Invading Spaces

by Sam Wijesinghe 3 years ago in fiction

Their friendship is one filled with ecstasy...

Invading Spaces

Despite all the trouble he goes through with most of his friends, Tim doesn’t regret a moment spending time with Amanda. They met during an open discussion in their statistics class. Amanda was really giving. She never fails to prove the fact that she possesses a knowledgeable mind and a sexually attractive figure, the latter being a constant distraction to Tim from recently.

Tim occasionally borrows some time to truly appreciate the unfathomable sexiness of Amanda. This is not love. From the many moments, they spend together studying and completing assignments, Tim has developed a very comfortable friendship with her and it is rather difficult to explore the option of romance. However, he believes that there is still room for a little lust.

Tim is swimming in a pool of daydreams as he sits and anxiously waits for a simple rap on the door to his dorm room. They both have decided to have a study session in Tim’s room on this auspicious day and Tim felt relieved when she undoubtedly agreed.

“That’s great! Your residence building is so quiet and it’ll be ideal to study in your room.” Amanda’s words kept ringing in his ears on and off.

Tim’s room was tidy. Extremely tidy. Perhaps he can acquire the habit of cleanliness if he were to invite Amanda again and again. More space to walk around. The room filled with the waves of an irresistible strawberry flavoured scent. The $40 air freshener he purchased today early in the morning paid off nicely. The bed was clean and prepared. For sex?

Tim giggled at the thought. Could he really face such a consequence today with Amanda? Some quality time on bed? He let that thought wander off a bit to avoid the nervousness. How can he be so nervous? Amanda is his best friend and this is just a study session. Tim was trying to control his personal intentions so that he won’t explode in front of Amanda.

Tim checked the time. 9:00am. Tim was glaring at the hands of the wrist watch continuously. A teardrop of sweat came gliding down from the back of his right ear and entered his chest via the neck. He was starting to get restless. His mind was revisiting a plan he had prepared for today. A plan, he believes, having a less than 10% chance of success.

10 minutes passed 9. He stood up and strode in circles in his tiny room. He took out his phone and went on to contacts and selected Amanda and paused before pressing the call button.

"Amanda must surely be on her way. Must not bother calling her," he thought and slid the phone back into his pocket. He continued walking.

Suddenly his left pocket started vibrating. He quickly pulled out his phone again to see the unexpected caller ID. Jason.


He pressed the call button and said hello.

“Hey man! What are you up to bro? me and my buds are going for some billiard in the evening. Wanna join?” Jason’s ecstatic voice as always.

“Yeah sure I guess so,” Tim replied lazily. “I’ll hit you a text if I’m coming.”

He wanted to end the call so badly but Jason kept mumbling on.

“Oh all right, so ma man. What’s new?.... hey did you know Andrew was checking out Tessa that night. I don’t think she gives a fuck about Andrew bro, I mean look at that idiot. He doesn’t know how to woo a fine ass like Tess-"

“Hey yeah I know. We’ll talk about that later Jay. Right now I’m busy. Got some work to finish up real quick.”

“Come on man assignments can wait. Let’s just chill out a bit. You know-"

Tim didn’t pay attention to the rest of Jason’s sentence as a sharp rap followed by a second rap equally as sharp echoed into Tim’s room.

“Hey man I gotta go. Talk to you later. Bye,” whispered Tim and cancelled the call before Jason got to say anything.

Tim didn’t realize that he had several drops of sweat loitering here and there on his chest. That knock on the door wasn’t a mistake. He went towards the door and placed his partially shivering hand on the handle. He had the option of looking through the peephole to check if it was Amanda but he didn’t.

Tim was imagining all the possible ways she might have dressed up as today so that he won’t get excited for any stunning dresses. He controlled his lurking emotions again and opened the door.

There she stood in front of the door. Her feet in magenta slippers now pressing on to the groomed corridor carpet. Her bright yellow skirt expanded like an umbrella matching perfectly with her blood red tank top. She had a stack of books tucked underneath her bosom and covered her moderately maximus boobs. Her face, perfectly round, was even more presentable with her lips curling to form a bright smile. A clump of her combed jet-black hair fell in front of her, covering her left eye partially and the rest was behind her face.

Tim took time to take in all the beauty at once, never forgetting her perfect figure and responded to her greeting when she said hi to him.

Amanda was let in to one of the most extremely organized rooms she has ever set her eyes upon. Now it’s her time to take in the cosiness and tidiness of Tim’s small home.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “You sure do like to keep things organized huh?”

Tim took it as a question and replied.

“Haha yeah well you could say that. I just finished my mid-term so thought of cleaning up a little in here.”

