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His Little Plaything Pt. 2

by Lexi Kay 2 months ago in taboo

First you must know the back story of this "relationship"

His Little Plaything Pt. 2
Cincinnati, OH

I know I left on a cliff hanger but isn't that how writers get you hooked, you wanting more? Well you better hold on to your knickers for this part because I am going to dive into our "history," if you could even call it that considering we have only been using each other for 3 months. So lets start from the beginning, fair warning though, there will be some adult material in this so back out now if you aren't prepared.

Dan and I's relationship started out hot and heavy. We spent an entire weekend together the first time we met, having sex and going out to eat every single day. I was already a kinky person but he brought out another side of me that I had no idea was inside of me. I'd experienced other Dom's before and they only really gave me a taste of what BDSM actually is. They would whip me with floggers or canes, which is like a long plastic stick not really a cane. For those who don't know what a flogger is, picture a whip with either a flat surface like a parent would use to spank you with as a child or one that has those fringes on the end of it for a leather purse. Both are a little painful to be hit with but when you add pleasure into the mix it makes the experience mind-blowing.

With Dan, I experienced being tied up for the first time, which isn't all its made out to be. Yes its fun to be restricted but when you add fun like fingering fucking or using a vibrator to force orgasms out of me and the rope starts to tighten on your skin it's not as much fun anymore. I also experienced being choked the right way, which is very important in a sexual manner because if you do it wrong you could seriously injury the other person.

Now with that being said, I have become addicted to breath play, and I know what I am about to tell you isn't great and I know if it continues for the long haul that I could hurt myself but its such an euphoric feeling that you want it over and over again. I have passed out twice from doing this with Dan, once in his bedroom where he wasn't prepared for it and I actually fell back and and smashed my head on his closet door knob and woke up to him freaking out from me passing out and hitting my head. The other time was when we had a weekend getaway to Cincinnati and we were fucking in the bathroom about to hop in the shower, he was choking me from behind and I usually tap his hand and that lets him know to release but I fell too hard into the euphoric feeling and he had to catch me. I woke up that time to him lightly smacking my face and laughing at me saying that I started to snore. I know its bad, trust me I do but its an addiction I don't want to kick just yet. It usually doesn't get that far, I'll tap him and he lets me go but for those few seconds I'm not dealing with the bullshit that is my life, I let everything go and enjoy the feeling.

Ever since that first weekend we met, it has been nothing but hot sex, random errands to run and me wondering what he does in his free time because I know when he's not with me or at work he is with other people. I know only the small details he has told me because if I'm being honest, I am too scared to find out. I like the time we spend together, all the orgasms we share and the sexy shit we get into.

I've told you about some stuff we've done and a little sneak into his secret that will be revealed soon but I do want to tell you about some things I'm not sure I like or haven't experienced yet that he wants to try. When we were in Cincinnati we had an entire house to ourselves for a day and a half, to say we had a good time would be an understatement. The first 10 minutes we were there we had fucked all over the kitchen, hell he left a huge bruise on my back from pushing me on the floor and having his way with me. He had tied me up and forced orgasm after orgasm out of me with a vibrator after I had a few drinks in my system and gave him a boner at the bar...he wasn't too pleased with me at that moment. To him that was my punishment, and to an extent it was definitely was since a girl can only take so much but the next day he had said he wasn't done with his punishment.

He likes wax play, I've never done anything like that but as I've said before, I will try anything once. So he restrained me, light the candle on fire, and started pouring it all over my back. It wasn't has pleasantly feeling as I thought it would be, it burned and the closer he would get to my skin the longer it burned for. It's not something I would want to try again but he seemed to really enjoy himself, so much so that a little voice in the back of my head was saying that he was probably a sadist. My theory was somewhat proven when we came home from Cincinnati and he was cooking dinner for me and playfully slide the knife he was using across my skin. At first I was so taken back, I just stood there frozen in my spot trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. He laughed it off and said that we would get to knife play when I was ready. Would I ever be ready? Did I want it?

These are just some of the more kinkier things we have done but out of the 3 to 4 days we spend together a week over the last 3 months, we have had sex over a hundred times at least. Our relationship is nothing but the pleasure we both get from sex and his need to be in control and have control over me. I don't know if I mind that or not, yes I love to not be in control but sometimes I do. I want to be able too take control and pin him down like he does to me but he won't let that happen. But when it comes to the people he has relations with outside of me he lets them use him in ways I'll never understand.

Lexi Kay
Lexi Kay
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