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Hillary Reckoning is Coming

by Rayna Quinns 3 years ago in fiction
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Part One

Tears fell down the young blonde's face because of the emotional pain that she's been through. However, it's over, love has broken her heart, and as soon as the packing was over. Vengeance would be Hillary Summers's focus and man; it was coming especially to the girl who did this.

Hillary is a Cam-model who lives a good life because of her profession, but at night, she is a huntress, and it's Were-Felines she kills.

Her rules are simple, it's not who you are, but if you attack, you will die. A werecat could infect with just a scratch, and so she doesn't take anything to chance, one Knick, the Feline is dead. This was personal what happened last night, and she will never forget it.

Her room had yellow tape around it, and the traumatized day that she had, which led to police arriving, was unforgettable. Hillary can't think about that now.

She packs his clothes, the Books, all of his knick-knack, but once again, she looked at her Bedroom. The fact that not only she has to find a new apartment, but her deposit is also now out of the question, she needs a whole new wardrobe and has to explain to his parents what happened? All of that stress was because of one day.

She was getting ready to go to a club with her Boyfriend. He was looking really good dressed in black.

"I feel like a piece of meat the way you are looking at me." He said, and Hillary found it odd as of late, became more sensitive.

"You know if the sex hasn't been as good as it is, I would worry that you were changing into a woman or something, and believe me, I won't complain, especially since your oral sex skills has been awesome." She said, and he walked over then gave her several kisses.

"I'm happy to please," he said to her, and so Hillary put on her Boots then her short maxi dress with no panties on. Scott had this talent of inserting his fingers in a way that no one could see when they are dancing,

It was rough, but he made it into an art form.

Hillary couldn't explain how he had changed from a man's man, which is the kind of guy she likes to someone more sensitive and was great in bed all-around. She notices he had no hair on his body as well, and that was odd. Scott had no idea what that happened and would never shave it because he knows she likes it that way.

Three minutes later, his hair grew passed his shoulders, and it was coming from the head between his shoulders, it was odd.

"Are you taking someone? What's going on?" Hillary asked, and then his body became shorter by a few inches, this was getting freaky. Now given the world they are in, something like this might happened, but since it was the man she loves, it was concerning. The lips of her Boyfriend got fuller, and his masculine features change a lot.

"What the Fuck is going on?" Hillary asked again, but a little bit louder, and when Scott spoke, it was a high register, "I don't know." Scott was shocked by the voice came out, it became clear that this was just beginning, breasts became big, his arms smaller.

His penis, the one that made her climax so much but shoots blanks and they have been talking about adopting, it split apart like a Banana, the testicles were sucked inside the body, Scott began shrieking were sounds were similar to a Cat. When Hillary went to him, it was like a scene from a 1980's video when he screamed, "Go away!"

She watched as blood and semen projected out of his mouth. She stepped back watching this all happened, but that wasn't the worst part, his eyes turned to the color of a Feline, and the hands become furry with claws coming out. The clothes were ripped off his body because his primal instincts were taken over, and that wasn't the worse part.

He yelled in pain as a tail came from the neck, through-out the back and out his butt cheeks. He spouted fur in the process, and it was clear that Scott was becoming a Were-Cat, but most of all, a Female one. When Scott got up, he was no longer human or a man and leaped up but Hillary rolled over to the side of her bed, she pulled out a cross-bow with an arrow in it. The animal on two legs stood there hissing but knew to stay away from her.

"Baby. Please don't make me do this, you know what I could do, and I don't want to kill you!" Hillary yelled, hoping that Scott was listening and kept on hissing.

"Who did this to YOU?!" she yelled, hoping her question will be the answer she's looking for, and then the door opened.


About the author

Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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