Just Give Me One Shot...

by Rage Mikealson 3 months ago in fiction

Who says a bad day can’t turn into a good night?

Just Give Me One Shot...

Fuck! Why is my body acting like this right now? I'm extremely wet, like so wet my panties are uncomfortable, but the way the cold, soaking fabric is rubbing against my core makes me want to pleasure myself right here on this bar stool. Oh yeah, I'm at a bar right now, its down the street from my house and after seeing my boyfriend fucking my best friend in my bathroom, it was way to much for me. I stormed out of the house, still wearing my tight red and black party dress with my black red bottom heels, its Alexis's—My best friend—birthday today and we celebrated.

So here I am now, drunk, heartbroken, and horny. Which, I should add is not a very good combination.

"Another Apple Martini sweetheart?" The sexy bartender asked. I looked down at the 12 empty glasses in front of me and laughed. I looked back up at the sexy bartender. Damn!

"I want a glass of you!" I winked, then giggled at my own corny-ness. The bartender smirked.

"I keep telling you beautiful ladies I'm not on the menu." He said, setting my empty glasses down in the dishwasher below him. I scoffed.

"Luckily I'm not a beautiful lady." I said a little more to myself, but he still heard.

"No, your gorgeous!" He smiled. I shook my head.

"If I was gorgeous, my boyfriend wouldn't be at my place right now fucking my best friend on my bathtub." I said sadly, I looked down at the shiny black counter and tried to blink away the water threatening to spill from my eyes, and faked a smile as a few hot tears streamed down my face. Soft, warm fingers swept under my chin and lifted my head up. I was staring into amazing electric blue eyes.

"If he's doing that, then he doesn't need to be called your boyfriend, and she doesn't need to be called your best friend, they're fucked up idiots, and they don't deserve your tears, you understand me gorgeous, because you are gorgeous?" He said to me, his thumb slid over my face wiping away tears. I just stared, no one has ever said anything like that to me, and his hands on my face were making my already wet core throb.

"Your eyes are amazing." I said involuntarily. He just chuckled and dropped his hands, I frowned a little.

"Okay sweetie, don't cry over those assholes anymore okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure I understand." I said slowly licking my lips. His body was amazing. He was so muscular, and the tight black shirt he was wearing outlined his six pack. My eyes traveled down below his belt, there was a very noticeable bulge there that was making me want to hop over this bar and strip him like its the last thing I'll do and take him whole in my mou-

"You must really like what you see." He smiled. I blushed coming back from my dirty thoughts.

"What?" I asked innocently. He chuckled and leaned in so close, the smell of his cologne made my eyes roll, and his warm breath on my shoulder as he spoke softly in my ear made me jerk in my seat, rubbing my core against the hard surface of the stool under me.

"Your moaning sweetie, and its a little distracting downtown if you know what I mean." He whispered and stepped back giving me a full view of his growing bulge. I let out a low growl and grabbed my thigh, digging my nails into the exposed skin trying to ease the pressure between my legs. He noticed and bit his lip, watching me closely.

" My shifts over, and you shouldn't go back home to them so, uh, we have rooms for those to drunk to, uh, leave, so, um, I can, uh, show you one and you can, uh, you can, um, um, you ca-" I interrupted his stuttering by gripping his shirt in my fist and yanking him close to me, I stared into electric blue eyes and saw all the things I wanted him to do to me.

"Take me there NOW!" I growled in his ear. I let him go and jumped off the bar stool and sped walked my way over to the bar door where he waited for me, he grabbed my hand and yanked me through the crowd, damn near dragging me behind him, I had to jog to keep up pace. We reached a door in the back and he pulled out his keys, momentarily letting my hand go, and unlocked the door, he slid in and pulled me in with him, we jogged down a long narrow hallway until he stopped at a door, unlocked and opened it, and led me inside. It was pitch black dark when the door shut, and his hand on mine made me feel reckless, I wanted so badly to be slammed on the wall and fucked harder than ever, but I couldn't see where we wer-

I was blinded by bright lights being turned on. I blinked a few times then squinted my eyes at the sexy bartender before me, his hand was on a twisty knob on the wall. He looked back at me and apologized turning the dial left, away from him. The lights slowly dimmed. I opened my eyes wider and looked around the room. A queen sized bed, a t.v, a phone, and a fridge, it reminded me of a hotel room. There was a door at the far side of the room which I guessed was the bathroom.

