Just Five Miles

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Pleasure Unmeasured

Just Five Miles

Alexa begrudgingly got ready for the annual beginning of summer party that her parents hosted. She knew good and well what was going to happen. Half drunk people asking her life questions that she had an obligation to give answers to. Alexa didn’t know why she even felt a small urge to go. It’s not like she would really be missed if she didn’t show up. By the time she got there, her parents would be trashed beyond logic anyhow. They had always spent a metric fortune on alcohol to begin with. She guessed that it was better than staying home being pathetic.

Alexa grabbed her keys and her phone and walked out the door to her car. She was an hour late on purpose, so everyone would be more tolerable. It was dark by now, which, to her, was her favorite time to drive. There weren’t very many traffic lights where she lived, so when the sky was clear, the stars lit up quite nicely.

In a field five miles from her house, she noticed a group of trees that she had never noticed before. She also noticed that they were in the shape of a tightly knit circle. Inside the trees, the center glowed a soft lavender color. Alexa had thought that part of the field had always been bare; at least from the millions of times that she had driven past it. She pulled off to the side of the road and stopped the car. Alexa stepped out of the car and started walking towards the trees to get a closer look. As she came closer to them, she noticed that every branch had a mind of their own; moving, meandering, sliding amongst other parts of the trees. What was heard from the inside was heavy breathing, moans, and orgasmic screaming. This instantly made her wet. It had been so long since she had been with a man. She could feel a spring of moisture seeping into her silk panties the closer she got to the trees. She slid her hand into her jeans to discover that her vulva had doubled in size and her clit had become so engorged it was difficult not to lay down and give herself a sweet release. It was as if all fear and logic had evaded her. The inner carnality of her animal instincts took over, daring her to discover what was inside. Whatever it was beckoned to her like an invisible hand on her hips drawing her closer.

Alexa entered through an opening. She suddenly felt the need to take off her clothes as if it were her rite of passage. She stripped right there only two feet from where she had walked in. From inside the trees, there was a hazy light that enveloped everything, including herself. There were people here, but they didn’t notice her. Each person was deep into pleasures where acknowledging another person would be blasphemy. So, no one spoke to her. She was fine with that because she wanted what they had.

Alexa sat down and leaned back on a root that looked like a recliner. It was surprisingly as soft as velvet, giving under her weight. She stretched out her arms on each side. Soft roots tied her arms so that she could not move them. From the top of the tree, a vine that splayed into five sections came down and stroked her arms, breasts, and sternum, down to her stomach, sides, and legs, the middle vine running it’s strand between the wet lips of her sex. These vines felt as smooth as animal fur lightly brushing her. It continued to move up and down her wanton body, each stroke hardening her nipples, shallowing her breath. Her fingers felt like ten individual mouths were enclosing them; tongues snaking around each one, moving back and forth ever so slowly. Alexa’s body began to quicken, pulsing with each stroke and sensation of the moving tongues. Her heart was beating faster, pulse rising. She started to climax as everything went black.

Alexa opened her eyes to find herself in her bed with her clothes on. The sun shone brightly with the morning sun. Her phone was ringing. “What the hell am I doing here?” she asked herself as she looked at the phone. It was her mother. She answered it, groggily saying “Hello?”

“Hey sleepy head. What happened to you last night?” her mother asked concerned.

“I, uh.. must have fallen asleep, mom. I got to watching something and must have dosed off. Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you,” Alexa struggled to sound convincing.

“It’s ok, hun. I’m just glad you are OK. You missed one hell of a party. Your dad and Uncle Walt almost got into it again over the super bowl and your Aunt Molly just about caught the Chinese lanterns on fire because she thinks she is a good fire breather. I will never understand why she chose such a dangerous hobby. She needs to leave that to the professionals,” said her mom.

Alexa was only half listening, because the flood of last night’s memories was rushing back to her. She looked down at her wrists. There were faint marks on them. Her skin was also taking on a very light shade of lavender.

