Let Me Rim You

by Dan StrawberryHall 7 months ago in erotic

A Filthy Dirty Erotic Short Story

Let Me Rim You

We were lying in bed together on a lazy Sunday when Ella said it to me. Those words that changed everything. She leaned close and whispered them in my ear.

“Sorry?” I said, I assumed I’d misheard her.

Ella lifted her head and rested it on a crooked arm. She looked at me, but then her eyes dropped down as if she was embarrassed. “I said let me rim you.” She said it so quietly I barely heard her.

But I did hear her. And apparently I’d heard her correctly the first time too.

I felt stunned. I couldn’t get my head around what she was saying though. Rim me? Was she joking? We’d only been seeing each other for a couple of months, but she’d never mentioned anything like this before. I’d discovered she wasn’t as sweet and innocent as she looked, but rimming? That was a hell of a step. Where had this come from? But like an idiot, all I could think to say was, “what?”

Ella glanced up at me again. She looked embarrassed still, but she held my gaze. She smiled. She spoke a little louder. “I want to rim you.”

My mind still wasn’t working properly. “Why?”

“Because I enjoy it,” she said. “And maybe you will too. Have you tried it before?”

I shook my head. Obviously not. Nobody did that sort of thing outside of porn. Especially not shy, petite, beautiful women like Ella.

“So let’s give it a try.” Ella said it so simply, like she was suggesting we try a new cuisine or a new colour of paint on the wall.

I still wasn’t sure she was being serious, but then I saw the look in Ella’s eyes; the need, the vulnerability. I realised it hadn’t been easy asking me this. I understood it was important to her. Ella was reaching out to me, opening herself up.

This was one of those watershed moments you all too often fail to notice in a burgeoning relationship. I knew saying no would hurt Ella. I knew it would risk closing something off, something important. So, despite the voice screaming in my head, I found myself saying, “yes.”

A broad, loving, thankful grin spread over Ella’s face. Her nose crinkled, her eyes shone. My heart stopped still for a moment at the beauty of it.

Ella got up onto her knees. She slid off the bed. She turned and held her hand out to me. “Come on. We’ll pop you in the shower first.”

The beauty of the moment vanished. “What? Right now?”

Her grin spread wider. “Seems as good a time as any, no?”

I sat up. “I thought you meant… later.” I needed time to process what I’d agreed to. Now was way too soon.

But then Ella gave me that entreating, sensitive look again. I couldn’t say no. Again, I found myself complying. I took her hand and I shuffled off the bed.

Ella kept hold of my hand as she led me from her bedroom down the corridor to her bathroom. She told me to stand back as she turned the shower on.

I’d never seen Ella like this. Usually she was passive, submissive, but now there was a quiet, commanding air about her. She told me to strip and I found myself obeying her without thinking. I pulled my t-shirt off. I pushed my boxers down and stepped out of them.

Ella stripped too. She slipped her knickers down and lifted her top off over her head. We stood and admired each other for a moment. I ran my eyes over her slender figure, her taught stomach, her high, small, pert breasts. She told me to get into the shower.

I faced the wall Ella instructed me to face. The showerhead at my side and above coursed hot water over my body, it cascaded across my shoulders and ran down me in thick rivulets. Steam began to fog the glass of the shower cubicle. Ella stepped in behind me.

She plucked a bottle of her expensive, subtly fragranced body wash from the wire basket stuck to the shower wall. Ella poured the silky gel over my back, then she rubbed it over my body with slow strokes of her slender hands. She massaged my muscles, she caressed me. She poured more body wash onto me, she coated me in it.

It was silly perhaps, but I felt vulnerable in this position, with her behind me, in total control. I liked it more than I thought I would though. I felt like I was putting myself in Ella’s hands, trusting myself to her, relinquishing my control and my responsibility.

Ella kissed my neck as her hands travelled down my back. I moaned softly as she cupped my buttocks. She squeezed me, she covered me in more of that slippery body wash.

