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Jeremy's Girlfriend Denied Him

She also teased him.

By Brandi PaynePublished 4 years ago 6 min read

Jeremy was arriving home from work one night and his girlfriend was waiting for him. When he came through the door, she was wearing a very sexy and attractive outfit that she knew turns him on, but she had other plans that she learned from watching a program on the television.

He walked in and walked directly up to her thinking he was going to give her a hello kiss, but she turned her face from him and told him that she had a surprise for him. He was dumbfounded because she turned her face from him and then had a concerned look on his face as to what she was talking about?

She began her little teasing adventure by taking off her blouse very slowly to where she was standing there with just her lacy bra on. He looked at her and wondered what she was doing and then she reached down and unzipped her skirt very, very slowly stepping out of it and wearing nothing, but a matching lace bra and panty set which Jeremy finds arousing.

Once she was undressed and sees that it was making Jeremy happy in all the right places, she slowly walked up to him.

She stood so close to him that he tried to reach out and hug her, but she took his hands and placed them at his sides telling him, “No.”

He finally asked her to tell him what was going on, but she pushed two of her fingers against his lips quieting him. She pulled her hand from his mouth and gently slid her hand down his chest until she was at his pelvic region feeling his semi-hard shaft in his pants.

With her freshly manicured nails, she unzipped his pants and reached inside. She pulled out his penis and began stroking it softly and gently. Jeremy stood there feeling her soft touch on his penis, but as he tried to reach out to her again, she took her free hand and stopped him.

His girlfriend would get his penis very hard until she would hear him moan and then she would stop. He would look at her with a slightly frustrated look and thought that they were going to have sex, but she began stroking it again while looking into his eyes.

While she stroked it, she knelt in front of him as if she was going to pleasure it with her mouth at that very moment. As Jeremy looked down, he waited for her to put her mouth on it, but she hadn’t yet. Then, she stopped stroking it and removed her hand fro it which concerned him why she was doing this?

She finally spoke to him asking him if he was enjoying what she was doing?

He answered her with, “Yes, it feels great until you stop after making it very hard and throbbing.”

She then looked back at his penis placing her hand around it and licking the tip of the wide helmet with her tongue.

Jeremy loved the way she gave him oral pleasures and patiently waited for her mouth to engulf the whole thing. She kept tickling it with her tongue licking down the sides and kissing the head. She was being a big tease and Jeremy was loving it. He again tried to reach down and place his hands on her head which she again pushed them away.

He was supposed to just stand there and feel all this erotic play without touching his partner. Jeremy wasn’t sure if he could do that. So, he stood there looking down as she teased his penis making the shaft hard until it throbbed. She even licked on the bulging vein of that penis before finally sliding it deeply into her mouth.

She pumped that shaft deeply into her mouth until Jeremy was about to blow and then she pulled her mouth off. This made Jeremy very frustrated, but he kept thinking that they were going to have sex and she was waiting to have his load inside her.

Jeremy’s girlfriend stood up and walked away heading for the bathroom. He thought to himself that she was going to relieve herself before they have sex, but after she came out of the bathroom, she walked into the kitchen and poured her some iced tea to drink. Jeremy thought that her mouth must be dry from sucking on his penis, but he stood there waiting for her return.

Once she drank some of her iced tea, she noticed that his penis had gone down so she walked back over to him and knelt in front him placing his now limp penis back into her mouth and began sucking on it until it was hard and throbbing again, but once she felt it get to the point of ejaculating, she stopped and pulled her mouth away.

Jeremy was now becoming very frustrated and asked her why she kept doing it? She told him that she wanted him to beg her to allow him to finish. He thought she was being silly that he would have to beg to ejaculate and began laughing, but she was being very serious.

She walked over to him and noticed how limp his penis was and began gently stroking it with her hand until it was semi-hard.

She looked him in his eyes and asked him, “Does this feel good, baby?”

While enjoying the feeling he nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

She then reached behind her and took off her bra allowing him to see her perky nipples while she stroked his hard shaft. She still refused to let him touch them or even get a taste of them. Jeremy stood there feeling the eroticism that she was giving him until she stopped again. He was almost in tears this time wanting to ejaculate so bad and his testicles were now full and wanting to explode.

She had made her point and he begged her to allow him to release his sticky cream and she told him, “No."

This made Jeremy a bit upset as she then placed it inside her mouth and began sucking very hard on it getting another rise from him. With her mouth, she could feel his penis getting very hard and throbbing. She sucked on it until he was about to explode and pulled her mouth off while squeezing the top of his testicles to stop him from ejaculating and this made Jeremy cry and begging to release because now his testicles were hurting him.

His girlfriend listened to him cry and babble as he reached down holding his testicles that were hurting and turning blue. She finally decided to allow him to finish but only if he shot his load over her bare breasts to which he agreed.

So, she began masturbating his penis again aiming it at her breasts. She felt it get harder and harder and then the vein underneath was throbbing. Jeremy leaned his head back enjoying the feeling and then as his load shot across her breasts, his legs went weak and he became very lightheaded having to grab onto her to keep from falling.

She had teased him so much that it felt like his testicles went up inside his abdomen as his load was being released. It hurt to ejaculate but he told her that it hurt so good. So, this is how Jeremy’s girlfriend learned how to tease and deny him.


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Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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