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Kira’s Dirty Morning

Kira uses Matt for her pleasure after their night out!

By M.T. StormPublished about a year ago 13 min read
Kira’s Dirty Morning
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Kira stirred, her mind foggy as she woke. The sun pouring through the open curtains baked her naked body. Her light brown hair sticking to her shoulders. What the hell is with this fucking heat, she thought, uncomfortably sweaty. And why the hell am I awake at 7 am!

Pained muscles protested as she tried to find a cool spot on the sheets, her long legs settling in a not-so-hot part of the bed. She smiled at the pain, a not-so-friendly reminder of how hard she rode Matt last night.

Propping herself up on her elbow, she took a long drink of lukewarm water as she took stock of her reflection in the closet mirror. Her right breast sporting a bite mark. The tender flesh bringing back memories of Matt having his way with her last night. He had little choice as she forced him to keep sucking on her breast while she came.

Kira rolled over, admiring Matt’s athletic body as he lay in a deep sleep. She really wanted to shock him awake, the way he could sleep through anything kinda pissed her off, but he was also a perfect complement to her kinks and personality.

They knew each other intimately, their long time together over the years they have freely shared their deepest fantasies. Lately, he liked to be in control and dominant at night, but nearly always liked to be submissive in the mornings. The exact opposite to Kira’s current preference.

Kira ran her fingers down his arm, his skin reacting to her touch as she worked a path to his belt line. His skin was sticky from the heat, she could smell the sex in the air from last night and it made her head spin.

She wanted more.

She briefly thought about jumping in the shower to clean up after last night, the cool water seemed like heaven with this heat but that would be no fun. Last night was pretty rough. She owed him back. He had filled her with his cum more than once before she skipped a shower and fell asleep.

His impressive cock was nearly fully hard from her attention. Kira’s pussy was wet already. She always got this way when she thought of dominating him, especially when she was in the mood to get dirty.

The thought of how dirty she must be after last night turned her on as she stood over his head, facing his feet. She slowly lowered herself down to his face, careful not to wake him as she covered his mouth with her dirty pussy.

He stirred below. Her powerful thighs kept him in place, and her sweaty ass smothered him as she pushed up against his nose. He mumbled something intelligible, not that she cared. All she wanted was to fuck his face.

Her long fingers found her clit as she pleasured herself, enjoying the sensation of his warm mouth on her sex.

She teased him as she rode his face, giving his cock a couple of encouraging pumps before lifting to allow him a breath.

“I know you want to clean up my dirty little pussy,” Kira teased as she bounced her sex on his nose, “don’t you?”

“Anything you want,” was his breathless reply.

It didn’t take long for him to get to work. Probing her folds and cleaning her as he went, waves of pleasure shot through her body. Matt’s tongue-play was always exceptional, and the orgasms he brought on were always amazing.

She threw her head back in pleasure, her hair falling over her shoulders. She pinched and rolled her sensitive nipples as she ground down more on his face, his nose slipping into her ass. Nothing more than a toy for her pleasure. She watched his chest move as he struggled to breathe. Her pussy was his world, and she wanted to use him completely.

Cool air rushed over her ass and pussy as she lifted, giving him a vital breath. He sucked in as much air as he could, not knowing when his next would come. All he could smell was her pussy, her ass, and her sweat.

Kira was relentless. The thought of him licking her dirty pussy was putting her approaching orgasm into overdrive. His comfort didn’t even cross her mind as she let her full weight drop on his head. She covered him completely, coating his face with her slick juices before settling back over his mouth. She knew she couldn’t hold back much longer.

His cock was standing to attention as he struggled beneath her. She didn’t care as she bucked back and forward, forcing his nose and tongue inside her soaked pussy. He sensed she was close, reaching up and pinching her nipple as her orgasm hit her hard. She cried out loud as her orgasm came rushing over her. Her body shaking as Matt bucked under her for air. His struggling under her only prolonged her orgasm as her juices flooded his mouth.