“Uh mom, I gotta go,” Alexa said in a partly freaked out voice.

“Is everything alright sweetheart?” her mom asked sounding alarmed.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I must get ready to meet Gina for lunch,” she explained.

“OK, Alexa, have fun, I love you,” her mom said sounding relieved.

“I love you too mom,” Alexa replied, hanging up.

Alexa scrambled out of bed and took all her clothes off and stood in front of her bathroom mirror. Her skin was that pretty shade everywhere. She rushed into the shower scalding herself in the process, trying to get the purple off. As she washed, she noticed what was on her skin was going down the drain. Even the marks on her wrists had come clean. All the magic of the night before disappeared as fast as it had washed over her. She was mostly relieved. Alexa wasn’t sure how she would explain how the pigment on her skin got there to Gina or her boss on Monday morning.

Although she hated lying to her mother, she really was going to see Gina, her long-time friend of fifteen years, for lunch. But she couldn’t just tell her mom that last night that some forest gave her the best orgasm of her life. How absurd did that sound… yet she wanted to go back. She picked up her phone to text Gina to see if she still wanted to get some lunch. As she waited for her response, she got on Facebook to see what everyone was up to. There was a video of her aunt breathing fire a little too close to her mom’s Chinese lanterns and in the background her uncle and dad almost coming to blows over a football game. It made her laugh and almost regret that she wasn’t there to witness it. There is always next time, she thought.

In the silence she heard a whisper. “Cum for me again.” It made her jump, then her cell phone text notification went off. It read, "Fuck yes. See you soon.” Both elated and freaked out, she got her purse and keys and left the house.

When Alexa got to the field where she had parked last night, the circle of trees was completely gone. Not even a hint of a branch had remained. She was both confused and disappointed that her fortress was gone. Had it all been a dream? Was I imagining things? That didn’t explain the lavender shade on my skin. I know what I saw… I know what I felt…her mind wondered. If she told anyone, she would be committed or wind up on a documentary. She didn’t even think she was going to be able to tell Gina and Gina knew everything about her.

Gina was already at the Ferrero Bistro. She had reserved a table outside, with Pina Coladas already on the table. As far back as she could remember, Gina was always well put together. Hair a light honey blond, bouncy shoulder length curls, great ass, legs that went on for miles and tanned. In comparison, Alexa was short, petite, tiny ass, pale with long red straight hair that she didn’t know what to do with. The two of them looked as if they could be the worst of high school enemies but were inseparable.

Gina saw Alexa and started squealing and jumping up and down, catching a few gawking stairs of men and some women alike. It had been three weeks since they had seen each other but sometimes she could really go over the top. Alexa laughed and gave her a long hug and sat down.

“Your skin is glowing! What have you been up to? Drinking lemon water, facials or just more water?!” Gina beamed.

“No, I can’t say that I have. No more water than usual. You know I hate lemon water. I can barely chug back the first sip. We tried that, remember? I spat it out all over you. Maybe it’s all the kale,” laughed Alexa as she took a sip of her Pina Colada.

“Right, I thought maybe you tried it again. Anyway, you look great. I can’t really put my finger on it. You look all shimmery everywhere,” marveled Gina as she smiled. Gina looked like she was spending more time at the beach. She was a lovely caramel color, which brought out the color of her ice blue eyes. Alexa had always been so envious of those that could worship the sun and not get burned alive.

“Thanks doll! I honestly don’t know. So how are you and the new boyfriend doing,” inquired Alexa.

“Oh, I dumped that guy. Don’t get me wrong, he was gorgeous. He was just more… braun than he was brain. I got to have both, you know? He’s just way more into his pecks than he was me. How about you? Have you met anyone on your dating profile yet?” asked Gina sipping her drink.

“No…" sighed Alexa. "Just a bunch of creepers that want to get into my pants.” Not that that would have been a bad thing, she thought. Gina started talking but she didn’t hear her. What she did her was that voice again. “Tonight,” it said. The thoughts and feelings overtook her. She was tied up again. Her back and neck arching while she was being stroked between her flooded silky lips.

