Inebriated Pass the limit

by Nyki Conners 2 months ago in lgbtq

Cherry on Top

Inebriated Pass the limit
Cherry on Top

Awaken in the middle of the night, only to find that you’re nowhere in sight.

Get myself together to go upstairs to the bed, crawling on my hands and knees

The rug is ruff and scratching me but about this I don’t care.

I make it to the top of the stairs; I can feel the alcohol swimming in my system as I walk through the door.

I lock the door behind me and head to the bed.

I lay down and notice that you’re sleeping. I move closer to you I can’t help myself.

As I lay behind you with my eyes closed, I start to touch your body.

I caress your arm and slowly move down your leg. Your skin is so smooth and warm.

As I move my hand up your shirt towards your breast, I feel your bra, so I attempt to unfasten it one hook, then two hooks, and the third which cause me to struggle a bit but I remove it.

All that I am doing an your still sleep, I grab you and pull you close to me.

I whisper in your ear “take this off” your shirt is preventing me from kissing every inch of your body.

As you lay there in my arms you grab my arm and say, “you’re drunk”. I respond I don’t care I want you; I need you.

I start with your neck I gently kiss you. This is turning you on I can feel your temperature rising.

I nibble where I just kissed you, then I run my tongue down your chest, I lick you then kiss you until I reach your nipples. I trace them, they are so soft like a warm cookie.

I nibble and suck on them, after all this is one of my favorite places on your body.

I don’t want your other breast to feel lonely, so I head over to kiss and nibble on it.

While I am touching this one, I put my hands in your underwear they are soaked.

I continue kissing you and licking you, I’m kissing your stomach and heading down your body as you moan. That drives me wild I almost forget that I wanted to take it slow. I kiss your navel and above your vagina. Then I come back up to your breast kiss them and head back down.

Your body is on fire now, I kiss your thighs as I remove your panties and gently blow on your clit.

I am where I wanted to be in between your legs. I softly kiss her and then gently lick her.

I can feel your body trembling in my hands as your moaning gets louder. Listening to the beautiful sounds you made kept me from being able to take my time. Now I’m licking and sucking and nibbling on your clit and rubbing your breast as I feel you lose control and your body begins to shake, your legs are tightening around my head. I slow down now and

I start kissing and blowing on your clit because I knew you came, I tasted it so sweet and I felt it.

When I blew on your clit you couldn’t take it, so you pulled me up close to you and kissed me then tossed me on the bed. I came while you did, but you grab the strap on and step into it.

You climb on the bed, grab me by my hips and pull me close into you.

Your kissing and sucking on my breast and I’m feeling even more turned on. Then you lift my legs onto your shoulders and start putting the dildo in me slowly at first. In and out, it’s driving me wild.

Then faster, in and out in and out, I am starting to climax, and you say ‘mmmhmm, I’m screaming and moaning I can’t take it and finally while I’m grabbing you, I scream your name one more thrust and then I came.

Nyki Conners
Nyki Conners
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