Late Night Loving

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Need knows no patience

Late Night Loving

Ana was asleep in her bed next to her love, Damien. Her slumber was soon interrupted due to a sound she did not know the source of. After a few moments, she assumed it was Damien sleep talking again. He did it somewhat often. It was a quirky habit of his, and she found it amusing due to the fact that she couldn’t understand anything he was saying. In contrast to his usual tone, it was very loud and confident, so very different to his normal ways that Ana always giggled. It was one of the many things that Damien did that amused her.

Now half awake and half asleep, she stared at her love, and began to fall asleep once more with him on her mind. She sensed a dream beginning to take form, and she welcomed its embrace.

She and Damien were about to go on a date, a perfect opportunity to wear one of her beautiful, sexy dresses. She found her bedroom mirror and gazed in awe. This dress had a collar, hugged her every curve, and gracefully fell from her hips down to the floor. The dress was a deep blue in color with sequins over the upper half. It looked so expensive. Underneath her dress she had chosen to wear sexy black stockings that strapped to her panties and black stilettos. Damien loved it when she wore those, especially when she wore nothing else.

After she was finished admiring her dress, she left their bedroom and walked to the edge of the steps. Damien was at the base of the steps, patiently waiting for her. When he had looked up to see her coming down, she had never seen so much desire and love in his eyes. He was proud that she was his, and he was hers. They left together hand in hand. Anyone who happened to pass by could clearly see how in love they were.

After their dinner and show, they returned home. She began to get restless. She wanted him, needed him. Damien was in the bedroom walking around, keeping himself busy. Ana found herself in the upstairs hall. Her mindless wondering led her there. After some contemplation, she slipped out of her little lacy underwear, leaving only the stockings behind, and left it on the floor. She slowly sashayed into the bedroom. There was very little light in their bedroom but she could still see the outline of his figure. Standing in the door frame, Ana admired her man. Damien was handsome, tall, and had confident movements. He was wearing a dark blue suit and trousers. His coat had been stripped away and put over a nearby seat. He had on white shirt, the top button had been undone. Her eyes followed the open shirt and down his muscular chest as he continued to loosen the upper few buttons.

Ana let herself relax with her shoulders against a wall. She wanted to tell Damien what she desired him to do to her, which was what her own fingers subconsciously began doing as this vivid dream went on.

She undid the clasp on the top half of her dress and let it fall down, revealing the cleavage of her white and ample breasts, which were still being held up by the sexy strapless bra. Her fingers slowly made their way down to each of her breasts, groping and exciting her with every grasp. She stopped there and closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, her pussy responding to her touch. She wasn't yet bold enough to look at him when she used one foot to start lifting up the bottom of her dress. Once high enough, she took hold of the fabric and continued its ascension. Slowly the dress moved higher and higher.

Damien stood there, frozen, completely hypnotized by his beautiful vixen. His arousal increased with every inch revealed of her stocking covered skin. After what seemed like an eternity, the soft skin of her upper thighs shone, framed by black and blue fabric. Everything about her was so erotic.

Ana didn’t stop there. She continued her show for him. She regained her courage and slowly opened her eyes, she wanted to see the look on his face. She gazed at him through her full, luscious lashes. Encouraged by the adoring look on his face, she opened her eyes fully, gazing into his own. His were filled with lust. The fire she could see in them gave her the power to lift the dress up to let him see her most private area.

She let her lashes fall once more, but not as fully as before. She wanted to see the look on his face for the crescendo. Grabbing the blue shimmering fabric with one hand she let the other one explore the smoothness above her sensitive pussy. Slowly her fingers slid between her outer folds. She immediately felt how hot her pussy was. Moisture enveloped her finger as she continued stroking her womanhood. A moan came forth from her barely open, full, red lips. She slid into her soaked pussy and started stroking herself. Her hips moving with the rhythm, sensuality radiating off of her. Her other hand had a vice grips on her dress, and Damien’s fiery gaze encouraged her sexuality even more.

Damien could not take just standing there and watching his beautiful Ana. He opened his trousers and began to partake in the pleasure, mirroring her motions. With every stroke of her clit he stroked his throbbing cock. It did not take long before he needed more. He fully embraced his now rock hard dick in his hand, bringing him to a mind blowing climax in no time at all with his forceful strokes. He almost didn't notice Ana bring herself into her own climax, for his own was so powerful. It was unclear who had enjoyed theirs more.

Ana suddenly woke up, snapping back to reality, and still completely aroused. Remembering where she was, she looked over to see Damien's still sleeping body. She leaned over to him, and slowly, her hand found his back. She let it slide around his torso and down towards the part of this body she craved and needed the most.

With a gentle touch, she embraced his soft cock in her hand. Her caresses were met with immediate results. Damien woke up with his heart racing from the touch of her familiar hand. He turned towards his love and stared for a bit. He couldn't help but admire her beauty.

He let her continue her actions for a few more moments before guiding her thigh over his waist and gently entering the warm embrace of her pussy. He felt the wetness and knew she was already very aroused. With one quick motion, his cock settled deep within her, forcing a moan out of her lush, slightly open mouth that drove him mad in the best way possible. The warmth, tightness and wetness around him almost brought him to his climax. He barely managed to stop himself.

Ana began to move her hips. And oh, how she moved them. It was demanding, sexy, and full of need for him, and Damien was more than happy to oblige. She pressed herself against him, their bodies fitting together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. He couldn’t hold it back any more, she was just too damn good. Damien continued to thrust deep within her hot pussy, increasing both his rhythm and force, much to Ana's pleasure. He wanted them to cum together, as one.

The pressure was quickly building up within her. She wanted it fast. She wanted it hard. She wanted it now. She gripped Damien's shoulders with such force that she was sure there would be marks. She pulled herself closer, meeting his thrusts with her own. Oh God, she thought, I'm going to—. And she came with an earth shattering force, screaming from all the pleasure. She was sure the neighbors heard, but in that moment, she didn't care one bit. She was in euphoria. Damien's followed soon after. Due to orgasm, her pussy tightened with such a force it felt like it was begging for his release deep within her.

As both of their highs wore off, he gathered her in his embrace, turned on his back, and pulled her slightly to him. As they snuggled down, sleep came easy to them, their bodies craving rest after such powerful and orgasmic late night loving.

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