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Comfort words

By Carol TownendPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
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Hold on to your dignity

Onward and upwards every day

Positive blessings in everything you do

Empowerment: To stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the world thinks of you for it.

To have hope is to think positively about the future.

  • Hope can bring good things.
  • Hope can bring encouragement and motivation
  • Hope can help in negative times
  • Hope can shine a light when you are sad
  • Hope means holding on to the positive when things go wrong
  • Hope means finding a light at the end of the tunnel
  • Hope can bring peaceful thoughts to mind
  • Hope enables us to achieve our goals
  • Hope means hoping for the best every day

It is easy to trap ourselves in the darkness that life can bring. We see pain, trauma, and heartache every day. We cannot change everything that happens in the world, and we cannot control how the world is run.

We can hope for the best in everything we do, and we can shine a positive light on those we meet who are going through their own sadness.

Maybe you or someone you know has lost a loved one, maybe you or someone is going through a rough period, or maybe you or someone has suffered from severe trauma.

Maybe you or someone feels that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe the loneliness that you are feeling feels like it will never end.

We all need a little positivity during hard times.

However difficult things seem, and no matter how long those difficulties remain; there is always hope.

With hope we can bring healing to ourselves and to others.

We might feel that the pain will never end, and we all go through pain. We all lose people and things that we can't get back.

Hope can carry us forward through the darkness.

We have to walk through the darkness until we find the light.

It can feel like we may never find the light but hope can carry us forward through the bad and lead us to the good.

Some days we tell ourselves,

'there is no hope,'

Many events such as death can make us feel like this.

I too have lost people I love through death. My gran, my stepdad, two of my best friends, an auntie, and an uncle.

I recently lost another baby too.

However, I can't change what has happened, but I can hope to find joy in everything that I do in daily life.

I only have to work through the pain and find the light inside me.

I can work through the darkness and find strength in the pain.

That strength won't bring back who I have lost, but it will encourage me and give me hope. I will find the courage to continue my dreams no matter how I feel right now.

And I feel sad right now.

On top of losing my baby, I recently attended a Roger Waters concert U.K. in which he spoke about his own pain and loss.

I heard his story and watched the videos with tears in my eyes.

I spent the last 20 years believing that nobody would ever understand the pain that my losses and trauma had brought to me.

I especially thought that nobody understood what it felt like to sit with the pain of the domestic violence I had been through, without a voice to speak out with, or my anger at the world for portraying violence as being normal.

20 years of pain and suffering in silence, while being victimized by those around me, nearly killed me.

However, no matter what anybody thinks of me. I stand by my views.

I won't sit in silence while women, children, and men suffer from such injustice in the world.

Roger Waters breathed new life into me.

He made me understand that I had every right to speak out about the pain in this world, and the pain inflicted on myself.

I sat in silence long enough, while the people who were supposed to help me blamed me.

I also sat in silence after that, while I watched the world fall apart around me.

I took a lot more hope away from that concert. I watched the screen as he listed all the people who have suffered worse injustices than me, some were women, some were men, some were children,

And some suffered at the hands of the authorities who were meant to help and protect people.

They suffered from unfair treatment, famine and war.

I have never been to a concert that empowered me and left me more heartbroken when I realized that people were suffering everywhere in this world.

Many don't agree with my own stance on the world, but I no longer care about that.

If we don't speak out, the world will continue to crumble; and while we can't change everything, we can bring hope and hope brings change to the world.

I'm not a political person because politics gets us nowhere when it comes down to violence, discrimination, and justice

I and my family have suffered too long in many heartbreaking ways at the hands of this uncaring system.

But I still hold hope for change and a light for my family and everyone else who has suffered.

I have hope, and hope gets me through.

I'm done with arguing over politics, and I'm done with seeing people suffer.

After all, nobody ever came through for me and my family when we suffered at the hands of violence and lost home after home for it.

And, nobody wants to come through for us now my husband has disabilities which caused him to have to leave work after 30+ years in nursing

He gets paid benefits now, and that is peanuts compared to what he got paid as a nurse.

He has also been waiting for a good few years for disability adaptations.

He struggles with pain all day and all night, he can't manage the stairs, he can't manage to get to the car well on the road without putting himself at risk, and he is always falling because this council house is not right for him.

We would have bought a home if we could, but we couldn't even afford that when he was working.

We asked about downgrading and we were told it wouldn't make a difference.

Yet, we still hold out hope that things will get better because without that we have nothing to keep us going.

Hope is the key to change, politics is the key to destroying our lives.


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