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Indebted to You

by Habby Grac 2 months ago in erotic

Chapter 1n2

Chapter One

Jaxon Coal is known to be an extremely dangerous, ruthless, and many often say soulless. After watching his father lead the business, they even killed on numerous occasions.

Harry has been keeping taps on Micha James a sleazy thief, who stole nearly one hundred thousand dollars in merchandise in just a couple of days, now I want to make him suffer.

Sitting at my desk waiting for Harry to come and give me the morning report today is the day I get my revenge.

"Harry, we need to figure out what is going on" I snapped throwing the papers at him,

"Got it, boss," He says, then left me to my thoughts and next few orders for the week.

"Boss, wake up," rushing to my feet with my gun drawn seeing Harry out of breath.

"What?" I snapped putting my gun down,

"That boy 'James' fucked up big time," Harry replies, huffing as Axel unloads the link from the camera docked on the corner of block.

"Bring that bastard to me tonight!" Rage flew through my body, evidence plan as day, him shooting up my product

"Got it boss, What about witnesses?" Harry asks

"Bring them to me,"

"I'll have Blu and Zander with me, be back later," Harry says leaving me in the surveillance room.

Where I nearly broke the computer screen, I can't believe he has been so stupid, this is the first time he's done something like that and why now I'm at the end of my ropes with him.

Hours Later:

"Boss, we have him!" Harry says bragging Micha in by his neck, he struggled, scratched at Harry's arm.

My smile faded when I notice Zander carrying a witness over his shoulder.

Colorectal damage...

"Who is this?" I snapped,

"Apparently the sister he didn't have!" Harry snapped smacking him in the back of the head.

"What?" I jumped up studying the girl's face, Long curly brown hair, sapphire eyes full of tears, pale skin.

"What's your name?" I asked as I rip the tape off her mouth.

"Jax, let her go please, she didn't do anything" Micha growled against the cuffs holding his hands, acting like a tough macho man, pussy bitch.

I'd never let my sister get wrapped up in this shit.

She was out in the open anyone could've taken her.

"Dude you defied orders yet again, third times the charm right," I said before delivery a punch into his jaw.

The girl screamed covering her face, Zander nicely pried her hands away forcing her to see, as he spits blood on the floor coughing.

"Yes, girly I asked him to come in quietly for his punishment, but no I had to track him down, not like it was a hard task, but none the less your brother is in big trouble," I said smiling as I twisted a piece of her hair, those teary blue eyes made my cock twitch, damn it was too easy.

"What do you think we should do?" I crouched down looking deep into her eyes seeing her soul.

"Leave her out of this," Micha yelled earing a kick in the ribs by Zander.

"Please don't kill him, whatever you want I promise I will make sure he pays it" she sniffled.

"Well, what I want your pretty little lips wrapped around my cock?" I snickered waving my crotch in her face watching the horrifying look painted across her face, she pondered then thought.

"I will" she answered straightening herself to face the front of my pants.

Well, damn didn't see that coming, Harry, Zander, Blu, and I all had the same look.


"Your brother owes me $100,000 so we can take it out in trade." I watched as tears dropped from her eyes and welling sobs from Micha.

"Please, Jax I'll pay it back, I promise man, she's my sister, she has nothing to do with this" he sobs as Zander drug him to the middle of the floor.

"Strip him." All eyes shot to me...

"Let's see who's better at taking dick." Zander smile smacking his ass


"Dude, just a slap got you hard." Harry laughed.

"He's good to his word Mister please just give us a little more time." She tried pleading obviously blind by his lies,

"He already had time, a month to be exact and he stole more then he paid for" her eyes widen at the words as if I was lying, but deep inside she knew I wasn't.

Slumping down on the floor she sobbed.

Pulling a chair up next to her.

"What is your name?"

"Lilly James, please don't kill him, I'll do anything you ask" she begged.

"Let's make a deal" I smiled; this should be fun.

I glanced over to Harry and Zander giving Micha one hell of an orgasm, had him on his hands and knees seesaw thrusting their dicks in his mouth and ass.

No doubt he'll need time to recover.

I warned everyone here, I don't care if you’re a girl or guy if you cross me first offense is taking it out on your body.

Harry scratched his back; Zander slapped his ass hurt to the point his entire back was dark red.

