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Hisao's Deal

by J. Rivers 2 years ago in lgbtq
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Chapter One

Hisao was poised several inches from his former leader’s face. He was at full stretch, balanced between the two ends of the single bed that the man below him was currently sleeping in. His prize was glinting invitingly from underneath the brunette’s fur-lined jacket. It was his literal key to freedom.

He took a breath, preparing to make his move; this was it. Caeleb hadn’t let his guard down once, until now...

Hisao felt the tip of a knife press against his stomach. It had sliced cleanly through the t-shirt he’d been given to wear, and he couldn't help the reflexive flinch as the cold blade pricked his pale skin. He’d been so close.

"You know," Caeleb said softly, staring up at him with piercing green eyes that offered no pity whatsoever. "You can't take your magic back."

Hisao smiled his best Cheshire Cat grin, even as his heart sank. "Bossman," he purred.

"You gave up the right to use that title a long time ago. Now tell me," Hisao felt the blade slice into his skin and tensed imperceptibly, ready to move at a moment's notice. "Why, exactly, are you playing at being a Spider above my bed?"

"Would you believe me if I said that it was a surprise?" Hisao crooned and watched as Caeleb tilted his head on the pillow.

That was when he felt it; Caeleb's magic had been invisibly seeping out from his skin as they'd talked and now it brushed against his feet. Without a seconds thought, he flipped himself into a handstand and chided, "Now, was that really necessary? You know I don't keep secrets from you, Master." The last word came out as more of a snarl than a simper, but Caeleb smiled all the same.

"Of course, Hisao," he said, sitting up and stretching languidly. He watched the still upside down 'Gladiator' and allowed his gaze to take in his perfectly sculpted torso, licking his lips in apparent delight as a bead of blood trickled lazily towards his left pectoral. "You're not the type to scheme or plan at all. You're entirely transparent."

His eyes flashed dangerously when Hisao bent as if to join him on the bed. "Did I give you permission to move?" he demanded.

The Gladiator didn't answer.

"Don't make me ask you again," Caeleb warned, leaning forward to stop Hisao's t-shirt from falling over his face. "You remember what happened last time, don't you?" Their eyes met and, reluctantly, Hisao nodded.

"Good boy," Caeleb mocked, softening his words with a knife-thin smile. "Now answer my question."

Hisao's pride warred with his instinct for self-preservation. Glaring and gritting his teeth, he finally relented. Dropping his gaze to the pillow in front of him, he said, "No, Master, you didn't."

"Well done," Caeleb said, patting his side as if he were a dog who'd learnt a new trick.

His praise felt like the first warm rays of the morning sun, and he hated it. The man began to stroke at his exposed chest, leaving a trail of heat and desire that was so perfect that Hisao felt like he might die without it. He closed his black eyes, denying Caeleb the satisfaction of seeing the effect he was having upon him, but as the man allowed his magic-infused touch to linger around his throat, there was no way to hide the bulge that was forming in his pants.

Hisao felt Caeleb's breath against his ear. "Such a good boy," he said, and chuckled when he saw goosebumps run up his side. "I think we can take that top off now. Damaged goods aren't worth keeping around."

Hisao didn't trust himself to talk and simply nodded, allowing the t-shirt to pool and slide over his head, landing in a crumpled heap on top of his now white fingers.

"Up," Caeleb said, patting at the Gladiator's left wrist. Hisao lifted his hand, and Caeleb slipped the t-shirt free. "And the other one," he said, sounding far too happy about the situation. Hisao switched hands and opened his eyes in time to see his top landing in the trash. "Much better."

Despite the lump in his throat, Hisao found his voice. "You've gotten yourself almost full access, why leave things half-finished?"

"I suppose I could..." Caeleb's magic moved with his gaze, and Hisao's arms almost gave out beneath him. "You see, the only problem is that meat tastes so much better after it's been left to hang for a while..."

No, Hisao thought. No, don't do this to me.

Caeleb glanced at the clock on the wall of his room and stood up, playing with the key that hung on a delicate chain around his neck. "Stay," he said as he headed for the door. "If you're good, I'll bring you a treat." His eyes flickered almost imperceptibly to the camera nestled neatly amongst the books on the highest shelf by the door.

Without a backwards glance, Caeleb left, locking the door behind him.


Having his magic locked within his body because of Caeleb's stupid ‘Specialist’ ability meant that Hisao knew that he wouldn't tire. Even without it, he could’ve held the handstand for hours, but his Sealing meant that he didn't have to worry about blood pooling in his head or hands.

