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Kadie's Fantasies

by Jasmin Rivas 3 years ago in erotic

Part One

Kadie was always a peculiar girl—this is why whenever she read a book and it said those exact words about other girls, she would set the book on fire and laugh. No, Kadie was actually peculiar. She was the kind of girl that had quiet tantrums. She preferred when others were screaming instead of herself.

After all, when she was only four years old and didn't get what she wanted, she would place a few gigantic spiders in her parent's room. She still remembered the screams. It's what she loved about her childhood. The ability to get away with anything and everything... Now, not so much.

So as she sat in the jail-cell at a mere sixteen years old, the night before her birthday, and played with the sheets under her, she knew that there was only one way out of every situation as an adult. But for now, her youth was going to be used to her advantage.

Kadie frowned as a man in a suit appeared in front of her cell. Another girl stood up, walking to the door and huffing—the same girl Kadie had been making out with at the party before the cops arrived. Kadie stood up with the girl, plastering an innocent look on her face. "Hey. Is there any way you can help me too?" Kadie pulled her blouse close to her and hunched in a shy position. "My parents—they said they won't come for me, and I—" Kadie made a few tears appear at the corner of her eyes. "I can't stay here. I'm scared."

The man looked down at me and smirked, "Trust me. You don't want to stay with me either."

Kadie shook her head. "Anything is better than this. Please."

The man shook his head before nodding to the officer. "I'll take her, too." The officer opened the door and let Kadie and the other girl out with the man. Kadie waited while some paperwork was signed and stared at the man helping them. The girl shook her head and stood close, whispering under her breath.

"You really shouldn't have done that. There's not turning back, so I suppose since you'll be around more, my name is Annabel. People call me Anna. He calls me Diamond." Anna leaned back in her chair, waiting.

"I won't be around much longer," Kadie said, eyeing the man, noticing how his suit hugged his ass tightly. Kadie bit her lip. "I'm bailing, ASAP."

Anna scoffed and chuckled bitterly, "Good luck with that."

Kadie paid no attention to the negativity coming from her new companion and focused on the movements of the man. His hair was dark like his eyes: which resembled the night sky. His skin was tanned and the stubble on his cheeks gave him a sexy look.

Kadie bit back her commentary on his looks while he escorted them out and Anna bowed her head to the guy. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said, genuinely looking ashamed. Kadie smirked on the inside and looked toward their reunion.

"Don't worry about it, sweet girl," he said before opening the car door for both of us. I was about to back away when he caught my wrist and I glared.

"I have to get home to my parents."

The guy chuckled and shook his head, "Get in." Kadie was slightly shocked and decided against running. She was slightly interested in what might happen if she stayed. What did she have to lose? All three people filed into the back of the sleek black limo car.

The chauffeur seemed to know where he was going and drove in silence before the man spoke. "Kadilina Langford. You have a criminal record due to alcohol, arson, and drugs, but you've yet to be incarcerated or put in an institution. Your parents moved away, leaving you alone at the age of ten because you made them fear for their lives."

"Pussies," Kadie mumbled under breath before crossing her legs and letting her harmless facade fall. "How did you know all of that stuff anyway? What kind of hackers can get into the precinct's data?"

"The kind of hackers that don't exist in the digital world." He smirked. "My name is Damien. But you can call me Daddy. All of my girls do. From now on, you work for me."

Kadie laughed and pulled a knife from her shoe, where the cops hadn't checked from their daze of staring at her breasts. "The hell I do. I don't work for anyone but myself." Kadie growled and the man smiled at her, as if she didn't have a knife pointed at him.

"How about instead, you get the pleasure of your life and I get paid for it? How's that?" Damien then leaned over toward Anna, who had been sitting silently and ran his hand up her thigh until he cupped her cunt. He then pulled her hair and made her kiss him roughly. Anna moaned and Damien growled. Those sounds made Kadie excited as her eyes went round as sand-dollars.

"Isn't she your daughter?" Kadie crinkled her nose in disgust before Damien pulled back, looking to Kadie.

"No. She's my baby girl. There's a difference." He said, wiping away the saliva at the corner of his lip. Anna whimpered, arching her back for more and Kadie glared. "I'm her daddy. That only means I choose what she gets to do day and night and she's mine to punish when she does something wrong. Just like you, from now on."

Kadie hadn't noticed within his speech, that his fingers had disappeared inside of Anna and she was now writhing, moaning his name before he pulled his fingers out and put them under Kadie's chin. Kadie eyed his hand and then looked up and down at his figure. He was hot. It was hard to decline the offer he set up. Kadie wasn't a saint, this was a fact. In fact, she thrived off of the sinful ways she had lived life on her own the past six years.

"What's in it for me?" Kadie asked, licking one of Damien's fingers.

Damien grinned and ran his hand over Kadie's jeans and took a deep breath. "I know you've been living on your own the past five or six years. I know that home is where you lay your head. So how about you make my home yours? You'll get your own chambers. You'll stop worrying about going hungry... You'll get to realize every one of your fantasies. Plus a salary every month."

