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What today's young women aspire to be.


With every generation comes new aspirations and it appears today's generation aspire to be Content Creators and Social Media Influencers. Not a bad inspiration goal but does it matter how you do it!

The model we are referring to in this blog is the Caribbean Queen living in Paris. How we came to know about her is quite strange but not unavoidable on the net. The profile that we actually joined was a fan of @meganecheryls , or in polite terms a fake account. After inviting her to participate in our brief blog interview with questions on beauty and Body Positivity the follow up question was wither this profile was real or fake ?

The question had to be asked because she had very few photos on there and and although the person in the photo looked the same there was something odd. They did not look alike at the same time. There seemed to be a different resemblance every time you saw a different photo.

i started to get the ense I was dealing with a fake profile. When I asked her if the profile was fake, she answered honestly to her credit then proceeded to say she was a fan of @meganecheryls and that she admires her. I personally had never heard of this Public Figure. I then asked what is it you admire about her as she sent photos of herself. The 2 photos I saw was of a similar looking woman but when she sent a 3rd it appeared suspect. I kindly asked the question of her age and if she was 18 and over. You needed to be at least 18 years of age to feature on our publications. She replied no but I am 16 and over. Like that made any difference. Just made the situation worse!

This is when I ended the discussion and thanked her for her time. I informed her that Urban Glam Life UK is a mature platform for 18 and over. And that is just for legal reasons. The platform encourages all women who take part to be at least 21 and over. We believe this is a age where your experience of the world can best shape your decisions and actions. Plus some people change for the worse once they start receiving public attention as well as Male attention. Some try and exploit it while some females don't understand that what you feel is exploiting the man is actually exploiting and degrading yourself. Its obvious what this Megan does but I wanted to hear from this participant. She could not tell me.

At 16 as much as you may feel and look like a fully grown woman being a woman is not just about having breast and ass. I am not going to stand here and say what it is to be a woman but I guess we all have a older figurehead who can explain and elaborate. It is just shocking that a female at 16 already wants to be a sexy female public figure. Not go to College or University or a qualify in a profession. Her 1st ambition is to exploit her sexuality and go to as many club nights as possible.

Wither this was a set-up or not I believe this was handled very carefully and hope we were able to advise this young lady that it is dangerous to do stuff like, it's highly inappropriate. Then to top it off the safety and safe-guarding elements. In a worse case scenario this could have been a minor exposing herself to all sort of unthinkable dangers. This is how people pedophile groom young girls. Not young women, young girls! I remember wanting to grow up faster but it was more so I can own my car and house and stay up late watching TV. It was never to sell my body or be sexualised.

The message in this story is not to preach or Judge but to highlight the lengths some young women of today are prepared to do by creating fake profiles using well known public figures or popular personalities. All because they want to create a platform for their own where they can secure thirsty guys to send money on Cash apps. If your a grown women I can not knock your hustle! However, at 16 years of age. I think school and education should be the focus until you can have the maturity to make sense of the world and how to maneuver within it.

We have not posted the photos of the young lady in question but we will show a pic or two from the real @meganecheryls

This time a real profile...

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