His magic was flowing freely within his body, searching for anything to do and fixing any little thing that might go wrong; his muscles wouldn’t even tire. In this state, he may have been acutely vulnerable to outside sources of magic, but, at least he didn’t have to worry about collapsing.

His only problem right now, was boredom.

Well, the fact that he couldn’t leave the room was also an issue, but it was mainly the boredom.

Usually, it was a non-issue. He'd spent days at a time in meditation, weeks and months by himself hunting his prey and years training in remote and isolated areas. But the problem was, that back then, he'd had his magic - and he'd been free.

It was amazing the difference a little freedom made to the mind. He supposed that there was a certain amount of - he shuddered as he thought the word - safety in bondage, in belonging to someone else. You were no longer your responsibility; you were their problem. But for someone like him, it was a special kind of torture.

No longer was he the one freely choosing to annoy his ex-boss by performing crazy acrobatics on his bed, or watching his prey squirm. No longer was he the one waiting to see if his victim would choose complicity or death. No, he was the one facing that decision.

Being on this side of the deal was a lot less fun.


After an hour, he closed his eyes and allowed the ticking of the clock to numb his brain. He focused on his breathing and went to the quiet place in his mind where time, pain and hunger no longer mattered. He drifted and only came back when the sound of a careless hotel guest bumping into the door jerked him from his meditations.

He hated the spark of hope that flared at the sound.

It was an hour after that, that Hisao heard the key turning in the lock. He maintained his pretence of meditation, but almost broke as the smell of freshly cooked Takoyaki wafted through the room. His stomach groaned. He hadn't eaten in over a day.

"If you want the food, you'll have to open your eyes," Caeleb said, and Hisao heard the metal bedsprings creak as his captor sat in front of him.

Hisao's mouth was watering, but he managed a languid lift of his brow as he lazily opened his eyes. Looking at the clear plastic box sitting atop Caeleb's lap, he asked, "Are they for me? Oh, Caeleb, you do care after all!"

Despite himself, Caeleb let out a chuckle. "I'm a man of my word Hisao. Besides, what kind of owner would I be if I let my pet go hungry?"

"Want me to bark for you as well, Master? Should I beg? Or would you prefer that I-" Hisao's words were cut off when a Takoyaki ball was stuffed unceremoniously into his mouth.

"Remember to chew before you swallow," Caeleb said mildly.

Hisao glared, but survival won out over pride, and he began to chew his food. Smiling, his boss turned to inspect the wound on his stomach. It had scabbed over nicely, and the cut itself wasn't deep.

Caeleb had watched on the monitor as Hisao had scratched at the drying blood, using it as an exercise to maintain his calm. He hadn't touched the wound. There were still three days left on the contract which should be enough for the skin to fully heal. If not, he would have Marcy take a look at it. She was good at her job and no wound was too small for her to heal. She understood all too well what infection could do to the body.

Her little brother hadn’t died in vain, though. It had been helplessly sitting by his bedside while he’d succumbed to sepsis that had brought Marcy’s magic to the fore, and that, Caeleb knew, had saved far more lives than would have otherwise been saved, had the tragedy not occurred. Life was cruel and sometimes woefully short, but everything happened for a reason.

No one cared what happened to the people in Man o’Gall City. They never had. He was the only one who had clawed himself up from the filth rubbish heaps to make something of himself. He’d taught himself to read using the discarded books of the very people who refused to acknowledge that he even existed. He’d learned how the world outside Man o’Gall worked and played them all for fools.

He had given his people a purpose again, and turned their suffering into a weapon for change. He’d brought back the drugs the other cities had previously refused to sell them, by force when necessary. He’d saved the lives of unwanted babies, left outside to die when no one else would and hand-picked those strong enough to help him with his mission.

The world wasn’t going to ignore Man o’Gall City. Not any more. It wasn’t going to be known as the City of the Damned for much longer. It was the City of the Brave, the Strong and the Resourceful. It was the City of Life.

He licked his lips and resisted the urge to brush his fingers through Hisao’s jet-black hair. It was wonderfully thick and complimented his eyes perfectly, but the man never spoke of his past. He’d left Caeleb’s Gang years ago, and gone on to find monumental success within the Arena Circuit.

He hadn’t mentioned where he’d come from once and that alone was enough to stoke the fires of endless rage within Caeleb. The thought of showing the world what he was capable of doing to it’s adopted ‘Champion’ after he’d turned his back on their hospitality was more than tempting but he’d need time. He’d have to build up to his big reveal and that meant that it would be entirely unfair to send the man back with an injury, no matter how minor. That wasn't part of their arrangement, after all and he was a man of his word. The world may not have principles, but he did.

It'd been interesting to see how Hisao had evolved over the months since their initial deal.