Matt was still mumbling into her pussy for release, thrusting his pelvis up for any kind of friction on his cock and twisting his body to breathe. Kira didn’t care. Riding out every ounce of her orgasm. He could easily throw her off him if he needed to, but his submissive streak was firing on all cylinders and he loves to be controlled. Finally, Kira pulled her slick pussy off him, admiring the glazed face as he gasped for air.

“Good morning,” Kira grinned, planting a kiss on his lips, tasting her juices.

He managed an “Mm-hmm,” between deep breaths.

“You know you still have more cleaning to do,” she said, laying back on her elbows, her legs spread wide.

He kissed her calf, working his way up her long, powerful thighs. Her pussy spread and wet. His goal was in sight, eyeing her with desire.

Kira smiled, snapping her legs closed, pushing him back on his haunches.

“Not yet,” she teased as he slumped back on the bed.

She pointed to her feet and brought one painted foot to his face, wiggling her red nails in front of his head. “You are forgetting something,” she coaxed, knowing how much he loved her feet and his new smelling fetish. “I know all your depraved needs, lover,” she cooed.

He let out a low growl at her orders, his cock straining further. She knew how turned on he was at being made to not only clean and worship her feet. But to do so when she hadn’t showered after a night of partying and sex with him. His arousal stood proudly before her. The power she has over him was like a drug.

She pushed her toes to his nose, making him inhale her scent, working her toes into his mouth. She pushed her sole around his face as he licked, coating him in his saliva as he worked his magic, cleaning her salty feet.

“Rub your cock!” she demanded.

“Mm-hmm,” he replied, his large hand gripping his shaft as he slowly pumped his manhood. The desire in his eyes was palpable.

“Do you want to cum?” Kira asked, her free foot-tapping his balls as he worshipped her toes.

“Always for you,” he managed.

“Don’t you dare yet!” she said, striking his balls harder with her foot, making his body jerk away. “I’ll tell you when you can finish!”

Kira wanted his thick cock inside her. She could tell by how red he was from rubbing himself that he was close to going over the edge. Not yet satisfied with her torture and edging, she turned around and took him into her mouth, his impressive thickness stretching her mouth as she worked up and down his length.

She grabbed his smooth balls, pulling them as she pushed his thick head into her mouth, her other hand reaching around and grabbing his firm ass as he clenched when she pulled him deeper into her mouth.

“You better not cum yet,” she threatened, pulling his cock out of her mouth. “If you cum, you won’t get this pussy for a month.”

“I am too close. Stop, please,” he begged.

Kira pulled her mouth from his cock with a pop and motioned to the bed. “Fine, lay down,” she instructed. She took another drink as he got into position. His cock was hard and enticing. She took a minute to let him calm down and admired his body. The light shimmer of sweat covering his body made his muscles stand out even more. He looked like one of those swimmers on TV and her pussy ached for release.

Walking to the bedside table, she grabbed her favorite vibrator. Matt’s eyes followed her every move. Drinking in her beauty as she climbed back onto the bed and straddled his face.

“Do you want it?” She asked, rubbing her pussy hovering just out of reach of his tongue.

“God yes,” Matt replied, his cock aching.


“Please Kira, let me lick you. Let me cum. I’m so close.” He begged.

She knew he wouldn’t last if she sat on his cock at this point. He had edged way too much.

“Maybe,” she teased as she turned on her vibrator and settled her wet pussy onto his face.

The toy was her favorite. Its speed and size hit her spot, just as she liked. Its deep vibrations sending shivers through her core. Matt was amazing with his cock, but his tongue game was even better. She ground down as he licked and probed with his mouth. She wanted to cum so badly, but had one more trick up her sleeve.

She got off of his face to a disheartened groan from Matt and moved down to his throbbing cock. She positioned it to her entrance and slid onto it easily, filling her up, her pussy walls gripping every inch as it worked into her.

“Oh, fuck!” Matt shouted as she sat with all her weight on his engorged cock, pushing it even deeper inside her warm pussy.

Kira kept herself impaled on his dick. “Don’t you fucking dare cum yet,” she said, grinding herself back and forth. The toy worked its magic as he stretched her pussy. She could feel the warmth spreading through her body as her orgasm approached. Moaning harder, she pulled herself off his cock and slammed back onto it, sending her over the edge! Her pussy pulsed around his cock, gripping him as she screamed in pleasure. She rocked back and forth, dimly aware of his approaching orgasm.

