Hey There, Honey...

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If you’re asking for it, does that mean it isn’t rape?

Hey There, Honey...

My son's best friend is home from college for the summer, staying in our spare bedroom. He has really grown into an unbelievably handsome man. He's a senior this year, a few years older than my son... but not very many, which is why I’ve always considered him hands off.

I’ve tried hard to keep my eyes off of him but there is something about him that really turns on the primal “fuck me" deep inside. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but it’s hard not to, with that rippling chest and firm tan body. I wonder what he’s doing now. The house is empty... it’s just us. Hmmm. I decide to poke my head into his room to see.

I walk into the room quietly, not wanting to disturb you. Sitting on the bed, your back is to me but I can clearly see you watching porn on your laptop, silently stroking yourself and moaning softly. In the doorway, standing behind you, I watch for a minute, slowly getting turned on. I surprise myself completely losing control while watching you. Running my hand down my tummy and under the waistband of my skirt, I slip a finger into my panties and gently start to rub little circles around my clit. Damn, I’m wet.

Pulling my dripping finger out of my panties, I say “Hey there, honey... You know that's a lot more fun with another person.” You spin around swiftly, completely surprised... but you recover quickly. Instead of covering up your rod, you sit there on the edge of the bed, completely naked, hard as a rock, full of confidence, abs for days. Still gently stroking your cock, smiling a little smirk.

I can’t help but be drawn to you... I feel so torn; you’re half my age. I shouldn’t be feeling this way about you. I’m trying to resist my own urges and walk out of the room when you grab my wrists. In one swift motion, you slide my skirt up around my waist and pull me down onto your lap so I’m straddling you, facing you. The only thing between us is my thin wet panties. I can feel you throbbing between my legs, making me drip.

You run your hands up my back to my shoulders and pull me close, kissing me passionately, teasing me with your tongue at first then probing into a deep eager kiss. I rock my hips slowly back and forth, rubbing my wet panties against you, unable to control myself, feeling your hard member rub against me.

“No, we can’t,” I plead, pushing you away. "You’re my... You’re only... We just can’t.” I stammer out, pushing myself away from you with all my might, trying to get off your lap and regain composure. You hold onto me tightly, saying nothing but unwilling to let me go.

“No!” I yell, struggling against your grip. I fiercely fight against you for a minute, but I give in. I know this is wrong, but I want it. I really need it. So I pretend to struggle against you, knowing I will ultimately let you have me, even if you think you’re taking me by force.

Releasing your grip on one wrist, you slowly move your other hand up and down my body. You rip open my shirt, exposing my naked breasts. Diving in, you bite my nipples hard and I cry out half in pain, half in pleasure. You suck on them back and forth, suckling like you’re hunting for milk, turning my nipples cherry red. I throw my head back moaning, no longer fighting against you.

Your hands slowly move down my body, caressing and discovering. You push me back on your lap and tug at my panties, ripping them off. I'm so wet, I drip juices onto your balls. I let out a moan as your fingers slip inside me. Pushing back and forth, in and out, with a twisting motion, while your thumb gently taps and rubs circles around my clit. I squeeze your fingers with my pussy trying to close you out; you fight back, plunging in and out of me deeply. Unable to hold back an orgasm as you work my slick wet clit, I cry out, “I said no,” as I moan through the pleasure.

You smile, saying nothing, and push me off of you, moving me to the bed. You push my shoulders down so I’m on my back. You lick your way up my body until your cock is at my mouth. You slide your rod past my lips, pumping quickly up and down, filling my mouth, filling my throat, gagging me as you thrust deeper and deeper. You tilt my chin up so you can force your cock in further. I feel your head slide down my throat.

Feeling yourself on the verge, you slow your pulses, making one last thrust as deep as you can, making me gag, and then pull out quickly. You make your way back down my body, playing, touching, licking, nibbling and biting.

First with your fingers, then with your tongue, teeth, mouth you make your way down. You get on your knees between mine and try to force my knees apart. My mental mom kicking in for a second, I try to really fight against you. “No! Stop! I mean it, NO!” I yell. Still... you smile, saying nothing. You force my knees apart with your elbows. You’re just too strong for me. Holding my legs apart, you dive tongue first into my pussy. I can’t help but submit, laying with my legs open wide as you fuck me with your tongue.

When your chin is completely covered with my juices and it’s running down your chest, you replace your tongue with fingers. Your tongue moves up to my clit, flicking up and down, licking side to side. Your tongue is barely on my clit for a minute when I’m grabbing your head, pulling your hair, forcing you into me as I cry out with another orgasm.

Stunned, barely able to move, legs still shaking and trying to recover, you flip me over onto my stomach and yank me down off the edge of the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed, you pull my hips back, forcing my knees back into the bed. You pull my ass up towards you, push my face down into the bed. I turn my head to the side and whisper “No, please no” as you thrust inside me.

My pussy feels so tight, so soft, so warm, so wet. You pause for a second just to enjoy the feeling, holding my hips firmly in case I try to pull away again. Instead, I contract around your shaft, sending waves of pleasure through your body.

You yank my hips towards you repeatedly as you slam your cock into me over and over, grinding back and forth, trying to get in deeper and deeper. Feeling my pussy fighting against you, you force yourself in all the way, jabbing quick, deep strokes. My pussy is pulsing, contracting, soaking. I start rocking with your rhythm as you increase your speed and intensity. Like an animal you charge in and out of me, marking your territory.

Letting go with one hand, while you pump faster and harder in and out of my pussy, you smack your hand repeatedly across my ass. “Shame on you. You’re a hot ass MILF who asked for it. You like it and you know it. Your pussy juices prove it. Now just enjoy it,” you say, laughing as your hand cracks across my ass, again and again, leaving little pink and red hand-shaped welts.

Grabbing my hips, you thrust your cock back into me. I arch my back and release my muscles, finally allowing you in all the way. You ram your rod in and out only getting in a few thrusts before you peak, orgasming, blowing your wad deep inside me.

You pull out, smacking my ass one last time. “That’s what you get for being too curious about what your guests are up to,” you say, walking out of the room and down the hall towards the bathroom, leaving me on the bed, head down, on all fours, stunned, bruised, pleased, and truly unsure how to feel about what just transpired.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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