Damien licked the rest of his fingers and Kadie felt her heart seize in her throat. No more sleeping on benches. No more selling anything she could get her hands on. No more sleepless nights and disgusting jobs. Kadie grinned and leaned forward before running her hands down Damien's trousers. "In that case... what can I do for you, Daddy?"

Damien grinned and moved over, leaving Anna at full view. She was still writhing, begging to be fucked and used. Kadie understood immediately, and while Damien took off his suit jacket, she parted Anna's underwear and licked Anna's clit, flicking her tongue back and forth before inserting two fingers into her tight cunt.

Anna kept moaning as Kadie moved her fingers rhythmically in and out of Anna. Her cheeks were flushed and everything she groaned was nonsensical before Damien kissed her lips and made her moan deeply. Damien's shirt was unbuttoned, but not completely off. Kadie pawed at his shirt and then massaged his crotch through his pants with her free hand. "Please, Daddy," Anna moaned as Damien moved down her chest and bit Anna's nipples. "Please, can I cum?"

Kadie finger fucked Anna, finding her g-spot, and only slowed down to thrust deeper and deeper. "Are you about to squirt, Diamond?" Damien kissed Anna's inner thighs and then thrust into Kadie's hand.

"Y-yes, Daddy. Please! Please, can I squirt?" Anna screamed. Her hips were thrusting forward, riding Kadie's fingers and Damien chuckled deep in his throat, leaning toward to Anna's ear.

"What's the rule, baby girl?" He asked, torturing her clitoris with his hand.

"T-three. Ah! I- You- Oh!" Kadie pushed her fingers in deep, making Anna's words nonsensical once more.

"I have to cum three times before you can." Damien stopped stroking and leaned back in his seat. "How many times has Daddy cum, little one?"

"Oh!" Anna screamed. "Daddy, please." She was whimpering now, tears in her eyes. Kadie smiled, feeling weirdly empowered by the erotic setting. She kept her eyes on Damien's trousers. The outline of his cock stretched his pants as if they were going to rip.

"Alright." Damien breathed. "You may." Those words were barely out of his mouth before Anna began squirting cum everywhere. Her body shook under exhaustion and Kadie licked up what she could, her thumb allowing Anna to ride out her orgasm. When she was done, Kadie sat back in her seat, fixing her blouse, which had ridden above her breasts when she was finger fucking Anna, and she exhaled deeply.

"That was..." Kadie shook her head, chuckling in wonder and Damien placed a kiss on her throat.

"Ecstatic," Damien chuckled deeply, the rumble making Kadie moan.

"I think I might like this." Kadie grinned as Anna closed her blouse, some of the buttons had ripped in the process, and her cheeks were still flushed.

Anna cleared her throat and grinned. "I know I do. It's better than any job I could think up and I sleep with whoever I want. No more creeps like before."

"That's all I needed to hear," Kadie smiled as Damien lifted her hand, and sucked the rest of the pussy juices off of her fingers.

Just then the car rolled into a fenced area where tall trees shadowed a beautiful home. The whole house was black: and huge like a mansion, but it looked only two floors tall. Once you got closer, however, you realized the entrance led to a floor below ground level.

Kadie smirked as she looked at the building. "Nice house." She grinned and hopped out of the car, seeing a far away end to the wide house.

"Thank you," Damien mused, buttoning his shirt and putting his suit jacket. "Now, let's find you an empty room, shall we?" Damien kissed Kadie's cheek and led her into the house. It was all spacious and the living room looked like a ballroom because of the square footage of this room alone.

Damien looked to the hall on the left and waved his arm that way. "Find a room toward the end of the hall. Any room with a letter on it is taken." Kadie walked slowly down the hall toward the end of the hall, reading each door. She passed every other door with "M" and "N" and "T," wondering what it meant. The one with "A" at the end was where Anna walked. She entered the door, winking toward Kadie before closing her door. Kadie took the door across from hers and Damien walked in behind her. "Anything you owned before, I could buy for you, but you can't leave. Ever. Unless I instruct you to. Anything you want, you ask me for. I have trained doctors that can help you, and anything you need is here. Now, as for your job: You have three duties."

Damien chuckled as Kadie jumped on her enormous bed, lying back and relaxing. "Rules, rules, rules. Just make it quick. It's three a.m. and I need out of these jeans." She wiggled her brows, pulling at the hem of her jeans and smiling.

"The first rule," Damien said, grabbing Kadie's hand. "Is that whenever I need pleasing from you, there will be no complaining. No crying. Nothing that could ruin our nice time." He grinned and placed a kiss on her chest. "The second is that the room stays clean. That includes anything you use in the kitchen or living room. Cleanliness is key. That and helping with dinner and other essential things." Damien smiled and perked up, walking toward the door. "The third is just to get along with the other girls. I do hate to get rid of one of my girls over drama." He ran his hand down the door and threw it open.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever."

"By the way." Damien grinned. "Happy Birthday." Damien closed the door behind him as he left and Kadie sighed in sexual frustration, taking her pants off and rubbing the moist spot that had formed on her panties.

This, she breathed, I could get used to.


Jasmin Rivas

I write a variety of articles as a journalist and I write books in my free time. Currently, I'm working to better my erotic fiction. Please leave a tip! If more tips are left with suggestions, that would be appreciated.

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