"Nice isn't it?" The bartender asked glancing around the room. I looked him up and down, staring at the bulge in his pants again.

"Oh, its nice alright." I said biting my lip. He glanced at me and smirked.

"It's better than nice sweetheart, just wait until you feel it." He said inching closer to me and rubbing himself on my thigh.

"Huuahh...mmmm" I gasped feeling his hard cock on my thigh. My center was just vibrating with need. He lightly ran his hands up my arms, placed them on each side of my neck, and lifted my head up so that I was staring into his eyes. I peeked down at his smooth pink lips and he licked them. My knees buckled, but he held me up. I wanted those lips on every inch of me. Like he read my mind he pulled my face close and his lips crashed into mine. Soft and rough. Our lips moved in sync together, he slid his tongue over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth allowing him entrance. His mouth was so cool compared to mine, while my tongue tasted like Apple Martini's, his tasted like mint. He moaned in my mouth as I bit his bottom lip. Fuck he was so sexy! I pulled away from him and he whined.

"You like that bartender?" I asked rubbing my hand up and down his tight shirt wanting to rip it off. He growled.

"I fucking love it!" He pulled me close again, this time he kissed my neck, I licked my lips as he started sucking and biting the tender skin there.

"Ohh.. Fuck!" I moaned loudly. I loved when Eric did this- Wait! Eric! Fuck!

"Fuck! Stop!" I yelled pulling away. The bartender came close again and I pushed him.

"I said stop!" He looked confused and so fucking sexy.

"What...I - I - I thought you wanted this?" He bit his lip and stepped away. Fuck yeah I wanted it, I wanted it so fucking bad- Stop it Grace, you have Eric, your boyfriend, remember him.

"I'm sorry I can't do this, I - I have a boyfriend remember?" My cheeks tinted with embarrassment. When I looked up at the bartender he looked angry.

"The guy you were crying over, the asshole who's at your house fucking your bestfriend, that boyfriend, because by the sound of it he doesn't want you, so you damned sure shouldn't want him, Fuck I don't get it, why do girls fall for dicks who could care less about them and treat them like shit, do you think he told your best friend to stop when he was fucking her, fuck no, he's probably cumming inside her as we speak!" He yelled and paced in front of me, somewhere along the way I began crying, sobs were breaking out now, the bartender turned to me and cursed under his breath. He came over beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I lightly pushed him away.

"Your right, your so fucking right... God why am I so stupid? He ended our relationship the minute he started fucking her, he's fucking her with a fucking smile on his face, where's my pleasure, you know? Where's my happiness?" I ranted. He frowned.

"Look I am truly sorry, that was really fucked up of me to say, I shouldn't have gone in on you like that, you don't even know my name, I shouldn't expect sex from you when you don't know me, I'm really sorry, and you do deserve better, and just like he's getting pleased, you should be to." He said rubbing my back. Somehow I'd made my way to the bed and sat on the edge, he sat a safe distance next to me.

I thought about his words and he was right, I deserved better. I deserved pleasure in my life to. It was time for me to take control. I wiped my tears.

"My name is Grace, I'm 23, I just graduated college, and my ex-boyfriend just cheated on me." I said reaching my hand out to the bartender. He shook it.

"I'm Jace, 24, I work here because I Co own it with my brother, and I would really like to please you." Jace said to me staring at my lips. Distracted by his overall sexiness I said the first thing in my mind.

"Our names rhyme." What the hell was that? Thanks captain obvious, what are you twelve. Ugh I annoy myself sometimes. Jace just laughed. He stood up, letting go of my hand which felt cold due to his warm absence.

" Can I get you anything?" He asked looking at the door. I didn't want him to leave.

"Just give me one shot." I said staring up at him.

"Of what?" He asked prepared to walk away. I reached my hand out and grabbed his hand pulling him in front of me.

"Of you..." I said seductively. He smirked.

"I keep telling you beautiful ladies I'm not on the menu." He repeated his earlier comment. I laughed.

"Good thing I'm gorgeous right?" I said rubbing my hands up and down the soft material of his tight shirt, where just underneath his clearly visible abs laid. He groaned under my touch, staring down at me with lust in his eyes.