“That’s cool. I was just coming after yoga so I hope you don’t mind my sweaty odour that may otherwise disturb this awesome strawberry smell. Oh my! I’m so in love with strawberry man!”

“No! Not at all. You don’t smell too bad yourself.” Tim was very happy to know that Amanda has fallen for the strawberry scent. Things are moving according to Tim’s secret plan.

They set out their books on the study desk. Tim and Amanda sat next to each other and Tim opened the curtain to let in some late morning sun rays. The curtains opened to reveal a beautiful picturesque scenery to Amanda. A scenery that was accustomed to Tim. The calm Averntell River flowed like a coiled-up sidewinder rattlesnake through a mixed green forest. Over to the far east, a community of small two story houses owned a strip of flat land. Tiny specs of people can be seen moving around like ants scurrying around for food. Then there was the sun hiding behind a clump of clouds, partially visible, shooting rays of light in every direction.

Amanda was mesmerized by this scenery.

“Oh my god Tim, I wish I lived in a room here. This is amazing. This is my kind of enjoyment,” she kept enjoying every moment of the place she now has entered. Tim on the other hand was overjoyed with the fact that Amanda is gradually getting turned on. At least she’s in a very happy mood.

They started off with their revision session. Amanda suggested that they should start off by going through the sample mid-term exam questions. Tim thought it was an excellent start. First to identify their standards then working their way though.

They both had an enjoyable and productive time with each other as usual. Amanda was susceptible to silly mistakes. Tim understood that point and helped her to cope with it. Tim, on the other hand, was a little shallow with the theory of the last few chapters. Amanda explained them to Tim by using easy memorizing methods. Tim was extremely happy with that and he was now certain that both he and Amanda would fly above an A pass for statistics.

The hands of Tim’s wrist watch indicated 11:00am. They have been revising for almost two hours now. They went on for another hour until noon.

“So we can continue with the last chapter once more on Thursday and then we’re through,” Tim said to a now satisfied Amanda.

“Yeah! We surely are up for a great grade this time Tim. Kudos to our work. Phew.” She swept her forehead to clear the specs of sweat.

Tim was as overjoyed as she was and now he had to quickly start off with the small plan his vulgar mind had already concocted yesterday.

The obvious plan to get sensual with Amanda.

Nervousness started to settle and his vulgar thoughts were starting to lurk out from the dark of his mind. His plan wasn’t strong. It was fragile. Just like a pillar that is ready to collapse just by a small pebble. Yet he had no choice. He was waiting for this opportune moment and now it has arrived and he’s so close to the climax.

“Hey Amy... erm mind if I take a shower? It’s almost noon now.” Tim wanted to close his eyes and even ears for the response for this question. Will Amanda get the hint?

Amanda looked at him without showing any kind of suspicion. She replied, “Yeah sure Tim. Go ahead. I’ll just check my newsfeed on Facebook.”

She didn’t get the hint. Now what? Abort mission? Tim felt stubborn on not coming up with a properly improvised plan to get intimate with her. He has no contingency now. However, he didn’t give Amanda any doubts.

“Cool, then I’ll come in a bit,” replied Tim and collected his change of clothes and departed to the adjoining washroom and closed the door.

Great. Just great. Tim’s mind was now like a typical chaotic wall street stock market. Ideas rushing to and fro and making it impossible for him to concentrate. What will he do now?

Just when he was coming up with a new plan, he suddenly remembered that he forgot to collect the new shampoo bottle which was on the study desk. Not very important but in this situation, a worthwhile shot.

He quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around his waist. His chest hair was grown into a piece of art. He was relieved that he didn’t have much hair there. Under his towel, his slender little brother was already tightened but not raised. He now had a new plan and with that, he opened the bathroom door and approached the study area where Amanda now had her eyes locked on her phone as she worked with her thumb.

Amanda looked up and smiled and was about to say ‘oh’ when Tim quickly said,

“Sorry, forgot to grab the shampoo.”

“Well, forgetting things, are we?” Amanda gave her usual sarcastic remarks. Tim laughed and Amanda joined.

‘Now’s the moment,’ Tim thought and as he was about to grab the shampoo, he intentionally tugged at the knot of his towel and the towel slipped and fell revealing his entire nude body to Amanda.

Amanda opened her mouth to express a little shock for a moment before Tim interrupted.

“Oh shoot, sorry,” Tim exclaimed as he quickly wrapped the towel giving priority in covering his excited penis.

Amanda was avoiding the embarrassing incident by looking towards the scenery outside as she said, “It’s alright, no worries.”

