Kissing to Feel That Feminine Energy Deep Inside

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Kissing to Feel That Feminine Energy Deep Inside

I went to her house after work to have a glass of wine and relax a bit before heading home. We sat at the dining room table chatting about our day, laughing at stories... I love the way she throws her head back when she laughs; it comes from deep inside, a let-everything-go-and-enjoy-the-moment kind of laugh. She stopped laughing and suddenly she leaned in so close to me that I could feel her breath sweetly wafting through my senses... I found myself deeply aroused and it surprised me a little. I couldn’t concentrate on her story about a coworker or anything she was saying. I shook my head trying to push the desire aside but it was oozing out in droves, you could feel the sexual energy pulsing.

She leaned in closer, she turned her head slightly brushing her nose against mine. Her lips looked so soft, so plump, so sweet, so tempting. I couldn’t stop looking at them, wanting them. I found myself intoxicated by her, wanting her, but was too chicken to take the chance.

She leaned in closing the space between us completely. She gently brushed her lips against my neck, I turned my head and her lips brushed mine. She kissed me, softly at first then deeply with an uncontrollable craving and hunger for more. My legs quivered like they never have before. A fire sparked, building instantly deep in my groin shooting down through my body, the flames licking at my clit.

She ran her fingers through my hair pulling my head into hers. I felt my pussy clench, pulse and a warm tingle start to grow from between my legs up to the middle of my stomach... it branched up to my nipples, hardening them instantly in excitement. Adding to the pulsing inferno lapping at my pussy, butterflies flew around in my abdomen giving my fire oxygen and life... all this from a kiss... her kiss. Is it the taboo of it that makes it so hot? Is it just curiosity? Or is it really a hunt for pleasure? Yes... that’s it, definitely... I’m always on the hunt for pleasure.

Her soft lips brushed against mine, her tongue gently parting my lips, tasting my tongue with a silkiness like velvet. She tasted of vanilla and wintergreen and smelled of lavender and patchouli, it was intoxicating, she was intoxicating. Our lips, tongues and teeth intertwined as we found the bliss in the moment, in kissing, in panting, in lusting and wanting.

Her hand wandered up my thigh, gently brushing against my wet panties. Pushing myself forward, I ground into her fingers, rubbing my clit and soaking wet panties up and down.

When her fingers slip around my panties and on to my clit, I moan into her mouth, gently biting down on her bottom lip. She slides her fingers into my dripping wet pussy, grinding her palm on my clit; I feel the pull of and orgasm instantly coming on. Bending her fingers back and forth inside me while rubbing her palm into my clit, I threw my head back, moaning and shaking as an orgasm ripped through my body. I bucked on her hand crying out.

Closing her lips, she pressed them to mine in a final kiss, I could feel her energy flow through me. Her breath jolting through my entire body and out my toes. Her sexual energy mixing with mine makes me shake in excitement and desire.

Her hand caressed my cheek so tenderly, in a way I’ve never known, as she gazed deeply into my eyes. Her touch was intense but loving in a sweet and caring kind of way. It felt like she was connecting with my soul, with her kiss, with her touch, like she was trying to see me from the inside out.

Thinking now about the way she touched me, makes me want to touch myself to remember, to light my fire with my fingers rubbing my clit. I long for another kiss, so soft, so sweet, so gentle and so deeply arousing at the same time. Much to my surprise, it was the mix of feminine with feminine that has provoked my fire to erupt. I think I need to stop by for a glass of wine much more often. Don’t you?

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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