"I'm listening!" Lilly snaps, crossing her arms raising an eyebrow at me.

I liked that she acted strong, but I saw her trembling in fear.

"It would be easier to kill both of you or you can be my personal pleaser!"

"WHAT? I'll never, so I guess you'll have to kill me." Lilly replies.

Pointing my gun at, she moved closer as the barrel on the gun pushed against her forehead.

"You know what I'm going to keep you here for now," I snickered devilishly.

She raised her and slapped me; it didn't really hurt but damn she has balls.

"Ouch! Now you've made me mad," I growled picking her up over my shoulder, she started kicking and screaming punching my back saying, "Don't do this, please." I smacked her ass and said, "Keep it up and I will gag you."

Laughter and cried could be heard from my office, Zander and Harry were having a good thing, now it's my turn.

Tossing her on the bed, she kicked and tried to crawl away. I laughed feisty...

I crawled on top of her grinning my hips between her legs, kissing her. It was too easy she quietly moaned; oh, this was going to be fun. "Am I turning you on" I said digging my knee into her core,

"I would never let you be my first," Lilly snapped, What the fuck did she say, Fuck that sucks.

I jumped up in left her cuffed to the bed I needed a drink and something strong it was going to be a long couple of months with this chick.

Harry walked in rubbing his hands a rag, smiling up at him.

"So, what's the deal with the girl?" He asked then taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Well, she's a virgin that puts a dent in things," I said gulping the last of my drink watching him choke of the smoke.

"A what?" seeing that he was almost scared to ask, we have share girls and even each other, but he knows I won't do virgins, he's the only virginity I'm taking.

I gestured with the glass as we tossed to our success.

As the drug on we parted ways, I was stuck sleeping on the couch in my office there was no way I was going in that room, my cock wants to spree her so bad I could taste it.

"Damn it" I snapped going to the Strip Club not far down the road. It was my only option right now.

"Boss," I entered the club, the door man already knew who I was and just let me past.

I didn't even speak just grabbed a girl by her arm throwing her over my knee, spanking her hard.

She didn't protest, she whimpered knowing I would pay her if she made a sound.

"Knees Now" I ordered.

"The special" she went to work bobbing her head, it didn't work I gripped the back of her head holding her in place as I fucked her face my way thinking of the fucking in my bed right now.

Damn it!

"OH God" she cocked barely able to catch her breath when I flipped her against the wall, parting her legs.

"Boss, wait let..." I didn't let her finish, with a powerful thrust I was balls deep into her dry ass pussy, fell like sand on my dick, grabbing a handful of hair when she cried out.

I like girls whimpering as I pump, exactly what she did.

Bending her body in an impossible position as I took my anger out on her pussy, knowing I would have to tip her extra for the cuts and that she will be out of work for the next two days. It's worth it pumping harder and harder.

"Please..." she cried as I smacked her boobs making them bounce side to side, nasty sagging titties, feeling my build up.

I threw her to the floor releasing my junk in her mouth watching her swallow it.


Pulling out my wallet throwing $350 at her.

That damn girl laying in my bed had me so far on edge, I haven't had a rage episode in a couple of weeks, but something about her had me by the neck.

After my shower and cleaning my gun, two of my night routines I hit the couch and slept of at least give it a try.

~Chapter Two~


"Morning Miss. thought you could entertain yourself with a couple of books. I honestly might get yelled at for this" I woke to a man with Blu hair standing at the doorway says quietly he shuffled over,

"Why are you doing this? I need to leave for work," I whimpered hoping he would understand.

"Miss." He said then wiped my eyes, "I'm Blu."

"What the fuck are you doing" another walked saying.

"No, but maybe we can make her stay a little more comfortable" Blu snapped as he kissed him on the cheek.

Cocking my head to the side, they're a couple that's odd I've never meant gangers before and never heard of gay gangers.

"By the way, this is my husband Zander," Blu says smiling at me.

"I'm Lilly James" I nod standing in the middle of the room feeling gross, I needed a shower but too scared to ask.

"I don't appreciate you entering my room without permission this is not a lounge" The boss snapped then walked away.

"Blu, Zander Leave now!" a redhead man said standing in the doorway with a tray of food and a bag.

As they left, he walked over the bed and introduced himself.

"I'm Harry if you need anything call me, here are some clothes go shower and change. The room is guarded don't leave." Harry said.

