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I love to watch you Undress in Front of Me

This is the most sexiest thing that a woman can do for me.

By David ThomasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

When I come home from a long day at work, all I wanna see you in is a red sexy dress in our bedroom and watch you twerk.

I love how you dance so seductively and when you get down to your lingerie I really get even more excited it hurts.

I love it when you wind and grind on me and you make me feel like I won the lottery and I don’t even gamble.

Just looking at you makes me want to take a bite out of you or make me want to get a taste or sample.

I would love it if you would touch me in those forbidden spots and make me feel real hot.

I would also love it even more if you would touch yourself in front of me and do it until you get enough.

I love it when you are very vulnerable with me when we are alone and you just seem to be in your zone and that means a lot.

You look even more beautiful while you are laying on the bed and giving me head and telling me to get on top.

And when I do I love it when you let me put my fingers in your mouth and scream and shout.

I love how your body shakes while I am thrusting in and out your body and you try to control how much you are holding it in.

But you end up giving in every time when we are skin to skin.

And you get more elated when you wrap your legs around my back and you can’t fight it and cannot hide it.

So you just lose all your inhibitions and let it all happen naturally while still looking so damn sexy.

I love looking into those dark brown eyes and grabbing those sexy thighs while I am deep in it. I can't believe how much I have missed this moment and I love that she is so in tune with our love making.

I love the sounds she is making and her lips are quivering every time I get into deep inside of her. I want to make love to her all night no stopping and keep the bed post rocking.

I love making her body slip n slide and make her so wet while I am cum inside her all through the night, because I am doing it right.

I love how she looks at me with those eyes as if she can't believe that I am capable of making her feel this way and she wants me to stay and keep on doing the same thing. So I give her what she wants and needs in a rough way.

By smacking her ass and eating her out and her cum so hard three or four times. I love giving to her doggy style and being so wild and free it is so captivating and astonishing, because I never thought she would be doing this with me.

I am even more in love with her now because she takes it like a champ and she feels so good and gets me so amped whenever I am making love to her.

And I can't think of any other way to show her that I love her. And how much I love being with her.

She is all that I need and want in a woman and I am sure she feels the same way about me.

I love everything you do for me and what I love the most is to see you undress in front of me.


About the Creator

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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    David ThomasWritten by David Thomas

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