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His Lustful Ladies

by Zeddicus Zane 2 months ago in fiction
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Satisfying the Lust of His Flock

His Lustful Ladies
Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

One day long ago he was awakened

Text messages were snaked in

As he read of their lustful desires

Blood hotter than Hades' hell fires

He hears of sexual desires awakened

As He lies there reading them all

His fat cock stood firm and tall

His words had pleased them well

They just had the urge to tell

With his next poem, do not stall

Excitedly, he gets into the shower

And think of the ways to deflower

As he covers himeself with lather

All his dirty thoughts he gathers

And he slowly strokes it with power

Images of them playing with self

With his poems fresh off the shelf

He can hear their moans and grunts

As they forcefully pound their cunts

He forcefully continues to jack himself

He imagines them working with dido

And vibrators and plugs hard and slow

Their free hands rubbing their clits

And squeezing their big round tits

Which had really made his dick grow

But there is a secret they don't know

That he has his very own fat dildo

For fucking his fan girls on the road

Or in his ass as they get him blowed

Either way, with him, both are a go.

Just as he reaches for the his toy

He hears a click of metal alloy

Then comes laughs and giggles

Followed by all the titty wiggles

The cougars find their fuck boy

Now his shower contains three

He strokes with a hand that's free

The shower falls like summer rain

One reaches for his fat, main vein

His cock she REALLY wants to see

On knees, shes his little slut to be

Deep-throating his fat cock wholly

The other puts her tits in his face

Both, servicing his every space

As he gives himself to them totally

With his body being utterly ravaged

These girls enjoy getting so savaged

As they grunt out dirty, filthy words

His sperm erupts in rounds of thirds

Eager for seed, his body is scavenged

Having drained his balls the girls switch

The second now wanting to be his bad bitch

They grab his dildo and move to the bed

Girl two begins to give him more head

To again make his long, fat dick blood-rich

With him hard, she pushes him down,

Straddles him and on the dick goes to town

Girl one moves in behind her with sass

And pops that dildo up his tight lil ass

He is officially THEIR sexual playground

As one rides him and the other fuck him

The lights flicker and then they go dim

Confused, they slow down with caution

Should they have taken extra precaution?

His eyes turn black and start to shake

Did they just make a really big mistake

They try so hard for a quick retreat

But the grand wizard has them beat

Soon both their tender bodies will quake

They thought they were surely in trouble,

But then he summoned himself a double

One powerful wizard for each girl

Both will make each girl's toes curl

Leave each of their fragile bodies in rubble

The grand wizard himself takes girl one

And puts her face down for some fun

His clone puts girl two on her pretty knees

To be a good girl and for his cock to appease

Both mean refusing to ever be outdone

Girl one takes her fat, throbbing cock deep

And feels an orgasm beginning to creep

Girl two sucks like there is no tomorrow

As her cock doubles in size and grow

Both girls, like champs, take dicks deep

Girl one, in addition, gets a dildo in her ass

And her hair pulled with each thrusting pass

Girl two gets thrown up onto the long couch

Then that wide dick stretches her pussy pouch

They all continue fucking and grunt en masse

As the men unload warm jiz into their sluts

The women scream as they also bust nuts

With cum oozing out from each tight pussy

The women each go into a squirting spree

Then all the wizards magic abruptly cuts


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Angelina F. Thomas2 months ago

    wow. sounds like some one enjoys a great tale.

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