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Kim Kardashian ‘Honors’ Grandmother with Story about Hot Sex in front of Fireplace with Pete Davidson

The media personality talks engaging in copulation with ex-boyfriend to her granny, Khloe and millions.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Kim Kardashian ‘Honors’ Grandmother with Story about Hot Sex in front of Fireplace with Pete Davidson
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Out here in these streets, women feel the need to air their own sexual encounters. Kim Kardashian is no different. In a recent Hulu episode of The Kardashians, she recounts a tryst between the model and personality and the comedian and former boyfriend Pete Davidson beside a fireplace. Is this a violation?

Does Davidson reserve the right to not have his sexual exploits aired to millions of people? Does he have the power to go after Kim with legal action?

The two of them couldn’t work it out and this might be a contributing factor to the bizarre rendezvous that Kim detailed.

She spoke about how her grandmother once said you haven’t truly lived unless you’ve copulated by the glow and warmth of a fireplace.

In front of her family, including grandma, she didn’t go into details but certainly seemed satisfied with broadcasting her business with Davidson to an audience around the globe.

What rights does Davidson have? Will this trend continue? Will women be prompted to tell tales of passion about their ex’s or even current love interests?

It appears that Davidson has issued no statement as of this writing. He ought to grab a lawyer and see what his options are. To be put on blast in such an airheaded manner on the part of Kim, shows her lack of restraint. She brought to fore a personal interaction with Davidson.

Does he have a say in what she blurted out on international television?

Kim has already been one for courting controversy. From the sex tape, to the dresses she wears to the magazine covers to her hosting duties on SNL, she is a lightning rod for press, both good and bad. Although the cliché might say there’s no such thing as bad press, it is when a man’s private life is exposed to the globe. With all of her business sense (she’s worth over $1 billion) she should have had more sense and thought about speaking on a “behind closed doors” topic, even if it was by the fireplace.

What Davidson might want to do is sue her for pain and suffering from being embarrassed. This kiss and tell moment only worsened when her grandmother all but co-signed the encounter. Kim should’ve had the ability to bite her tongue instead of going into detail about what she did with Davidson.

If she wants to discuss her sexcapades, all she has to do is be vague about the persons, places, and things, leaving viewers with their imagination to sort out the details. Otherwise, she may have a tough time trying to justify talking about a grown man’s business. Kim has the monetary might to challenge the producers of her show to say what should be excluded.

The family revels in this kind of talk as ratings and reviews increase every time that a Kardashian makes a revelation. With their insipid discourses and inane topics, the show has provided an audience for more than a decade with brain candy.

Too much of it may rot the ventral tegmental area (VTA), or the place that starts the addiction center.

No matter the vapid nature of the show, Davidson’s rights ought to be reserved and respected, nonetheless. As long as America has some sense of freedoms offered to its citizens, the rule of the day that a reckless woman should open her mouth to discuss a private, personal occasion should be reprimanded in the least should be observed. Davidson probably doesn’t care. He may even luxuriate in the fact that his once girlfriend wanted to talk about their coital meeting. That’s not the point. He’s just one example of a multitude of men and women who wish to not be included in talk about their sexual lives.


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