"I know what you're doing, you know," Hisao said, breaking him from his thoughts.

"Really," Caeleb said as he examined the skin around the scab and watched him swallow his last bite of fried Octopus. He’d bought them especially for him.

"I've done it myself," Hisao replied.

"You have?" Caeleb asked, playing along. He wanted to see how long his Gladiator could last.

"You're training me," Hisao said. "But just so you know, I won’t bark on command."

"Humm?" Caeleb hummed, dragging a delicate finger just above the waistline of Hisao's trousers. The man let out an audible moan. "You were saying?"


Stealing Hisao's magical ability had been surprisingly easy. It hadn't taken much flattery to have the man show him everything, and a few easy questions had given him the explanation he'd needed to understand how it worked. Hisao wasn't a fool. He'd been a member of the Lost Gang for more than two years, and in that time Caeleb had watched him almost as closely as he'd been watched in turn. Hisao knew that for Caeleb to steal his magic, he'd have to touch his mirror within a specific time frame after he’d found out the details of how it worked. They all did. Caeleb hadn't shied away from proving his strength when challenged, and while he'd recognised that Hisao was someone who needed to be closely monitored, he hadn't kept his ability a secret.

It had worked to his advantage in the end.

There weren’t many who could force someone’s magic to be Sealed; it was a rare and, like his, usually highly specialised ability, but Kian Karvé was one of the few who could utilise two separate schools of magic at once. He was powerful, but he was young and so, when Caeleb had been bound by him, he hadn’t panicked. He’d simply allowed himself to be banished from the land and waited. He had killed Kian’s clan, after all. It was only fair that he allowed the boy his chance to feel superior. Business was business.

That had been a year ago and he knew that, to Hisao, at least, the punishment hadn’t fit the crime. As far as the Gladiator was concerned, Kian should have either killed him or moved on. But, Caeleb knew, that meant that Hisao still had his chance to fight him. He had counted on that.

Hisao lived for battle; pain meant nothing to him and the thrill of conflict was all he ever seemed - on the surface at least - to care about. Caeleb knew there was more, buried under the bravado of his exterior, but he’d never needed to find out. He trusted that Hisao would come for him in the end.

It had worked out exactly as he'd planned.

During the exorcism, he'd had Hisao 'distract' him from what the Priest was doing. He'd feigned just enough fear and offered the exact amount of flattery for the Gladiator to lower his guard ever so slightly and tell him everything he needed to know. Hisao lived for the fight. He'd do whatever it took to experience his 'perfect' match; including refreshing his ex-leader's memories and showing him exactly how brilliant he was. Hisao's exhibitionism had always been his greatest weakness.

Maybe someone should have cautioned the man that Caeleb didn't forgive so easily. But then again, Hisao seemed to make enemies as if it were an art form and he had no one left who cared enough to warn him.

Caeleb had deliberately stumbled a few times as he made his way from the bed he'd been lying on to the stairs that led to the lower floor of his cabin. The second time Hisao had caught him before he hit the floor.

"Thanks," he'd said, leaning heavily into Hisao's strong arms. Hisao had simply nodded and boren his weight easily. "I appreciate what you've done, even if it was for entirely selfish reasons."

Hisao had smiled then and said, "Well, Boss, you still owe me a fight."

Caeleb had dropped his gaze and smiled weakly. "I guess I do." He'd coughed and barely flinched at the prospect. "Where shall we do this, then?"

"We aren't doing anything until you're well. I won't have your sense of honour ruin my fun," Hisao had said and grinned in triumph as he saw Caeleb flush slightly.

"I guess that's only fair," Caeleb had conceded, allowing his accent to thicken as he was helped down the stairs. Hisao was both broader and taller than he was and he used it to his advantage, letting him support most of his weight.

"I wouldn't be much of an opponent right now anyway." He'd coughed again. When they reached the bottom step he asked, "I don't suppose I could ask you for some water, could I? I haven't been able to shift this cough for a few weeks now. Usually, I'd get it myself but..."

Hisao had been suspicious but had gone to get him the drink nonetheless. He'd been on guard as he handed it over to Caeleb and Caeleb had raised a brow questioningly.

"I'm not a fool, Boss," Hisao had said by way of an explanation.

"I agree," Caeleb had said in between sips of his drink, not bothering to correct the honorific. "I never thought that you were. It's a quality I've always admired about you."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," Hisao had joked.

Caeleb had laughed into his water and spilt half of it over himself. Hisao had chuckled at his apparent clumsiness but had reached for a napkin all the same. "Isolation hasn't been kind to you, Boss, has it?" Hisao asked, leaning forward and watching Caeleb blush when he dried the man's exposed chest.

