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In the Tunnel of Love…

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in fiction
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Part 4 - Sari & Noor

In the Tunnel of Love…
Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Noor had been working in the control room for long hours recently. Making sure that the guests in the carnival were having the time of their lives. There were a few troublemakers, but nothing that a gentle warning or burly security guard couldn’t fix. The truth, however, was that Noor's thoughts wandered to Miss Sari. Their mutual attraction was finally vindicated a few days ago and there were many hours of sex that night. He dreamed of her often in the nights since then, but his thoughts during the day were riddled with the fact that she was his boss. He shouldn’t care what other employees thought about him and he'd be damned if he let them be mad at Miss Sari. Still...

"Eh, I need a break, Ein, take over." Noor walked through the various corridors of the staff hallways and took the stairs to the tarmac of the carnival, in need of fresh air.

Madame Sari had been thinking of Noor for the past few days now. She was having conflicting thoughts because on one hand, she definitely wanted him, but on the other hand, he was her employee. She certainly didn't want the other employees to think she favoured one over the others. Although, in all honesty, she had favoured Noor long before they sealed things physically. He had always been her favourite from the very beginning. He had certainly made the greatest contributions to her Carnival, and that meant a lot to her.

Despite worrying what her other employees might think, she knew she didn't want to give him up. Not as her employee and certainly not as her lover, she wanted him and would hold on to him as long as she could. She happened to be wandering the Carnival's fairway as Noor emerged onto the tarmac. Not wanting to seem too obvious, she merely looked at him and smiled as she passed him. Looking back over her shoulder, she winked at him, and with a slight head jerk, indicated he should follow her.

Noor stretched and inhaled the fresh air. The wind was a little crisp this late in the season, but if felt good to be out and about every so often. Miss Sari walking by brought all of his thoughts to the forefront again, but still, he smiled when he saw her and beamed when she winked at him. After a few moments, Noor followed Miss Sari through the crowd. Everyone must have been trying to get the last of their fun before winter truly came and closed everything down. There were a few attractions that were in the works to correct that, however. Shaking work from his mind, Noor sauntered after Miss Sari, taking in the sight of her swaying hips and curvaceous body as she slipped through the crowd, wondering where she wanted to meet him.

Making sure Noor was following her by using her peripheral vision, Sari kept wandering through the Carnival. She didn't want to risk another turn or two on the Ferris Wheel, but she had an idea. Not sure whether it was going to work or not, she figured it couldn't hurt. Pulling out her little black device, she tapped it a few times, sending an announcement out that the Tunnel of Love was to be closed for the rest of the evening. She then sent out a message to the rest of her staff that she was going to inspect the ride with Noor and Ein to see what was wrong. Her staff was cautioned to stay away, that there was a high risk of electrocution. She grinned to herself, sending a message to Ein to ignore her previous message. 'That should keep everyone away,' she thought to herself. Walking quickly towards the Tunnel of Love, she knew Noor wasn't far behind. She slipped inside, and as he started to walk past, she yanked him inside and kissed him fiercely. "About time you caught up with me!"

Noor was going to walk into the Tunnel from another entrance, but Miss Sari saw to that. He returned her kiss with the same passion and picked her up and twirled her around a couple of times, before setting her back down. "That's a nice little trick you pulled there, Miss Sari." He wandered his hand over her rear, filling out her heavy cotton pants. A few squeezes later found his hands under her shirt and running up and down her back. Her demure expression and batted eyelashes caused a bulge that was restrained in his jeans. "God your beautiful, Miss Sari."

Blushing slightly, both with excitement and at Noor' compliments, Madame Sari smiled and batted her lashes at him. "Well, what good is owning a Carnival if you can't take advantage of said ownership, love?" Pulling him close to her for another kiss, she could feel his own excitement rather prominently pressed against her. Taking his hand, she leads him to one of the Tunnel of Love boats. They were plush and wide, more like gondolas from Venice than anything else. Holding his hand as she stepped down into the boat, she pulls him in to sit next to her, nearly pulling him on top of her as she does. Wrapping her legs around him, pressing her hips up to his, one hand moves to unbutton his jeans, while the other reaches for the back of his neck pulling him down to kiss her again. Her hand guiding him to her neck, her breath already quickening. "Bite my neck, baby...please?"

"What? Like a vampire?" Noor chuckled and slid his hands into her pants. He played with her cheeks and rubbed them up and down. Sometimes he'd sink his fingers into her rump and tickle her, before trying to pull and rub her closer to him, dry humping each other. He kissed her neck up and down and finally took the initiative. He nipped lightly along her neck, before gnawing on it. Nothing serious, just mildly teething her and trapping the skin between his jaws. Looking at his handiwork, there were pink lines up and down her neck. "Like that, babe?"

Chuckling back at him, she moaned lightly as his hands went into her pants. Squirming beneath him as he played with her flesh, happily pressing her hips back up against his, wanting him so bad already. As he kissed at her neck, her moans grew louder. Her body shivered and her breath caught in her throat as he finally bit and nibbled his way along her neck. Her hips bucking against him even harder than before, her hands on his neck, she played with his hair there. Still shivering lightly, she smiled up at him as he looked down at her, nodding. "Yes, exactly like that!" Chuckling again, "not like a vampire, silly...just...bite me!" Blushing, she started to pull off her clothing quickly. Pulling his hand to her, pressing his fingers to her dripping wet lower lips. "See what it does to me?" Smiling and blushing more, "so, bite me, baby." Lying on the pillows in the small boat, she smiled up at him and winked.