Ella whispered in my ear as she pressed her fingers between my cheeks. She told me to, “step my feet apart,” then she said, “good boy,” as I did.

“I’m going to touch you,” she said, then she ran a finger up between my arse cheeks.

I knew it was coming, but I still flinched as Ella pressed a finger against my sphincter. No one had ever touched me there before.

“Are you OK,” she asked. “Can I keep going?” Her voice was soft, tender, but it held an edge of dominance too. Her tone caused a warm feeling to spread through my chest, it made me feel relaxed and a little lightheaded. I nodded.

Ella pressed her finger against me more firmly. She moved it in a circle, she massaged me there. I was surprised by how sensitive I felt.

“I’m going to put it inside you,” Ella said. “Is that alright?”

I nodded again.

Ella pressed forwards and I gasped as I came open around the tip of her finger. She held still for a moment, then she pressed again, and her finger slid into me.

It felt strange. It felt intrusive. Her slim finger felt huge inside me. There was no pain though. Ella reached around me with her other hand and took hold of my cock. To my shock, I found I was hard. I hadn’t noticed it happen.

Ella pumped me slowly with her hand, she kissed my back and my neck as she pushed her finger deeper into me. It felt thick and solid, but there still wasn’t any pain. It felt so strange, but it didn’t feel bad.

As Ella tugged my hard prick faster, as she pressed her finger in further, it felt good. A spot of pleasure blossomed inside me, it complemented the sensations from her hand on my dick. I found myself moaning as Ella moved faster, pressed deeper.

Ella kept whispering in my ear too. She kept saying, “good boy,” and then “take it,” and “take my finger up your arse,” and previously I’d have felt as patronised as I was surprised to hear her talk like that, offended even, but in that moment it felt right. I liked her talking dirty.

She began to slide her finger in and out of me. She twisted it around as she did it, the silken body wash and the running water made sure it happened easily, without any resistance. My legs began to tremble.

“Is that OK?” Ella asked.

“Yes,” I gasped.

“How does it feel?”

“Good. Really fucking good,” I said.

Ella laughed in pleasure. “Excellent John. You’re being such a good boy. I’m going to put a second finger inside you now.”

It wasn’t a question that time. It was a statement. I felt another finger nestle against her first, then it was pushing into me, stretching me open as it slid alongside the other. I groaned so loud I surprised myself. It felt so much better than it had any right to. It filled me in a wonderful way I’d never experienced before.

Ella gently worked her fingers in and out of me as she jerked my cock. She moved faster, she went deeper, my legs trembled harder, I moaned with each movement. I felt my climax coming already, it was rising fast, it was going to be hard, overwhelming, but then Ella stopped.

She dropped my cock. Ella slid her fingers carefully out of my behind, and I’m not ashamed to say it made me feel empty and desperate for more. She turned the water off.

Ella stepped out of the shower. She took one of her big, fluffy white robes for herself, then she handed one to me. She led me back to the bedroom with my hand in hers again.

Ella told me to lie down on the bed. She told me to keep my feet on the floor, to put my bum on the edge of the bed. She used that quiet but authoritative tone of voice I’d never heard until today, and I obeyed again without question. I settled myself on the bed as Ella directed. She told me to open my gown, and again, I did as she said.

My cock bobbed up and stood proud as I pulled my gown away to expose myself. It looked a little comical standing up like that, so firm and engorged, so eager and ready. It was so hard it was aching though, and as foolish as I felt, I was desperate for Ella’s touch.

Ella headed to her bedside table. She slid the drawer open where she keeps her sex toys. She took out a tube of mango flavoured lube. She paced back over to me. I saw her eyes track over my body. Ella took a pillow off the bed, she dropped it at her feet. She knelt down on the pillow between my legs.

Absurdly, I felt nervous, maybe even a little scared. We’d never done anything like this before, I’d had no idea Ella was into it. I was seeing a whole new side of her this morning, I liked it, I thought. But this? Rimming? I wasn’t as sure how I felt about that.