“Alexa. Alexa? Alexa!” exclaimed Gina as she snapped her fingers to get her attention.

Alexa jumped.

“Oh geeze! Sorry, Gina. I completely zoned out,” Alexa said, chagrined. Her hips felt like they were being squeezed again as she was giving it her all to control her breathing. Her palms were sweaty, heart racing. She could also feel the pulsing nodule of her clit against the softness of her sex. By that time, the waiter came by to take their order.

“It’s okay,” Gina mouthed, smiling like she knew what had happened. Alexa knew that she didn’t. Sometimes Gina just came off very understanding.

“Ladies, have you decided what you wanted?” asked the waiter all debonair.

“I’ll have the ceasar salad and your phone number, please,”Gina, said grinning, eyes batting flirtatiously.

"Okay, caesar salad and my phone number for the very ambitious and beautiful lady. And how about you?" the waiter asked with a half-smile while handing Gina a piece of paper with his cell phone number.

“Umm, I think I will have the same thing and a bottle of water,” Alexa said, gulping down her Pina Colada.

“Alright, I will have that out as soon as it is available, ladies,” said the waiter.

“Thank you!” Alexa and Gina said simultaneously.

When the waiter walked away, Gina said,” Mmm, mmm, mmm, I can’t wait to squeeze that ass naked.”

“Oh my god, how do you do that!?” exclaimed Alexa.

“Do what?” laughed Gina.

“Do what you just did by asking for his number? If I tried that, I would slip up and say something stupid, like order pea soup if we were anywhere else where they don’t offer pea soup. You exude so much of the confidence that I only wish I had. That’s what I love about you," admired Alexa.

Gina smiled warmly, “Girl, I have done that exact thing. Except that it wasn’t pea soup. I was dining alone at a sushi place one evening and this really hot waiter was taking my order. I told him what I wanted, flubbed up and said that I wanted to suck his dick instead of getting his digits. I was so petrified at what I had done, that I left and have never returned. I have practiced a bunch since then. Not on waiters, but in the mirror,” explained Gina.

Alexa laughed.

“Well, I guess that I have a lot of catching up to do in that mirror of mine,” Alexa said with a wink and a smile.

“Yes, yes you do,” Gina said, winking back.

The waiter returned with their food. They ate and parted warmly, planning their next girl’s day out. Next time would be a spa day. While Alexa drove home, she thought about Gina and how much she enjoyed her visits with her. Being an only child, she thought of her as a sister, but somehow closer than that. It was good to have a friend in that way. Their bond was very hard do find.

When Alexa got home, she was so horny she thought she was going to cum with every step she walked. Power walking to her bedroom, she stripped down, got her best vibrator out, and lubed up. She laid down, was about to insert the tip, when she heard the voice, slightly louder and more commanding, “Wait,” it said.

With an exasperated moan, she said out loud, “OH alright!” She drummed her fingers on the vibrator contemplating what she was going to do until it would be time to leave. When was that exactly? When did I leave the house? Oh yeah, it was an hour after mom and dad’s party started. Eight o’clock. That was six hours away! she thought exasperated.

Alexa got up and put her clothes back on. She then decided to do some major cleaning all over her house. Anything to keep her mind from her nether region. She started with the dishes, which she hated. Even though she lived alone, that was her least favorite thing to do. Right then, it was not. Every pot, pan, dish, fork and spoon met with hot soapy water, coffee, gusto and loud music. Next, she cleaned the stove and all the other surfaces in her kitchen, then mopped. With four hours left, she moved on to her living room bathroom and bedroom. Her small house was immaculate by the time it was time to leave.