His cock swelled at his imminent orgasm. Kira jumped up just in time, not wanting him to get his release just yet. She pinned his arms by his side, leaving his orgasm unattended. Unable to jerk his cock to completion.

“Oh fuck, no! Put it back in.” He begged, but it was too late. He went over the edge, his cock denied its full orgasm as it throbbed weakly. Cum leaked out of the tip of his thick cock onto his stomach with each small pulse. The lack of touch left his orgasm ruined and his body still burning with a need to get release.

She watched between her legs as his cock finished leaking his cum, still hard and refusing to go down. She knew he hated it when she ruined his orgasm, which made her like it even more. He had confessed many times that even though he hates it; he likes her to control his orgasms.

She scooted back just a little where his cum had pooled on his stomach and lowered herself onto his on his torso, covering her pussy in his seed. The warmth from his body and his warm cum was driving her insane.

“Do you want to cum again?” She asked, knowing fine well he would still be horny as hell and wanting a proper release.

“You know I do,” he pouted, “I can’t go all day not getting off properly after you just ruined it,” Matt said, his frustration bringing a smile to Kira’s face.

“You bring me off again with your mouth and clean up this mess, and I will give you the best blowjob you will get today!” Kira teased, pointing to the glaze of cum on her pussy, “or I can hop in the shower and we can play again next week.”

“That’s not fair babe, your panties are right there you can clean yourself up then ill get you off,” Matt said, his attempt at negotiation failing miserably.

“Not today… time’s ticking, Matt.” Kira goaded.

“I need to cum, so fine.” He said, resigning himself for what was about to happen.

“That’s the right choice, slave.” Kira teased, “you can always punish me tonight for making you do it,” she suggested with a wink as she moved her cum-covered pussy to his face.

He moaned as she pressed her dirty pussy into his face again. He was reluctant to clean her up as dirty as she was, but his need for release was intense.

She wiped up the mess on his stomach with her panties while he went to work on her pussy, tenderly at first, and reluctantly he cleaned. She licked the sensitive tip of his still hard cock and tended to his shaft, licking and sucking on the sides before taking the entire head into her warm mouth. His groans encouraging her, she timed her downward motion to the base of his cock with pushing her soaked dirty pussy into his mouth, covering his face with their come.

He lapped at her pussy now with abandon as she worked her magic on his cock. She loved making him clean up his mess. The power play of making this muscular man beg to lick her clean so he can get off was a thrill like no other.

She could tell he was close again and this time she wanted to give him the best she could. Her orgasm was fast approaching. She let the saliva fall from her mouth, coating his dick as she pushed down again, her mouth engulfing his cock and pushing down to the base. Pushing him past her gag reflex. Deep-throating him. He cussed into her pussy as she held his cock in her throat.

Her hips rhythmically fucked his face as she went down on his dick again from tip to base, sliding it into her throat as her orgasm washed over her. She held his cock in her throat as his dick swelled and pulsed in her mouth. Shooting his cum right down her throat, His animalistic growl sent her over the edge again as another smaller orgasm shot through her as she came with him.

Exhausted, she rolled off of him and lay at his side, staring at the ceiling. Her slender fingers idly playing with is his cock as it grew soft.

“Well, I’m going to hop in the shower,” Kira said, slapping his soft cock as she got up. “Thank you for the orgasms.” She said playfully.

“Pleasure is all mine,” Matt laughed. “Mind if I jump in with you, I’m kind of a mess right now.” He said, gesturing to his face.

“Nope, you can lay there and wait your turn,” she said through a smile. “You know you like being covered in my pussy juice.”

He sighed, shrugging his shoulders in agreement. Her musk was all over him.

“Tonight, you’re boss,” Kira said with a wink from the bathroom door. Her pussy clenched at the thought of what would be in store tonight. He always liked to punish her and push her limits after she had been in charge.

She couldn’t wait to see what tonight would bring.

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