I spent most of the day walking around the room or trying to watch the TV, I didn't see the man from yesterday Jax they called him.

Thinking of his black hair and those souls stealing eyes, not sure what will happen now. Will he really have sex with me.

It was something I never thought would happen until I was married at least.

I heard that it hurts the first time and that I should be prepared for it, thinking of him doing that to me yesterday touching my lips, on top of me.

I was blushing, laying down on the bed taking a nap was the only thing I could do right now.

Later that night Blu dropped food and a sketchbook with a note (I see you're an art teacher, enjoy Blu).

My first couple of days here he didn't come into the room, but Harry told me to mind my business.

Yesterday he tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away when his hand groped my breast.

I been here almost three weeks and dying of boredom.

I felt a bit of joy when Blu brought a little boy here yesterday and ask me to watch him for an hour, oddly enough he resembles me as a baby.

Being here is so odd, I never thought joy could excite in this world, but I guess everyone has their own form of happiness.

"Jax, Please Jax!" I whimpered shanking him with urgency

Jaxon rolled over groaning "What??"

"I need to go you need to let me go." I could only pray he didn't ask why; it wasn't like I could go out into the other rooms; he handcuffed my hand to his every night.

Jaxon sits up against the bed and says "Why should I? So, you can run to the police with information." Feeling the wetness between my legs, I needed pads and clothes.

Resorting to begging "No, I promise, I need to go for one hour at the most. Just to go to the store."

"What? Here, write a list I'll have my men pick it up." he hands her paper and a pen.

"Go get a shower," he ordered.

Quietly doing as I was told; a scream escaped my mouth when the door swung open.

"Ye...Yes" I said poking my head out the curtain Harry stood there watching, it was creeping and sexy at the same time.

"Period uh," he said then left.

What the hell did that mean?

Standing there nearly in tears, Jax knocked on the door ordering me to get out.

He was sitting on the bed with a shot glass in his hand a folder in the other.

"Sit" he snapped not even looking at me.

Taking a seat on the end of the bed not too close or too far.

"Lucy King do you know her?"


"Ok, she is the new worker at Sparrows and her son, the boy you will be watching is your nephew." He explained; my world stopped Micha had a child.

"He left her when she told him about the pregnancy another reason for me to want to kill him," he slammed the glass on the table making me jump.

"I'm sorry,"

"Why are you saying sorry for him, don't you have to worry about yourself... I've been nice, but I want you on your knees NOW!" gulping the lumping in my throat, sliding off the bed onto the floor.

He walked to the other side of the room digging into a bag, looking over his shoulder to me.

"Close your eyes" doing as he side, not risking making him angry.

"You will wear this until I remove it," I felt something cloth around my neck, it was a bit heavy at the same time.

"Open your eyes."

I looked up at him, I didn't want to know what he put on my neck tears welling up as he caressed my chin down to the top of my breast.

"Undo my belt" he ordered-

Oh Boy!

My hands shook as I unclasp the buckle and pulled it through, I made sure my eyes stayed locked on his.

"Keep going" wetness in my core, protest from my brain this so wrong and yet it felt so right, completely opened to me, but I didn't look I already knew he was way out of my league.

A tear fell as I wanted for further instructions.

"I need a shower" he snapped then walked past me slamming the door, causing me to jump.

Breathing heavy as I made my way to the mirror on the closet door, gasping and sobbing at the site, a collar on my neck that says 'Virgin Bitch' why did he have to do this.

Tracing every letter with a shaking hand, if I remove it what will be the consequences, raping me seems to be the only left for him to do.

Crawling on the bed sobbing to the point I was hiccupping.

"It's not that bad, look at it this way no one here can fuck until I do" he snickered before I could he say anything else I turned in slapped him,

"Bitch that's the second time, time to be punished"

"Please, Don't..." I squealed as he flipped me over his lap, it was then that I noticed he only had on a towel.

"I don't need your consent." He growled then he yanked my pants down smacking my ass,

"Count!" he ordered.

"One" the pain flow through my body, I wiggled receiving another.

"Two" before I knew it three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

"You will submit to me and when you do, I won't be the only one here." he pressed a kiss on my lips, I want so bad to protest, but it felt so good and delicious.

He kissed me down my neck ripping my shirt to explore my breast.

