create. Most people in the adult industry can work with many different people. I can only work with people I am very comfortable with and have a close emotional bond with. Currently, I don't know anyone that fits into that category and can only produce solo content. Although I'm okay with this, I disappoint fans that would like me to create male/female content. I also lose out on money by being unwilling to create male/female content. Although I am bisexual and open to girl/girl content, I'm only okay doing so with females I know well and am comfortable with. As of now, I don't know any females I am willing to work with.

To me, sex is something that is to be enjoyable. I would never advise anyone to have sex with someone they don't enjoy having sex with, even in the adult industry. The money is NOT worth it, in my opinion. I do not like to fake orgasms. I don't feel my viewers would enjoy watching me fake orgasms. Therefore, I won't produce content unless I can enjoy making that content, which means my orgasms are ALWAYS real.

Will I ever work for a studio? I can't answer that. If I were to work for a studio, it would have to be with a company that respects me and my boundaries. I refuse to work for or with people that are going to push me into doing things that I am not comfortable with. Sex, even in the adult industry, should be enjoyable. Don't allow yourself to be pushed into doing things you are uncomfortable with for the money or because people attempt to coerce you.

I may only make homemade, solo videos for the rest of my life. That may prevent me from earning the kind of money and gaining the same levels of popularity as other performers, though I'm okay with that.

Finally, let's discuss how I realized I am demisexual. Someone on Facebook posted about being demisexual. Before this, I had never heard the term demisexual. I began researching. To me, it made perfect sense. I have NEVER enjoyed casual sex or one night stands. There are only about seven people I've enjoyed having sex with. Only seven people in the world who have ever made me orgasm. I often feel terrible after having sex with people. They enjoy it with me. While I just lie there, attempting to fake it. Once I realized this is because I am demisexual, I just stopped having sex. I'm happier this way and will not have sex again until I find someone I am both physically attracted to and have a close emotional bond with.

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Kayla Nicole 999
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