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I Tried the LELO F1s and I’ll Never See Sex the Same Way

This kit isn’t just a love life booster, it’s a lesson in intimacy.

By Caesar FinklePublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Created withLELO

Top Story - November 2019

Throughout my adulthood, I’ve experimented with toys. I’ve seen them evolve from cheap plastic chunks to high tech sex treats that give you complete control over the sensations you feel. That being said, I’ve always been a bit leery of “programmable” sex toys.

Every time I’ve tried a programmable sex toy, I couldn’t program it. I don’t know how to code, I don’t press the right buttons, nor do I seem to “get” it. My girlfriend Sadie knew this pain point, and she believed she could find a toy that suited my needs that delved into the smart tech side of things.

To help ease me into it, she got me a LELO F1s Developer's Kit Red designed for guys to use. For that, I’m forever thankful. Here’s what happened, what I got, and why it changed my life for the better.

She gave me a gadget called the LELO F1s.

To introduce me to the world of sex toys, Sadie decided to give me an F1s, from LELO. Sadie had been familiar with the LELO brand for a while, and had recently just purchased her own Sona 2 Cruise, making her very hot on the topic of toys. This is a men’s sex toy that allows us to feel new sensations around our members, have total control over our experience, and learn about our bodies.

This is LELO’s latest foray into the world of sextech, and it’s designed to be easy to program. All you have to do is download the app from iTunes and you’re good to go. That being said, I was pretty skeptical that I would actually enjoy this massager at first.

My first impression was a good one.

Admittedly, the moment I heard Sadie talk about giving me a LELO toy, I knew I was going to see something beautiful. LELO made waves in the sex toy industry primarily because they make toys that almost look like works of art.

Even when it just sat there in its box, it just looked so pretty. It’s the kind of upscale toy you know you can be a little proud of having in your bedroom. Inside the package was the toy, a plug setup, some personal lubrication, gloves, a starter guide, a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign, cleaning supplies, and a manual.

Yeah, it was well-equipped, to say the least.

I took a look at the specs and information.

The F1s is a specialty massager that has 10 different performance sensors that detect the toy’s speed, temperature, intensity, pressure, and direction. It links up to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Then, all you need to do to program it is to access the app where you get to choose what all the motors do.

To start having fun, all you have to do is slide yourself into the body-safe silicone massager, turn on the Red, and then use your app to program what it does. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to get a one-handed use of it, so holding your phone isn’t a problem if you need to do it.

Can it do intense?

I’m an intense guy, and that means my toys have to handle an intense use session. I’m not just talking about the durability, either. The sensations have to keep up, too. Thankfully, the F1s came with two major technology perks: SenSonic and Cruise Control.

SenSonic uses sonic vibrations to give you a more intense sensation that reaches deeper into your member. Cruise Control prevents power drops during intense use sessions, ensuring that you cross the finish line when you need to.

If you’re techy, the LELO F1s lets you make your own sex apps.

This is one of the very first male sex toys to come with an optional software developer’s kit. People who are decent coders can create a unique app capable of creating pattern sensations using the F1s, work on a stamina training routine, or more.

I could see how this could be incredibly useful for a geek. However, I’m not passionate about coding. Heck, I barely passed IT 101 in college. Thankfully, this toy also comes with an app that lets you control everything at your fingertips.

Here’s what happened when I gave the app a try.

My phone downloaded the F1s app quickly, and linking my toy wasn’t a problem. I had my F1s charged up, I was lubed up, and ready to go. The app interface was spectacularly easy to understand, just as Sadie promised, and this is only the demo version to play around with what's possible, according to LELO’s website. They’ll be rolling out other versions soon, created by their innovative users—there will be a competition soon, but more details will be available soon.

The app uses a bunch of gauges and level readings to tell you what your toy is doing. To change up what your toy decides to do, all you have to do is change the level using plus and minus buttons.

Oh, Sadie and I experimented quite a bit.

We started to take turns handing the phone to each other to see what happens if we changed around the dials. It didn’t take long for me to fully appreciate how intense the vibrations were, how versatile it was, and how uniquely different we could make each love session feel.

Though I’ve been known to get bored of men’s sex toys or feel numb, LELO’s F1s was a totally different story. I’ve never had such intense moments with a toy before! Saying it improved our foreplay is an understatement. It rocked my world, and so did Sadie’s use of it.

Despite the high tech build, cleaning it was a breeze.

I was pretty concerned about my new toy getting cleaned, but I knew I had to do it. My main concern was shorting out the toy due to water issues and potentially destroying it. Thankfully, it’s waterproof.

You can spritz the interior with a toy cleaning spray provided in your kit, or you can wipe the toy down with a wet wipe. Either way, cleaning literally took about five minutes at most. After a wipedown, it was good as new.

LELO just took my love life to the next level.

The F1s isn’t just the type of sex toy that gets you off; it’s the type that changes the way you see sex. Sadie and I now have new ways of exploring my body. She also gets to see what makes me tick, what drives me wild, and what I like.

It’s brought us closer together, helped me learn about my body, and yes, piqued my interest in coding. While I won’t be reaching for C++ books anytime soon, I still gained a newfound respect in people who develop these pleasurable apps.

This kit isn’t just a love life booster. It’s a lesson in intimacy that every man should enjoy.

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