Alexa showered, getting the grime off her body from her vigorous cleaning, feeling like a giddy teenager. Taking her razor from its holding case, she gently shaved off her pubic hair, being extra cautious not to leave nicks. After she dried off, she selected black yoga pants and a burgundy tank top, without panties and bra. Easy on, easy off was her motive. The yoga pants rubbed her bare pussy with each step, just about bringing her to her knees, longing for her vibrator. Wiping the thought out of her mind, she quickly got out the door and on the road. Instead of driving forty-five miles an hour, she drove sixty, getting her there in much less time then she would have been driving at her leisure. The parking spot that she used the night before was empty, like it was reserved for her. The circle of trees and light were there, just like it was last night. It seemed more majestic, than before, with its pale lavender bursting from within. Alexa wanted to just start pulling off her clothes in the field but did not for fear that someone might see her, so, she sprinted to her destination instead, fully clothed.

At the edge of the opening, sounds of pleasure filled the air like an unhinged chorus. Finding somewhere to walk through, Alexa automatically allowed herself the freedom of nakedness. The light bathed her body as it welcomed her in it’s passionate embrace. Her arms felt heavy. She closed her eyes and moaned, overcome with absolute carnality, that she began to fall backward. She didn’t fall to the ground, but instead had landed onto a leaflike structure in the shape of a sideways S, yet the top was form fitting to her body, so it was leaning and upright. The bottom part remained curved. She rested her hands above her head, since there was nowhere to put them at her sides. Her legs dangled on either side. Hand-shaped petals expanded from the sides of the leaf directly at the side of each breast and another set of hand-shaped petals were by her hips as well. The petals by her breasts circled her nipples, pinching, massaging, causing things down below to stir from within. Her breasts were then squeezed firmly, as moist sucking, licking tongues from the center of the palms took over the two nodules. Alexa’s hips were massaged in a circular pattern. The hands kneaded away any tension that could have been there. All of this was happening at once.

Something beyond desire was trying to find its escape from her lowly parts, only to fall short, because the keys were not yet inserted. She arched her head to cry out as hot liquid seeped from her ebbing chambers without any satisfaction possessing her. There was no rest, nor did she feel any fatigue.

Alexa brought her limp arms down, letting them fall weightless past her sides. She then felt a bulbous bead that transformed into a tiny mouth around her wanton clit, working her counter clockwise. This sent electric pulses through out her body, making her a rhythmic machine. Alexa was breathing so heavily, that her mouth was becoming a scorching, barren desert. A vine with a rounded point floated downward in front of her mouth. Instincts told her to put the point inside her mouth. It was smooth, and flesh like to her tongue. The flesh like outside of the new addition tasted like water. This caused her to put her hands around it and suck. A refreshing liquid which tasted like fruit nectar entered her mouth. Her eyes closed as she gulped, until she was no longer thirsty. A desire came over her to keep the vine in her mouth. She began to lick as she sucked in more of its sweet juices.

The vine that was taking her clit divided into two more extensions. One entered the quaking soaked walls that completed her sex. It was the size of a small fist, with a finger long knob at the end of it. This made a plunging motion while the finger stroked her in a come-hither motion on the top wall from the inside. The second one formed a small tip that entered her virgin bottom, moving in and out. Alexa’s breath caught at the new sensations, muscles constricting and loosening in new places. She exhaled as her body tingled all over. With the juice filled object in her mouth, she moved her tongue to where the tip was and slowly bored into it. This caused it to fill like a water balloon inside her mouth, although it did not break. A sharp delicious spasm took over her pussy. Alexa’s back and head arched as she screamed and orgasmic scream. Her mouth piece burst, spraying her body with it juices as she rocked upwards, hot cum squirting out of her like a fountain. The fist continued to plunge inside her free flowing pussy. Making her squirt even more. “Yes…let go,” the voice whispered. There was no one there, yet she heard it everywhere. Her body lost all control as a river of bodily fluids jutted from her over sexed body one final time. She began to feel weak, trembling with each breath. Alexa’s eyes became heavy as they started to close. All went dark.

