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In Private...

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in erotic
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Part 5 - Sari & Noor

In Private...
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Noor was finished with his shift today, he had the rest of the weekend to himself, and with any luck, Sari as well. He walked by the parlour and entered in the main door. "Hello? Miss Sari? Are you in?

Greeting him warmly, Sari approached Noor with a light hug. "I'm almost always around, you know that Noor." Smiling up at him, he could see the twinkle in her eye as she did so.

Noor returned her hug and added a peck on the nose. "Hmm, I’ve got the whole weekend off, babe. We could go out on the town, or" he reached down and squeezed her rear with a rolling motion of his fingers, "we could just as much stay here." He gave her a roguish grin.

Sari smiled and squeaked as Noor squeezed her rear. "Whichever you prefer, babe. You know I'm happy to stay in." She grinned wickedly, tracing tiny patterns on his back with her fingertips.

"Ok then, we'll go into the city tomorrow." He took Sari by the arm and lead her into the VIP section of her parlour. The somber atmosphere was uplifted by the lilting and flighty music. Noor was just happy to be off work and acted as such. He kissed Sari again as he led her to a private booth and ordered a platter of cheeses and snacks for the both of them from one of the servants that wander unseen in the parlour. "What would you like to drink, Sari?"

Wandering over to one of the more private sections of her Parlour, she happily kissed Noor back. Sitting down in the private booth, she smiled over at him. "Hmmm...maybe a nice red wine? Malbec is nice. I'd be happy with that." She takes a small piece of cheese and pops it in her mouth happily. "You know all of my weaknesses by now, don't you?" She chuckled quietly and smiled.

Grabbing a wedge of cheese himself Noor replied, "Just a small something to keep our energy up," he grabbed the bottle of wine that the servant provided for them and poured a glass of Malbec for Sari and one for himself. He set them close by, but not so close that they would be knocked over by any rough housing. Then he picked one of the little truffle candies from the platter and presented it to Sari, "Sweet for my Sweet?"

She chuckled at the mention of keeping their energy up. "Are you worried you can't keep up, love?" She raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. Taking a sip of the wine, she smiled as he offered her a truffle. Leaning forward, she opens her mouth for the treat. Licking at Noor' finger as he feeds it to her. "Mmmm...gotta love sweets." She winks at him and reaches under the table and squeezes his thigh, running her fingers up towards his hip.

He tenses lightly as she runs her hand up his leg, "No, but I plan on having an... extended session with you cutie." He took a sip of wine himself and pulled Sari in closer to him, kissing her shoulder and neck. One hand, he reached behind her back and caressed her sides and hip, the other, he placed on top of her hand that was tracing his thigh.

Sari looked into Noor' eyes. "An extended session, huh? Sounds good to me, babe." She shivers as he kisses her shoulder and neck. A small moan escapes her lips and she blushes a light pink. Tracing patterns on his thigh now, she scratches at him lightly, watching his reactions to her touch.

Sari got a couple of leg jerks from him as she changed up her touching and scratched his leg. "Hehe, come a little closer babe," He grinned devilishly and slid tight right up next to her, his hand that was rubbing up and down her sides slid up the back of her dress as he continued to rub her back. A couple more minutes of caressing between them and Noor picked Sari up, and straddled her across his lap, facing him. He held his legs out wide so that her bottom was suspended between slightly. "How many times have I told you how hot you are, Sari?"

Sari smiled as he jerked his leg about; she loved teasing him. She grinned back at him as he slid up next to her, caressing her all over. Her hands went exploring as well, running up his back to stroke the back of his neck. She squealed lightly as Noor picked her up, placing her on his lap, facing him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she grinned and flushed a bit more. "Hmmm...I don't know how many times you've said that love. But I still love it when you do..." She blushed and leaned forward to kiss him softly on the lips.

"You’re hot, Sari," He replied. When she kissed him, he flicked his tongue across her lips seeking entry until she parted them and began wrestling her tongue with his. He relished the feeling of her hands upon his back and neck and returned to her in kind. His hands continued to rub as his fingers traced the lines of her shoulder blades and the contours of her back. In a deft move, he plucked the clasp free of Sari's bra and smiled at her reaction.

