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Laundry Fun at the Dorm

Her first time.

By DSPublished 3 years ago 11 min read
Laundry Fun at the Dorm
Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

My name is Charlie, and you will love my story. I am twenty-one and going to the college. It was only the second week of the new term and I had been putting off doing laundry. I was in the new coed dorms. One tower was women, and one was men, the common areas were shared by both.

I have a nice athletic frame with short black hair. Blue eyes that change with my moods. A very ample tool for the women in my life. My tongue is rather long too if you get my drift.

I grabbed my laundry bag and soap and went down to the laundry room. It was late on a Friday night, so I expected it to be empty. I got my clothes started washing and stripped all the way down to a pair of gym shorts that were very tight fitting. My package was just barely covered. All my underwear was in the wash.

I sat down on the couch waiting for the machines when a beautiful blonde walked into the room. She was small maybe five-foot or so. She was wearing a bikini that barely covered herself. Her huge breasts only had the nipples covered. Like little triangles with string around her body. Her mound had just one triangle in front covering her camel toe. The rest was strings too. Her pubic hair was holding it up. They were all trimmed into a perfect triangle above her mound. Her carpet did match the drapes too.

She said hi as she passed and put her clothes in the machines beside mine. She had a little more than I did though and needed another machine or two to do them.

She walked over and introduced herself, " I am Shelly, I live in 502. Do you think I could get you to move your things to the dryer it looks like they are about done? "

I replied, " Sure thing Shelly. My name is Charlie, and I am in 405. "

My member was so hard by the time I stood up I know she could see it through my silk gym shorts. When I stood up, I was right she was watching me. My whole shaft and balls just moved away the fabric and was standing tall poking out the bottom of my shorts.

Shelly giggling said, " I see it is past laundry day for you too. "

I smiled and said, " Yes, it is. "

I moved my things to the dryer with my tool just bouncing all over still a solid rock as it had been almost a year since I had done anything with anyone. I finished up and added money to the dryer and went back over to the couch and tried to hide myself.

Shelly looked over and smiled, " Leave that out I have a use for that. I think it needs some attention if we are to get to know one another. "

I smiled and pulled him all the way out. My shorts were under my balls now and she could see the whole ten inches. I was standing tall.

Shelly finished starting her machines and walked over and sit beside me. She turned around and lowered her mouth to my erect tool. She took just the tip into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She started flicking her tongue on my head. She would swirl it around it and suck on it. She was using me like a lollipop. Her hand grasping my tool at the base. Squeezing it ever so often. Her soft small hands felt wonderful. She was busy rubbing and massaging my balls with her free hand.

She was extremely talented. She started taking me deeper into her mouth. Little by little she would suck her way down and back up my tool. She would pull it out with a popping sound and run her tongue down the underside and then put it back in her mouth. She stayed hard at it for a long while. I was in heaven. I started throbbing and she knew I was close. She buried me deep in her mouth and sucked me hard. I exploded my hot juicy juice into her mouth. She sucked every bit of down and swallowed it. She continued working me like I was a cow to milk. She drained me completely.

Shelly got up licking her lips and tucked my drained tool away in my shorts. She went over and moved her clothes over to the dryer and got them all going. I checked on mine and added more time to them to finish drying.

Shelly grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the folding table. She put her hands on my shoulders and I grabbed her waist. I lifted her to the table, and she pulled my head down to her mound. You could see she was already really wet. She lay back across the whole table and put her knees on my shoulders.

I shifted her very wet thong bikini out of the way and started licking her juices away. I found her very hard nubbin and started flipping it with my tongue. She was moaning with each stroke of it.

I cradled her bottom and lifted her mound to my face. I curled up my tongue and pushed it between her lips into her velvety insides. She tasted so sweet. I started moving my tongue in and out like I was doing her with it. She was coating my tongue with her juices even more.

I kept her in the air and started sucking her little button in my mouth holding it with my lips as I flipped it with my tongue. My emotions getting the best of me. I took her whole nubbin into my mouth. I was able to lick from her opening to her nubbin while all the while she was inside my mouth. I sucked hard and her juices were exploding. She was moaning loud now. I bit down lovingly on her button, and she exploded a waterfall all over the place. I was dripping from her orgasm. I was swallowing her hot sweet juices as fast as I could. Still more was pouring out of her down my chest and all over the table.

She was moaning and her legs were quivering with delight. She motioned for me to set her down and I did.

She grabbed me and pulled me to the table and just hugged me with all her strength. Not word one escaped her mouth. We stayed that way until the dryers buzzed. She was kissing and sucking on my throat and face the whole time.

Shelly stood up and had me help her get dressed back into her little bikini. Then she took and put all the clothes mine and hers into her big duffel bag.

She said, " Clothes are done but I am not. You are coming to my place where we can finish doing the laundry. "

I simply smiled and grabbed up the duffle and our laundry soap with my laundry bag and followed her to her room. She unlocked the door and we walked in. She went over and turned on her Christmas lights and kept the room dark. She led me to her bed and set me down after she took off my shorts. She took off her bikini and straddled my lap and we started kissing and necking one another.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled my face with her still dripping mound and pulled me by my hair back to it. I started licking her cute little nubbin again. She was moaning even louder this time. I was busy darting my tongue in and around her lower lips and nubbin. Making her even wetter than she was earlier.