"Hisao I-" Caeleb'd swallowed and looked the Gladiator in the eye as he'd slipped the cloth from his hand. "I-" he'd tried again, but Hisao had leaned in close enough that their lips were almost touching. His breath had smelt sweet. Caeleb had pressed his palm against Hisao's hand as the man had crooned his name.

Gazes locked, Caeleb had leaned in to seal the kiss. That was when he'd summoned his mirror. Hisao's palm had been precisely where he needed it.


He hadn't felt it as his ability had been stripped from him and his magic had been sealed away indefinitely. He'd always imagined that he would, at least, feel something, but all there had been was the cool glass beneath his fingers and the realisation that he'd been played for a fool.

Rage had driven all sense from his mind, and he'd wrapped his fingers around Caeleb's throat. It hadn't made a difference. No matter how hard he'd squeezed, it had been useless. Caeleb's magic could counter any physical force he was able to exert. He'd kept squeezing anyway. All he needed was one slip of the man’s concentration.

Caeleb had laughed for real then, and he'd let his magical aura seep out from its long confinement beneath his skin. Hisao's legs had buckled beneath him, and he'd hit the floor before he could fully piece together what had happened. He hadn't been able to think; his mind had felt as if it were full of fog and in desperation, he'd looked up to see his ex-leader towering over him.

"This will be easier if you don't try to fight me," Caeleb had said, and Hisao hadn't even turned away as the fist collided with his skull. There had been a moment of blinding pain before everything became blissful oblivion.


Hisao woke to the smell of damp and dust. His feet were bare, and the cold of the stone floor beneath him was seeping up his stiff legs. He had no idea how long he'd been out for.

"He's waking up," a familiar female voice said from behind him, and he silently cursed when he realised where he was.

He'd been stripped naked and secured in an awkward forward lean against a broken pillar. Resigned to his fate, Hisao raised his head and stared at his wrists. Caeleb was more creative than he'd given him credit for.

"My rope?" Hisao observed and felt his voice crack on the second word.

"Of course," Caeleb said, strolling into Hisao's field of view and leaning casually against the pillar. He had his mirror in his right hand, and Hisao knew that the key to freeing himself would be to somehow force him to smash it. "Only the best for you," Caeleb joked. Hisao gritted his teeth. The man's smug voice had sent a fresh wave of anger coursing through him, and Hisao felt his muscles tense with the desire to fight.

He narrowed his eyes. Caeleb's lazy smile was going to tip him over the edge if he wasn't careful. "Out of curiosity," he said, in an effort to distract himself. "Why here?" The more Caeleb talked, the more time Hisao would have to figure out how to break free.

"You'll find out soon enough," Caeleb said, allowing his smug facade to fall away. "Don't worry, I assure you, you'll be the centre of attention when my guests arrive." His eyes flashed dangerously. "I hope you're in the mood to entertain."

Hisao felt ice settle into the pit of his stomach but smiled his best shit-eating grin. "But of course, after all, the show must go on."

"Fantastic," Caeleb leant forwards and patted his arm, forcing his magic into him and smirking at the desire he saw in Hisao’s eyes. "You remember Marcy?” he asked, knowing that Hisao did. He’d lusted after her for years. “She’s here to make sure they don't accidentally end the show early."

"I look forward to it," Hisao said and turned to stare at the floor. His rage was slowly transforming into white-hot hatred. Out of the corner of his eye, he could just about make out what he thought were two gravestones.

You buried them inside the church? How sentimental are you? If I call out their names, will you crack? They were weak; they didn’t deserve to live, you know that, Boss. He shook his head. I thought you were better than that. I thought that you understood how weak caring made you. So disappointing.


There’d been rules. Caeleb had made it very clear to the gang that they weren't allowed to kill Hisao, and the first member to even think about claiming the Gladiator's ass would suffer a fiery end. Beyond that, anything they could think of, they were permitted to do.

They hadn't disappointed him.

On more than one occasion, Caeleb had had to hastily attach extra rope to a severed limb to keep his newly acquired prisoner dangling in the correct position. Hisao had seemingly taken it all in stride and while that had infuriated certain gang members, it had impressed Caeleb.

He watched as Hisao moaned in apparent pleasure while their short, but incredibly talented interrogator, Faisal, had sliced him from shoulder to hip, and he found that, to his surprise, he was contemplating shifting his plans. It was clear that his Gladiator was capable of a lot more than elaborate tricks and suggestive comments. He wanted to find out what it would take to make him shatter apart at his feet.