She blushed even deeper at his compliment, lowering her eyes bashfully. Parting her lips for his kiss, she suckled and nibbled at his tongue, hungry for his taste. Running her hands over his back and through his hair, she groaned as his hands caressed her. Shivering at his touch, she gasped as he deftly unhooked her bra. Her face growing dark red again, she was grateful they were in one of the private areas of her Parlour, away from prying eyes.

Noor felt empowered by Sari's reactions to his ministrations. He began dandling her on his legs, making her bounce up and down slightly. Spread as she was on his legs, her dress had risen up considerably, but bouncing now, the bottom of her butt was exposed with a very fashionable thong underneath, that wasn’t all string. He leaned forward and snuck an ice cube into his hand from the ice box on the table. Trailing kisses up and down her chin, neck and collarbone, he waited until the ice cube had a good watery skin on it before kissing it to her skin, just between the top crevice of her ass. "Surprise Hottie!" He grinned next to her cheek.

Sari chuckled as Noor bounced her up and down. With her breasts freed from her bra, they were nearly jumping out of her dress. Her dress was riding further and further up her thighs, exposing her bottom between his legs. Moaning lightly as Noor kisses her neck down to her collarbone. She yelps as she feels the ice cube on her crease, almost jumping against Noor! "Naughty!!" She blushes and leans in to tease the sensitive spot beneath his ear with her tongue.

The hair on the back of his neck raises as Sari tickles his neck with her tongue. He stopped bouncing her for the moment, continuing to play with the ice cube up and down her spine. "Hahaha, I'm more than naughty, Miss Foxy," Noor whispered into her ear, and traced the cube back down her back, it would have roasted against her if it wasn’t water. "I can be downright... ornery, and slid the ice cube down, between her buttocks, right onto the bud of her rear.

She chuckled as she noticed the hair on his neck rising. Licking and kissing him on that sensitive spot, she smiles as he stops bouncing her as well. Shivering as he runs the ice cube up and down her spine, she nips at him as he whispers in her ear. Feeling him slide the ice cube down further, she yelps as he places it right on her bud. The entrance puckering lightly as the cold shocks her warm flesh. Digging her nails into him slightly, she groans. "Well, don't stop there," she growls into his ear.

Noor grunted as she dug her nails into his skin, and flexed his muscles around the dig spots. He pulled Sari in closer so that their crotches were grinding next to each other. Then he dipped the ice cube between her sex and ass before returning to her bud. Rapidly melting, Noor pushed lightly, but with intent, "Don’t worry, I won’t" and with a slick *bloop*, the rest of the ice cube disappeared into her butt.

Whimpering and whining as Noor traces the ice cube near her sex, then back to her ass, she cries out as he pushes it inside of her. Gasping lightly, she grinds against him harder, reaching down between her legs to grope and rub at his crotch. Sari kisses at him hungrily now, biting and suckling at him. Her passion and lust for him pushed to the edge by the cold ice melting within her.

"Oh.. you like that huh?" Noor managed to say between her affections. Grabbing another ice cube, he slid it along her stomach and played with her navel in a mock ''fucking'' motion a couple of times before sliding it up under her shirt to her breast and against her nipple. When this cube had a good sheen on it as well, he traced it around her body to her butt again, and pushed slowly again, until the muscles of her rear gave way to the slippery skin of the ice. "How about another one?"

She managed to smile and nod as he asked her whether she liked it. As if he couldn't tell?! She moaned as he played another ice cube along her flesh; sucking her breath in with a hiss as he teased her nipple with it. She felt him sliding it around to her back and down to her ass and groaned. Shivering as he pushed it into her, she nodded vigorously as he asked if she wanted another one. Despite the water dripping from her, she was more than turned on by the cold sensation within.

