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Hot Tub Loving

by David Woodhead 10 months ago in fiction

Sexy When Wet

Hot Tub Love

Saturday night, it is no normal Saturday night though, you are dressed up, hair and make-up done and you are ready to travel to a fancy hotel that I have booked for the two of us. You know there will be lots of excitement, lots of kissing and lots of naughty fun that you cannot wait for. Upon arriving at the hotel you receive a text from me that says, you should come straight to the room as I am not quite ready. You make your way up and you come to the front door of the room, there is a sticky note on the door that reads “please come in and follow the rose petals.” You smile to yourself realising I wasn’t late at all, I was always ready for you. You open the door and immediately spot a trail of rose petals leading to a table, on the table sits a bouquet of flowers with another sticky note attached. You approach the flowers and read the sticky note “if every flower could tell you that you are beautiful thousand times, it would still not be enough” your smile grows bigger. Another trail of rose petals leads from the flowers to the bed, you can hear soft music from the room leading from the bedroom as you pick up a note that is laid on the bed and it reads “I have longed for a taste of your beauty for an eternity or so it seems but tonight I will dine on the finest flavours that have ever graced my presence.” You look down and spot another trail that leads over to another table, sitting on the table as a champagne bottle with a full glass next to it, on it is a sticky note “take this glass and enjoy its contents.” The trail of petals leads into the next room, the room has a real fire and its burning away, crackling as the flames dance around inside the fireplace. There is a sunken Jacuzzi in front of the fire that is bubbling away and looks incredibly inviting. The trail of rose petals leads you to shelf above the fireplace, there sits another note that reads “I am so sorry forgive me for I have not told you yet....” As you think about what it is I’m going to tell you, you hear me say from behind you “that you look very beautiful tonight.” You turn to see me standing there holding a glass of champagne the room is filled with candles, there is no electric light, it’s cosily lit by just the candles and the burning fire and soft music plays in the background. I walk towards you and you look into my deep blue eyes, you can see I’m totally genuine when I tell you “and I mean you really are beautiful and damn sexy too.” You thank me for the compliment before I lean in and gently kiss your lips.

You never expected you’re welcome to be as warm and as romantic as this but you are more than happy with it. After some kissing, there is a knock at the door and I go and open it up to room service, I bring in a tray and place it on a table with a large candle burning on it and invite you to come and sit down. You ask me curiously what we are having for dinner and I lift the silver cover off your plate to reveal your favourite dish and you smile at me before kissing me again and we get down to enjoying dinner. There is lots of flirting and dangerous talk during dinner and at the end I stand up take your hand and pull you towards me, holding you closer you could feel my heartbeat almost bursting through my chest. I kiss you again softly but passionately and confess that I cannot stop thinking about kissing you when I am not actually kissing. As we get deeper into each other in the kissing becomes hotter and more passionate hands start to explore each other’s bodies through our clothing. I suggest that we slip into the hot tub and enjoy some more champagne and each other, as I slowly undo the zip on the back of your dress and it falls to the floor you undo my shirt pull it off me and we remove the rest of our clothing before slipping into the Jacuzzi. The water is warm and bubbly, the fire still crackling away in the fireplace and the candles still dance around in the darkness. The music still play softly as we sip on some more champagne and you feel my hand grab yours under the water and pull you towards me. I kiss you again like I am addicted to your taste, as I pull you against my body you can feel my hardness pressing against your stomach there is no hiding the fact that you are really turning me on. Your hands slide underneath the water reached down and wrap your hand around it, feeling it throbbing in your hand as you are beginning to play with it and the kissing becomes more intense. My hands reach around to your bum and lift you up and you wrap your legs around my waist your arms around my neck and I sink back down into the water so our heads are the only things above it. You are wrapped around me as I kiss you and play with your hair, and kisses start to move around to your cheek and your ear for kissing your neck as my hand is tangled in your hair you can feel my hardness pressing against you almost begging for entry and you are so excited you want it, oh you want to give it entry. There is plenty of time and I am taking my time kissing you and exploring you with my hands underneath the water until I can’t take it any more and I lift you up out of the water and place you on the side of the Jacuzzi. I run my hands up your legs as I stare into your eyes and I look down to see you for the first time, you are already moist and I lean forward and gently kiss your sweet pussy after planting a few gentle kisses upon it, I start to hungrily lick you. You feel it softly very gently exploring you, it feels so good the crackling of the fire and the soft music barely does enough to drown out your soft moans as my tongue explores you. My hands running up and down your thighs your waist and exploring your body, you look down at me occasionally running your hand through my hair and pulling me harder onto you, my tongue explores all of you and every now and again concentrates on your most sensitive part before plunging inside you as far as I can get it and then back to your sensitive area again and then back to exploring. Doing this relentlessly for what seems like only a few minutes but actually lasting good length of time until you finally, cum all over my tongue and the noise of the music and the fire are no longer able to drown out your moans.

You try to regain your breath as I lift you off the edge of the Jacuzzi, you wrap your legs around me again as we sink back into the water and we begin kissing each other again as you now ache to have me inside you. You can feel the tip of my hard cock rubbing against you as it teases your sweetness under the warm bubbly water, holding you with one hand my other grabs my hard cock and you feel it positioning itself to finally enter you. You feel the tip of it slide inside you and you let slip a moan as you now sink down, allowing it to slide further into you as you gently slide up and down as you begin to kiss me again and my hands wrap around your bum cheeks and I begin to thrust upwards with my hips forcing myself further into you. You are riding me hard now as the water splashes around you and you get into a rhythm that feels amazing as you feel me sliding in and out of you. I lift you off me and I push you towards the edge of the jacuzzi and hand you your glass of champagne, from which you take a large drink as I stand behind you, your tits pressed against the edge of the Jacuzzi. I start to kiss the back of your neck as my hands gently massage your shoulders, and I kiss and lick your neck and move down to your shoulders my lips as my hands track the way down the sides of your body. My tongue ever so gently barely touching your skin glides all the way down your spine as my hands grip your bum underneath the water. My tongue reaches the base of your spine before so very slowly again barely touching you, glides all the way back up your spine to the back of your neck and my hands slide gently up the sides your body reach around and massage your tits. I whisper in your ear “my God you are so sexy, I have to be inside you again.” You feel my hands glide down to your hips and position you so that I can gently rub the tip of my cock up and down your pussy teasing it before gently penetrating from behind. You grip the edge of the Jacuzzi with your hands as I gently fill your pussy with my throbbing hard meat, I gently begin slowly softly fuck you. You feel my hands sliding up and down your body exploring it as my hips gently slide myself in and out of you, long slow gentle thrusts giving in to your soft moans. I gently kiss you from behind as you turn to me and then kiss the back of your neck and your shoulders as I move my body up close to yours and begin to thrust a little bit harder and a little bit deeper. As I grip your hips and pull you harder onto me and I begin thrusting hard and fast you grip the edge of the Jacuzzi harder and now your moans way too loud for the music to drown out. I grab your hair pull your head back so I can kiss your neck as I fuck you as hard as I can and as fast as I can. The water splashing everywhere as my hard throbbing cock plunges in and out of you until you are about to cum all over my shaft. Your orgasm is intense and judder through your body as I grab you and pull you close to me and your orgasm travels through you and I hold you tightly in my arms. Gently kiss you and blow on the back of your neck and my lips make their way to your ear and I whisper “you are amazing, you feel amazing, you taste amazing and we are in for a long night.”

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David Woodhead

I am an ex military guy who is into writing Erotica, Poetry and Short Stories.

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