Let Me Make You Feel Good Part 2

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“So, what’s your opinion on office sex?” Alex giggled.

Let Me Make You Feel Good Part 2


The clock seemed to be mocking Alex. She wanted desperately to run out of the classroom. She didn’t even care if she took her MacBook with her. She could already feel his arms wrapped around her...could feel his mouth against the tender skin of her neck.

Alex closed her eyes and attempted a few calming breaths. It wasn’t really working out for her, but she needed to get through this incredibly boring lecture.

“...and with that in mind I will see you all next week.” Professor Beauchamp dismissed the class.

Alex all but ran out of the classroom. She ignored the call of her kinda-friend as she sped out of the academic hall.

She ran three buildings down and forced herself to slow down. She took a deep breath and smoothed down her hair. She walked calmly to room 115 and knocked clearly. She heard papers shuffle and a chair pushed backward. Two steps across the rough carpet and the door opened.

“Hi, Miss Chandler.” Deron Scott cleared his throat around her name.

“Professor,” Alex said slyly. “May I come in?”

“What can I help you with?” He smiled politely and stepped aside. He closed the door behind her, hoping that no one actually noticed.

Alex sat on the edge of his desk after she dumped her backpack in the far corner.

“Do you really want me to answer that?” Alex mocked and opened her legs, which made a perfect place for Deron to stand.

“Not really,” Deron whispered and kissed her hard.

Alex's arms interlocked behind his neck and pulled him into the kiss. One of Deron’s hands settled low on her hip and the other on her back.

“How was your day?” Alex breathed out as Deron kissed a warm trail down her neck.

“Better now. Yours?” he whispered.

“Yes. Yes, better!” Alex nearly laughed.

“How far do you want this to go?” he asked, leaning his forehead against hers.

“Depends? You ever had sex in your office?” Alex’s voice was giggly and light. Much better than the depressed and annoyed voice she’d had the night they first were together a few weeks before. Deron could remember exactly how tense she had been, and how much fun he’d had helping her relax. It didn’t matter to him she was a student, formerly his student. It added to the heat between them, frankly.

“Actually, no.” He grinned down at her. “I’m a professional”

Deron had to stifle a laugh at his own statement. He was a professional, but he was also not above a quickie in his office with Alex.

“Then I’m glad I’ll be the first.” Alex attacked Deron’s mouth again and ran her fingers through his styled hair.

“Careful, or the students in my next class are gonna wonder,” he warned her carefully.

Deron lifted her shirt over her head and continued to kiss down her body. When Deron was on his knees in front of her, Alex slid her skirt up her thighs slowly. She allowed her lover to enjoy the show while she displayed her black, lace, crotchless panties that she had worn just for him. Deron gave a deep groan at the sight and his cock twitched in delight.

“You were always my favorite student,” he growled and ran his smooth hands over her now-bare thighs. She had beautiful legs. She had beautiful everything to him. He ran his tongue over her entrance and up to her clit.

Alex gasped and held onto to his hair as he licked and nipped at her in all the right places. She had to remind herself more than once that they were in a crowded academic building at her university and she could not moan in the pleasure that she was feeling.

When Alex had enough she pulled Deron’s hair gently to bring him back up to her. She could see his hard-on when he stood up. She reached for him, but he didn’t give her time to do anything. He pushed against her lips and unbuckled his trousers.

Alex reached down and wrapped her hands around his length and he rocked back and forth, thrusting into her hands.

“Condom?” she asked breathlessly.

“Bottom drawer…” Deron choked out. He instantly missed the feel of Alex’s hands around him when she leaned off the desk to grab the condom. She tore easily into the small package. Their eyes locked for a long moment before she leaned down and licked a trail from his balls to the tip of his erection. He was so hard it was almost painful and Alex got a small burst of delight from that fact.

“Alleexx…” Deron dragged out her name in a moan and she quickly slid the condom on him and laid back on the desk.

Deron leaned over her entire body giving her a lingering kiss and massaging her breasts over her blouse before inserting himself into her. Alex moaned louder than she should have and quickly clamped a hand over her own mouth.

“Shhh, baby girl,” Deron nearly laughed as he pulled nearly all the way out of her and thrust back in.

“Damn,” she whispered into her hand.

“Ohmygod,” Deron whispered. His rhythm increased as Alex writhed with pleasure beneath him. He knew she wanted to scream and moan with pleasure. He knew she wanted to scream his name. He wanted to scream hers too. She felt so damn good around his cock.

“Do you want to touch yourself, baby?” he asked gruffly.

“Yes, baby, yes?”

“Do you want me to make you cum with my big cock?”

“Ohmygosh, yes!” she breathed.

Deron reached up to massage her breasts, which elicited a low moan from her.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he breathed as he thrust faster into her.

“Fuck yeah.”

Alex reached down to rub her own clit furiously. When she started to shake Deron took over for her.

“Oh, baby, I’m cumming on your big cock.” She tried so hard to keep her voice low and even covered her own mouth as she was wracked with waves of pleasure.

“Shit, I’m cumming too!” Deron thrust through his climax and ended with a sloppy kiss on her lips.

After a few moments they cleaned up and she sat on Deron’s lap in his office chair.

“So, what’s your opinion on office sex?” Alex giggled.

“May be my new favorite.” Deron kissed her hard.

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