Continuing his devious smile, Noor plucked another ice cube from the icebox and put it in his mouth, working up a good wetness as he pecked her chin and neck. He had her lift up for a moment while he unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiffening cock. When she sat back down, he left snail trails of precum along her mound as they continued to grind against each other. Moments later, he took the cube from his mouth, and pressed against her ass again, until it yielded and swallowed the third cube. "That's three, are they all still there? Should I feel around for them?" He joked with an increasingly addled Sari.

Sari was having a hard time concentrating at this point. As he released his cock from the constraints of his pants, she whimpered when he didn't immediately take her. Grinding even more excitedly against him, she moaned each time she felt him press against her. As Noor pushed the third ice cube into her, she cried out loudly, not caring who might hear her. He asked if they were all still in her, but she was sure the first must've melted away by now. Shaking her head, she groaned and pressed her body against him. Sari whispers in his ear. "Take me, please!"

Noor kissed an aggravated tear away from her cheek as he continued to caress her back and fondle her bottom. Letting Sari stew for a few moments longer he replied, "Take you where? Sweetie? Yes, I'll take you to the city tomorrow." He smiled again at her face when she didn’t get what she wanted. He continued to rub against her, his own lust just as strong, but he had too much fun tormenting Sari like this. Given half the chance, she would turn the tables on him too.

Sari continued to grind against Noor. She huffed in protest when he teased her about taking her into the city. "You know exactly what I meant!" She stopped rubbing against him, clamping down with her strong thighs. Letting him move slightly, she leaned in to lick and hum against that sensitive spot of his. Nibbling between licks, randomly.

A tingling sensation crept up from his neck and spread over the left half of his head as Sari kept teasing him. Denying her long enough, Noor took his cock and slid the head up and down between her lower lips a few times, pulling away when she tried to push him in. "No, no, not before I say, hon." Serving his words, he slid up and down a few more times. God, he wanted her just as bad as she did for him, but he had to prove a point. Slowly he slid torturously into her up to the hilt, sealing themselves momentarily before he began to slide in and out of her and alternating bouncing her with his legs again. Before they had a rhythm going, he popped a fourth ice cube into her slick butt. "Is it getting chilly in here? Should I call for a servant to raise the temperature?" Noor whispered into her ear.

Crying out in protest as he teased and tormented her, she sighed as he finally slid inside of her. As he moved beneath her and bounced her on him, she moaned and sighed. Yelping again as he slid another ice cube into her, she almost laughed when he mentioned her servants. "No, silly...just keep fucking me!" Clasping her hands behind his neck, she gyrated her hips on him, grinding out her own passion at his expense.

Noor grunted as Sari undulated on him again and again. She was profusely wet, and the slick noises of their love made sticky smacking sounds as they met. He grabbed her bottom again and pressed her onto him, his cock filling her completely, "Yea... perfect fit, huh?" He let her wriggle on him when he didn’t begin pumping again and started to move at the same moment she protested.

Sari cried out each time Noor plunged into her. Bouncing happily on his lap, she whined as he grabbed her ass, pressing her to him fully. Nodding and writhing in his hands, she started to protest but he quickly started to pump in and out of her again. Her body over stimulated from all the teasing, she started to whimper and tremble. Her sex clenching at him again and again as she twirled her hips into him.

Noor felt her tighten considerably around him, gyrating along him. He felt every bit of her inner walls as she twisted and twirled on him. "Scream for me?" He whispered fiercely into her ear as he met her again and again, speeding up his own movements. God he was close! "Say how much you love it, babe!" He whispered again into her kissing.

Sari was squirming and bucking on his lap, her body shuddering with pleasure. At his prompting, she cried out for Noor. "Aaiiee! Noor! Please don't stop! Baby, you fuck me so good, please keep fucking me!! God, I love the way you fuck me...." Her voice trails off into a series of cries as she continues to orgasm on top of him. Her fluids flowing out of her. Her body clenches tightly and she feels another wave coming right after the first. Riding him hard, panting, she wails loudly, calling out his name repeatedly.

