I Was Almost in a Triad

by Cassandra Ryan 2 years ago in taboo

Everyone should have a threesome, but not everyone should be part of a triad.

I Was Almost in a Triad

I went through a horrible break up about a year and a half ago, and after that I slept with as many people as I could.

It was pretty much a summer of hook-ups, usually unknowns, some regulars. But there was one in particular that was different than the other two.

It was in July and it was a one-night stand, but it was something I seriously considered doing twice, maybe more than that.

It was with a couple.

The guy was some rich dude from Dubai who came and left the country whenever he pleased, and his girlfriend was a gorgeous University graduate from Iran who lived here full time.

They wined and dined me, picked me up at 10 PM, brought me to a restaurant and paid for my food.

We went back to their place, and I could tell they’d never done something like this before.

Their relationship was one I didn’t quite understand. It almost seemed like a pseudo sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, since he paid for her apartment and gave her the money she needed and she was his arm candy.

We put on a movie, Evil Dead of all things, and about halfway through my phone pings.

She’d texted me, asking if I wanted to go to the bedroom and start alone because she was nervous and had never done this before. Neither had I.

We went into her bedroom, started kissing a bit, fooling around until we were both relaxed and got a couple of orgasms in, and then we brought him in.

How I thought the threesome would go wasn’t how it went.

I expected she and I to be the ones to perform for him, play with him. But boy, was I wrong.

They’d focused all of their attention on me. He went down on me for what felt like hours—and it could’ve been, time didn’t really exist to me amidst the overload of sensation.

She was kissing me all the while, her fingers tightening in my hair, closing her fingers around my neck, leaving bruises on my ribs.

I truly wasn’t expecting to be the center, and I wasn’t expecting to have their undivided attention, but I had it.

And I’m guessing it was good to them because as we were dressing, as she was fixing my hair and he was tying the back of my dress, they asked if we could keep doing this.

In fact, he asked if I could keep hooking up with his girlfriend and going out with her to keep her company when he goes back to Dubai.

I had seriously considered it. We texted for a couple of days after that, and tried to plan another date to see if it was more than a one-off.

I decided it would’ve been too complicated with them. They didn’t seem like people I could regularly enjoy being around unless sex was involved.

But, I’m still open to the idea of being in a triad or being the third to a couple.

To me, polyamory or being a third in an already stable relationship has to be more than sex, and I feel like with these two, that’s all it would have been.

We had nothing in common, and, sure, I was attracted to them both and they were attracted to me as well, but a relationship like this needs trust and communication.

And that was something that I didn’t picture happening with these two.

So, I said no.

I don’t think this kind of relationship is for everyone, and what they were offering wasn’t something I wanted to take up because of that.

(But do I think everyone should have at least one threesome? Hell yeah, it was fun.)

Cassandra Ryan
Cassandra Ryan
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