Noor' hands were shaking with anticipation as he touched Sari between her legs. He straddled Sari, as he undid his belt and pants and slid them down to his thighs. The air was just a bit too chilly to be stark naked. He pulled off his jacket and slid it behind Sari to help keep any chill away. He moved himself down to her chest and continued his tooth-capade over her breasts. Small red lines blossomed on her skin between to goosebumps from the breeze. He did not nip her tits however, instead, he suckled her hard and flicked his tongue over her nipple, sometimes catching it between his teeth, but not biting. His hands wandered between legs. Slowly he dipped his fingers into her slip, and moved them within her at irregular patterns, sometimes rubbing against her, sometimes just pushing her open. He rubbed her lips between thumb and forefinger before settling to her clit and rubbing it slowly, teasing her feelings to well up inside her. "Your so delicious, Sari."

Sari smiled as Noor put his jacket beneath her. She found the cool air exhilarating but was sure he didn't feel quite the same. Her hands running up his back as he moved down towards her breasts, her moans buffeting the walls in the tunnel, getting louder as he licked and suckled at her. Groaning loudly as his hands played over her lips and her clit, pressing her hips up in order to try to get his fingers inside of her. Blushing at his words, she replied. "So, are you, Noor." Licking her lips for emphasis, she smiled down at him, her eyes closing halfway. As he played with her, she reached down to stroke his shaft. She made sure to keep him nice and hard, knowing how cold can sometimes affect a man. Her other hand still entwined within his hair, holding him to her breast. Her hips grinding against his hand, she couldn't help shivering a little, not from cold, but from the pleasure he was giving her.

After more heavy petting between them, their passions were too much to contain. With trepidation and anticipation, Noor positioned himself over Sari's slip and slid his cock up and down her lips. She would try to push him into her, but he was deft and moved away at the last instant, teasing her. He leaned against her, trapping her between him and the boat cushions. "You want it?" He knew her answer, but he liked teasing her all the same.

Panting lightly, her hips moving almost of their own accord, Sari whined as Noor pulled away. She leaned up towards his ear, lapping hungrily at the spot beneath his earlobe, growling into his ear. "You know I want it, dammit!"

"No, please?" He smiled back at her and his hair bristled as she hit a sensitive spot on his neck. He kept away from her a couple more times, before finally meeting her on the next push. They gasped in relief at finally getting something close to what they wanted badly. He started rocking slowly, keeping her pinned. The in and out motions between them rocked the boat slightly as they continued to higher steps of pleasure. He kissed her again, deeply, playing with her tongue as she did his.

Smiling up at him, she shook her head, she was half-tempted to roll him over and just take what she wanted. But she decided to be a good girl and let the teasing go on. Each time he moved away from her, she groaned heavily, then whined. Gasping as he finally entered her, she moved her hips as much as he would allow. Hungry for all of him inside of her, she bucked against him as hard as she could. The rocking of the boat was slightly distracting, but nothing could really break her focus on Noor. Kissing him back just as passionately, her tongue snaking around his, stroking at him, exploring his mouth. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue as she had stroked his cock a few nights ago. Moaning as he thrusts into her, she twirls her hips against him, contracting her muscles inside to squeeze and stroke at him. He felt so good inside of her, she couldn't help groaning loudly as her pleasure built up slowly.

Her words rang in his ears again and again. His heart and soul skyrocketed to heights he never imagined possible. She was the first person he cared this deeply about and she returned his affection just the same if not more. Her carnival was small when he joined her, but with hard work everyone grew it into something more. He was glad for everything in his life, but above it all was Sari.

"Um, excuse me?" They heard a voice at the far end of the tunnel, near the entrance. "Is this ride closed?"

Snapping back to the present, Noor froze where he was, trying to keep the boat as still as possible. "Time's up I guess..." Noor whispered dejectedly...

Madame heard the voice in the distance and with a quick mental flick, sent her more invisible staff to deal with the guests. Leaning up to kiss Noor softly, she smiled into the kiss. "Well, we knew it wasn't going to be all night, love. Besides, you can always come to my chambers when your shift is over." She reached up to touch the side of his face, stroking it lightly, feeling his stubble tickle at her fingertips. Kissing him deeply again before rising to get dressed in the chilly air. She smiled as she leapt out of the boat. "C'mon, you. Guests are one thing, the rest of the staff will soon be curious, and you know there are cameras all throughout this ride." She winked at him and offered her hand, "I'm sure they would have loved to see us just a few moments ago, huh?"

Dressing along with Sari, renewed energy raced through him. "I think the rest of my shift will go swimmingly, Miss Sari." Walking out of the Tunnel with her, he shuddered at the mention of the other staffers. "Yea, I know a few that would have done *anything* to get a hold of that little bit of footage." Squeezing her hand before they separated to their different ways, Noor smiled back at Sari. "Ill see you later this evening then, Sari."

She squeezed his hand back softly, in parting. Turning back towards him as they both walked away, she smiled and winked. "See you then, love." And with that she disappeared around a corner, sending the 'all clear' to the staff that the Tunnel of Love could be re-opened. Ownership definitely had its privileges.


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