Tim hurried to the washroom again with his bum revealing to Amanda.

She didn’t get the hint again. Now that Amanda already had a peek at his genitals and his rather muscular body he felt jealous for not been able to see how she would look like underneath that plush dress.

Tim leapt into the shower cubicle and threw his towel over the hanging and waited for few awkward minutes in the tiny cubicle trying to rethink a new strategy again. He felt miserable. A cascade of thoughts came rushing through his mind as he turned the knob and let the continuous torrent of water stream down from his head to toe. The coldness of the water soothed his body and sucked in the heat of his body and mind. He let all his thoughts to wander off and embraced the welcoming hug of the cascading droplets of water.

He was now feeling soft. His mind felt light. He wasn’t particularly thinking of anything. Not even the fact that Amanda was just less than a meter away in the study room.

He then surprisingly heard the jolt of the door to his room opening and closing. Was Amanda leaving already? It’s rather uncommon for her to leave without saying goodbye. But in this circumstance, Tim knew that she wouldn’t just knock on the washroom door to tell that she’s leaving. That’s an unauthorized invasion of personal space.

Tim then remembered that Amanda was supposed to meet her girlfriends today for lunch at the greenhouse café. How did he forget that? It makes sense now. It was obvious for her to leave. At least she must have left a note saying that she had to leave.

However, it was yet another productive day today. They exchanged knowledge again. At least there’s that to be happy of. He may just have to try out his plan another time. Tim bathed his mind with the water to cool down the sensual emotions. His penis responded by slowly loosening its stance and his scrotum felt easing. An overall sensation of comfort started to dominate Tim.

He started singing in the shower.

“So if I’m taking a leave, can I trust you to follow and if we make it to sleep, will you love me tomorrow…..” Tim loved this synth pop song that really turns him on whenever he wants to picture something horny.

Little did he know the slowly appearing silhouette through the glass of the cubicle. His eyes suddenly traced the outline of a figure standing outside the cubicle. His heart suddenly accelerated and he can feel the high beat thumping from within his chest. His mind went blank as slid open the cubicle door sideways to see an image that took him by surprise. His mind was late in the processing to clarify that this was not a dream.

There stood inches away the very thing that he was wanting to see for two whole months. Tim wasn’t sure what reaction he should make. Amanda stood completely naked from head to toe. Her clothes lay on the tiled floor including her soft pink bra with a delicate design at the edges. Her other undergarment was barely visible from the folded skirt.

Now Tim was wasting those extra seconds to take in the perfection of her fair slender body. Her legs and arms dropped down with perfect edges and curves along with her bosom. Her pair of breasts were the right size in position and proportion according to Tim’s estimations with the nipples so delicate as if they were designed by Da Vinci himself.

Tim’s eyes raced downwards passing her belly button to her genitalia. A clean shaven vaginal opening. A few inches down from there on her right thigh was a marvellous tattoo of a five petaled flower. Her toenails displayed a bright pink colour. Perfect pedicure. Her left hand reached out and held on to the cubicle door and gave a focused smile.

“I thought maybe I should take a shower before I go meet my friends. Would you mind if I join you?”

Amanda’s question was more of a blessing than a pleading to Tim.

“Er well yeah I guess so. Erm come in. Try to fit in,” said Tim in a high-pitched voice. Amanda followed his order without hesitation and climbed into the cubicle. Her body radiated a faint but delicious scent of peach which was coupled with the stank aroma of sweat. Tim felt it was dirty and he enjoyed every moment of it and now he will be.

Tim and Amanda were extremely close to each other, uncomfortably. Tim had never been this close to her except when they hugged. But those are just brief moments. Her body was kissing Tim’s body as they tried to come close to the torrent of water falling on them. Amanda gave Tim a puppy smile and then while keeping her eyes fixed on Tim, she changed her posture of lips. She spoke to Tim in body language and Tim understood each message.

Amanda then turned her back towards him and faced towards the cubicle door. Her brilliantly curved ass now touched his penis. Tim felt his penis extending forwards slowly trying to fit inside Amanda’s butthole. The last cue came in.

Amanda’s hands grasped Tim’s and brought them forward and invited Tim to caress her boobs. Tim resumed the work as he started groping her stiff boobs gently like a professional. She responded by opening her mouth and gasping for air trying to consume the pleasure. Their bodies pressed against each other tightly and small streams of water leaked from each opening providing them with less friction. They never spoke a word and enjoyed the little game for few minutes.

Tim’s curiosity tickled.

“I think we are having more than an ordinary session,” he remarked.

