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Kara's worst Day

by Rayna Quinns 2 years ago in fiction
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Succubus vs the Best Huntress

Kara walked into her house after being in a Hotel room after being with Fraternity Brothers, who wanted to not be virgins anymore, and they got what they wanted. Soon Kara will get what she wants; in 24 hours, those two will die when their hearts exploded, and she will bask in her aftermath. She was the center of attention tonight and needed a break, then convince the two to have sex with each other as well.

She walked into the living room, and sitting down with her sword out was the last person she wanted to see. Skye Genesis kills the Supernatural, who breaks the law, especially Vampires or a succubus. Kara's activities were in jeopardy of continuing.

"Skye," Kara act surprised when she saw her.

"Kara Davidson, we meet at last and believe me, the last few months, I been busy..." the Multi-generational Witch and Supernatural Huntress told the homeowner.

"I heard. You're Girlfriend was almost killed, I hope she's okay." Kara was genuine, and Skye listened to the voice and found it authentic, "She'll survive, but during my sabbatical, a string of men went a little crazy with lust, and then they died of a heart attack." This made the homeowner stop in her tracks and realize that it could all end tonight.

"All roads lead to you," Skye told Kara, who knew with the confidence that she could seduce or get lucky and kill the Huntress. Skye watched Kara knew that denying this is a wasted tactic and took a seat then smile

"When the moon rises, I have this hunger for the opposite sex and needs satisfying. It came when I was seventeen, it only works for those with a cheating heart or virgins. No one can resist me because I turn into the perfect woman," Kara explained.

"The faithful and faithless, the ones who can't seem to get enough and those who never have had it. Why?" Skye asked, and Kara form a sly smile, then took off her dress to show a symbol on her stomach. Skye saw the tattoo. It was the symbol of the yin and yang that looked as it had broken into pieces.

"My belief that there was never a union of Yin and Yang." Skye notices that Kara's hair turns from mousey Brown to Golden Blonde. Her body structure change from curvy to something more with a Supermodel swing and the face was smaller.

"Jake had an argument with his wife for not appreciating the money he brings home, I submitted to him and was on my knees, which was so degrading, but it paid off in the end. John had cold feet about his wedding, and it was consensual, remember that. He told me that his then Girlfriend could only fuck once and lasts 30 minutes, I beat her by an hour. Then there was tonight, Jack and Jason found out they were bi-sexual and thank God because when they put it in, it was half-limb. Jason shriek like a little girl, I'm also upset to see I'm not going to find out what's going to happen next because I think he wants to wear panties after being fuck like a Bitch." Kara's told Skye.

"Why?" Skye asked,

"One is a cheater, one threw a case against a woman who charged her husband with domestic violence, and the other two would virgins that didn't do anything when a Sorority girl was date rape by the Fraternity they pledge too. They all deserve it." Envy said and had a disgusting look at the slouch boots she had one. She kicked him off her feet and snapped her fingers, thigh-high Boots gleamed on her legs.

"What was Jack and Jason's last name?" Skye asked, and Kara told her, "Jack Maddox and Jason Price, they were Brother."

"Puma Ki, that's there Fraternity, and some days ago, Jonah Belt was arrested for several counts of drug possession. It was an anonymous tip from someone and pointed a friend of mine in the right direction, we found a notebook of several people he had taken upstairs. All of them were Sorority girls who said they consented to it because they love the side effect that comes with having sex while on it. They couldn't find one person to go against him until this video went virl..." Skye pulled up on the phone and said a few words in Latin. The video appears on the television screen.

It was a younger woman in her late teens; she crying, and it is shown on her face.

"Hi everyone, I'm Cheryl, you all now that and today I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me recently. I come with the bad news that you ladies will never see Charlie. We all know that I'm a Werewoman, and I come from generations of them. I was Born as Charlie, and we all know about my first change to a woman, when I had my first kiss in play, and I change right there, shrank in my costume because I was a little tall as Charlie. Being like this is a blessing, and sometimes it's a curse, but it's made me a better when it comes to with women like me..." Cheryl let those three words really hit her.

"I told myself that when I hit 21, I want to stay as a girl with no more dick between my legs. Two days ago, the choice to what gender I want to stays as for the rest of my life was ripped away from me." Cheryl took a breath, but it wasn't going to stop her from telling the truth.

" The twist of my linage is that if I get pregnant has a woman, whether I want to or not, I could never change back. I'm pregnant, not my choice, and it was at a party where my skanky Sisters from Dove Ki, who I found yesterday, was Quarantine demanded that all pledges go to Puma Ki Fraternity. Being there made me realize I am in the right body of a superior gender. I met Jonah Belt. He was okay but nothing special and so I let him get me a drink. BIg mistake." Cheryl put her hands on her stomach again.

After ten minutes, I didn't feel well; I wanted to go, but my Sorority Sisters urged me to stay and, I was too weak to pushed them away. The President of my Sorority Bethany told me, "You want to be a woman so bad, trust me when I say this, I'm going to make you regret that you ever broke up with me, Charlie. For the record, I date Bethany, I told her what I was, and she couldn't deal with me switching all the time." Cheryl wished to God, she wasn't in this position right now for one reason to kick Bethany's ass.

"Two guys came for me, and Jonah told them to be gentle as they brought me upstairs. To their credit, they were trying to talk him out of it, but he made sure that they remembered, they are accessories. Jonah told them as punishment, they have to watch, and I tried my best to transform back, but I couldn't concentrate, I could feel him trying to kiss me, using his teeth and forcing his fingers between my legs. When I wanted to fight, he turned me over and got a belt then whipped me. To there credit, they ask him to stop but used a very pussy tone. I was crying... " Cheryl was getting madder, remembering this story.

"This is used for abominations like you. If you want to be a woman so bad, then you have to learn your place on your back! He told me that I wanted him to stop, and I heard myself say it over and over, I was trying to grow my penis, but he was already inside of me. He stopped, and I thought it was over. He demanded a condom, and one of his friends had pulled out one then made a small hole behind my rapist back. Jonah Belt had raped me but unknowingly made me a woman, a place in my life I would have welcomed with opened arms in two years, I still do. The other two guys were Jason Lowe and Jack Coles. This is more than just a confession, but it's a realization, I've been told that there are people out there who don't like evolved people like me and my Sister, but I never thought someone would go this far...." " The video had stopped, and Skye looked at Kara.

"We needed a witness to place him at the scene, and after we saw that, we found them. Cheryl was feeling really good about herself because she was going to get closure. She needed that, but now while justice was served, she will never get that chance. You..." Skye said to Kara, and the Demon asks, "What are you going to do about?"

"Circle.." Skye said, and Kara saw a large circle form around where she was sitting but was about to regret having her arms out.....

When Skye left, it was Kara who was screaming in agony as she saw her two arms in front of her, and while she took comfort that they will grow back. The Circle around her will make the regeneration slow, but Kara won't bleed out and decide to take Skye's warning seriously to never do this again. However, the Supernatural Huntress did say do it somewhere else.


About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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