"Please, no" my sobs went unheard when he pulled my pants all the way off.

"I'm not straight" I fight as he counties unfazed by my words.

"I don't care, you will pay for what your brother did." Jaxon snaps.

Pushing me to my knees dropping his towel.

Holy Goddess!

His erection was staring me in the face, he grabbed the top of my head forcing himself in my mouth. He thrust effortlessly; it was so big I chocked a few times before I got the rhythm.

"Damn good, for a virgin you're pretty good, don't bite." he gripped my ears thrusting faster and deeper until he explodes inside my mouth, he pinched my nose.

"Swallow be a good slut" he smiled as tears left my eyes the salty taste went down easily, I kind of liked it but I won't tell him that.

Staying on my knees frozen of what to do next, naked, and shivering Jax had just left me sitting here after he did that.

My mouth was tingling, pussy was throbbing and not to mention the smacks on my ass, pink handprints on my bottom telling me if I don't watch what I say this will happen again.

"Lilly" jumping at the sound of someone else's voice.

"Oh, I..." I scrambled to wrap the towel around my body.

"What happened?" Harry said pulling me to my feet, but I had no choice I hurried to sit on the bed, whimpering in his arms.

"Did he?" I knew the question I couldn't answer him I was too embarrassed.

"Harry out" Jax growled coming into the room with just gym shorts on, it was the first time I actually looked at his body and damn, him being tan was one thing but tattoos and piercings.

Wait, shaking my head at the thoughts running wild in my head.

Good god, I can't be thinking he is sexy but standing there talking to Harry who is equally hot standing there with a tank top showing his tattoos as well, those green eyes and red hair had my breath caught in my throat.

"Lilly?" Jax snapped bringing me out of my daydream of them pleasuring every inch of my body, I needed another shower.

There was no way I was ever going to let them do that.

Looking at the floor trying to hide the redness, it didn't work obviously.

"Are you ok sweetie?" Harry whispered running his finger down the side of my face, Oh instant pudding at his feet.

Gripping the towel hard making sure it was closed the last thing I needed was Jax getting mad at me for thinking of another man's meat inside me.

"Fine" I smiled, the thought of Harry taking my virginity sound more appealing, because he isn't forcing me to do things or at least not yet.

"Lay back," he said, I could feel my eyes nearly pop-out


"Do what you're told" Jax growled pushing my shoulder back, then he went back to where he was standing by the door leaning with his arms crossed.

"I like you're boobs, their full not saggy," Harry said as he fondled me.

Sucking on my nipple I wrapped my fingers in his hair, the sensation in my core refuses to let any protest.

"Let's see what happens here," he guided a finger down my stomach pass my belly button all the way to my core, just a touch.

"Please" I begged not sure if it was for him to stop or to get going.

"Maybe this" he licked my clit, his tongue did backflips on my clit, I gripped the bed trying to getaway

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed after multiple flips, then it happened he stood up showing me the obvious erection that act had given him.

"Jax doesn't like virgins, but I, on the other hand, have a collection of cherries" Harry licked his lips as he crawled on top of me.

"I'm scared." I cried; he licked my tears smiling then kissed me.

Not just a peck for good measure but a sweet-savory kiss, he was distracting me for what was coming next.

The painful surge of electrifying heat filled me to the point I bite down on his shoulder.

He growled then said, "I will hold it here for a minute, then I'll slowly move."

"It hurts too much!" I couldn't handle it, too much I covered my face, this wasn't happening.

"No more!" I cried out as he gently pulled out leaving the tip inside.

Feeling a bit more comfortable rocking my hips with his, it was feeling really good I moaned his name as I came twice.

"Damn, Lil your tight pussy feels good," Harry whispered licking my ear, sucking on the lope.

"Oh God" another wave hit just as his finger circled my clit.

He instructed me to turn on my hands and knees, just as he rams deep inside me screamed in ecstasy, He grabbed me hips digging his nails into my skin thrusting harder and deeper.

The room filled with screams of pleasure, he grunted as released himself on my back.

"Damn," he said I watched him dress, he didn't bat an eye.

Jaxon and He gave one another high fives before Harry left the room softly closing the door.

I explode in sobs yet again; Micha had destroyed everything I have ever wanted.

I completely ignored Jaxon as I rolled on my side crying myself to sleep.

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