"Yea, good thing." He said grabbing me by my wrists just as I'd touched the button of his pants, pulled me up to face him, lightly kissing my cheek, but the way my body responded to his touch, I knew I needed more than soft and gentle.

I pushed him back against the wall and reached my hand down to his package. I rubbed my hand over his hard cock, the thin material of his jeans did nothing but add more friction to the situation. He gasped in surprise, but I was not trying to stop. I pushed my body up closer onto his, squishing him against the wall.

"I want you to fuck me hard, don't hold back either, I want you to make me scream your name, and I don't wanna be able to walk when your done, understood?" I growled in his ear, rubbing his cock with more pressure now. He breathed heavily under me, nodding his head frantically. I unbuttoned his pants and the zipper slide down on its on due to his dick pressing against it. I reached my hand inside his boxers and grabbed ahold of his length he was much bigger than I thought but I was enjoying this to much to freak out. I pumped my hand up and down inside his boxers. He squinted his eyes shut and moaned.

"Uhh.. fuck your good at this..." he whispered and I smirked at the encouragement and sped up. He was so hard in my hand, but so smooth, I could feel the veins in his dick under the pressure of my hand and I almost came thinking of him inside me.

"Mmm... I love the control I have over you.... you like this don't you... my small hands wrapped around your long, thick, cock... mmmm... your so hard for me baby...I can't wait to taste you... swallow you whole in my mou-"

"Fuck! Grace if you don't shut up I'm gonna cum in your hand." He warned me. I smiled feeling his sticky pre-cum on my thumb when it slid over his slit.

"Who's stopping you?" I asked speeding up my hand movements. Jace growled. And before I knew it, my back was being slammed against the wall, both of my hands pinned above my head, Jace looked down at me with a smirk.

"Not so bad now are you?" He asked. Just as I was about to reply with a sarcastic comment, he bit the soft spot on my neck. I moaned involuntarily.

" No fair." I growled. He smiled wider, spreading my legs apart with his knee. He ran his warm fingers slowly up my thigh to my soaking panties, he winked and moved them, with one finger, to the side, using another to slide up and down my wet lips. I moaned and grinded my core on his finger urging him to enter. He chuckled.

"Eager aren't we?" He continued to tease. I frowned.

"Finish what you started or don't finish at all." I challenged him. He glared at me before I felt him shove two warm fingers inside of me without warning.

"Haauuh...fuck!" I gasped arching my back on the wall. I looked up at Jace who just stared back at me mesmerized.

" So fucking wet for me." He whispered in my ear shoving his fingers in and out slowly. He leaned his head down and started sucking on my neck. I was in pure bliss. The pace of his fingers inside me quickened with each moan I made. As horny as I was, I knew I wasn't gonna last.

"Ahh...fuck...oh...OH...J-Ja- Jace.... mmm...oh..I- I- I'm g-g-gonna cu-cum!" I managed to moan out. He was still staring down at me his eyes blazing with lust. He speed up. He eyes raked over my body with flaming need, just as mine did his, his arm muscles were strained, flexing veins, one holding my hands above my head and the other violently making me cum. My moaning increased as did his silent grunts and groans from watching what he was doing to me. Our bodies being so close, I could smell the mint blowing cool on my face from his mouth. I bit my lip trying to suppress my moans but they escaped none the less, they tasted sweet and cool, mixed with the flavors on Jace's lips. He had my hands pinned against the wall so I couldn't touch him, and I so badly wanted to run my hands over his body, but I was perfectly content with the feeling of his fingers jamming inside me.

"Fucking cum for me baby, I like the way you're looking right now, so vulnerable to my touch, cum on my fingers baby..." He demanded silently in my ear. That's all it took for my knees to buckle, and my juices to sputter out like a waterfall.I was to aroused to notice Jace had let go of me and gotten on his knees, so I screamed a little when I felt my body lift off the ground. Jace placed my legs on his shoulders, keeping my back pressed against the wall. My eyes glazed over feeling his cool tongue slide over my hot clit. I moaned and ran my freed hands through his dark curly hair, tugging a little when he slurped.

