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Home is the place of reason

Home is the place of reason

By Alyson KoestlerPublished 4 months ago 7 min read

It is often said that home is not a place for reason. "There is no cure for an evil son and a stubborn wife. Is it impossible to have a quarrel with such a shrew all day? It must have happened a few times, but he had no choice but to pretend to be deaf."

This "wisdom" is rubbish. Home is the most important classroom for citizenship training.

Home isn't just a place for reasoning. In addition to reason, we still need care, understanding, tolerance and love. To say that "home is no place for reason" is a bit mushy. To "home is an unreasonable place", is to stir up. Of course, there is a lot of learning and interest in how, who and when to tell the truth.

At home in such a safe environment, are not reasonable, out of the house, and how to reason in society? Home is the most effective and necessary place for citizenship training. A lot of how we behave in society comes from how we behave at home. Conflicts at home, can not find a compromise way to solve contradictions in society, I am afraid is empty talk. Living on deception in the home, to the society, also a wu gaizai demeanor, can't face reality. How many contradictions in the "big picture", which one is not an amplification of the problem in the small family environment?

To say that home is not a place to be reasonable is to put yourself in a situation where you can't be reasonable, which is usually the self-deprecation of feminist opportunists. When it comes to profits, these people tell you that men and women are equal. Speaking of truth, she will play the weak, want you tolerance. But being vague and painful is not the answer. Endure temporary problems, eventually have to come out, even again and again, it is better to be brave, put the problem on the table, calmly face.

A family, like a barrel, will eventually fall to the level of the most unreasonable person. If the two sides do not join hands to grow up together, and rely on unreasonable harmony, is helpless "vague pain". It will eventually create more problems than it solves. Reason to give way, is rough, family is no longer a warm harbor. Being harsh and rude will lead to cracks in the relationship, and one or both partners will find other emotional comfort. Flies do not stare at seamless eggs, others take advantage of.

If you have a child, such an environment, let the child see the adult world, not who is reasonable who wins, but who is big mouth who wins, who is loud who wins, who is tough who wins, this is for children, what kind of education?

I love my family

Two, a man with a good wife will not suffer

Wen/easy water cold

A man quarreled with someone on the street and went under the knife. When he was put in jail, his wife went around with a banner. Some people say this is a good wife, for her husband dare to go to the front. Some people also raised a little doubt: as the saying goes, "a man with a good wife does not suffer from bad things." Instead of crying and arguing for reason afterwards, it is better to persuade her husband to tolerate more. What does a wife do? It's to make trouble, not to make trouble. You don't plan for a rainy day, and you look so brave when things happen. You don't have to be brave to be a wife. It is better to be virtuous than brave.

It's a harsh question, but it's not unreasonable to think about it. As a virtuous wife, usually should tell her husband not to drink driving, do not run the red light, do not be greedy, do not care too much about trifles, especially do not fight with people, everything let three points. In a sense, a man is not a complete man until he gets married. He is educated by his parents, he is educated by school, and society influences him. His outlook on life and world seems to have been formed, but the influence of his wife on his husband is ignored. The wife's sermon, is also part of the family. Wives and husbands spend every day together, touching each other, saying and doing things that the husband is more acceptable. Why do people often emphasize blowing pillow side wind from ancient times? All because of the effect of the pillow wind, immediate results. Of course, men who love their wives and children are subjectively more willing to accept these ideas and principles. Once this acquired character is built, it will be very firm. "A man with a good wife does not get into trouble" is also sometimes said as "a man with a good wife does not get into trouble". In fact, the two can be universal. If he does not get into trouble, he will not get into trouble.

Another function of a good wife is to nip mischief in the bud rather than let it grow. See bad things are going to happen, to persuade timely, will be minor. A colleague said he and his wife went to the wet market and asked a fish seller about the price. Selling fish pronunciation is not clear, colleagues can not hear, ask a few more words. The fish seller suddenly snapped: "Bumpkin, can't you buy it?" The colleague was also angry, replied: "how can I afford it, how can I not afford it?" "Don't ask if you can't afford it, hillbilly!" Colleagues said he had a hot brain, at that time to start with each other, but his wife stopped him, repeatedly to sell fish to accompany not, and then dragged him quickly away. Later, his wife said, "The fish seller has a knife in his hand and can fly here at any time. If we really want to start fighting, we will suffer. Besides, how can you be a scholar, with a higher income and status than others? How can you be any more true than a common man? It's not cool to argue or win a fight or win a fight. Although he is provocative, there are too many unfair things in this society. If we can't get rid of the wicked, we have to avoid them, OK?" Once or twice, colleagues say, his awe grew and he became less irritable.

A good wife should also have enough wisdom to deal with the aftermath. When something happens, you can't freak out. Going back to the example from the beginning, the man stabbed someone and was given a heavy sentence by the court. Some say that if you apologize to the victim s family, promise to pay compensation, and get understanding from the victim, the judge might consider the case. The judgment will be based on law, but it will also be reasonable. To reason with people at the same time to be reasonable, is also a way of doing things, only to try to be quick, will only worsen things.

Surely some people will say that if anything happens to a man, it's his wife's fault? Of course not.

The wife regardless of her husband, let it along the "horizontal" direction all the way running, there are two cases, one is not tube, dare not tube. Some men cheat, take drugs, fight, tease other people's wife, parents, friends, wife, children do not advise him, ask a word he will turn over, such extreme natural is the rhythm of death, we can only watch him encounter misfortune. Another situation is on the contrary, the wife thinks the husband dare to think dare to act is enough kind, like a man. She not only do not advise her husband, but also their own trouble, in the subway is a rub, immediately pull people quarrel, with people a little unhappy, immediately poured rolling, will make things big, like the sketch played by Guo Donglin, quarrel with neighbors let her husband give his head, finally or husband warned her "impulse is the devil", advised her to stop. A woman like that, she's gonna end up with her husband.


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