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His girl.

by CosmicAngel 2 months ago in erotic
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After a stressful day at work she helps her master destress

I was knelt patiently at the foot of the bed, glancing up at the clock I see it’s a couple minutes before 6pm. I listened intently for the key that would soon be unlocking my front door. At exactly 6pm as expected I hear the key turn in the lock and the front door open. Within a few minutes ill know whether he’s had a stressful day at work or not. If he’s had a good day I could be knelt here for another hour before he comes upstairs to me. On the other hand if he’s had a bad day he should be climbing the stairs right about now. I angle my ear towards the bedroom door, I smile excitedly as I hear footsteps on the stairs already. I drop my gaze to the carpet in front of my knees, stopping smiling as I hear the bedroom door being pushed open. He walks to the edge of the bed in front of me and sits down, running his fingers through my hair slowly with one hand as the other hand is unbuttoning his pants. He runs his fingers down the side of my face and then tilts my head up so I can look at him. He looks tired and stressed, I gaze into his eyes patiently waited for permission to touch him. He stands to let his pants drop to the floor and then nods down at me. I groan softly and thank him for the permission before raising my hands up to his hips, gently stroking just above the waistband of his boxers before pulling them down. A smile spreading across my lips as I see he is already hardening for me. He grins back and then says “No teasing baby girl, I want it fast.” I lean my head forwards a little and lick across the tip softly just to taste the excitement already dripping from him. Then I let the tip brush across my lips as I wrap my fingers around the shaft, slowly at first stroking from tip to base but getting faster as I suck hard on the tip. His body shudders for me and a small groan escapes my lips. I suck right down to where my fingers are wrapped around the base and then back up to the tip. Hard and fast. Once I’m in a good rhythm I move my fingers from around the base and suck down further, the tip pushing deep into my tight little throat. His hips thrusting forwards every so often from the pleasure. I gaze up at him as I suck as far down as I can and hold still for a couple seconds, swallowing around the tip over and over. His eyes close as he groans, when they open again he grabs hold of my hair and wraps it around his fingers. Holding my head still as he starts to move, thrusting quickly but only enough for the tip to rub against the back of my throat. His grip in my hair tightens as he thrusts deeper, letting the tip push deeper into my throat. I start to gag as he thrusts harder. He pulls out after a few seconds to let me catch my breath and then thrusts deep into my throat again. Over and over like this for a few minutes before I feel his cock throbbing for me, I moan and feel him still as the vibrations travel through the shaft, his hand still gripping my hair but not as tight now. My eyes still locked on his as I suck right down to the base again and hold still, sucking and gagging for him. My eyes watering a little now. I feel his whole body stiffen so I suck back up to the tip again, swirling my tongue around it as he tightens his grip on my hair again. He thrusts deep into my throat again, this time losing control as I swallow around the tip. His whole body shuddering as he explodes for me. I swallow hungrily, trying not to spill a drop of his reward for me. Pulling my head back a little as his shudders start to subside but not taking my lips off him until I’ve swallowed every last drop. He sits down at the edge of the bed again, slowly catching his breath as he runs his fingers through my hair again. Smiling down at me and saying “Good girl, you know exactly how to destress me after a long day.” I nod happily as he pulls me up onto the bed next to him, we both lay back and close our eyes, his arms wrapped around me as we both drift off for a nap before dinner time.


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I enjoy writing erotic stories, some of which are from my own fantasies and some from other peoples fantasies. I enjoy taking a rough idea of a fantasy and bringing it to life with my words.

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