She found herself yet again in her bed fully clothed. Her was still fuzzy about how she was getting home. All she could remember were the events that went on the night before. It was then that she realized that it was Sunday, there were five days of hell that she had to deal with until the next weekend. How was she going to go on, knowing what had awaited her at night? There was no way she could balance her new extremely profound sex life and work at the same time. It would be too exhausting. What if she wasn’t back in time to get ready? There were also the new vivid fantasies that she would have to distract herself from having. Extra panties would really get hard to hide after a while. How were those other people coping? Were they weekend warriors struggling during the week to not hump every fence post that they encountered? Or did they ever leave? Oh well, Alexa pondered, at least I have something to do on the weekends, she laughed to herself.

Alexa got up to perform her usual morning rituals. She walked past the bathroom mirror that she kept outside her door. Instead of being a lovely shade of lavender, her skin was now a beautiful iris color. Alexa stood there wide eyed, her mouth hanging open. A need to sit down came over her. Panic almost seized her, but she brushed it from her mind. I will just take a shower. It will come right off, she thought. Soft male laughter filled her room.

“This isn’t funny! I have work tomorrow and I won’t be able to pass this off as a bad tanning bed experience!” she said out loud as she took off her clothes for her shower, which she remembered to turn on before she got into. Alexa scrubbed harder than she did the night before, so no trace was left. The problem was, though, it wasn’t coming off, no matter how hard she scoured.

“Ughh!” Alexa screamed, angrily throwing the bar of soap and loofa onto the bathtub floor. She rinsed off standing there for a long while. The hot water streamed over her like a hug, taking away her frustrations.

“Come again,” the voice said gently, seeming like it was in the shower with her. She felt as if the presence was holding her close.

“I have work in the morning,” Alexa responded weakly. It was hard to say no to something that had such power over her. She leaned past the shower head, so that it sprayed her entire back.

“Please,” the voice pleaded with her. Alexa took a long breath in then let it out slowly. Wondering what she was going to do about tomorrow. Her attendance record was damn near perfect, so missing a day wouldn’t hurt too much. Bills were already caught up, so there was just food to buy. No big deal. Just no dining out, the week. Simple.

“Ok,” she replied after a long pause. The presence left her. She turned off the shower, dried off and got dressed.

Laundry and food preparation for the week would be her chores for the day since her house was unusually clean. When she picked up the clothes from the floor that she wore from the past two nights, a fresh cut flowery smell came from them. If she could have, she would have bottled that scent up. Alexa put her face up to her clothing and breathed it in, then reluctantly put them into the laundry hamper to take to the washer.

After all food was prepped and laundry was folded and put up, she decided to sit down and read her womanly magazines and laugh a little. She sat sideways in her overstuffed burgundy chair, feeling rather accomplished at all her housework, so that she almost felt as put together as Gina. She wished that she could tell her all that was happening to her. Not being able to make her feel secluded. Something like this needed to be shown, not told. She decided to put away her feelings for now and read an article of the five new ways to please your man. When she was about to read the fourth method, Alexa’s eyes began to get heavy. She shook her head quickly to wake herself up. To no avail, sleep won.

Alexa was disoriented as she opened her eyes. As fogginess left her, Alexa noticed that she was naked, in a large room that was shaped like a lotus flower, closed except for the top. From the opening she could see the lavender sky. She was suspended in mid-air with soft leathery material. Her arms and legs were apart from her body, her bottom supported like that of a swing, in an upright sitting positing. Her sex was exposed to all that might want to see it, although she was alone. At least that’s what she thought. A naked chiseled man the color of amethyst she didn’t notice had been watching her from across the flower. The air was cool, fragrant with the smell of the flower. A fire burned from her pussy. Alexa began to breathe heavily as he watched her scintillate from within. He smiled a darkened smile like he knew in what ways he was affecting her. His eyes were lascivious, commanding her body to his will. He walked across the floor to her. The man was head length to all that would undo her. He grabbed her ass tightly as he stroked hot wetness with his tongue from her pounding clit, teasing the opening of her vagina with the first joint of his finger. Alexa whimpered, taking in shallow quick breaths while her pelvis undulated in a rocking motion. The stranger stopped licking, watching her move to the performance of his finger.