“I got your hint silly. You wanted to explore a little bit more with me didn’t you, horny boy,” Amanda whispered.

Tim was taken aback from this response. He wasn’t sure whether Amanda was speaking through her senses or not. But it doesn’t matter. What matters now is to enjoy this worthwhile opportunity.

Eventually, Tim let his right-hand slide down her body passing the belly and towards her vagina. Tim has taken command. He didn’t need Amanda’s approval anymore. Amanda has given him the fully signed contract to execute every option. Tim fingered her clitoris with his left index and middle fingers. Amanda closed her eyes at this and opened her mouth wider to consume the unconditional pleasure. Tim was already getting the hang of this. Both of Amanda’s sensitive organs are now being stimulated gently and sensually and Amanda is surrendered dearly. There’s no turning back. They have already dived into the ocean of sex.

The moment in the shower went well above 15 minutes and then Amanda opened the new shampoo bottle when Tim closed the shower knob. She squeezed out the liquid and applied it to her long wavy hair while Tim followed suit. Then she took the bar of soap and to Tim’s surprise, started rubbing his body with it. Tim didn’t resist and waited for her to finish.

“This is called sharing,” exclaimed Amanda with a horny smile. Tim responded with the same and said “I’m enjoying it as well as you are.” Tim was waiting to experience Amanda’s method on his now stiff and elongated penis.

She rolled her hand over his penis and started stroking it gently from the inside out and this time it was Tim who was gasping for life. Amanda’s smile never faded as she loved seen Tim being surrendered. After few strokes they started showering again and resumed the same position as before with Tim’s left hand handling her breasts and his right hand on her vagina.

An extra 15 minutes elapsed and Tim turned off the shower and they started drying themselves with Tim’s towel. Tim was about to open the cubicle door when Amanda suddenly held on to the tip of his penis restraining him.

“Now now, don’t be in such a hurry,” she giggled and bent down on her knees. Tim was star struck and never expected this. Amanda’s eyes were on him as her mouth drew close to his penis. She first used her tongue to trace a long lick on his slender piece of muscle and then without hesitation opened her mouth and started stroking it with the use of the tongue. Tim separated and held on to her hair which was interfering with the blowjob. Her mouth was moving in and out in a perfect rhythm and Tim’s penis was exceeding the climax of excitement. Tim can already see the blood veins now visible the surface of his penis.

After they felt satisfied with the blowjob, they both departed to the study area naked and leapt on to the bed which was next to the desk.

When Amanda was about to ask the question, Tim cut it off by saying, “I have the condoms.” Amanda felt relieved. Tim bent and opened a drawer under the bed and took out the Durex packet that lay in a far corner. He picked one out of the 10 in the box and ripped open the packet. As the packet opened, the room filled with a strong aroma of sterilized disinfectant instantly. Tim worked his way through the condom and fit it into the tip of his penis and started extending downwards slowly, taking care not to rip it. Tim then brought his muscular body over Amanda’s slender body. They both faced each other on the bed as Tim inserted his covered penis into her vagina and slowly started thrusting inwards. Amanda felt the sensation strongly and held on to Tim’s arms with her eyes closed. Tim was thrusting more and more at a slow steady space so that Amanda can feel every inch of the pleasure calmly and peacefully.

The thrusting gradually started to quicken and now Amanda’s whispers turned into murmurs. She was now screaming at a low-pitched voice and was thoroughly enjoying Tim’s hospitality. After awhile they switched positions on bed and got ready for the reverse cowgirl stance. Now Amanda was jumping as she was humping with her vagina moving in and out of Tim’s excited penis.

They finished off with doggy style and Tim got a second chance to hold on to her hardened breasts. At the end Tim quickly withdrew his penis from her vagina and then started removing the condom off as thick white semen started dripping down the tip of his penis. Amanda was still breathing heavily and took few minutes to return to normal breathing while Tim lay beside her on bed feeling overjoyed.

Amanda smiled at Tim and said “Wow, that was really good. That was vitalising I would say.”

“Not your ordinary yoga session and its free,” Tim responded and Amanda laughed at the thought.

“Wouldn’t you be going to meet your friends anytime soon?” Tim asked.

“Hmm, I’ll meet them in an hour. Let’s have a nap,” she replied and rested her right hand on Tim’s chest and cuddled with him. Tim smiled and covered a blanket on top of both. Amanda was smiling. She was happy. She felt that she can now be really open with her best friend. Even intimately. Tim felt the same.

They have indeed invaded each other’s personal space. It was a good thing.

A relief.

An ecstatic feeling.

Sam Wijesinghe
Sam Wijesinghe
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