He’s in Charge

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I misbehaved.

He’s in Charge

“Meet me at the hotel at 5:00 sharp, dress nice... hot but nice. You will be escorting me to dinner. Polly... I expect you to listen and behave tonight.”

Just reading the text message made me a little wet. The way you were commanding me to do things... my body responds to it every time, I don't know why... it's kind of twisted, a little warped... but I love it and so does my body, it definitely responds to you. I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by "hot but nice..." Looking back now, maybe I should have asked for clarification... or, hmmm maybe not :)

Hot but nice, hot but nice, what does that look like, I wondered as I picked out an outfit. I chose a little black mini skirt, a cream top, black high heeled boots and fresh water pearls to complement. I admit, the skirt was a bit short... okay it was really short... but that made it hot, or so I thought.

I showed up at the hotel at 5:00 sharp, not wanting to be late, and walked in running to you and jumping into your arms, so excited to see you. I know, childish but I don't care. You look so dapper and suddenly I feel very underdressed, I wonder if you meant classy... dress classy, which I certainly did not. Looking down, I see my skirt is completely around my waist, having slid up when I jumped into your arms. I'm definitely not dressed classy, I'm more trampy it seems.

I notice how much your dress shirt brings out your eyes. I see little flecks in them I haven't noticed before, you lean down and kiss me hello... but it's not the soft nice sweet passionate kiss I'm used to, it's more like a peck you give me and set me down on the ground.

"I'm confused. Did I not ask you to dress nice Polly?" You ask as I pull my skirt back down into place and straighten out my top nervously.

"I decided to go with hot...?" I say giggling, my comment phrased more like a question than a statement.

"I made us a dinner reservation and you can not go like that. I thought you might not listen so I bought you a dress, you can put it on in a minute. First... come here, lay down, over my lap." You say sitting on the edge of the bed. "Take your punishment for not dressing properly and then you may go get dressed for dinner."

I stand, completely shocked for a minute and then I laugh, assuming your joking... punishment for not dressing properly, that's funny.

"Polly... Now please." You say sternly and I realize you're not joking at all... instead you are very serious.

I slowly walk towards you a little scared, a little surprised, a little shocked that you are actually going to punish me for my attire. You had spanked me before but it was always in the throes of passion... this time it's different, this time it's punishment and that kind of scares me and oddly turns me on at the same time, a little domestic discipline... nice.

You take my hand and pulling me towards you, guide me to lay across your lap. When you lay your hand across my tush I breath in deeply, holding my breath in anticipation, waiting for the pain hoping it turns to pleasure.

"Because this is new, and you are still learning, I will only give you six swats this time. Three covered and three bare. I expect you to count with me, followed by Sir... understood?"

"Yes, Sir." I squeak out.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir," taking in a deep breath.

Lifting your hand up off my rear you come back down on it hard, smacking, my ass jiggling and instantly warming under your hand.

"One, Sir..." I squeal out a little surprised at how hard you spanked me, my ass stinging.

Lifting your hand again you bring it down hard on again, the sting reverberating through to my hips.

"Two, Sir." You hear a slight quiver in my voice.

You rub my tush, my soft panties, feeling the warmth begin to spread. You lift your hand again and bring it down hard.

"Three, Sir." I cry out. Beneath me, under my pelvis, I feel your cock starting to push into my pelvis, starting to grow. You're enjoying this, so am I actually. The thought makes me smile.

“Lift up your skirt Polly.” I comply immediately lifting my skirt up. You fold it neatly at my waist. “Good girl, now pull down your panties.” I hook my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and slowly slide them down over my reddening ass. “Stop there, perfect.” You say as I reach the top of my thighs. I’m exposed, bare, red ass down to my pussy where my underwear rests. You squeeze my soft cherry skin watching the color drain and return, you rub me gently for a minute.

You lift your hand, this time further up, close to your head and bring it down hard and fast, smacking my ass and watching it wiggle back and forth as the crimson fades and a scarlet handprint comes back to the surface.

"Four, Sir." I squeal through gritted teeth, unable to be quiet through the pain and yet I'm incredibly wet. With your hand resting on my rear, I move my hips around rubbing on your lap. I feel your cock pushing on my pelvis and I scoot up on your lap until your cock is growing, lengthening along my pussy.

You rub me softly feeling the little swollen red spots your hand has left. You raise your hand above your head and bring it down hard and fast on my ass, cracking twice in quick succession across both sides. I cry out.

"Five, Six, Sir." there's a definite quiver in my voice.

"Good girl, Polly. Now your reward." You say as you run your hand between my panties and my wetness, sliding your finger back and forth on my clit. You slip your fingers into my pussy, feeling my hot pulsing pussy and each my folds and ripples inside.

You rub my tush gently with one hand while fingering me and massaging my clit with the other. Your cock digs into my pelvis trying to find his way inside my pussy as you massage me. The culmination of the pain and pleasure brings me quickly to climax. I buck on your lap and convulse a bit as the orgasm peaks with your fingers still inside me, you feel my pussy tremble and quiver around them.

You help me up and I immediately cover my butt with my hands rubbing it softly, slightly embarrassed at what just transpired.

Leaning down you kiss me sweetly... and tell me to get on my knees. I drop to my knees on the floor in front of you. I know exactly what you want. I crawl to you and unbuckle your belt. I unbutton your pants and lift up the zipper with my tongue, pulling it down with my teeth. I'm pleasantly surprised... shocked really, to see that you are going commando under your pants. As I pull your pants open, your rock hard cock pops out to play.

Taking just the tip of you into my mouth, I suck it softly while licking in little circles around your head. You let out a low moan as I suck, drawing in just the head of your cock. I take it in my mouth slowly, one more inch then stop to suck and lick up and down. I take in one more inch, pausing again to suck, to tease, to lick, to please.

I've taken in about three inches of your cock, sucking and licking on him like he's a melting popsicle. You can't wait any longer and thrust up into my mouth while pushing my head down. You feel your cock hit the back of my throat, I pull back but you can't help yourself. You continue to thrust into my mouth, holding my hair you bob my head up and down with your thrusts.

You begin to shake feeling your cock hit the back of my throat each time you thrust. The shaking travels from your legs up to your groin where it bursts as you shoot your load deep down my throat. I suck gently up and down your cock, you spasm again and I suck off the last drip of cum.

Letting go of my hair you help me off my knees and say... “There's a dress for you in the bathroom. Please go get dressed, I'm hungry and I don't want to miss our reservation, we can finish this later.”

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