“Beautiful. I love watching you,” he spoke.

After he spoke to her, she came. He quickly moved his finger, plunging his tongue inside her hot, tight cunt. His tongue filled her, elongating inside of her so that the tip of it pushed the wall that is behind her clit. He sucked in her cum, making loud swallowing sounds. The stranger moved her hot clit in clock wise and counter clockwise motions with his middle finger while the other hand found her anus. He took his pointer finger and gently massaged the opening. After it was relaxed, he put his finger in, moving it inside and out. Alexa cried out while her body coiled and uncoiled, her pelvis pushing forward, her head jolting backwards. All thoughts evaded her. Not that she wanted to, but escape was not an option. There was nothing left but feeling, sensations and unyielding pleasure. He looked up at her from below, smiling at her. In a moment she glanced down to see him looking up at her. Her muscles clenched. He quickly pulled his tongue out, lowered her on top of his erect cock so fast she couldn’t react quickly enough. He didn’t move her but held her there surrounding that tight little hole inside her. This gave her time to catch her breath and look at the face her unearthly lover. He had angular cheek bones and a square jaw. His hair was in a pompadour style, a strong nose and full lips. The eyes that peered into her soul were olive green.

She was in awe of his handsomeness. So much so that she leaned forward to kiss him. He allowed it, kissing her back. He molded his lips to hers, tongues entangling. Alexa wrapped her arms and legs around him. He carried her over still in her leather ties to a petal wall.

“What is your name?” she asked him between kisses?

"Tyren," he answered, as he plunged his ready cock into her inflamed pussy. He took her firmly by the hips, moving her slowly in and out from the shaft of his penis to the tip. Her velvet inner walls constricted around him. Tyren brought her closer, arms surrounding her body, thrusting in slow firm movements. Alexa put her head back, raising her chest. Her breasts bounced up and down while her hard nipples brushed against his Adonis chest. He took her right nipple in his able thumb and index finger, pinching her hard. Alexa breathed in a sharply, feeling the pain and the pleasure combined. He took her left nipple with his left thumb and index finger pinching and twisting with equal amounts of pressure, thrusting his penis faster into her soaking, dripping, engorged sex. As he maneuvered his hands cupping her breasts while squeezing her nipples between his fingers simultaneously, she screamed, her body convulsed, shattering into a million sensations, collapsing in his arms.

When Alexa woke up, she wasn’t in the leather straps anymore, but lying on the cushioned floor of the lotus. She was still sitting upright, with her legs wrapped around his. Tyren’s strong arms were around her so that she didn’t fall backwards as she slept. Her head had been resting on his shoulder. Alexa raised her head and arms to stretch, her back arching in turn.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, looking up at his smiling face. Their bodies were still connected. After all the mind-blowing sex that they had before she slept, she would have thought she would be wanting to not be so close to him like that, but her body felt the latter effect. Desire still pulsed between her legs. Alexa laughed a little, smiling back at him. She squeezed her arms and legs tighter around his waist in a full body hug. He embraced her tighter as well, kissing her on her neck, slowly moving down to the crevice of her collar bone.

“Ah! How is it that you know exactly what to do with me?” she breathed out.

“I can hear what your body wants, Alexa,” her lover replied.

“Well, this makes it hard for me to go back to the real world,” Alexa said, as his able hands massaged her supple breasts.

“Stay with me,” he said as he shifted her to the soft floor of the lotus, on top of her. Slowly, he began to move inside of her hungry body. She matched her body movements to the rhythm of his.

“Okay,” she answered, tightening her pelvic floors around his cock. He reacted in turn by gathering her tightly in his arms, moving faster, his mouth reaching hers, tongue pushing past her lips to find hers. When Alexa released her pelvic muscles, she felt the delicious tingly sensation that always followed.

Tyren’s muscles began to tighten. He moaned inside her mouth as he came inside her, her body turning the same color of his skin.

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Jennifer Cypert
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