How we meet

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I never though I would be able to live this life if it wasn't for you.

How we meet
Zurich, Switzerland.

Today he didn't have to work, so he stayed in bed with me. He grabbed and pulled me closer to him, he was really warm, something a little unusual since he is always cold to touch. He starts kissing and caressing me, I immediately corresponded, I love him and I want him. He quickly positioned himself on top of me, he went on kissing me from my lips to my neck, down to my chest, played with my breast, I couldn't contain my moans, he stopped and looked at me - I love you, he said, I smiled, I couldn’t say anything else because he immediately started kissing down my stomach to my hips, then to start licking, kissing and using his fingers on me. I couldn't stop moaning; it feels so good. - Make me yours please, I said quietly to him.

He laughed and came over me, kissed me while slowly going inside of me. I moaned quite loudly, he smiled, it feels amazing. He stopped for a minute to turn me over, doggie style how they called, pulling my hair till he finished inside of me. We cuddle for a bit until it was time to finally get out of bed and start our days. Out of bed while he checks work emails, I make the bed and open the curtains. -I can't believe I get more emails when I'm off from work than when I'm there-. I laughed and proceed to prepare a bath for both of us. We have a spacious bathroom with a big black marble bathtub/Jacuzzi, where we fit comfortably and we still have some extra space. With warm water and some bubbles, we went inside and helped each other with the scrubbing, - what are we doing today? remember tonight we have an event to attend at the museum-. He took a minute to answer my question as if he already forgot about tonight-. We can get breakfast outside and also shop for something to wear. - He finally said -. When is Roman returning from work? -. I asked hoping for it to be sooner than later. -Tonight, he will meet us at the event. - He said smiling and added - I miss him too-. I honestly couldn't be happier.

Vladimir and I have quite of a weird relationship, he is not my only husband, Roman is my other husband. I know it might sound quite strange for some, but it just happened. I meet them in different situations and at different times in my life. I meet Roman first, but we didn't establish a relationship until later on in my life. I meet him while riding the subway in New York City, it was an instant connection, but never saw him again after that day, until 5 years later, when I was with Vladimir at one of my books signing events. We saw each other and again our world busted into flames, Vladimir saw him and an immediate connection also sparked between them, as if they knew each other for a long time, Roman was a lawyer in the city, so meeting and dating him was a little complicated between busy schedules and travels, but it worked, he is older than me and Vladimir by quite some years, yet handsome nevertheless, pale skin, deep blue eyes, and white grayish hair.

On the other hand, I meet Vladimir in Switzerland in a black-tie event. I was wearing a long black dress with long sleeves and an open back; black heels and my long black hair straighten flowing down pass my shoulders like a waterfall at night. I'm not good at socializing or even good at enjoying events where there is a lot of estrangers invited. I took a glass of wine and went outside to the balcony of the room, a full moon in a pitch-black night sky, one of the most beautiful nights I have ever seen, while still looking at the moon I felt a presence approaching from behind. This amazingly tall, handsome man comes from behind with a glass of wine on his hand, dressed in all black suit and tie, with his long hair in a ponytail, -Beautiful is in it ?- He asks looking at the moon, I smile and look at the reflection of the moon in my wine glass, - indeed, it is beautiful-. I continue to enjoy my wine, didn't feel uncomfortable at all, I felt safe and surprisingly attracted to him.

I sat on the handrail of the balcony, I fell a weird sensation running through my veins, am I that type of woman? I thought to myself, I felt a longing feeling like if I were waiting for him to finally come to me. He came closer, looking directly into my eyes, - you look beautiful-, I smiled and thank him, we stayed in silence looking at each other, once I finished my wine I stood up and left the balcony where he stayed. Once in the event room, I said goodbye to a few of my coworkers and promptly left the event, outside my driver was waiting for me, and I spent the whole ride to the hotel contemplating how enchanting Zurich is at night cold, yet warm. I reached the hotel, quickly went to the lobby and into the elevator to my room, I was lucky enough to be upgraded to a private suite, with enough space for a whole family. The moment I stepped in on my room the phone rang - Good evening Ms. Brastdo. we have a gentleman inquiring about you in the lobby area he identifies himself as Mr. Engel-. the receptionist said with a low and timid voice as if she were being intimidated by this man. I smiled I knew who it was, - Thank you, would you tell him to meet me in the bar area of the ballroom please-. I said reaching for the lipstick I have in my purse, she proceeded to let him know, I thanked her and hanged up.

On the elevator I retouched my lipstick, why would he even want to see me again? I was nervous, but happy at the same time. 10 floors down I finally reached the ballroom, I see him standing at the bar. His height and musculature made him easy to find no matter how crowded a place could be, super tall, strong and calming black eyes, let's not forget his long black hair in a ponytail down his back. When he saw me approaching, he smiled and walked towards me, took my hand and kissed it, he knows how to impress people, escorted me to our table next to the window with the view of the moon and the city lights. -Pardon my manners, my name is Vladimir is my pleasure to be able to meet you-. Hearing is German accent peek through made me smile a bit, I really like this man and I just meet him - My name is Marie, the pleasure is all mine, what brings you here tonight? -. he nodded- after seeing you at the event I couldn't stop thinking about you as if I had met you before, I felt attracted to you-. I agreed with him I felt the same way as if I knew him. We ordered some drinks and enjoyed the rest of the night discovering things about each other. The clock hits 3 in the morning, we look at each other, - would it be wrong and inappropriate of me to ask you to stay?- I said looking at him, he smiled - not at all, would it be strange of me if I ask you to check out of the hotel tomorrow and spend the rest of your day in this country at my place?-. I smiled and agree to his request.

We took the elevator to my suite, the moment the door closed behind us in my room he pushed me against him, we started kissing and taking our clothes off. He knew where to touch and kiss me, and how to move once inside of me, he knew every inch of my body without seeing it before. Later on, I discovered he had his own company and was quite famous for it, we tried to live a private life, but everything changed when I became a writer and had to travel constantly, then at that point our relationship became public. Once Roman joined our life, we decided it was time to be in just one place and get a house, try our best to live a normal family life, including time for our intimate time and our business on the side.

Majorie Bastardo
Majorie Bastardo
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