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Hypnotized by My Sexy Delivery Girl

by Rhea Corvos 3 years ago in fiction
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Every time she comes, I come

I think I'm a pretty dominant kind of woman. I'm the executive of a huge company—think billions of dollars per year—and I have lots of people who count on me to tell them what to do. That's why I wanted to talk to you about your deliveries here. Every time you bring a package to my office, I somehow lose face with my staff. I can tell. An experienced manager always knows. So what are you doing? Spreading rumors? Opening my letters? Spill.

Oh, you have to show me? Well this should be interesting. Fine. Shock me. Wow me.

Interesting. It looks like a little round crystal on a necklace. Something you got at a gas station? I have to admit, I'm not impressed. It's got a nice sparkle, though. Easy to watch. If you stopped swinging it back and forth, I might be able to look at it better. I do want a closer look at it, actually. It's fascinating. Easy to look at. My eyes just follow it without resistance. Back and forth. It's relaxing. I can feel my body letting go. Better than a day at the spa. Yes, I do like going to the spa. I can remember the last time I was there. So relaxed. All my muscles got heavy and I just felt like I could let go. Just like I can watch and let go now.

Your voice is so nice to listen to. It's soothing. So is watching the crystal. I'm so tired. Sleepy. My eyelids feel like they're made of lead. It's even getting hard to think. Hard fuzzy. Yes. Heavy blink. Heavy eyelids. So very, very sleepy. Want to sleep. Must sleep. For Mistress. Sleepy... so sleepy...

I will obey you, Mistress.

So horny for you. Yes, Mistress. I will touch my nipples for you now. Yes. Yessss. So good. So sweet. Ah! So good to obey you! Let me lick your pussy, Mistress. Please let me lick your pussy. It's so sweet. I'm yours. I'm your slave.

Let me make you come hard. Please, Mistress. Please let me lick you as I finger myself. I need it so bad. I need to obey you. I must satisfy you.

Yes, Mistress. I'm your slave girl. I remember nothing of my life outside of that.

Yes. I will come to your apartment tonight and be your serving wench. I will serve you dinner, and it will make me very, very horny. I will masturbate for you. I will only come when you let me. I will masturbate for you all night long, again and again. Always horny for my Mistress.

I will forget all of this, Mistress. I am your helpless slave. I will forget and return to this hypnotic state when I go home tonight. Until then, I will have no memory of you hypnotizing me. I love it when you hypnotize me. Hypnosis makes me horny for you. Only you. Must obey my Mistress.

Please, let me come! I love to beg my Mistress!

Yes, Mistress. When I awake, I will be extremely horny but unable to masturbate. Oh god. Yes. Submission to you is pleasure.

Yes, Mistress. I will obey you. I will obey you. I will obey...

Ah—I... Sorry, I just zoned out for a minute. Whoo. Something—it's a little hot in here, don't you think? I did want to talk to you about something, but it can wait. In fact, I'm very busy and really need you to go now. Yes. What? Sure. I'll call you back in later when I'm less busy and I'll see you then. Fine.

See you later.

Rhea is a submissive and writer of hypnosis erotica. You can find more of her work on Amazon and MCStories or support her on Patreon. If you like her free erotic hypnosis stories, be sure to tip her!


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