They'd stopped, eventually. Marcy had warned that she wouldn’t be able to heal him forever and Caeleb's voice had sounded out, calling the impromptu party to an end. Hisao took in a pained breath and laughed hysterically. Was that all they had? Marcy was losing her touch...

He heard protests from those in the gang that were still standing, then silence. He assumed Caeleb had given them the look. He listened to their footsteps disappearing through the abandoned churches doors and smiled in triumph.

"You too Marcy," Caeleb said from behind him. His voice was an octave deeper than usual.

So, you enjoyed the show? Hisao thought as his recently re-attached legs threatened to give out for the third time that night. The floor around him was a dark, rusted crimson and there was barely an inch of skin left on his body that wasn't some shade of red. Pain had become his world, but he'd learned long ago how to handle that. He'd beaten them all, and if Caeleb wanted to give him a private tour of his dungeons, Hisao was more than prepared for anything he could throw at him.

Marcy left in silence. Hisao saw her pass him without so much as a backwards glance and was surprised when a small part of him actually began to mourn her loss. She'd been kind to him even when he hadn't particularly deserved it. He watched her exit through a broken stained glass window and forever sealed the part of his heart that he'd reserved especially for her away. Caring was futile.

"I must say, you've impressed me," Caeleb mused. He was close enough for Hisao to feel his body heat against the back of his thighs. "I've never known anyone hold out against their particular brand of creative cruelty."

"Really?" Hisao said, making sure to sound bored. "You need to start collecting a better class of prisoner." He yawned theatrically. The fact that his jaw had been broken and re-healed more times than he could count tonight, was neither here nor there.

"I'm beginning to think that myself," Caeleb mused as he ran his finger across a freshly healed scar on Hisao's lower back. Hisao felt goosebumps form on his skin and closed his eyes. Pain he could handle. He was used to pain, but this...the man's magic affected him in a way he couldn't understand. "You like that?" Caeleb asked curiously.

Hisao gritted his teeth.

"I didn't quite hear that, Hisao," Caeleb said, dragging a magic-infused nail up his spine. Hisao's back arched, and a desperate whine escaped from deep in his throat. Caeleb leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "When I ask you a question, you give me an answer."

His breath smelt sweet, Hisao thought, floating on a cloud of terror and desire. Just like his favourite gum. He felt a hand wrap around the back of his neck, and he closed his eyes, bracing for an attack that never came.

Soft heat melted into him and he gasped as he tried to comprehend what was happening. His muscles were relaxing, his mind was screaming, and his body ached for more.

As if through a fog, he heard a man's amused chuckle and choked back a scream when the hand disappeared.

"No," he groaned. "Please."

"Please what?" A silken voice asked, and the words felt like a sweet drug.

"I need," Hisao gasped. "I need it back...I-" He realised that he'd closed his eyes and opened them to see who he was talking to. Caeleb's smiling face materialised in front of him. Instinct jerked him away, but his own ropes held him fast. "What the fuck?" he spat as the fog of Caeleb's magic lifted.

"It's strange," Caeleb mused. "People always seem to assume that torture has to involve pain." He danced his fingers along Hisao's arm and grinned when the man tried to pull away. "But I've always found that I can catch far more flies with honey...besides," he pulled a face. "We all know that one can get used to being force-fed vinegar."

Hisao glared.

"But honey," Caeleb purred. "Give someone a taste of that, and after a while...they'll do anything for more." He wrapped his hand around Hisao's wrist and watched as the Gladiator's pupils blew wide. "My ability blocks your magic, as you already know. But, you see, something that most don't realise is that it also locks you into permanent Sealing." He watched as Hisao struggled to focus. "Which means, I'm sorry to say, that you're left ever so vulnerable to the influence of magic..." He saw Hisao's shoulders tense up and Caeleb knew that he'd understood. He smiled and let his hunger show on his face, moving his lips to hover just above the Gladiator's bicep. Hisao was starting to tremble. "Even the sound of my voice, given enough time, will have you dropping to your knees. You've already begged for more once, Hisao. Shall we see what else I can get you to do?"

He kissed Hisao's arm, and the Gladiator shook his head. "No, no," he implored, but it was too late. Caeleb let his teeth sink into his skin, and the scream that ripped from his throat was music to his ears. He allowed the blood well up around the wound, and as he pulled back, he licked the scarred flesh, humming in contentment. No matter what happened afterwards, Hisao would always remember this moment and how good it had felt.

Backing up a few steps, he gave the man some time to collect himself. He didn’t know where he was from originally, but he did know that he’d fight with everything he had to disown his heritage, no matter how pointless it was. He was as ‘lost’ as the rest of them. The only difference was that they admitted it. Hisao still needed time before he could admit that particular truth, but Caeleb had a lot of that. He had all the time in the world for him.