"Ohhhh... fuck Jace, Yes!...Mmmmm... yes...ohhh yes.....mmmm, yeah... oh, I love it.... oh yes... uhhhmmmm....Unghhh....Yes!" I moaned to him starstruck. His tongue was working wonders on my clit. He stuck his tongue inside me and wriggled it around. I yelled and moaned his name, begging for more. I thrust my hips up, and grinded on his face. The way his tongue grazed my clit roughly excited every sexual hormone in my body, and before I knew it I was cumming undone again, in his mouth. This didn't stop his mouth's assault on my core, Jace continued to lick and slurp my delicate pussy until my body quivered and went limp on his shoulders.

He slid me up the wall with his strong hands and stood up, he continued to hold my barely capable body up.

"Your the sweetest thing I've ever tasted." He said, his voice sounding raspy. I could hardly speak.

"You....are...so....a-a-am-maz-zing." I barely encouraged. My pussy was throbbing uncontrollably, but I still wanted every part of him. I closed my eyes.

"Oh no you don't," He said picking me up bridal style. "This night isn't over until Im cumming inside you." He winked at me, throwing me down on the bed. The pit of my stomach clenched as I yearned for his touch. I sat up on my elbows and watched him strip before me. He quickly pulled his shirt overhead and chucked it across the room. I'd already undid his pants so he just slid them down his legs along with his boxers. My mouth opened actually seeing his length, he was huge. Was he that big when I was jerking him off? I felt as if he'd grown four more inches since my hand was around him.

"Damn!" I accidentally said aloud. Jace smirked climbing on top of me and kissing my neck. He nibbled on my earlobe before whispering.

"Are you ready for all thirteen inches of me to be inside you?" He asked, slowly biting my neck and pushing himself between my thighs. I nodded rapidly.

"Say it!" Jace demanded me. I stared up at him.

"I want all thirteen inches of your long, hard, cock inside me." I stated crashing my lips to his. He tasted sweet, or should I say I did ;)!

I sucked on his bottom lip and grinded my body under him. He pulled away and sat up on his knees. His swollen pink lips shined as he looked down at me hungrily. He reached his hands up my thighs and slid off my soaked lace panties and threw them back on the floor. The pit of my stomach clenched with need as he rubbed his length on my clit. I threw my head back and arched my back, wanting him inside so bad. A scream escaped my swollen lips when he rammed inside me. He reached his hand down and caressed the side of my face as he let out a deep groan. I breathed heavily starring up at him thrust inside me.

"Fuck! Your tight!" He groaned speeding up. He was so deep inside me I was speechless, I just laid there staring at him, hips up, and mouth open.

"Fucking talk to me baby...." he groaned desperately. When I said nothing he pounded inside me again, causing my head to hit the headboard. I screamed and dug my fingernails into his back.

"Ahhhhh.....fuck baby! Yessss..... oh, I fucking love it!, Uhhhnnnn... yes... unhh baby, more Jace, more daddy! Ahhhh...!" I screamed, trailing my nails down his back.

"Scream my fucking name! Scream my fucking name!" He yelled pounding inside me. My walls began to ache and the sound of our skin slapping together got louder. My eyes rolled back, and my walls tightened around his titanium cock.

"Jace...Ja-Ja-Jace....oh ... fuck Jace...Yes...OH YES! UH, UH, UH, YES, YES ,YESSS! AHHHH FUCK! JACE... AHHH... FUCK, YES! JACE, OHHH, UNHH, OHH... IM GONNA CUM!, IM GONNA FUCKING CUM!" I screamed, Jace clenched my thighs tightly, I dug my nails deeper in to his back and dragged them down. His pounding got sloppier and I felt him grow inside me, his eyes screwed shut and with one last hard thrust and loud groan he came heavily inside me. My juices sputtered out onto his dick. I reached out and pushed him out of me. His hot, thick, and milky cum shot out on my stomach and titties. He stared down eyes glazed over as I squirted on the sheets and his dick, my body shaking involuntarily.

He laid down next to me when I stopped squirting. I sighed, my body still shook a little and my pussy still throbbed.

"Best. One. Night. Stand. Ever!" I said between gasps of air. Jace turned to me.

"Who said this was a one night stand? I'm gonna see and fuck you everyday for the rest of our lives." He said staring at me seriously. I chuckled.

"The proposal every girl wants to hear." I said sarcastically. Jace smiled and kissed my cheek. Got up and pulled me up with him. When my legs gave out under me, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bathroom to shower.

"You did say you didn't wanna feel your legs." He smirked. I threw my head back and laughed. I think I found my new favorite intoxication.


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