I heard a noise between her moaning and a brief flash of light. It was gone as quick as it appeared. I thought nothing of it and went back to eating her out.

I felt something hot and wet touch my head and swallow my shaft that was throbbing from eating out Shelly's cute little love machine. I started hearing slobbering sounds and gagging sounds. My shaft was being jammed in and out of someone's mouth. They were forcing it deep into their throat and gagging. Then they would pull back and do it all over again. I was still hard as a rock, but it did feel quite different.

Shelly exploded again while I was eating her out and was just filling me up with her sweet juices. She had not quit climaxing since I started with her.

Shelly moves over to lay beside me after she had her fill. She started rubbing my chest and playing in my hair. My chest was extremely hairy. It was coated in her juices which she was rubbing all over me.

I look down and there was a woman just licking away on my head. She was making me let loose with a ton of foreplay juices. Each time she would lick it and suck down my juices. She finally started licking my whole head while holding it with her hand. My cock was getting extremely huge as she was licking it.

Shelly looks at me and says, " This is my roommate Becky. She has never been with a man yet. She has only seen pictures and watched porn. She has no clue what to do with it. I promised this year if she were still a virgin, I would find someone to teach her how to please a man. We are both on birth control and I will make sure to take care of you every time if you are unsatisfied. Will you help me make a woman out of her?"

I smiled and shook my head yes. I reached up and pulled Becky to my mouth and started eating out her cute red-haired mound of love. I stretched a hand up to squeeze one of her quarter size nipples as my tongue found her nubbin.

Shelly switched around and straddled me, stuffing my throbbing tool into her very wet love nest. She started rocking back and forth with a nice pace. Not enough to make me explode. Just enough to keep me very hard. I could feel her hot velvet insides pulsing and grabbing my shaft with every stroke. She was so wet she was making squishy sounds with each stroke.

Becky was so wild she could hardly sit still. I barely licked on her nubbin, and she was moaning loud. I had to grab her bottom to keep her in place. I started working on her engorged nubbin and sucked it between my lips as my tongue flipped it. She tasted even sweeter than Shelly. I tried parting her lips with my tongue and I barely got it in. She was so tight. When I finally parted her lower lips a ton of sweet juices poured from her. I went back and was able to suck on her nubbin it was so huge and engorged. She was so excited.

I was flicking her nubbin and she let out a loud scream and I could feel hot juices pouring into my mouth. She was squirting and had never came that way. She was yelling and moaning. Pouring her hot juices into my mouth. I kept swallowing and they just kept filling my mouth. She was a virgin, and this was the first time anyone had ever went down on her and made her feel like a woman.

Becky was quivering head to toe and fell back into Shelly's arms. I looked up at her body and she was built. She had long red hair. Her breasts were huge. She did have some belly on her but not much.

Shelly kept hugging her as she rode my stiff member. She was coating it with her juices this whole time and the bed and me were so wet you would swear we were in the shower.

Shelly still holding Becky slid off my still throbbing tool. She pulled Becky back and up above my hard shaft. She took one hand and guided me to Becky's lips and placed my head at the opening. Shelly reached around and grabbed each of Becky's breasts and hugged her tight. She pulled her down a little and my hard tool was in her doorway. Shelly waited a min or two and pulled her down some more. My tool was straining to get inside of her. She was so tight.

Finally, something gave way and about one inch of my shaft and my head was into Becky's love nest. She was breathing super heavy.

Shelly started rocking both her and Becky at a nice steady pace. My rod started sliding a little more into her love nest. She was so tight. My rod felt like it was in a vice of velvet walls. So wet and so hot. I could feel her heartbeat pulse through her.

With a lot of screaming and moaning, both pleasure and pain on Becky's part we made it to bottom. I felt some hot liquid pour out of her as she stopped in her tracks and stayed right where she was.

I sat up and pulled them both into a big hug. Becky started kissing me and pulling closer. I started pulsing my shaft inside her and she would moan each time.

Becky tried moving up and down, but she could not handle anymore today.

Shelly turned on the lights and she cleaned me and Becky up. Becky showed her true colors, she was a very tight virgin. My whole shaft and balls were covered in her womanhood.

Becky laid next to me and used her hand to stroke my rod. I was still mostly erect. Her hand felt great. It was super soft, and she was so gentle. She played in my juices as they escaped me. She finally picked up the pace and me explode. I shot all the way up to her breasts with my load. She reached down and grabbed some with her hand and tasted it.

We decided to take a break and Becky helped me fold up my clothes that we had done earlier. She was still turned on so much. Her nipples never went down.

We changed Shelly's bedding and all three of us climbed into it. It was a tight fit on the single. Each girl had half of their body pressed hard to mine as they lay their heads on my chest. Their hands playing around with my tool and rubbing my hairy chest. We fell asleep that way.

The next morning I awoke to two beautiful women. They were just laying there rubbing my body. It was still early so they decided to sneak me into a shower room and we got all cleaned up and went for breakfast.

Me and the girls have been staying over at each others dorms all year now. It has been wonderful. Becky is broke in enough that she loves riding me just about every free minute she has. Shelly has taught her how to please a man orally and with all of the rest of her body. Next year we are all renting an off campus apartment for us.

The End.


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