His legs had given out, and he was hanging from the cords of rope that supported his hips. He was beautiful. Cracks were starting to appear in the man's defences, and Caeleb felt his cock harden at the thought of watching him come apart. Would it be a gradual crumble just like the church they were in, or would it be - and he felt his heart race at the idea - would it be a clean, sharp, shatter?

Moving behind Hisao, Caeleb lifted the man's hip with his free hand until his legs were, once again, holding his weight. This time his magic offered support, reassurance and care. Caeleb thought he heard a small whimper when he let go to see if Hisao could stand without his assistance. The Gladiator really was glorious. His perfectly sculpted body, bent forwards at this angle, was almost more temptation than Caeleb could handle. He had to remind himself to go slow. Hisao would adapt, and he had to be ready to evolve right alongside him. He couldn't afford to lose himself just yet.

He laid an open palm across Hisao's flawless ass. "No," Hisao begged again. "No, don't-"

"My, my, you've certainly changed your tune," Caeleb laughed. "You were just giving Benjamin explicit details about how best to 'take you'. Or was that all bravado and bluff?" Caeleb paused as if waiting for an answer, but he knew Hisao wasn't going to give in that easily. He'd need far more than a veiled threat to tip him over that particular ledge.

Caeleb thought for a few moments then mused, "Do you prefer to top, is that it, Hisao?" The Gladiator flinched almost imperceptibly, and Caeleb knew that he'd hit a home run. "Would you rather I be the one lying beneath you?" he purred. "When you kissed me in the cabin, were you imagining my face looking up at you; my clouded green eyes all star struck as you slid that big cock into my poor, tight, virgin ass?" Hisao's head dropped between his shoulders. "Oh, I'm right, aren't I? Oh, Hisao," Caeleb rubbed the man's ass and let his magic pool in his palm. He moved in close and placed a kiss in the small of his back. "I promise I'll make this so good you won't ever want anything else again."

Hisao screwed his eyes shut as he felt Caeleb's finger circle his hole. He wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but Caeleb'd been half right. It had been years since - he let out a gasp when he felt his cold finger enter him. The man's magic was driving him quietly insane but now that he knew what was happening he could think around it. He was aware of where he was and understood what was about to happen. He knew there was no way to fight Caeleb physically, but that didn't mean he'd surrender.

He'd played this game before. If Caeleb thought that he was going to get it all his own way, well, he was sorely mistaken. It was going to take more than a taste to hook this particular prize.

Caeleb moved his finger inside of Hisao's ass and watched the subtle hitches in the man's breathing as he did so. He could read his body as if it were sheet music, and he revelled in playing him like the beautiful instrument he was. Hisao's head rose, and a gasp escaped his lips when Caeleb released a little more magic into him. He was adapting already.

As he slipped a second finger into Hisao's dry hole, he watched a slight arch form in the man's back and, for a split second his breathing stopped entirely. A feral grin spread across Caeleb's face as he watched him adjust to the intrusion; he could do this forever. Hisao's responses were so subtle that Caeleb felt a thrill run through him every time he managed to draw one from him. Letting the tension build, he kept his movements painfully slow and made sure to feed Hisao just enough magic to keep the pain in his ass almost indistinguishable from pleasure. Don’t use a boulder when a pebble will do. It was a lesson he learned early in life and one that had never failed to yield results.

He curled his fingers and heard Hisao groan.

Caeleb's dick was so hard that it was painful, but his Gladiator wasn't quite there yet. He wanted to hear the man beg to be fucked, and that, he knew, was going to take time.


Hisao was shaking, his body was covered in sweat, and he didn't know how long he could last. Everyone broke. It was a fact. It was how you broke that mattered. Hisao knew one thing and one thing only - what Caeleb wanted. But that was all he needed. Caeleb wanted him to beg. He wanted to hear the desperation and need in Hisao's voice; he wanted to see him open himself up so that he could rip him apart and leave him a husk of his former self.

He knew that he had to be careful. If he gave in too soon, Caeleb wouldn't believe the performance, but if he held out for too long, he risked snapping for real. It was a delicate balance to maintain, and it was taking everything he had to keep his mind under his control; to not give in to the promise of Caeleb's magic. Soon he wouldn't be able to fight the mind-numbing fog.

"Please," he cried, putting everything he had into his performance. "You win, Caeleb, pleeease." His voice was already raw from dehydration, his throat tight from fighting the urge to moan as the man worked his ass open. The desperation behind his words was entirely real. All he had to do to top off the show was give in to his body's urges. He let go and leant into the pleasure Caeleb was forcing upon him. He arched like a cat as the man stroked his g-spot and cried out when a spike of magic nearly sent him over the edge.