The idea of being licked down there wasn’t a turn on for me, never had been. And wasn’t it a bit emasculating? To be touched there, to be licked and penetrated? But then Ella reached out and wrapped a hand around the base of my dick, and she squeezed so hard I stopped thinking.

Ella pumped my cock a few times, then she opened the tube of lube with a flick of her thumb. She squeezed the gooey liquid all over her hands, she rubbed them together to warm it. I groaned as she put her fingers back on me, as she stroked my cock with both hands. She squeezed more lube out, she stroked, she squeezed, until I was coated and glistening in it.

Ella squeezed more lube onto her hands, she rubbed them over my balls, then lower. She told me to lift my feet, to shuffle back a touch. She told me to open my knees wide and to rock my hips back. She rubbed the lube beneath my balls.

It felt so bizarre to be treated like that. I was usually the one in charge, but in that moment I was as submissive as I’ve ever been and in such a helpless position. And Ella was so natural in her control of me. She looked so at home being in charge between my legs.

She grasped my cock again with one hand. She held me tight, but I was slippery, I moved around deliciously in her grip as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. She tickled my arsehole with a lubed fingertip as she did it, then she pressed her finger against me again.

“Is this OK?” she asked.

“Yes.” My voice sounded small.

Ella pushed her finger slowly but easily into my arse. I was lubed, her finger was too, I was relaxed from what had happened in the shower, I was expecting it, I wanted it. She pressed her finger deep into me and my prick jerked in her hand. Ella slid her finger back, I groaned loud and I shuddered as she pressed it back into me.

She pumped her fist up and down my cock in time with her finger sliding in and out of my arse. Ella twisted it around inside me and there was no pain, just a feeling of being filled, just a pleasure that pulsed and radiated through my lower body.

Ella went slow, she wasn’t trying to bring me off, I think she was just showing me how good this could feel. She pressed a second finger into me, and I took it easily. I moaned, I lay back and let it happen.

She shifted position, Ella raised up over me, she leaned down and took my dick into her mouth. She was wonderfully warm and wet, she sucked me hard and I groaned and bucked beneath her. My cock pulsed in her mouth, a wonderful, hot, tension built deep within me. Ella bobbed her head, she squeezed and tugged my cock, she slid her fingers quickly in and out my arse.

My head went light, I felt high, my whole body filled with tingling pleasure, my cock throbbed hard and that tension kept building within me, my climax coming again. But then Ella once more. She took her mouth off me; she sat back.

I looked up at her in desperation, god damn that felt so good, why wouldn’t she let me come? Ella grinned at me. She shook her head. She put her hands behind my knees, she pressed my legs back. I lifted my hips, I let open me up.

“Hold,” Ella said.

It took me a moment to understand what Ella wanted. When I did, I reached down and took hold of my knees. I kept my legs bent, my feet up in the air. I felt the absurd fear again, this had felt fantastic, it was new and exciting, but I knew what was coming now, and I still wasn’t sure I wanted it.

Ella kept hold of my cock as she kissed her way down my balls. I shivered with each press of her lips.

She moved lower, her mouth touched my perineum and I jumped in shock at how sensitive I was there. She kissed again, she was almost there, I tensed up as she reached me....

And then Ella kissed me there. She kissed me again. Her lips felt soft and warm. It was overwhelmingly weird, something I never thought I’d do, be kissed by her there, maybe I liked it though, maybe it felt OK.

Ella kissed me more firmly, and I was sensitive there as well, more sensitive than I’d ever had guessed. It was ticklish, it was intimate, it was intense. My cock throbbed each time her lips touched me.

Ella licked me. I felt the flat of her tongue pass over my sphincter and I groaned as ticklish pleasure radiated through me.

She licked at me with flat laps of her tongue, like a cat with a bowl of milk. Each touch made me shiver and gasp.

Ella pointed her tongue and ran it carefully around and over me, like she was exploring me there. I realised I was moaning with each press of her tongue. I realised she was moaning too. I pulled my knees back further.