Noor grits his teeth and releases hard into Sari on her second orgasm. He continued fucking her as he spouts hot streams of cum into her. The spurts occurring when he is deepest into her. He whispered harshly as he replied to her exclamations, "Yea! Sari! Won’t Stop! I know I do! I am fucking you!! Christ, you’re fucking me wild!" He continues to push into her as she slowly drains him the first time, going softer. Her continued pumping stiffens him up again and he continues with renewed vigor. Grabbing two more ice cubes, he pushes them into her roasting butt, the heat from her orgasmic body, astounding.

Crying out fiercely, rocking against Noor hard, Sari shudders through her second orgasm. She groans as he continues to fuck her, bouncing herself on him now. As he pushes two more ice cubes into her, she shudders and cries out again. "Nooooooor!!!" Throwing her head back, she digs her nails into him again, her hips rotating wildly on top of him. Whimpering loudly, she can feel another orgasm coming already. "Oh God! You feel so good! I love you, baby!!" She leans in to kiss him, pressing her body into him, trembling hard.

Grunting hard, Noor keeps bouncing Sari upon him. He flexed his muscles again as she dug her nails into him. He responded to her by nipping and biting her neck the way she wanted it done the last time, leaving thin red love bites along her neck. "I love you too!" He muffled into her lips as he locked lips with her again. When her tongue ventured too far, he suckled it or trapped it in his teeth. Sari's bottom was incredibly wet from their fluids and the ice water leaking from her rear, but Noor showed no stopping with tormenting her bottom and plopped another couple of ice cubes into her butt. "I know four are in there, did the others melt? Or can you tell, my little fox?" He kept pumping her until he came hard again, thick viscous gouts creaming her insides. "Oh GOD, you’re a good fuck, babe!"

Her groans mixed with his grunts, and anyone outside the private area would have thought there were two beasts inside. Wet slapping noises could be heard as well as their bodies slammed into each other. She nodded quickly as Noor asked about the melting ice cubes. The water dripping from her mixing with her own fluids as they flowed down her legs...Crying out as he starts to cum inside of her, she whines and shudders yet again, collapsing against him and breathing heavily. "You too, too..." Panting lightly, she clings to him, afraid her legs are just too weak to hold her.

Passions within Noor ignited as he came into Sari the second time. He remained stiff and would not grant her a moments respite. He wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up, away from their snacks and drinks and pinned her against the cushioned seats of the private room. Slowly, he begins to move into Sari again, fucking her slowly, relishing the slickness of their mixed fluids. He speeds up slowly with each thrust, intent on making them both cum again.

She clings to him desperately as he lifts her, crying out as he presses her into the cushioned seats. She wraps her legs around him and meets his thrusts with her own. Her hips gliding up to join with his again and again. Faster and faster he pumps into her. She cries out loudly with each thrust. Her body trembling constantly now.

Noor continued rutting into Sari's trembling form. He was spent, but still hard, still wanting to cum again. He grunted with her as she cried. Every so often when he leaned in, he felt her body covered in sweat from their exertions, her tits incredibly hard from her continuing, roiling orgasm. And so it when for a few minutes. Noor felt himself getting closer to an orgasm, but the rise was rather slow until..."Yea, babe, yea, babe, fuck YEA~!" He tremored himself into Sari's long orgasm, but it was only pleasure between them, his sack spent previously...

He kissed her passionately when she could regain enough of her wits between just shaking and his thrusting.

Her body convulsing beneath him as he orgasms one last time, she cries out, utterly spent. Holding him close to her, she kisses him deeply. She slowly lowers her legs, breathing heavily, and just rests as he lies on top of her. "Goddamn, baby! That was fucking awesome!!" Smiling up at him, and kissing him softly, she sighed contentedly. "Thank you, sweetie...."

Panting, Noor slumped against Sari. "I know, Sari-babe, and you are most definitely welcome," He was pressed against her and felt every contour of her body as well as where they were joined. When he mustered the strength to leave her, a satisfying *plop* was heard between them. A few minutes of heavy petting ensued as they regained their senses and strength, more playful banter, than trying to rile each other up. Noor moved the table closer to where they were and wiped his hand on a towel before grabbing another cheese wedge. "Eat up, babe, we're not done yet..."


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