Caeleb's mind roared in triumph as he watched the bloodied but not yet broken man finally relent. He wasn't foolish enough to assume that Hisao had entirely surrendered, but he'd gotten what he wanted, and that was enough. He had time, and training was all about rewarding the student for following orders.

Part of him hated the fact that he had to keep his mirror in his hand as he did this, but another part relished the keening whine that Hisao made whenever he pulled his fingers out of his ass. The way the man desperately tried to turn to see what was happening made Caeleb very glad that he was finally unzipping his pants.

"Please, Caeleb, please, fuck, don't stop now," Hisao panted.

Caeleb stepped close enough to rub his now free dick along Hisao's crack. Precum made the Gladiator's skin glisten in the dying light. "Patience is a virtue, my boy," Caeleb purred and heard Hisao whimper at the return of his magic.

"Please," his former ally whispered.

There was no resisting that voice. Caeleb didn't even think, he lined his dick up and pushed. The man howled and actually managed to flex under his rope shackles when Caeleb entered him. He was so tight that Caeleb's fingers were white against his hip. In one fluid motion, he managed to pull out and slam back into Hisao's ass. He poured his magic into him along with the movement and moaned aloud at just how good it felt. There was no way he was going to allow this to be a one time deal.

Hisao was panting beneath him. He was begging Caeleb to keep going, to fuck him harder, to use him however he wanted. He'd given himself over entirely to the moment, and Caeleb loved him for it. The Gladiator was like a drug. As he moved, Hisao rocked back, meeting him thrust for thrust, arching in total abandon.

"My dick, please Caeleb, please I need to cum," Hisao begged, entirely unashamed.

The man was amazing.

"Well," Caeleb said, thinking fast. "Since you asked so nicely..." With a flick of his wrist, he detached Hisao's right hand from the pillar and sealed it around his cock. "There should be just enough give for you to be able to manage, why don't you see to yourself?"

Hisao moaned. "You're a special kind of evil, aren't you?" he panted but began to try to work his cock nonetheless.

"Kind of you to notice," Caeleb chuckled and picked up the pace. Hisao's ass was tight, and he used his magic to make sure that he wasn't going to cum before he could hear the man call his name. Hisao's Sealing was working in his favour and meant that he could handle the rough treatment Caeleb was giving him. He was even begging for more, and as Caeleb pushed into him, working himself closer and closer to the edge, he pushed yet more magic through his skin.

Hisao screamed, and Caeleb felt him tighten impossibly around his cock. He grabbed hold of the Gladiator’s hair and dragged him back slamming him onto his dick. The man arched and came, screaming his name.

Growling, Caeleb bit down onto the barely healed scabs at the base of Hisao's neck and thrust into him one last time, marking him as his forever. He came with the taste of Hisao's coppery blood in his mouth and the sound of his Gladiator chanting his name in his ears.


Hisao could barely see, he could hardly breathe, and his cock and ass were still throbbing, but as Caeleb bit into his skin and came inside him, he knew he'd only have this one chance.

He snapped his shoulder back and slammed it into Caeleb's face, hoping to startle the man enough that he'd reflexively drop his conjured mirror.

He made contact, and Hisao felt the skin at the base of his neck rip as Caeleb's jaw was jolted out of position. He heard a snarl, but his blow had barely made a dent. Hisao turned to see Caeleb grinning, teeth bloodied and nose bleeding, standing tauntingly close, and still balancing his silver mirror effortlessly in his right hand.

"Nice try," Caeleb said smugly. "I'll give you points for effort, but you did more damage to yourself than to me." He flicked his wrist and pinned Hisao's hand back into place against the pillar. "Tell you what. How about you and I make a little deal? I've been thinking it over, and I think you'll agree, it's a good one."

"A deal would mean that you have something that I want. All I want right now, Caeleb, is to wrap my hands around your neck and watch you die slowly," Hisao snarled.

Caeleb grinned, "Precisely, glad we're on the same page."

Hisao narrowed his black eyes, "Go on," he said. "You've piqued my interest."

"I've rather enjoyed our time together," Caeleb declared.

Hisao huffed out a laugh, "I'd noticed." He was trying not to feel what was running out of his ass and down his leg.

"Indeed," Caeleb grinned. "I'd rather like it to continue, but, you see, I have a problem."

"Well, I'd love to help you there, but I'm a little tied up right now," Hisao shrugged, emphasizing his point.