She licked me harder. She pressed her tongue into my sphincter, I gasped as she pushed it right inside me. It was just the tip of her tongue, but I couldn’t really believe it was happening. This had come from nowhere, I’d never had any clue she wanted this, but now Ella, my sweet, innocent, shy little Ella had her tongue in my arse. And fuck, it felt good.

She slid her tongue out, then she pressed it deeper into me. She groaned loud as she did it, almost as loud as me. She flicked and twisted her tongue inside me, it sent jolts of pleasure through my body. It made my cock pulse in her fist.

Ella worked her tongue in and out of me quickly, she pressed it in further, she probed me with it. It felt soft and wet, it felt electric. She made more and more noise, she got loud, her moans held a greater urgency with each passing moment, she was loving this, I was too.

I focussed on every sensation, it was so new, so unusual, like nothing I’d felt before. Ella got so into it too she pressed her face between my cheeks to get her herself as far into me as she could. She worked her hand up and down my cock, I felt my arsehole clenching around her tongue as my pleasure came on stronger.

Ella sounded so turned on, so lost to what she was doing, she must have been touching herself with her free hand as she pressed her tongue in and out of me. Suddenly she popped up from between my bent legs, our gazes met, I saw the wild look in her eyes.

Knowing how much Ella loved this, seeing how hot she was, it made it even more intense. She slipped her lips over the livid, straining head of my cock and she sucked me again. She jerked me in time with her mouth, she pressed her fingers back into my arse.

Ella moved faster and faster, she groaned loud, she was frantic now. She was losing control; she was getting carried away. I tightened every muscle in my body to try and hold my orgasm back. I wanted this to last for as long as I could make it.

I groaned loud, I wanted Ella to know how much I loved this. Her face was flushed, she was breathing hard, she was moaning urgently around my dick in her mouth. She dropped back between my legs, she slid her tongue back into my arse, she fucked me with it quickly. She pumped my cock with barely restrained frenzy, it sounded like she was playing with herself again.

I’d never seen Ella like this. I’d never seen anyone like this. She moved her mouth and her tongue and her hands all over me like a woman possessed. She went back and forth between sucking my dick, fingering my arse, rimming me, kissing and licking my balls, she kept touching herself, she was feverish. I just lay there and watched her, I tried my hardest not to come.

Ella took my cock back into her mouth, she sucked me hard, she slid her fingers deep inside and she found a spot she hadn’t touched until that moment. She wriggled her fingertips over it and all the tension inside erupted and flooded up and out of me. I shouted out as I came, I bellowed as the first jet of come surged out of me and into Ella’s mouth.

She pulled back, she held my cock against her face, she moaned as I pumped spurt after spurt of my come over her. Her eyes were wide, her face was straining, she was in ecstasy. She cried out as her own orgasm hit her.

Ella climaxed hard, she shook all over, but she didn’t stop pleasuring me. She got her mouth back on my cock, she pumped her hand vigorously, she moved her fingers deep inside me and I kept coming. She raised up and I came onto her face again and her chest, then I was back in her mouth, still coming, she was covered in it, she was such a mess, but I’d never seen a look of such triumph and wicked glee on her face.

Ella took her fingers out of me as my orgasm eventually fell away. She lapped at my arsehole again, she pressed her tongue back into me, she sounded like she was coming a second time, then she fell away from me and collapsed onto the floor.

I joined Ella down there and we laughed together as I held her in my arms. There was so much to say, so much to talk about, this had changed everything, but not now. That could come later. I offered to run Ella another shower to help her clean up. She told me she needed to lie on the floor a while longer to recover.

Ella told me how hot it had been, she thanked me over and over for letting her do it to me. I told her no worries, that I’d let her do it anytime she wanted. Ella grinned, she looked so happy.

She told me I’d earned a special treat for being so good. She asked me what I wanted. She said did I want to try rimming her?

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