Caeleb grinned. "My gang wants to see you dead, and at first, I have to admit, as useful as your ability would have been, that was my original plan too."

"But what, my ass was too good to lose, so now you're going to whisk me off to a secret forest hideaway and make me play at being your adoring husband? Or maybe you're looking for a wife? I assure you I look fantastic in a wedding dress." Hisao's eyes flashed dangerously.

Caeleb let out a bark of laughter that echoed around the crumbling building. "Oh, I do hope I can see that one day Hisao, but no. That's not the deal I had in mind. I think you'll like my offer though."

"If you insist, it's your loss," Hisao sighed, studying Caeleb's every move for any sign of deception. So far he hadn't detected any.

Caeleb smiled and said, "It works like this. I'll return your ability to you, unlock your magic and set you up in full working order, free to roam the world as you please."

"If..?" Hisao asked.

"If you promise to hunt me down," Caeleb said, eyes wide with excitement. "I want another chance to capture you. I enjoy the chase just as much as you do. If you catch me, I promise you the fight you've wanted ever since you joined my gang. If, however, I'm the one who finds you...we add another 24 hours onto your sentence. After your time is up, I'll release you, and we'll start all over again. When I catch you again, I'll have you for the entirety of the time before, plus-"

"Another 24 hours," Hisao interrupted. His eyes had narrowed, but he hadn't said no.

Caeleb knew he'd got his deal. "Exactly," he nodded. "You seem to have grasped the basic idea." Hisao's eyes were alive with renewed anticipation, and Caeleb knew the game was on. "I believe an hour's grace period after I return your magic would suffice. It'll take a while for your body to adjust and it would be rather dull if we simply turned on each other straight away. What do you say?"

"Free me," Hisao said, his voice a low seductive purr. "Free me, and you'll have your answer within the hour."

Caeleb tilted his head and stared at Hisao for a long second. The Gladiator raised a brow in challenge and gave him a lazy grin. "That seems fair," Caeleb said and cancelled the rope chords holding Hisao in place.

He had, it seemed, been braced for the move, and in one fluid, cat-like stretch, Hisao pushed himself to his feet. He was just as spectacular standing as he was bent over.

"Dare I ask where your lackey's stored my clothes?" he said, and Caeleb nodded to a charred pile of rags in the corner. "I see," Hisao sighed. "Just so you know, I'll be billing you for the replacement. They were custom made."

"I can recommend a great tailor," Caeleb offered.

"Thanks," Hisao said and headed for the church doors. "I'll be back in an hour."

"You know where to find me," Caeleb said as he admired the view and lackadaisical ‘Sure,’ that Hisao gave him before letting the doors swing shut behind him.


"You're five minutes early," Caeleb said as Hisao strolled back into the abandoned building, in a full suit and tie. It was a good look, even if the fit wasn't quite right. "I take it you've come to a decision?" He knew he had, they both did - this wasn't about that. Hisao needed to know that he could trust Caeleb to keep his word.

"Of course," Hisao said, taking in the blood stains that still hadn't been cleared from the floor. Shrugging, he leaned against the pillar and looked up at where Caeleb sat in his old chair. There was a pack of cards sticking out of the Gladiator’s breast pocket in place of a handkerchief.

"You certainly seemed to have enjoyed yourself," Caeleb observed.

"And you could do with employing better cleaners," Hisao said as he scuffed at the stain on the floor with his boot. "Or is this a little trophy? A reminder of the day you swept me off my feet," he leered.

"I sent Shirin away for the night, remember? If she remembers, she’ll have it gone come sunup," Caeleb said, waiting to see how close to the hour mark Hisao was willing to go before he gave in and said the words they both knew he was going to.

"Shame," Hisao sighed as he produced a playing card from seemingly nowhere. "I make a good instalment. You could have called it 'The Gladiator's Surrender' and charged a fortune."

"I see, I'll bear that in mind," Caeleb said thoughtfully. There were two minutes to go. Hisao had come close but hadn't outright agreed to the deal yet.

"So," Hisao said, spinning the card on the end of his finger.

"So," Caeleb echoed.

Hisao flipped the card to face him. It was the Queen of Hearts. "You have a deal.”

Caeleb smiled and summoned his mirror, holding it out for Hisao to touch. “I can’t wait,” he said, watching the man lean forward and gasp as he took back his magic.

Hisao grinned wickedly. The power was electrifying. “Neither can I.”


About the author

J. Rivers

Hi, I'm Julia. I write erotic stories, enjoy long walks in the park and have a shameless sweet tooth. My stories tend to fall into the LGBTQ+ category, usually involve kink and have an unapologetic amount of plot too.

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